Sunday – Individuality on Display

[date Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 11:59 AM]


This is a BC boy fer shur. Opening a beer with a chainsaw:

The following video should NOT be watched. It only encourages Mr. David Lynch:

Crazy Clown Time? The music is very reminiscent of ……………..

The Wall Street protest (and protestors) explained perfectly! Watch this short video:

A Sunday sermon about the Palestinian quagmire. Mr. Hal Lindsay presents “The Great Big Fat Palestinian Lie” in three parts. Worth the watch:

Part 1:

Part 2: [youtube]

Part 3: [youtube]

Logical selective view of history in parts 1, 2. Part 3 ties what has happened into prophesy from the bible. He’s got a great line – The Israeli’s are the only people who have a “chartered land grant” given by God. Gotta love the punch line…..


When have I ever been “fair and balanced”? Never, that’s when. This time is no different. On the other hand, Pat Condell with a couple of his ascorbic observation rants. Go Pat go!:

In Superstition We Trust – [youtube] (great line about Jesus on your shoulder like a parrot….)

Idiocy of Islam – [youtube] (is there a relationship between Islam and violence? Love all the “phobias”)

Several years old, but worth the watch all of them.


How about a topic near and dear to my heart? Energy!!

Finally! A plan for very local, portable, safe nuclear energy based on Thorium. LFTR – liquid fluoride thorium reactor. View the TED presentation here:!

And go to the website here:

Mr. Kirk Sorenson has a fast paced, dynamic presentation style which keeps you awake….

What bugs me is that this process has been around since the ’50’s, yet not a word. Perhaps there is a conspiracy here (for the extreme paranoid among us)….. What caused the diversion to solid fuel reactors? You got it…. the gubbermint done it….. Makes me wish for a big brain….. Why on GGE (God’s green earth) would you put up a giant wind turbine or solar array when you could have unlimited amounts of clean, safe energy without killing birds or bats? To say nothing about low frequency phenomenon….

My advanced years and various experiences have led me to believe that the real danger in our political system (constitutional monarchy for Kanuckistan, eroded republic for the US of A) is not the occasional rogue lefty (OK…. in Kanaduh a herd of wack job lefties) or a conservative killing the druggies and the helpless (economically, of course). The real danger is creeping bureaucracy and noose tightening regulations. It now takes 8 certifications to go and work in the bush as part of a logging show. In BC, you must take 3 certifications in order to serve flap jacks and coffee in a beanery. Here’s some factual info from our southern neighbor regarding the same:


Are you fundamentally Keynesian or Hayekian in your view of economics? Can it be that simple? Here’s a short video which simplifies….. and convinces:


An ode to the free market. An update on Friedman’s humble pencil example:

The elephant in the room (of course!) is the number of people who are not following either playbook. For my money (or lack of it) Hayek is right on.

Another elephant in the room is multiculturalism – whatever that means. Here’s something for the Cowgarians (mooo!):

There must be something wrong with my concept of “honor” / “honour”.

I have a great love for the U.S. southwest. If you want to see some pictures of Arizona, Nevada, Utah, et cetera from over 100 years ago, follow this link:

What would the name Timothy O’Sullivan have meant to anyone before seeing these pictures? (I ask myself).

Here is a link to the unveiling and dedication of George and Laura’s pictures to the White House. BO did a good job of introducing them…. George and Laura, however, shine:



I do.

An octopus is a strange animal, no matter how you spell him…… Look at these three videos. Not cuddly like a puppy, are they? Egads!: – camouflage

[youtube] – stealing a camera

[youtube] – intelligence / physiology

The older I get, the more curiouser things become. “Colonialism” has been a dirty word for decades. Evil white colonialists. Best damn thing that ever happened to India and most of Africa…. (the French, Dutch, Germans, and Belgians didn’t have it quite right). Is it a tide, a pedulum, or a screw that is turning? Here is a fresh idea to stem stampeding immigration from the Dark Continent:

Just puttin’ it out there, boss….

Joe (the Mixer) Mekanic
p.s. I turn to Ramirez for sanity salsa –

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