Sunday – Diet of Worms (1521), Diet of Beer and Ice Cream (2011)

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The Diet of Worms wasn’t an health fad during the 16th century. Martin Luther was busy preaching what became the Protestant Reformation. The Catholic church was also quite busy denouncing Mr. Luther in 1521, culminating in the Edict of Worms, but failing to halt the momentum of the Reformation. Luther escaped punishment from the Pope & Co. He translated the bible into German, which had a profound impact on the culture.

It must be so comforting to know you’ve got it right. Here are some others I feel have got it right. Also, more about diet below:

Let’s start with goodness and clarity. Here is Bill Whittle talking about the Reno air race accident this year:


I’m with Bill. Life is improbable, risky, dangerous, daunting, and undeniably exquisite. Long life to all……

I’ve been reading very heavy books the last few years, trying to understand the “man vs man” conflict. You know, one leg of the “conflict triad” –

To hell with all that! This is my next book purchase – it’s called “Chicks With Guns”, by photographer / author Lindsay McCrum. Here’s a quick bio of Lindsay –
Lindsay McCrum is a fine art photographer residing in New York City and California. She received her undergraduate degree from Yale University and her Masters of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute. Trained as a painter in oils, Ms. McCrum switched exclusively to portrait photography in 2003. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in the U.S. and Europe.

Here is the Amazon link for anyone interested:

Finally, a review from one of the book’s reviewers –

“I opened this sizable hardcover to one of the 80 photographic plates, and started going through the glossy pages, at first only noticing the striking beauty of the full-page photographs and the women who were the subjects. I found myself wondering if they were just models holding guns as props, until I began to read the personal statements on each adjacent page. Written in the women’s own words, it seemed to me that their stories read like something from the pages of Field & Stream, and I wanted to know more.”–Field & Stream

To quote Ayn Rand, “The Smallest Minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.”

All individuals have “inalienable rights” as declared in the preamble to the declaration of independence, and insured by the second amendment. Like you can, girl.

As for the mighty roar of crickets from the main stream media, take a look at this:

Teach your children well. To me, that includes the care and safe use of firearms. Seem drastic? Look around the world…… as for the Canadian documents……. they need a bit of work.

Victor Davis Hanson always makes me think. He uses his knowledge of history and raw intelligence to shine a beam of reason on our culture. Here’s a quote from an article titled “Why Does the Good Life End?” –
When poverty is defined as relative want rather than existential need, states decay and societies decline. In the fifth century, Athenians were content to be paid to go to the theater; by the fourth, they were paid also to vote — even as they hired mercenaries to fight and forgot who won at Salamis, and why. Flash mobbing did not hit bulk food stores. The looters organized on Facebook through laptops and cell phones, not through organizing during soup kitchens and bread lines. Random assaults were not because of elemental poverty, but anger at not having exactly what appears on TV.

Obesity, not malnutrition, is the affliction at Wal-Mart. In our strange culture, that someone drives an overpriced BMW apparently means that our own Toyotas don’t have air conditioners or stereos. But that John Edwards or John Kerry or Al Gore has a huge house doesn’t mean that mine is inadequate — or the tract homes that sprout in my community for new arrivals from Mexico are too small.

Of course, the elite have responsibility to use their largess wisely and not turn into the Kardashians. But that a fifth of one percent of the taxpayers are finding ways not to pay at the income tax rate on their large incomes does not hurt the republic as much as 50% of the population paying no income tax at all. The latter noble sorts do not bother us as much, but their noncompliance bothers the foundations of our society far more than that of the stingy, but minuscule, number of grasping rich.

The entire article is here:

Next good news item, Clifford Olson is dead:

No comment required.

How about an article from Forbes Magazine entitled “The Entitlement State is Morally Bankrupt“:

For you progressives, or “lefties”, or “dippers”, or socially conscious folks (whatever your “nom de jour” might be), you know the above argument is nigh flawless. Aren’t you the folks who decry religion and embrace “Darwinism” (survival of the fittest, natural selection)? Isn’t “natural selection” what is occurring? Just saying…….

