Sunday Rant – 4921


Joe’s Comment – This week’s mood is reflected in the above images.  Perhaps there is no “free will”.  Maybe a meat puppet does what a meat puppet does.
On the other hand, when life gives you lemons, after a while, you’d make the best damn lemonade the world has ever seen!  Based on attitude, of course.
There is no doubt I’ve got attitude.
So, people come and go.
Words, strong words, mean something or not.
Time will tell if there is a nugget in the sand.



Nicolás Gómez Dávila
Every time Joe and I think we’ve understood something clearly, without question, the thoughts of some unknown philosopher (unknown to us, that is….) scramble all the puzzle pieces as well as change their shapes and colors.
A new start.
Does it lead to a deeper, more cogent, more meaningful understanding: a new reality?
That would be wonderful!
Or do Joe and I (and the many others in our head) collapse and babble a moron’s musings?
That would be unfortunate…..
Or worse – we can’t tell, can’t cypher the puzzle, must continue unchanged, suffering the “we don’t know we don’t know” fate.
Our meandering through the fertile and fecund pastures of the Internet led us to some zingy one liners from Nicolás Gómez Dávila, a Columbian philosopher (RIP 1994) whose insights and revelations are relatively unknown to the likes of us humble Mud Peckers.  His wisdom is just now coming to Joe and I (and our mini multitude), although he has been dead for near 28 years.
Better late than never.  Poor pitiful We….. yearning so earnestly to see a light, any light!
Some examples of Mr. Dávila’s insight, his clarity (as deemed so by Joe and me), regarding the dread “hierarchy” conundrum –
Joe and I find his thinking very curious and interesting.  More on his life at Wikipedia.


L. Amber O’Hearn
What is fat for?
Good question.
Joe would ask for what good is fat, but tomato tomaaahto…..
Ms. O’Hearn is not a doctor.
She joins the elite in our mind, in the company of Ivor Cummins and Nina Teicholz.  These people are concerned “non experts” who nonetheless defy the “professionals” by questioning long held beliefs and providing solid data to refute the popular consensus.  In Ms. O’Hearn’s case, we believe her to be a polymath.
In this video she introduces her thoughts regarding the purpose of fat in the human body to the audience.
Thanks to her presentation, Joe and I finally know why babies are so chubby!
Fat provides the best energy and building material for brand new brains – a baby invests about 60% of its energy budget on brain nutrition and growth.
Fat is the fuel providing the energy.
Let’s make it more clear: fat is the BEST fuel for your brand new baby.
Is it also true that what is good for the infant is good for the elder?
Take the time to discover who “The Lipivore” is, and how Ms. O’Hearn thinks.
Both discoveries well worth the time:

Ms. O’Hearn hails from Canada.  She has a history of pursuing ideas, addressing questions, and hunting down data relentlessly.  She is also very soft spoken.
Joe is in love (again).
Here is her profile from the Faculative Carnivore website –
Joe and I are reading her hypertext book titled “Eat Meat.  Not Too Little.  Mostly Fat”.  The book is posted on line chapter by chapter as she completes writing them.  Reading a polymath is manna for Joe and me…..


Professor David Milard Haskill
The COVID hysteria has exposed many of those who govern: they have an inherent inclination to behave as tyrants.
The basis of Western culture used to be freedom to speak: it is enshrined in every “free” country’s constitution.
One by one, speakers who do NOT follow the government script, those who question and make opposing arguments are being silenced.
Question:  How much tenure does one need to be invincible?
Answer:  Maybe more than Mr. Haskell.
Professor Haskell is currently employed by Wilfrid Laurier University.
Joe figures he won’t be employed there much longer.
In the following video the good professor questions the underlying political movement riding the “COVID Pandemic” wave.
Canada has lost its honor and its mind.
Is there any asylum?
Joe and I don’t see much to do but stand and fight.
Just how to arm ourselves and whom to engage is the puzzling question:


