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A collection of items that struck me pensive or otherwise.

IowaHawk is acutely perceptive, and funny too. His comment on “you didn’t build that” rhetoric from the Anointed One®:

Bookmark IowaHawk, and do yourself proud…..

More fun with “you didn’t build that”:

I’m very tired of the whole black / slavery B.S. that is never far from the surface of (North) American culture. Is it not true that the western culture banned slavery first and freed them at home and around the world? Not so in some places. Here is where slavery still exists:

Did you know more European people have been enslaved than ALL the slaves brought to the Americas? Do your research.

This is an interesting article entitled “What President Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know About Canada”:

WARNING: The above article is complimentary to Mr. Harper’s government…….

Regarding your rebuttal, see below –

Do you have any CFL bulbs in your home? You might want to read this article:

Let’s see……. they contain mercury, they damage your skin, they cost waaaaay more than a good old incandescent bulb (and don’t last near as long in my experience), and they don’t throw much heat (an important feature here in the frozen North). Another bunch of political bird droppings. Politicians aren’t scientists. But that doesn’t stop them from making decisions about science – that affect us all. And effect us, too. Grrrrrrrrr!!

I highly recommend Thomas Sowell’s “Basic Economics”. A brilliant explanation of how it all works. Lots of pages and words. Mr. Sowell writes for townhall. You can read him here:

If you would rather watch a movie about basic economics, this is a very astute interpretation of how the economics is and can be observed. It is called “Only One Way Out of This Mess”. Watch it here (only 27 minutes):


I enjoyed that video. Lots of insightful observations. The creator is Aaron Clarey, who also penned the book “Worthless:The Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major”. Take a look here:

A spectacular short video. “View from the ISS at Night”:

A short read at the next link. Karol Sheinin is a Russian immigrant to the United States. She celebrates the day of her arrival (July 20th) every year with an essay. Read this one (number 34):

and you’ll find yourself reading some of the previous essays. Her blog is here: Good stuff…..

A graphic essay on the “Big Bang” aftermath:!

Fun for all…..

How about a woman interviewing herself, 4 years after the election of the Anointed One®:!

Humor for humor’s sake. Let’s have some!

Res Ipsa Loquitor

I have wondered at length what exactly the “bail outs” and financial shenanigans of the past 5 years have been about. What is the foundation issue? First, an interesting discussion with Catherine Austin Fitts!

Very convincing and plausible argument which addresses the gigantic sums and where they are going.

Next a question from an Irish journalist to a EU spokesman which leaves the spokesman floundering:


The bad people cannot escape the technology advances.

How long until the government throttles the Internet / cellular network / “people to people communication”?

They are trying hard in China. Can “the people” actually win this one?

And who am “the people”?

I have taken “tests” on the Internet to determine my political leaning – of the three categories listed (progressive, conservative, libertarian) – I always test a strong libertarian.

Hence my total enjoyment of the following captioned photo –

ROTFLMAO! is one that I have done. I’m very close to Milton Friedman on the graph. Libertarian.

More humor / saucy reparte –


Fully Trained

This one is for you ladies with “dog on a stick” syndrome –
so true

So True

I used to watch MTV long ago. This seems appropriate –
So True

Snoop better watch out

Internet Wisdom


Watching from afar, and even close up, the following seems appropriate –
Seems Legit

None. Didn't do anything today

Good Question

Seems Legit

Gotta be the best yet –
Yes with oreos also

An interesting article from Gavin McInnes titled “10 Things the left gets right”:

Must be my libertarian tendencies, but I only agree with 4 of his points…

Are you a “feudalist” or a “freeborn citizen”? A working definition here:

Bob Hope remains a comic paragon long after his death. Here’s a short video with him that will make conservatives laugh out loud:

Mr. Brian Wright, I hope you are well enough to read this and get a chuckle or two….. I love you man.

Joe (Biased) Mekanic

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