Sunday – It’s a Big World

[date Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 11:46 AM]


I consider myself a North American, or in hyphenated PC terms, a Canadian – (North) American.

As such, you can understand my support of the following sentiment:

If you don’t get it, ask an American who does.

It is Sunday morning in Vernon. Woke to -10°C and the 3rd snowfall of the current not quite (but sure feels like it) winter. You folks in Cowgary (moo!) are closer to -20°C. Ronaldo is in Sun City, and it is a balmy 61°F. I know where I’d rather be….. The hope and change of global warming is as fruitless as that other fruit’s hope and change…..

Don’t know if you caught it on a news program, but here is a video regarding the smoke plume / contrail seen off the California coast near Los Angeles:


I suspect “hot times at Ridgemont High” are in the works for the left coast (in addition to the usual fast ones). I don’t entertain conspiracy theories, but if that video is an aircraft contrail, the passengers on board are probably blacked out or screaming. Take a look at the attitude and velocity of the plume and tell me that is made by a turbo fan or high bypass jet engine. If you believe it was, I’ve got a bridge to sell you! The explanation in the video makes more sense.

The pendulum never stops swinging….. The Chinese and Americans are in a mortal embrace that is spiraling out of control.

After the mushroom clouds dissipate, and the radiation stabilizes, I will be happy to see whatever stores there are filled with goods made somewhere other than
The land of 4 small stars and one big one!

Or as they refer to it themselves “Five Star Red Flag”. Born September 27th, 1949.

If you saw the Dennis Miller special on HBO last week, his proposed solution for the deficit / China conundrum was very straight forward and realistic – DON’T PAY THEM!!

Which always makes me smirk, and think of funny stuff…. I’m off to Kamloops next week to facilitate a workshop for unemployed tradesmen. Some of these cartoons remind me of what’s in store for me ……..








These workshops are always an eye opener….. and lots of fun.

Joe (Low Brow) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez is better than chicken soup –

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