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A new slate in an old state…..

When I think of memorable instructors I’ve had the pleasure to know, number one on the list is Ms. E. Thrasher, who taught English at Colonel MacLeod Junior High School in NE Cowgary. I felt we had chemistry – she made me angry and I made her cry on more than one occasion. Among the things she told me (and there were many), one phrase rings clear: “Tell all, Drover. Tell all!” Many of you knew her, and heard the same. I love her memory to this day….. and that very pertinent lesson.

This rant started as a method for me to keep track of current events, important issues, human creativity, fun and funny stuff, and a rare bit of blinding science. And to corral my polymathic interests in some format I could re-visit. These rants are my journal. It is a great shame that I know a lot about a lot, but not much about anything. Every time I saw something that I wanted to remember, I included it in an email and sent it to myself. Wool gathering plus an attempt to vocalize my thoughts and / or position. Often, I would include people in the distribution I believed might have an interest in what I’d found noteworthy. Over three years have gone by. Instead of sending to a select few, I created a group mailing list I called “PN” (Personal Notes, or Private Network – either works for me) to simplify and save time. Occasionally I review the older notes to see what I was passionate about at the time, and to reflect on how I have changed (I hesitate to use the word “matured”). The group mailing also was a one sided attempt to stay in touch with many people whom I wouldn’t think to email on a regular basis. Kind of an hello in an impersonal broadcast way.

My major source of information is the Internet. THE greatest invention to date. Well, maybe second to the invention of God, but that’s another story. (Some argue hallucinogenic substances found in plants was the greatest discovery made by man, and precedes the invention of God. i.e. God was a good rush. This is an interesting topic for another day. Suffice it to say if it is so, I’d prefer the diet Jesus followed to the diet of Mohamed).

Because of technology, anyone with an unfettered “cloud” connection can distribute information in any format to the world. This alone will influence humanity more rapidly than ever before possible. The challenge is the same as always – it is just a machine – will it be used for good or ???(refer to gun debate, abortion debate, “stateism” debate, ad infinitum). Examples abound of news being reported on the Internet exclusively (such as Blazing Cat Fur’s expose of the Toronto School Board’s more shameful ideology). This type of news affects the culture, but will only get to the “main stream media” a week or weeks later, if ever..

I have a list of 100’s of web sites that I visit frequently. But I don’t stop there. Browsing, searching, and stumbling ( – ing too) with no particular place to go works as well. I suggest everyone do the same.

But I digress…..back to the PN rant. I do not use blind carbon copy for this email. If any of you receiving this directly want to be removed from the group list, or you want to receive it but wish to be “blind” listed, say so and it will be done. I don’t care what you do with it – I’ve heard most people simply hit “Delete”, some scan the distribution to see if they know someone on it, some forward it to friends, and others actually read some or all. As John Wayne should have said “Fill yer boots, Pilgrim!”

I may or may not incorporate this journal on a web page at some future date. For now, it will remain a simple email, not a “blog”, not a “page”, not a “website”. I reckon when the web page time comes, I’ll be in a motorized wheel chair (e/w beer cooler and music system). I am currently too enamored of life (read: busy) to spend the time building one. As is my fate, I’m so on fire with new ideas and pursuits that I find it difficult to complete anything completely…… Is it worse than it ever was(or better depending on your perspective)? I say same as it ever was: [youtube] ………same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was………………………….

Hoo! A shiny thing!:


Do you know what I mean?

Ahhh, the life of an Expressive.


An interesting article in Sun News about strange happenings in 2012. Like Oakville ON banning people 18 and younger from tanning. And Robert Mugabe named UN global leader for tourism. Good f**king grief! Refresh your memory here:

Maybe political office should be terminal. For sure one term maximum. And that goes for the bureaucrats doubly so……




A positive item from Celestial Junk:

Canada may be a gnat on a big dog’s ass, but it’s MY kind of gnat, damn it!

I am a strong advocate of citizens owning firearms. Here’s a Canadian perspective on the state of affairs:

Some nice comments about PM Harper (I agree). In another Canadian firearm incident, Ian Thomson of Port Colborne ON was on the receiving end of Molitov cocktails and death threats in August, 2010. One of his dogs was injured. The four masked men were driven off when he discharged a pistol. So began his days in court, defending his liberty:

Bravo judge. Bravo Ian. Shame on a government prosecutor who is blind to facts and justice. A picture says a thousand words –

Canada has shameful abortion legislation. Time to talk about it? It’s been time since 1969:–how-canada-dealt-with-the-beginning-of-life-debate-in-2012#.UOSEadRn-rw.twitter

Sign of change? Well, the Toronto Star is more “mainstream” than the Intertoobs……. So far………

Of the many things that make me scream, the government “banning” incandescent light bulbs is worthy of the maximum volume. What twits our elected officials can be. Making decisions without a hope in hell of understanding what they’ve actually done. Here’s Sun News’ Brian Lilley with a call out to government to “let it drop”:

This “monkey see monkey do” response to the rocket scientists in the U.S. houses makes no sense, especially in Canada. It is a form of safe, cheap, efficient and dependable light as well as heat. Read the comments and you will find yourself agreeing. Except with poor old William. He seems to have drunk the Kool-Aid…….

