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[date Sun, Jul 8, 2012 at 7:45 AM]


I’m having too much fun / activity / real life to mess with ranting in recent months. Thought I’d better forward the following Internet warning, plus some comments about July 1 and 4 specifically…..

There is a piece ‘o malware floating around the Internet which affects the DNS assigned to your computer. This will cause problems for your machine if you are infected. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority has a quick test to determine if your computer is infected:

If you test and get RED bars on the test page, click on the link for help in removing the malware.

Here is some history regarding the malware:

For those of you using a PC, I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials as a primary protection program. I’ve been using it for 3 years – never a hiccup.

In chronological order, the OTHER season in Canada (there are two seasons in Canada, July 1st, and winter)…..


An article from the Fraser Institute re: Canada health care as it stacks up against our OECD partners:

And another companion study addressing “wait times” for procedure after referral to a specialist:

We are NOT getting great value for our dollars….. although BC is certainly not the worst.

I flew the Red Ensign on Canada Day. Here is the presentation from Lester B. Pearson to a meeting of Canadian Legion members where he tries to sell the maple leaf as the key image on a new Canadian flag:

Lester has a cowlick.

If we persist in being a “constitutional monarchy” the Red Ensign is plenty good for me:

Here is the long view from a non Canadian website:

When Canada is fully independent that would be the time for a new flag….. hmmm?

I had a wonderful Canada Day – hope all y’all did too.

A double whammy for me. I also celebrate July 4th. I wasn’t home to fly the stars and stripes, so I’ll do it here –

A stirring version of “The Star Spangled Banner:


The two greatest political documents ever written will get them through this rough spot……… I hope.

Now, back to ranting….

Why is Canada even a member of the UN? Read this and weep…. or laugh….:

The greenies are advancing. Bit by bit. Like quick set cement, the options available to a “freeman” are approaching zero. It’s a long uphill swing of the pendulum. When 100% of the people work for the government, what is that called?:

This is getting as wacky as the crazed Europeans giving animals and trees full legal rights….:

Perhaps my understanding and knowledge of the subject is lacking. Will this usher a new class of lawyering? Talk about productivity….

The weather in the Okanagan is becoming tolerable once again. I actually broke a sweat yesterday! The thermometer hasn’t breached 3 digit (F) degrees yet, but I’m hopeful.

Why would anyone want to live anywhere else when it’s like that?

Off I go on a trucking adventure. 18 wheels and mountains to climb….

Joe (On the Road Again) Mekanic

p.s. Ramirez sanity…..

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