Now we can start the descent into despair. Is this an accurate description of the goal of “higher education” in today’s post secondary training in Canada? Check this article (somewhat inflammatory to some) and reflect on “social engineering” as an objective:

Here is a very interesting paper describing the political climate regarding Canadian – USA reciprocal immigration which changed drastically during the ’60’s and didn’t ease up until the free trade negotiations of the ’90’s. The paper is titled “Closing the 49th Parallel: An Unexplored Episode in Canadian Economic and Political History”, published April, 2011:

That damn Trudeau. I coulda been ‘Merican! I coulda been a contender…..

How about this little goodie describing the local populace attacking the RCMP, EMT personnel, and a hospital!:

No mention of the “ethnicity” (I refuse to ever use the word “race”) of the participants. Oh! Canada!

A scant 490 years later, the “Diet of Beer and Ice Cream” is released. A terrific application of logic. Think I’ll make a beer float. It used to be a staple in my diet 35 years ago (with licorice ice cream and 1408 beer). Does that make me a Lutheran? –

Beer and Ice Cream Diet

As we all know, it takes 1 calorie to heat 1 gram of water 1 degree centigrade. Translated into meaningful terms, this means that if you eat a very cold dessert (generally consisting of water in large part), the natural processes which raise the consumed dessert to body temperature during the digestive cycle literally sucks the calories out of the only available source, your body fat.For example, a dessert served and eaten at near 0 degrees C (32.2 deg. F) will in a short time be raised to the normal body temperature of 37 degrees C (98.6 deg. F). For each gram of dessert eaten, that process takes approximately 37 calories as stated above. The average dessert portion is 6 oz, or 168 grams. Therefore, by operation of thermodynamic law, 6,216 calories (1 cal./gm/deg. x 37 deg. x 168 gms) are extracted from body fat as the dessert’s temperature is normalized. Allowing for the 1,200 latent calories in the dessert, the net calorie loss is approximately 5,000 calories.

Obviously, the more cold dessert you eat,the better off you are and the faster you will lose weight, if that is your goal. This process works equally well when drinking very cold beer in frosted glasses. Each ounce of beer contains 16 latent calories, but extracts 1,036 calories (6,216 cal. per 6 oz. portion) in the temperature normalizing process. Thus the net calorie loss per ounce of beer is 1,020 calories. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to calculate that 12,240 calories (12 oz. x 1,020 cal./oz.) are extracted from the body in the process of drinking a can of beer.

Frozen desserts, e.g., ice cream, are even more beneficial, since it takes 83 cal./gm to melt them (i.e., raise them to 0 deg. C) and an additional 37 cal./gm to further raise them to body temperature. The results here are really remarkable, and it beats running hands down.

Unfortunately, for those who eat pizza as an excuse to drink beer, pizza (loaded with latent calories and served above body temperature) induces an opposite effect. But, thankfully, as the astute reader should have already reasoned, the obvious solution is to drink a lot of beer with pizza and follow up immediately with large bowls of ice cream.We could all be thin if we were to adhere religiously to a pizza, beer, and ice cream diet.

Happy eating!

School of Physics, University of Sydney

What is an adequate close for this poor fools rant (poor fool = me)? Let’s try Toby Keith:


Let’s face it. Life. It’s the only game in this solar system / galaxy / universe worth a damn.

Celebrate with song:


What would my ranting be without humor? Not much. So, let’s have some cartoons. WARNING!! Some of these cartoons may be political. OK, all of them are political. I’ve discovered another excellent political humorist. Her name is Lisa Benson. A few samples –

image22-Cartoon Gallery: 100 hilarious Lisa Benson cartoons

image9-Cartoon Gallery: 100 hilarious Lisa Benson cartoons

image3-Cartoon Gallery: 100 hilarious Lisa Benson cartoons

image2-Cartoon Gallery: 100 hilarious Lisa Benson cartoons

image97-Cartoon Gallery: 100 hilarious Lisa Benson cartoons

As you can see, she’s damn near a Ramirez……. gotta love it!

Joe (Twisting in the Wind) Mekanic
p.s. Some from the master…..




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