That moron Indian “chief” is still “hunger striking”. On fish broth. Here’s Barbara Kay making some observations:

It is unfortunate people aren’t more like internal combustion engines. When internal combustion engines are too retarded, they detonate. Not so Indian “chiefs”.


A concise article from Celestial Junk re: Saskatchewan’s 60 year love affair with socialism:


There may be hope for B.C. The top names for boys and girls DOESN’T include Mohammed or any variations of the same. As ashamed as I am of B.C. politics, this is my choice of Canadian places to live:

Gotta love those names!


Following is a one hour “documentary” which tries to connect the disarmament of a people with their annihilation:


Although the numbers may be argued, the fact that this long list of atrocities occurred is inarguable – except in some middle eastern cultures….. But, does disarmament necessarily lead to annihilation (victimization)?

My perspective? The ability to defend yourself is paramount, inarguable, and part of the set of natural laws. However, the cultural environment exerts a subtle pressure on the smallest minority – the individual. Sometimes it is beneficial, sometime not so.

For example, of the four commercial aircraft involved in 9 / 11, on only one of the aircraft, flight 93, did some of the passengers mount a counter assault. This implies there is something missing from the will of the people in the populace at large.

Similar is the episode in Manitoba when some borg went off reservation on a Greyhound bus. Remember the gristly details? Said borg beheaded and started eating a fellow passenger while the other terrified passengers, the driver, and the fucking RCMP stood outside the bus! Here’s a link to jog your memory – an uber liberal CBC article that essentially absolves the borg from blame. If you read it, it sounds like the B.S. that comes from the Muslim agitators after every act of violence on their part, accusing the non Muslim community of “Islamophobia”. Another infamous episode in Canadian history is the “massacre” at the Polytechnique in Montreal. A link to jog your memory – – another CBC article with a ridiculous title.

Here’s the point. I would like to think that if I were on one of those aircraft (not flight 93), or on that bus, or in that classroom, the outcome would have been different. I expect most normal (is that a useful or shameful word?) males feel the same way. It is inconceivable to me that the “men” in those environments didn’t think like those few men on flight 93 did, or like I imagine I would. I wouldn’t call them “heroes”, because their reaction was what men are duty bound to do in my simple mind. I would, however, call those who didn’t do their duty cowards. Perhaps I too would have cowered in my seat, had a runny bowel movement down my leg, or run squealing for my life – Lord willing I hope never to be in such a situation, but Lord willing I would act like a man.

I cannot imagine the men who returned from WWII and the Korean War behaving in such a cowardly manner. Nor can I imagine them performing the heinous acts I used as examples.

So, what changed? I will have to think on it at length. Some of it must be relinquishing independence and freedom for security. Some of it must be the snow job by government and the anointed that the police will “protect” you. That is not, and never was, their mandate. And that you are not responsible for yourself, your actions, or your security. That the government, not your family, friends, and neighbors, is there to ensure you don’t have a bad day. Same story in graphic format below –


Whatever changed, I don’t like it one bit. What can I do (legally)? Talk, think, talk some more, drink beer. Talk.


Did you know that 73% of the jobs created in the U.S. in the last 5 months were government jobs?:

Gun control. Who can resist? Everyone has an opinion. Well now, here’s the Motor City Madman’s open letter to Joe Biden. Gotta see that one!:

Uncle Ted always makes sense to me……


Bob Munden (the fastest draw alive) has died at 70 years of age. Held the title to all 18 categories of fast draw competition since 1960 (so says he):


R.I.P. Bob! You would have made the shortest western movies……

Joe Arpaio is a hero to me. And to many people in Maricopa County (Phoenix AZ) who elected him sheriff in 1993, and have re-elected him ever since. Short bio here: When he says Obama’s birth certificate is bogus, you must listen:


I know a bit about computers and programing. There was no Adobe or PDF files in Hawaii or anywhere else in the ’60’s. For the White House to present a nine layered PDF file as a “copy” of a legitimate birth certificate is reason for investigation. A felony has occurred!



A hidden story, overshadowed by the”fiscal cliff” sky-is-falling bi-partisan slight of hand:

What a lot of people suspected and many knew – it is more financially rewarding for welfare people to NOT work.



Victor Davis Hanson with (another) spot on analysis:

Condensed version pictured below. Seriously, the leftist “academicians” in influential positions are polluting rationality –
Res Ipsa Loquitor

I will never forget Benghazi. It ranks with John F. Kennedy’s Bay of Pigs betrayal. If I had a conspiracy theory, the planner of his shooting was an aggrieved parent of a Bay of Pigs patriot –


New Year’s eve in the land of liberté, égalité, fraternité:

Time for mercenaries here. Lock and load. I suggest sending Silvester Stallon, Dolf Lundgren, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, “The Rock”, and the rest of those tough guy Hollywood types to straighten out the ubiquitous French “youth”…………. 1000 gallons of petrol, some pyrotechnic masterpieces, speedy cars, space age weaponry, incredible camera angles, maybe some slo-mo scenes………. That’s the ticket! Ribbit. Ribbit. Ribbit.

