Sunday Rant – 2719


Joe’s Comment – Funnier if it weren’t true.  Spent 20 minutes today looking for a tape measure that was under some gloves on the bench beside me.  While looking elsewhere, and trying to remember when last I saw it, I found a roofing square that I thought was gone forever so I replaced it months ago.  Now I have two.  Finally moved the gloves and found the tape measure.  Then I couldn’t remember why I needed it.


Oh! Canada
July 1st, Canada Day, has come and gone.
The weather was fantastic – the torrential downpour waited until long after dark (Joe and I were sound asleep).
Joe and I flew the Canadian Red Ensign (our flag from 1921 to 1957) and the BC flag all de doo dah day.
An aside on the Canadian Red Ensign, specifically the symbols in the Arms emblem.

Top left is the Arm of England (three gold lions), top right the Arm of Scotland (one rearing red lion), bottom left is the Arm of Ireland (a lyre with the silhouette of a woman as part of the lyre frame), bottom right the Arm of France (three fleur-de-lys), and bottom is three green maple leaves, representing a new nation of “many peoples”.  The maple leaves became red in 1957.
Many peoples in the park (Polson Park), lots and lots of kids.
We broke regimen: drank one beer to commemorate.
Being Canadian is a privilege, and we know it.


What of the American celebration, the 4th of July?
Here’s Nial Ferguson (Oxford trained historian) with his impressions of recently becoming an American citizen.
Joe and I agree: we would gladly adopt the American “hokum”, as Nial fondly jests:

In appreciation and recognition, we flew the Canadian Red Ensign along side the Stars and Stripes.
What a privilege to be born in the West.


Blue Collar Logic
Dave Morrison of Blue Collar Logic gives his analysis of the first two Democrat debates.
Joe and I couldn’t even try to watch.
At our age, yelling loud and long at the TV, running out of curse words to describe such idiocy, we could have a stroke…..
Here’s a blue collar man telling what he saw:

Since viewing the above video, we have seen many video clips of portions of the “debate” and we couldn’t agree more with Mr. Morrison.
Another MSM (main stream media) puerile panicky palpitation (that there is alliteration!) that has received way more attention than it deserves (Joe says it deserved exactly no attention other than to inform “those nice young men in their clean white coats” mentioned in the song by Napoleon XIV, “They’re Coming to Take me Away”) that one (or more) of theirs has escaped the asylum:

The childish outburst from AOC (as Andrew Klavan refers to her “Occasional Cortex”) insisting that the illegal aliens at the border are drinking from toilets is beyond the pale.
So physically attractive.  So vacuous.  So misdirected.
So it goes…..
These are incendiary statements with no political function other than to inflame the already swollen distended overburdened reality of bad law played out in real life.  The catastrophe at the southern U.S. border needs solutions, not accusations.
Joe says this child-woman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is either not playing with a full deck or is being manipulated, or both: Joe’s opinion is yes.
Once again, Dave Morrison of Blue Collar Logic addresses the hysteria with facts, data, and a stern admonition to the pretty young Latino congresswoman disassembling from an emotional short circuit:

Once more, from Blue Collar Logic, about Donald J. Trump’s salute to American Military on the 4th of July:


Nick Di Paolo
Joe and I have been fans for years.
He is crass.
He is rude, vulgar, and direct.
He swears.
Joe and I have been fans for years (echo).
His podcast on Canada Day (July 1st) had a segment where he lets the listener know what his true feelings are about Antifa, the Media, and the Democrat Party:


Internet Treasures
Matt Ridley

Joe and I stumbled into this video from Reason TV in March of 2013 of a presentation by Matt Ridley about how fossil fuels contribute to CO2 in the atmosphere thereby greening the earth!
As he says in the video, this is an unwelcome fact for the environmentalist movement:

Niall Ferguson
Another intellectual blast from the (recent) past:


Joe’s Garage
Diet or Die
Dr. Zoë Harcombe is an addition to our pathfinder list of diet sanity speakers.
This short presentation from the “Boulder Carnivore Conference 2019” reinforces what Joe and I discovered with the “carnivore diet” we adopted – fiber is not essential to good diet regime.
We are now close to 60 pounds of weight loss since July 23rd, 2018 when we decided maybe Dr. Louis Boucher (our G.P.) was giving good advice to lose weight and be healthier.  Update: today is Sunday; officially 60 pounds weight loss on the scale this a.m. in just under one year (July 23rd 2018).
The only argument we had was what diet to follow.
Dr. Harcombe presents data and facts to bolster understanding of good nutrition, and lines of argument to promote your dietary agenda:

