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[date Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 2:19 PM]


Reflexion on Sunday fits the Christian backdrop of my upbringing.

Today I’m reflecting on the conflict triad: man vs man, man vs himself, man vs elements.

I have attended very few concerts in my life. Seasons tickets to the opera or philharmonic not withstanding, any venue which attracts very large numbers of people frightens me. After all, I’ve seen lots of dusters where the cattle are stampeded as a weapon, or the buffalo herd mows down everything in its path.

Why should it be any different for huge crowds of people? After all, if driven to “fight or flight” decision making, people make extremely poor choices or behave terribly.

Here is a list of “10 Tragic Human Panics and Stampedes” from :

The Who made the list. If you read the article, the band wasn’t informed that 11 people died trying to enter the Cincinnati Riverfront Stadium until after the concert.

The second worst on the list happened last week in Cambodia.

Are you surprised to know Muslims take the top spot…….?

The latest laugh riot from “an infinite number of monkeys with Internet access” –

I want to live in Arizona. Will I be welcome? Stay tuned………..

Us pensioners on a fixed income need to frugalizerate our meager cash reserves. Here’s a link to a page which tells you when it is the best time of the year to buy anything:

I went shopping for a few groceries today. The vig (vigorish – from the Russian vyigrysh) was surprising – it wasn’t too bad. When I got home, the three bags (sorta full) were quite heavy as I entered la manse. Pursuing my curiosity, I stepped on the scale – 310 pounds all up weight! I put the groceries down, and the weight dropped to 250 pounds (my “running” weight with clothes on). Doing some quick mental math calisthenics, it appears my acquisitions today approached $1.00 / pound CDN. That seemed too good to be true! Further calculation (6 goes into…. carry the 3….) my eating addiction cost $1.02 CDN per pound.

That includes a sirloin tip (whole) weighing in at 4.9 kg. (10.78 lb.) and a picnic ham of 3.9 kg. (8.58 lb.).

If I disregard the rest of the edibles and assume the entire bill was for the meat alone, I purchased 19 lbs. of meat for $3.17 / pound. Astounding! What does it all mean?

Dead animals for dinner, baby!

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, I gotta go outside!

Joe (Fresh Air) Mekanic
p.s. A little over a week ago, Ronaldo sent around a list of quotes about the country called France. That note created a thread with 10 responses before it came to rest on my machine. A popular subject with Huguenot descendants and us regular folks too.

I went to my oracle for the answer. Sadly, Mr. Ramirez seems to share the same somewhat demeaning view of the French and their culture……



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