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Heavy Towel

Excess abounds during the Winter solstice celebrations. Who hasn’t eaten so much turkey that you lie on your back panting, waiting for that stretched to the limit feeling to abate….. all the time drooling at the thought of just one more turkey in a bun with cranberry sauce?
If you’re not eating too much or drinking too much or playing too much, you might be relaxing too much or sleeping too much or spending too much or socializing too much or reclusing (or recusing) too much or rationalizing too much (one of my year-round favorites). Folks in the frozen Nord are in the dark too much, I reckon. The determination of “too much” is certainly subjective…..
How, exactly, would a person determine an excess?
For me (and Joe), there are indicators on the dashboard in my noggin – an awareness of change accompanied by a comfort indicator, a ▲n (delta norm). My “normal” fluctuates with the season, the company I keep, the health I enjoy, the wealth I create, my pristine and facile attitude. In other words, “normal” ain’t nothin’ but acclimation to a comfortable rate of change. Ergo, over time, the “normal” can and does change. The delta norm is only noticeable if the rate is abnormal (whatever that means / however you define it). That upsets balance, which is an ancient concept that is soooo subjective it’s meaningless. Who hasn’t been in a situation where your ▲n is not triggering alarms in your head, but everyone around you is looking at you like a sprout of broccoli grew out of your forehead? Some guidance from an old Greek fella –
Having sufficiently muddied the already murky concept with gibberish, here is a dissertation on Veisalgia, commonly known as “The Hangover”:

As for the other excesses of the season, do what you will. You’ve got 50 weeks to get it right. Then you do it again……

I know these things to be true, because………

On with 2014!


A gentle reminder that without the oil and gas energy that Canada is blessed with, it would be damned hard living for most. This is not a unique peek at cold weather in Ca-ca-ca-ca-canada (‘sposed to sound c-c-c-cold). IT IS NORMAL and has been this way for a very long time. Next time you see some idiots protesting the Alberta “tar sands” or trashing energy sector development, be vocal and firm in letting them know how twisted they are. I’m still pissed off about 100 watt incandescent light bulbs…… Ass hat do-gooders……


What an interesting cartoon from 1933 –

Seems as if the current American administration can’t learn from history…… because they haven’t studied it…..? Or they lack imagination about a destination for a nation.

A view of two heroines –
Have you heard about the “scientists” studying “global warming” by tracking the “loss” of antarctic ice pack whose Russian ship got stuck in the ice? And the Chinese sent an ice breaker to rescue them? The U.S.A. has dispatched the Polar Star (above with her sister ship, Sea Star (#11)) to rescue all (as Ms. Thrasher might have said). Story here:

An Australian ice breaker was unable to do the job. The Polar Star (and her sister) are among the biggest and best in the world. She can make 3 knots in 6 foot thick ice!!! She can break 21 foot thick ice by ramming!!! Read about the Polar Star here:

An amazing machine capable of heroic work. Dangerous work. Good luck and safe voyage to the Polar Star and her crew. As for the maroons and maroonettes on board the Russian vessel (the “scientists”), I hope the U.S. Coast Guard sends them one great big monster bill for the rescue. What folly in the face of facts. The antarctic ice pack has grown 60% in recent years according to satellite data – which the “researchers” discounted. Their folly puts others at risk, and consumes hugh amounts of revenue and resources. F**kin’ idiots……


General Tso's Chicken
Some of the best cartoons, ever. Top of the list is “Obsessive – Compulsive”, and “Zombie Night Open Mic.”. –

In the Toilet

Misspent Youth

Infested With Litigators





The article here:






An erstwhile new year resolution –
No, dolt, not to be more apathetic. Get involved!



My mother gave me some good advice a long, long time ago. She said “David, if you haven’t anything nice to say, don’t say anything”. Good advice. It is obvious she didn’t say the same to Pat Condell. He has a few words to say about the religion that keeps on giving and giving:



Easing into the new year, Pat Condell takes the pulpit to discuss respect for religion:



Winter is barely two weeks old. I’ve had enough already. Vernon has been hovering between -5 and +1°C for the week. Folks in more easterly climes haven’t been so fortunate, but that particular vein of schadenfreude ain’t satisfying at all……. Oh how I dream of global warming of the “catastrophic” variety. Imagine a world where bananas grow in Vernon….. There would be bigger spiders, and geckos, and maybe royal palms…. About time to post an old but meaningful cartoon –
One Way Seasons Ticket

Joe (hunkered down) Mekanic

p.s. Ramirez doesn’t get S.A.D., but he did have a short week –

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