Sunday – Ho Ho Out in the Snow!

[date Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 2:24 PM]


Taking a break from shoveling the white wet stuff. 6 – 8 inches of very heavy snow dumped last night / early this a.m., and it is raining ever so lightly today. My neighbor Steve calls it “cementric” – a celebration of our romance with the Metric System i.e. last night we had 18 cementrics of the best! That’s 11 snowfalls and it’s only December 12. Maybe a record year here, boss.

I’ve been following (at a distance) the lunacy (is it spelled “loonacy” when you use real loons?) the Cancun kumbaya. You know, Kyoto, carbon dioxide (bad!), it’s not really about controlling the economies of the world, by the way it’s climate change not global warming…… and to top it off, the Mexican president, Felipe Calderon, earned idiot status (Mexico will outlaw the incandescent light bulb!). All during record low temperatures for the Cancun / Yucatan. What brazen twits. One spark of light remains, though. Lord Monckton! That perpetual fly in the ointment, poising well thought questions and proposing a mathematical / scientific review of the cluster f**k. They shut off his microphone so he couldn’t be heard, but you can read his analysis here at “Watts up with that”:

It all be so dreary. Lord Monckton makes it fun…….

I’m more or less a “white man”. Whatever the hell that means or entails. Yet, I don’t feel one God damn iota of guilt about my “race” (whatever that means or entails), western accomplishments (or failings), the poor, the oppressed, the disenfranchised, or being human in general. Matter of fact, I feel good!

Back at the ranch, a dead man speaks truth to the reality. Here’s George Carlin on “Saving the Planet”. I know you’ve heard it before. Once again,

The analogical question is not “how many fleas does it take to kill the dog?”.

The question is “can humans evolve and get off this rock before the sun dies?”

Fried chicken, scalloped potatoes, and asparagus for supper. Butter tarts for desert. And decorating the Christmas tree. Marvelous trees at Rona for only $19.99!! Here’s a picture of ours –

Life could be worse…..

Anyone have recipes for cooking with snow?

Joe (Survivalist) Mekanic

p.s. Ramirez notables from the past….. still valid in the present!







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