Sunday Rant – 4922


Joe’s Comment – It ain’t no lie.  This early hard winter weather for a whole month and a week before official Winter has me a bit strung out.  The forecast is for double digit below zero Celsius for the foreseeable future.
The snow isn’t squeeky yet, but I know it wants to – it whispered so in my ear just the other day.
I filled the pick-up last week – a 2006 F350 diesel truck I affectionately call Nora.
Nora used to be a cheap date.
Her fuel tank registered about ½ full of summer fuel so I thought it time to fill up.  Jesus H. Potatohead!  $2.29 CDN per litre!!!  A half tank fuel cost just under $150.00 CDN.  WTF?
Butter has soared to an all time high of $8.00 CDN per pound.
Jesus H. Thunderhead!  WTF?
I filed taxes late this year, about half way through November.  First time in 10 years I received a refund due to the fact I’d been chipping in monthly for 2 years (COVID hysteria kept me away from the accountants – I refused to wear a mask and told them they were retarded to do so – we made up this fall).
Today I received an email from Revenue Canada, talking shit in two languages.
Cabin fever has never been so intense.
Winter madness has set in – a record breaking three weeks BEFORE Winter begins.
Why not add paranoia to the list?
After all, I’m on a roll.
Time to watch Ren and Stimpy’s ever so magnificent “Space Madness!”
I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the year 400 billion:

The immortal words of Marland T. “Ren” Höek ring in my ears….”They think I’m crazy.  But I know better.  It is not I who am crazy.  It is I who am mad!”
Stimpson J. “Stimpy” Cat, do NOT touch that button!
Less than 4 months ’til April….


The origin of COVID 19:

Cardiologists Come to the Same Conclusion Regarding COVID Jab Side Effects

Covid might have changed people’s personalities, study suggests

Pew: Nearly 1 in 4 Countries Used Force on Religious Groups Defying COVID-19 Measures



5 Minute Body
A clear and cogent argument from Dr. Elizabeth Bright on the hazards of women’s health, particularly the effect of cortisol.
Australian Rina Ahluwali (5MinuteBody) interviews Dr. Bright regarding women’s health issues, and to a lesser degree, men’s health too.
Feeling menopausal?
Eat a stick of butter (minimum) daily, and take an iodine supplement.
Iodine is essential for healthy lady parts.
Men need it too, for prostrate health and thyroid excellence.
Joe and I are feeling menopausal.
We’ve been sneaking butter as a treat since we were a children!:


Miscellaneous Music

Harry James / Helen Forrest
What can we say?  Only the greatest trumpeter ever and an amazing songstress singing a fabulous song:

Hot Club du Nax
?????  “Blue Skies”, with tap dancing.
The tap dancer is cross-eyed.
Just sayin’:

Another HCdN, just in case they were faking Blue Skies.  Here they are with “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat”, with interpretive dance.
What we have here is an attempt to communicate:

Playing for Change
A consortium of musicians from around the world singing the same song – more or less at the same time.
Guantanamera is Spanish for “a girl/woman from Guantanamo.
Joe hopes she isn’t a terrorist:

Another by Playing for Change – a modern inspirational written by Bill Withers, “Stand By Me”.
Not many Crackers in this one, either:


Joe’s Garage

Tool and Die Production
Most of this footage is of Asian origin.
It doesn’t mean ALL industrial / manufacturing has been moved off shore.
It does mean tool and die folks rock!
Joe says if he was to start again, he would aspire to a career in tool and die design.  Would he be worthy?  It is a cult worship thing:

Hang Son Doong Cave
An amazing natural phenomena.
A contender for the largest cave yet discovered in the world.
The publishers / producers are greeny politicos, but the majesty of the cave eclipses the political message….. and the drama too.
You could turn off the sound.  The beauty shines through:

Dr. Patrick Moore
It is time Joe and I refreshed our Weltanshauung regarding carbon dioxide, global warming, and the guilt of humanity compounded.
The best way we know how is to listen to that great Canadian humanist / environmentalist, Dr. Patrick Moore:

Sailrocket 2
Joe is flabbergasted!
What happened to yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum?
(Original expression was yo-heave-ho).
We be off to plunder the ships plying the Spanish Main!
Sailing our 2 mast galleon modeled after the Arc Royal…..
Enter the Sailrocket 2.
This boat can sail faster than 50 miles per hour.
In certain conditions of course, and only in one direction.
The paradigm shift this causes in our little pea brain brings visions of active sea foils that dance in our head:

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Sunday Rant – 4822


Joe’s Comment – Well, well, well!  The advance of Winter Madness is obvious in me.  Haven’t broken down into a blubbering puddle of self pity yet, but given time and shittier weather, who knows?
Cabin Fever has not set in yet – I’m suffering an old wound; a right knee tendon problem – I’ve been immobile for almost two weeks.  It’s warm indoors.  And there is warm cream tea, too.
Consequently, lots of time to surf the Internet.
Lots of time to think.  Low vitamin D3, high remorse…..
I am composing my long list of annual cock-ups, mistakes, broken promises, and failures.  I expect the list to be completed before the end of the year!
The corrections and solutions not so much.  That will be a carry-over, I reckon.
I’m still staggering around the yard, looking at the projects unfinished and blocking the driveways.  The Massey MF30 Industrial tractor has proven useless in the snow.  I haven’t found a set of chains yet.
The BobCat Farm Boy still isn’t running.  It looks like this –
It is a smaller version of the BobCat 743 I sold earlier this year.  The engine is a Kohler M18S gasoline fueled twin cylinder.  Mine is in worse shape than the above photo – haven’t been able to start the engine due to no wiring continuity.
And the weather hasn’t been cooperative.  The hand wringing an pearl clutching continues unabated.
I am highly allergic to frostbite.
If this weather continues (and what kind of fool would think otherwise?), I expect the Sunday Rant will devolve into long-winded self pitying philosophical rhetoric  with no resolution.  Much like the proverbial motivational statement –

I can only hope the inspirational words of Edna O’Brien take root in my little pea brain.  The Universe is the Great Frontier.  Lots of room, spacious.  I just wanna fly, as Mr. Sugar Ray insists.  Romantic mumbo-jumbo aside, and lyrics be damned.  I just wanna fly!:


Quick Dick McDick
Saskatchewan’s ambassador to Canada and the world has been a busy fellow.
His videos are a grass roots view of modern western Canadian farming.
There is an opportunity opening for him to promote himself and his views – his popularity is spreading.
Joe and I wonder what changes will occur.
Using logic (Joe’s specialty), there are three possible outcomes – no change, change for better, change for worse.
Other Canadians who have been subjected to the roller coaster ride of fame include Patrick Moore, Jordan Peterson, Tim Ball (RIP), and many entertainment personalities.  Joe argues these men survived the temptations.
Then there are people like Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, who have not risen to the challenge in favorable light.
We wish QDMcD all the best.  His videos over the years have been true blue – we consider him to be a humanist and a political centrist (a little to the conservative side).
This video expounds on his current and near future events and plans:



Dance you mutherfuckin’ assholes

The Truth About Ivermectin

COVID Amnesty
When Joe and I read about the article in The Atlantic titled “Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty“, our lovely mouthful of creamy tea shot out our nose.
The bare-assed bald-faced faux-innocent audacity of the progressive left leaves us flummoxed and gobsmacked.
And dismayed.
Emily Oster wrote from the heart, from the emotional maelstrom of the progressive mind-beast that brooks no objection and shoulders no responsibility.
Having been caught out in lies, tyrannical mandates exposed, coercion hysterically ramrodded and implemented despite serious constitutional infringements ( we had to, the sky is falling, “the science”), the about face of “forgive and forget” is an apostasy of enormous concern.
As Joe says, what will stop the Chicken Littles from a repeat performance when they are “triggered” by a perceived NEXT TIME?
Either we live under a rule of law or we don’t.
None of this in-and-out, on again off again, we control the switch bull shit.
Do Joe and I forgive our doctor and other health providers, our Canadian medical authorities, the Canadian government officials at any level, the Canadian financial community, the murderous main stream media deceptions and lies, or the businesses who kowtowed to the tyrants and imposed their own version of tyranny?
We are not alone in our contempt of the abuses of power, the abuses of science, the abuses of logic, and the worst of all, THE ABUSES AGAINST FREE THOUGHT AND EXPRESSION.
In the words of the woke progressive child-abused figurehead and poster girl, Greta Thunberg, “HOW DARE YOU!”
Well, Greta, we saw just how much they dare, and we don’t like it, no sir!
The Rageaholic is angry and loud, just like Joe.
He is also cogent, intelligent, and well spoken in a rage-y kind of way.
All admirable traits Joe approves (and wishes to emulate).
Here is the Rageaholic’s reply to a pandemic amnesty, and all who would be excused.

