Sunday – Mourning


The anniversary of a day of infamy. And a Sunday. An opportunity for deep reflexion. That’s a classic “Clintonism” – it depends what you mean by “deep”…..

Einstein is credited with saying “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Here is Andrew Thompson with his presentation entitled “Why We Believe in Gods”. I found it well worth the time to watch (54 minutes):


This man is fanatical about his science. He is a believer. Amen.

There are many words I am uneasy using, such as Believe, Faith, Liberal, Honesty, Assume. There are lots of expressions I won’t use, and which cause me to question a speakers motive. Phrases like “more than welcome” or “the fact of the matter is” or “to be honest with you”. Words are an abstract. In English, we broadcast our thoughts by assembling bits and pieces of the language – words and phrases known, unfamiliar, or “coined” – in an order best intended to project an exact replica of our idea. The paradox of a “Garden Path” sentence – e.g. “The complex houses married and single soldiers and their families.” – causes one to re-think or re-assemble the logical path you follow in “hearing” the thought intended. More here, including links to other aberrations of communicating with language:

Below is a visual example of “garden path” conceptual projection –

Some of the information presented in the video (link above) sunk into my dense thick skull. The story (I haven’t the training to interpret the data, and he presented no data) of the 1.5 year old skeleton of a female crippled with a debilitating disease yet new bone growth is interpreted as someone (something?) cared for this female long past her own ability to provide for itself. This is well before the advent of spoken language. This is also a story I want to “believe”, but only within the framework of my personal paradigm.

Using my (poor grasp of) logic, let’s see if I can make an assumption (dread the thought)…… One and one-half MILLION years ago, the above event occurred as stated:

  1. No spoken language (transfer of ideas)
  2. Act of compassion (interest outside of self)
  3. No religion (derivative of statement 1.)

Therefore, “Moral” values predate religion Not bad! For Swiss cheese…..

Here is how I will remember the World Trade Center twin towers –


Looks like a cross made of sunlight, do it not? I will never forget. I remember where I was, what I was doing, and the feelings that overwhelmed me. A monumental loss of innocence.

I am not a Christian, nor could I claim to be, for I will never forgive.

Here’s some Latin to sum up the thought (can’t trust my Engrish)

Non damnatio ad bestias – (no submission to beasts)

Joe (Intrepid) Mekanic

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