In her presentation (above) Dr Harcombe mentioned Mikhaila Peterson and Dr. Shawn Baker.
Here is Mikhaila from the same convention.
Her story is one of lifelong immune system trauma and a personal pilgrimage of experimentation and research (in progress) to determine the best possible personal diet for a healthy productive life:

Next, Dr. Shawn Baker from the same conference, discussing a “human appropriate diet”.  Here is evidence based nutrition, a la Shawn Baker:

Another presentation by Dr. Georgia Ede, again from the Boulder Carnivore Convention 2019.
She discusses the effect of meat on the brain.
After watching her presentation, if the data is accurate, Joe and I believe a vegan diet dictated to children is a form of abuse:

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Sunday Rant – 2619


Joe’s Comment – A good theory is a thing of beauty!
Something about the above theory smacks of Yogi Berra.
As the great man once said, “If you ask me anything I don’t know, I’m not going to answer you”.
I’ll need luck figuring out what smarter might be…..


Conrad Black
A Canadian twofer.
Joe and I enjoyed this conversation between Mark Steyn and Conrad Black.
Mr. Black’s new book, “The Canadian Manifesto”, is on our buy list.
Wit, humor, incredible insight, century spanning perspective, fact vs fiction.
Past, present, future, and many many what ifs.
Fantastic personalities, great banter, excellent interview.
An eclectic walk through the life of Canada and it’s place in the world (real or imagined or speculative):


Home Depot
Neil Cavuto (Fox Business Network) has a short discussion with Bernie Marcus and Ken Langone, the co-founders of Home Depot.
America is an amazing frame of mind:


Subconscious Mind
Joe and I often wonder where we have disconnected our cerebellum from our cerebrum and can’t re-connect or reverse decipher a sequence of thoughts and actions to ascertain what the hell happened.
Specifically, to be conscious of what we’ve done, exactly.
For instance, this week we purchased two “paint pens” for marking various surfaces with a semi-permanent paint mark.  When we got home, we purposely put the pens in two different locations, scheming against our self (due to previous performance) to ensure we can always find one of them when we need one.
Net result?
We can’t find either one.
When we broadened the search, we found one, but from an earlier purchase.
One that we couldn’t find, so we went out and bought two new pens.
To this day, Sunday, the two new pens are missing.
The following video from TopThink waxes breathlessly about the astounding abilities of the human mind.
Joe and I watched, learned, are amazed.
But….. we still can’t find those two new pens:

Plenty more brain food at TopThink.


Bad Google, Bad!
Joe and I have been using Google for almost as long as it has been available.
It truly was (and is) an incredible program for search and find.
Apparently, too good a program to not interfere.
For those who cannot resist the urge to control masses of people in what they see, what they hear, Google is a subtle and nefarious tool.
Project Veritas has an alarming interview with a Google employee “blowing the whistle” on the political misuse of the platform.
Ironically, but not incomprehensible, the video can’t be viewed on YoubeTube, which is owned by Google.
Go figure.
The tools are available and are being used to create a modern version of George Orwell’s “1984”.  It is happening.  It is inevitable.  It is ALMOST invisible.
Can’t post the video.
You can view it here:
Joe and I are frightened.
Very frightened.
We no longer use Google as our primary search engine.
Currently, we are using DuckDuckGo.
We are also in the process of moving our primary email to Proton.
Much like the assholes who pretend for a living suddenly thinking they know how to govern the masses (we’re talking Hollywood Movie Stars™ here), the brilliant minds who create incredible software are also letting power corrupt their innocuousness.
They simply have no right to manipulate you.
Seems to be a by-product of human nature, of human existence.
Can’t leave well enough alone.
What can a powerless mook, a simple citizen, a dirt person do?
Joe and I are all ears (except for the other bits)….
Why, exercise your (still available) choice by refusing to ignore the bad because the good part of the bad is so easy and comfortable and familiar.
Tell all.  That was good advice given to a young Joe by Ms. E. Thrasher (English teacher, grade 7) way back in the mid ’60’s.  It is excellent advice today in the year of our Lord 2019.  If you are not telling the truth by telling all, the truth will out and you can change your story, your action(s), your life.
Find alternatives to the bad guys to provide the good stuff.
DuckDuckGo is a search engine that we prefer.
A list of the “top 10 Search Engines“.
The bad guys are relying on your inherently lazy ass to complain but do nothing.
Joe says if you could measure whining versus action, it would be a million to one ratio.
I’m not an optimist like Joe: the real ratio must be billions to one.
“Somebody should do something” is a cop-out.
YOU SHOULD DO SOMETHING is the correct, logical, moral, virtuous, and ethical response.
Otherwise, how do you sleep at night (see the “Subconscious Mind” video above)?
So, get doing something.