Dr. Elizabeth Bright
Fat Fasting
Joe and I are researching the effects of “fat fasting”.
The idea is to maximize the interaction of cortisol (highest in the morning – starting about 2:00 a.m. and peaking in the early morning) with stored fat management.
This video with Kelly Hogan features Dr. Bright.
The discussion of fat fasting begins about 15:30 in the video.
Good advice from Dr. Bright:

Iodine and Fat
The following video features Dr. Bright with some advice about nutrition.
Especially important to women.
As the title implies, eating fat and making sure iodine is included in your food is a sure way to improve your overall health.
Dr. Bright connects iodine and cortisol with thyroid function and overall health.
A wealth of information:



Stefan covers the Canadian trucker’s protest judicial shenanigans.
Joe and I get a Swedish perspective from this excellent man:


Music Break


Joe’s Garage

AI Update
An interesting series of AI projects and AI realities.
Then, a heaping helping of what is to come:

Feral Pigs
Last year we embedded a video of a rat infestation in Australia.  The rats were in the hundreds of millions and caused an incredible amount of damage.
Seems there is a similar problem in Texas every year.
Feral pigs cause big problems.
This video shows some hunting techniques that are used to reduce their numbers.
Joe and I expect these feral pigs are much like coyotes in that they are mostly diseased and toxic.
We think the bicycle horn is a stroke of genius!:

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Sunday Rant – 4722


Joe’s Comment – Another week of premature cold with snow.  Decimating.
Self reflection and doubt are two moods this early Winter weather brings.
Plus a left pivot accompanied by a loud click-crunch in my right knee has brought the mighty to his other knee.  Damn!  Buggered knees are a pox…..
Lots of muttering and argument with the 37 idiots, morons, and retards in my head.  Supplementing vitamin D3 @ 4000 I.U. with a C kicker.
I never get a flu.  Haven’t had a cold for years.
Must be the carnivore diet.
Despite encouragement and self motivational energy of heroic dimension, I’d like to hibernate until April.
Gotta clear out the shop to load it with winter projects.
Aiming higher indeed…..
Great Expectations might be my Winter theme –


Health Stuff

COVID Feedback

After Effects of COVID Vaccines
The data coming from funeral directors and parlors is thought provoking and frightening.
The entire modus of keeping records, gathering data, and statistical analysis of such is to approximate risk management.
The objective of risk management is to reduce horrendous surprises that make life more difficult or dangerous.  Or end life altogether.
Joe and I ask whether cause and effect is now considered politically incorrect.
We also maintain that “money” is only fiscal wealth; it is an avatar representing wealth.  The value of money flows and ebbs.  Does that mean wealth flows and ebbs?  We say no, “real” wealth does not.
The actuarial folks at any insurance company or statisticians worth their salt can make a best guess of what is happening.  At the least, they would notice an anomaly, give it further scrutiny, and analyze future impact.
That is risk management.
Where is the risk management with COVID?
Out of sight is not out of mind:

Dr. Robert Malone
The good doctor has a few things to say about Bill Gates and his involvement (some say meddling) in pharmacy and medicine.
Specifically COVID and vaccinations.
And money.
Lots and lots of money……
He also talks about the world-wide response to COVID, talks about freedom, talks about the fate of humanity.
What in the world is the world coming to?
Dr. Malone is a hero:


Mental Health and Diet
Dr. Ken Berry and Dr. Georgia Ede take the time to discuss the effect of diet on mental health.
Joe asks, can it be true that the old adage “you are what you eat” is a literal truth?
Low carb, high fat, no processed food, few vegetables, no fruit is a good start:

Dr. Ede continues to promote a healthy proper human diet (PHD h/t Dr. Berry) despite constant push-back from established government and big business.
Nutrition science needs to go into overdrive and catch up with the needs of humans.
The following video is titled “The Mainstreaming of Nutritional Mythology”.
All those myths about saturated fat being bad, about meat causing heart attack, about fiber being essential, about vegetables, fruits, and nuts supply all nutritional needs…. all these claims are unfounded myths.
Who originated and promoted these myths?
Joe and I invite you to watch and learn:


Joe’s Garage

Brittany Force
The top fuel title for 2022 goes to Brittany Force.
It is her second top fuel title.
She has the top 10 records set in top fuel.
What an amazing racing family!:

Data Transmission
Joe and I remember our first Internet connection way long ago in Oyama BC.
It was a dial-up type modem over regular telephone infrastructure.
Maximum speed was 56 Mb but never achieved.
You know, a minute or two to download a picture.
That was 25 years ago.
From the Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) comes news of data transmission rates up to 1.8 Pb/s!  Article here, and here, and here.
In other words, one million billion bits per second.
Fast fact – that is twice the total global Internet traffic presently occurring at any moment today – from a single source!!!
Current optical transmission is single mode source – the laser is operating at a fixed frequency output.  To match this speed would require a thousand devices.
How the higher speed is managed is by using multiple frequency output.
This was accomplished by using an optical chip that multiplies the laser output into a number of frequencies.

Texas Beeworks
This lady is amazing.
Her name is Erika Thompson, and she is the principal of Texas Beeworks.
Joe and I don’t fear bees, but we would be a tiny bit nervous picking up a handful of buzzing busy bodies.
Joe likes the cut of her jib:

Auto Funnies

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