Just when you think those crazy Gallic masterpieces have lost their minds finally and completely, another twist surfaces:

It’s all fine print. Due date 2014. Lots can happen twixt now and then….. especially in the country that spawned the FFL (French Foreign Legion): Perhaps they need to deploy the Legion on their own turf, and give Africa a break for a few decades…..


I’m with Celestial Junk on this one. Islam’s “warriors” are not fit to be in the human race. Is it possible to vote them out?:

It is time for the intervention by mercenaries in some of these 3rd world shit holes. No politics. No rules. No mercy. Lock and load. No foolin’.

An influential environmentalist opposed to GM (genetically modified) crops has seen the light:

A quote from the article states it all –

“So I guess you’ll be wondering—what happened between 1995 and now that made me not only change my mind but come here and admit it? Well, the answer is fairly simple: I discovered science, and in the process I hope I became a better environmentalist.” – Mark Lynas

All God’s chillin’ gotta eat…… Folks who think it’s the devil’s work messing with genetics….. How do they think modern dog breeds got here? Or corn with great big ears of peaches and cream?

Whether you do it by selective breeding (which takes many generations) or start splicing asparagus DNA into a poodle, it’s the same damn thing! Look at the heads on these combines and the size of the field they cover in one pass:

[youtube] That there is modern farming that feeds the entire WORLD

I swear some folks would prefer to go back to planting and harvesting by hand with a crop yield 1/50 of today’s technology. If they REALLY cared about people as much as they say, they might just shut the hell up! That’s a Walter reference…..


Junk science is always popular. I’m STILL with Dick Cheney. He said “I have not seen Al Gore’s movie”. The latest from China:

There are too many human beings running around with flapping lips and empty heads…… (Me and Dick Cheney aren’t two of them).



I wonder often what happened. Here’s an article I can relate to re: the cultural revolution in the West that reached it’s apogee in the late ’60’s and the ’70’s. Here is A.N. Wilson :

Amen, Mr. Wilson.




endprohibition: The Big Gov’t answer to poverty v. the Free Market answer. One last before I turn the lights out. Hahaha, fuck you Asay. Fuck you Ron Pauldroid who posted this. This whole current mess the economy is in? It’s that so called “freedom”. Freedom of enterprise; the freedom to cut your employees pay to poverty level. Freedom to charge whatever the hell you want from your customers. Freedom to pollute. Those freedoms Created a huge class of working poor in the US and Europe, they raised the cost of living, created the housing bubble that started the collapse of dominoes that is the current economical crisis. Hastened global warming and poisoned the air and water. It is a simple economic fact, that the more economic freeodm” you provide, the deeper the gap between the rich and the poor grows. The rich get richer, the poor stay poor, but have to pay more for everything. Also, the utter fucking irony of a Ron Paul fanatic, calling themselves “end prohibition” posting a Cartoon by Asay, one of the notoriously socially conservative cartoonists is just staggering. This is why I want the fuck out of running this blog anyway. The shit you people post in the Political Cartoon tag. Bad scans, edited text, no credits or attribution. Years old bullshit the point of you lot miss, half the time. The fucking liberarian kids who don’t fucking understand politics at all. The conservative assholes who unironically enjoy some of the worst hack work out there. And Michael Ramirez, Bob Gorrell and Ken Catalino still get paid for their shit, and the two Pulitzer prizes Fucking Ramirez has won haven’t yet spontanously combusted despite my best consentrated efforst of trying to get the universe to understand the irony and injustice in that.



Dieric Bouts the Elder named this little ditty “The Descent of the Damned”. I’ll be damned if I can interpret it decently, but it’s pretty funky for a 15th century Netherlands artist. No one looks like they’re having a good time –
More about Dieric here: [youtube] and here: [youtube] He influenced Pieter Bruegel, who had his own version of Hell and the damned: [youtube] Outside of the water in that part of the world (i.e. what caused these surreal and bizarre reflections on morality and carnality?), I like these paintings for their attempt to create a visual which links cause and effect – responsibility for one’s actions. Personally? I plead ignorance and innocence on my own behalf. Standard defense – I didn’t create the world, I do my best, I am an imperfect being. So I’m clear. However, those who are, have been, or anticipate being damned……….. BEWARE!

If I had time, I’d modify the following picture to say “North American”, or perhaps a “Canadian” version –

The “Culture of Death” from Old Broad:

Add the abortion numbers from Canada, and you’ve got the population of England. Just saying……


Frickin’ hard water! There’s over a foot on the ground, and it ain’t goin’ nowhere! Bleckkkk!

Joe (frozen snot nose) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez helps me get through the winter –

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