Doctors Are Not Heroes
Nor are they warriors.
Dr. Shawn Baker says so.
His rationale parallels what Joe and I have believed for years.
Nothing against doctors.
Our position is nobody, and we mean NOBODY, cares more about our health than we do.
Joe and I don’t have to follow the Canadian or American “health guidelines”, or knuckle under to the tyranny of professional / governmental / bureaucratic / big pharma organizations who are self serving, profit oriented, and often politicized.
We have little faith in the medical establishment.
We have no faith in government manipulation or control of something so personal and vital to our well being.
In the last two years, it has been increasingly obvious that Joe and I are on our own.  We are the agar of our experiment in health.  We are the guinea pig, the Rhesus monkey, the fetal stem cells.
It doesn’t matter two chicken lips what “average” and “standard” and “normal” and any other statistical derivation measure there is, we are unique (like every other snow flake).
Joe and I, like millions of others, have embarked on a self discovery journey to experiment on the most important person in our lives (ourselves) by carefully manipulation our nutrition then analyzing the effect.
This is NOT abdicating responsibility, this is taking full control of this most important aspect of life – our source of energy.
Listen to Dr. Baker.
If you don’t agree with his assessment, we need to talk:


Joe’s Garage

Ford 8N Tractor
A few months ago, Joe purchased an 8N Ford tractor.
It is a 1948 model.
The starter was removed because the ring gear was damaged.
The rest of the machine seemed in good shape, with most body parts and accessories intact.
Last week the replacement ring gear came from Amazon (I wonder if they have Chinese mail order brides; they seem to have one of everything else).
Friend Lyle N. split the tractor and on Saturday we fitted the new ring gear.
The clutch pressure plate and the flywheel were in good condition.  No transmission leaks and the rear main seal is in good condition.
Not so for the clutch friction disk – a new one will be here this week.
In the mean time we thought it pertinent to watch a video about the operation of such an iconic tractor from the late ’50’s (produced from 1948 to 1852):

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Sunday Rant – 4821


Joe’s Comment – Is it a yin/yang relationship?  A chaos/order conflict?
Who would want to be where they wanted to be?
Is that exercising “free will” or is that “destiny”?
And is it ying/yang or yin/yang?

To be the rock or the wind…..
It is the same only not.


What Year Is This Anyway?
Us Baby Boomers have had a wonderful life – and it ain’t over yet.
The older we get, the more we believe the film of our life is looped.
Dame Shirley Bassey sings it with the Propeller Heads – History Repeating.
Joe and I have an adverse reaction to “modern times”.
Joe suspects it is because we have seen many ideas re-introduced with a new twist or skewed perspective – same shit different time and place.
Here’s a 42 year old excerpt from The Life of Brian”, a Monty Python movie.
Joe says if it wasn’t so funny he’d take up drinking:

As Judith says, it’s nobody’s fault, not even the Romans…..
I think you’re finished.



The American Redoubt
Joe and I are Redoubtists.
No two ways about it.
Since early days, we’ve admired folks who live on semi sufficient or self sufficient plots of land far away from the morphing and warping influence of a “Big City”.
We believe any large accumulation of people has an unacceptable under-side behavior that cannot possibly be balanced by the top-side benefits.
That doesn’t make us “racist”.
That doesn’t make us “white supremacists”.
That doesn’t make us “fundamentalists”.
What it does make us is adventurous, self reliant, and wanting very much to be left alone by government forces, big and small.
The following video is published by The Times and The Sunday Times.
They have a suspicious and jaded view of the American Redoubt movement.
For the life of we, Joe and I don’t see what is wrong if like minded people decide to do a “birds of a feather” dance and form their own majority community.
The examples are numerous and diverse.
Some folks just aren’t designed to spend their precious time in a city:


COVID Tidbits

Joe and I have been keeping up with “Stefan” of Sanity4Sweden’s list of names.
Ub2b has finally understood what he is doing and have shut him down permanently.
You can find him over on BitChute and Rumble.
According to our tally, he had 51 names on his list when Ub2b shut him down.
Bravo and congratulations Stefan!
We are aware of most of the names and their story.
Over time we will find them all, post their names, and link to a pertinent presentation or statement or revelation.
Here is Stefan on the Rumble platform:

Glenn Beck – The Blaze
Mr. Beck has produced a very detailed analysis of what the COVID fiasco is about.
He titled this opus “Crimes or Cover-Up?”, and it is well worth the time expenditure.
Joe and I watched and learned:

Misc. COVID Memes


Jason Siler
A celebration of Christmas music, tailored to the Brandon Biden administration:


Joe’s Garage

Tire Valve Stem
The Schrader valve has been around for the entire time Joe and I have been alive.  The Schrader company, established in 1844, invented the valve in 1890.
The Schrader tire valve is literally universally used for pneumatic tires everywhere in the world.
It must be a good solution because we haven’t seen a better way.
There are complications though – when they leak it is often a problem to replace the valve stem depending on the size and mass of the wheel / tire combination.
Where have we been?
First time seeing this and it is a hoot!
Gotta get some:

Rolls Royce Crecy
The aero engine that eclipsed all piston engines.
This two stroke sleeve valved engine was on track to produce double the horse power output per cubic inch of the legendary Merlin.
Had not the advent of the jet engine interfered, the Crecy would have been the most powerful piston engine of its day.
Necessity is truly the Mother of Invention:

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Sunday Rant – 4721


Joe’s Comment – Another “wasted” week.  Along about this time of year the infinite engine that powers me runs out of a certain type of fuel.
I think my genetic sources came by the bear or squirrel family: I’m inclined to “hibernate” when the weather goes South.
That is to say, I am an outside kinda person who is disenchanted with freezing weather.
In cold times, I’m quite happy to read a book, listen to music, do research for the pleasure of it, dream my dreams, think my thinks, plan my plans, and if any time is left, actually do something.
When I look in the mirror, when I reflect, it hasn’t changed my mind for decades.

When I look in the mirror, it is a jolt of reality.
How in the name of Heaven did I get here?
Time for advanced reflection, I reckon…..



COVID Miscellaneous


Kyle Rittenhouse
Joe and I have a few thoughts we’ve been fermenting about the tragedy that befell a 17 year old boy trying to do good.
Our Sunday Rant – 4120 expressed our feelings at the time.
We wonder what were his parents thinking, if they were thinking at all?
We wonder how young Kyle could be so ideological in our modern world and so naive at the same time?
Joe and I abhor crowds and mobs and people in large numbers.
After all, “free will” is a myth; we are nothing more than meat puppets at best.
Joe points out that there are some mighty fine meat puppets wandering around like they have free will.  Life is a mystery…..
Our thoughts about the unfortunate events culminating in a not guilty verdict are as follows.
–  Kyle Rittenhouse has every right in the world to defend himself
–  There should not have been a trial
–  The world will not miss the two men he killed in self defense
–  The lawyers smell blood in the water, and will be circling, looking for a payday for years to come
–  The MSM is an evil consortium of callow and vapid scum who feed off tragedy and deceit
–  The jury did the right thing
–  As Canadians, Joe and I admire the clarity and strength of the American Constitution.
There are a large number of memes and information circulating.
Here is some of it that we approve –


Joe’s Garage

Homemade Hydroxychloroquine
Joe and I are coming to a conclusion in our medical education that goes like this – simple solutions with a “natural” source are the Occam’s Razor equivalent of healing.
For instance, here’s how to build a COVID fighter, the HCQ mentioned as a successful prophylactic and treatment by doctors worldwide:

Flathead Follies
Today Joe and I unloaded two flathead Ford V8 engines in the shop that we got from Landon H. following a local auction a month ago.
The engines are in terrible shape, and we’re hoping the blocks will be able to be salvaged.
Vintage engines are a look into the past that always impresses us.
The original Ford V8 has a long and storied history – the first mass produced V8 engine block cast in one piece.
The following video demonstrates just how fast engines rotate.  A visual demonstration of what happens inside an engine.
The flathead is idling with one cylinder head removed, and the speed the valves and pistons are moving is a visceral reminder of the ingenuity of human inventiveness:

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