Joe’s Garage
Private Border Wall Update

Joe and I were very impressed with the American grass roots border wall funding and construction on private property.
Here is an update featuring Steve Bannon of the wall built in El Paso:

A video from Fisher Industries, the construction firm that built the wall:

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Sunday Rant – 2519


Joe’s Comment – I’m not much for diverse historical cultural quirks.
This goofy dog seems a kindred spirit.
There may be more to the story –


Summer Solstice
Joe and I are panicking.
What a way to celebrate the first day of Summer…..


Proof of Concept
Joe and I have ranted about “renewable” energy sources in past Sunday rants.
Our contention is this is NOT a scalable technology because it doesn’t meet the “Big Three” – inexpensive, reliable, simple –


Burgess Owens
Joe and I didn’t know this man’s story before seeing his testimony to Congress re: restitution for the crime of slavery.
Mr. Owens gives the progressive / left / Democrats what for, in straight talk.
A note from us – we couldn’t find the testimony of Mr. Owens to the Congressional Committee on YoubeTube.  Seems somebody doesn’t like it…..
However, Mr. Obvious was able to present most of the testimony with comments:


Blue Collar Logic
Dave Morrison’s analysis of the love affair between Trump and his supporters is spot on.
Joe and I watched most of the Trump speeches during his European junket.  Mr. Morrison is correct: Trump’s cadence, tenor, phrasing, passion was different.
We watched the Orlando rally kicking off his 2020 campaign.
Jesus H. Murphy!
People camped out to get in to the area 2 DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT!
20,000 inside, thousands more outside.
And Trump did not disappoint (Orlando rally here):


Joe’s Garage

Joe and I have never been gaga about Monster Trucks™.
Other than an interest in the engineering aspect of huge wheel assemblies breaking away from axles, and the gymnastics of high center of gravity combined with large polar moments causing crazy bouncy crashes, we passed on the entire movement.
The original monster truck, the truck that started the entire genre, was called Bigfoot.  It started life as a 1974 Ford F350, owned and built by Bob Chandler.  The power plant in it’s final configuration (when the original Bigfoot retired) morphed into an all aluminum nitrous injected blown 640 cubic inch big block Ford, built by Alan Roots.
Joe and I both love us some power plant excellence; especially Ford excellence.
The following three videos chart the disassembly then re-build of the Ford mountain motor which set the trend back in the mid to late 1980’s.
The fourth video is about hearing this one-time king of the mountain run.
A performance engine archaeology expedition:




The First Metal Lathe
Jacques de Vaucanson.
Joe and I did not know of this man.
He was an amazingly prolific 18th century French inventor who created the first metal lathe with dual “V” ways, a carriage and cross slide driven by screws.  Modern lathes still have these features.
Those in the know state as fact that if you have a metal lathe (and know how to employ it), all other tools can be made!
The author of the video below, from Machine Thinking, believes the incredible boom of wealth in the 1800’s owes biggly to this lathe, and it’s offspring.
A graphic of GDP per capita (from the video) shows the change experienced in the western world in productivity vs time –

Here is a short history of one of the most important tools at the foundation of the industrial revolution:

Iron Giants
Joe and I appreciate the mechanical world.
Machines have made the life of everyone easier, healthier, more wealthy and luxurious.
Especially men, who have historically done the dangerous and high risk work.
As a companion thought to the “1751 Machine” video above, here is another video about machinery most people have never heard of, despite which said machinery has an order of magnitude impact on our technological wizardry.
This video focuses on forge presses, specifically the American made Mesta 50,000 ton press.  100,000,000 pounds of pressure.
That’s right….. one hundred million.
Talk about giving your honey a squeeze…..
There are bigger presses in the world, but none as prolific as the Mesta, which worked for over 50 years before requiring a refurbishment, started in 2008 and completed in 2012.
Those engineers and metallurgists used slide rules and pencils to figure.
Go figure!
From an American perspective (of course!).
And why not?
The American ingenuity phenomenon is real, profound, and alive today:

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