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Best wishes to all for 2017.


A day late posting this first of the year rant.
It is typical Joe & Co. to be so busy tying up yesterday to be on time for tomorrow…..
Maybe next week we will have time for 2016 reflections.
Too much fun not enough time…….  Get serious, Joe!

Joe’s Comment – the difference between logical thinking and emotional rationalization is the conscious self.  Were else could a person be?  Time for a refresher course in Keirkegaard / Existentialism.

Ex-General Mattis
Joe and I will call him “mad dog” only in the most reverent of tones.
If you take the time to watch Peter Robinson interview the future Secretary of Defense, you will understand that he is neither a dog or mad.
This man speaks clearly of what needs to be done, why, and to who.  (There is no “whom” ’cause he knows exactly who we be talking about.)
The statement that most sobered Joe up was “We must put in the intellectual thinking to figure out what we will defend, and more importantly, what we will NOT tolerate in the world”.  A well spoken serious man:

Froglegs U
Joe Dan Gorman continues with a Christmas update of the ongoing Trump vs the lefties saga.  Here is the Holiday Edition:

U.N. Idiocy
Joe and I have wondered what in the world the U.N. does all de doo dah day while avoiding the obligations and duties of the U.N. Charter, which is the only justification for its existence.
For example – they are second to “Islamic Terrorists™” (as a group) in rape offenses in the world.  That’s not in the Charter.
Nor is shaking down the wealthier nations to “redistribute the wealth” to Third World entities under the guise of “Global governance”.  Not in the Charter.
Nor is the blatant refusal to commit troops or “peace keepers” to trouble situations, or the refusal once committed to engage with hostile actions or actors.  Once again, not in the Charter.
This week we saw an example of bullying that is beyond the perimeter of acceptable in the passing of a resolution “condemning Israeli settlements” on the West Bank.
Joe and I wonder why the West even bothers with the U.N.
Seems we are not alone.
This is a quote from an article by Daniel Greenfield –
The UN was brought into being in the aftermath of the horrors of World War II. Instead of ending “the scourge of war,” the UN has a solid track record of uselessness and complicity in the face of genocide.
Israel was the first to alert the UN to Pol Pot’s genocide in Cambodia. But Moscow and its Syrian ally conspired to protect the Communist dictatorship. The UN did not condemn the killing. And only a generation later did it convene the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, which has been running for almost twenty years. It took ten years to arrest Brother Number Three, the Foreign Minister of the Communist terror state, whose lies the United Nations chose to believe when the butchery was taking place.
He died six years later while still on trial.
The UN has been apologizing for its non-response to the Rwandan genocide for decades. But apologizing for not doing anything is what the United Nations does best. That and condemn Israel.
Earlier this month, the UN Security Council couldn’t even manage to pass a ceasefire resolution on Syria. Venezuela, which championed the anti-Israel resolution, took time out from starving its own people to protect Assad. Why in the world would anyone take this vote, or any UN vote, seriously?
The rest of the article titled “Greenfield: U.S. Should Not Only Defund UN But Withdraw From It“.

Fat Virus
Joe and I are now relieved of responsibility for dieting to lose weight.
We have concluded we have the SMAM-1 or AD 36 virus.
Why else would we be getting fatter and fatter while consuming less and less?
Frivolity and sarcasm aside, a most interesting article correlating obesity with certain viral agents.

Michael P. Ramirez
It is no secret that Joe and I love the political cartoons of Mr. Ramirez.
If we were doG, things would be different (eternal thanks to B. Kliban (RIP) for stating it perfectly) –
Here is a rare appearance of Michael Ramirez on Whiskey Politics with Dave Sussman.  The best political cartoonist ever:

Joe’s Garage
The root of human endeavor is curiosity.  And that age old quest of the Enlightenment…. Why?
Check out these crazy badgers – they put a plexiglass cylinder head on an old Briggs & Stratton single cylinder motor because…. fire!:







More of the ideology of General Mattis.  This presentation is from 2015.  He talks about how the world became as it is, or was at the time of this speech.  Joe says he will not get significant push back from the Democrats during his conformation hearing:

This man speaking in 2015 had a better grasp of what is happening in the world today than most of the pundits speaking now.
The question and answer segment is revealing of how deep and thorough his thinking is about world affairs and the Western position in it.
Joe and I would follow this man.



Definitely weather this week.
More snow.
More cold.
More clouds.
Droveria is presently storing hard water to the depth of 12 – 16 inches, depending on where you sample the depth.
The sampling was done on Sunday afternoon in jeans and sneakers.
The jeans were soaked to the knee.
The sneakers should dry out by Tuesday.
Gotta love Ma Nature…..

Joe (snowman) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is ready for 2017 –








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