Sunday Rant – 1724


Joe’s Comment – I found the following tag line on some wit’s commentary –
I’m a dyslexic agnostic insomniac.
I lay awake at night wondering if there is a dog.”
Not bad!
The less than stellar weather is exacerbating the growth of grass – cool, somewhat cloudy, and rain.  I am a sunshine worshiper.  Almost the end of April and I’m getting antsy.
My sleeping is getting better – I can sleep 3 to 4 hours in a row!  A quick intermission then another 2 or 3 hours.  That is an improvement.  Winter sleeping is always less restful.  Summer sleeping is great.  I’m in transition…..
As for the existence of “doG”, not my issue in the great adventure of Life©.
My job is challenge myself, help others, and use the Golden Rule and the Platinum Rule as guiding stars.  Life-long learning is the key.  As long as you don’t forget.  As Rudyard Kipling said –
I’m ready for summer weather.
If it comes early, I won’t complain…..



Quick Dick McDick
In this episode, Quick Dick retires Morty, his old Ford pick-up, and gets a new old truck – a 4 x 4 Dodge.
Big Mustache Al is a Dodge fanboy.
We think that fact influenced Quick Dick.
Joe and I can’t even imagine:

Stephen Harper and Preston Manning
The following video is from 22 of March, 2023.
Stephen Harper begins speaking at 11:50.
The conversation between Mr. Harper and Mr. Manning begins at 32:50.
Joe and I miss these men.
There is ample prediction about the future of Canada, and some good advice to Pierre Poilievre, as well as some cautions.
Sorry about the embedding that didn’t happen.
The two URLs below will take you there.  Just select, copy, and paste into your browser in the URL box, and select “Enter”:–march-22-2023?id=ac7a3ce4-41f7-4ea7-8561-97c3bc211188


The damn embedding method didn’t work on this one, either:



Israel vs Hamas
Joe and I like the historic summary a Quora commenter, Michael Gross,
composed to detail the back and forth between the Israelis and Arabs.
We presume his history starts with the English domination of the region at the end of the 19th century with the decline of the Ottoman Empire, and the consequent impact of World War I on the region.  Here’s how Michael summarized the interplay of Jews and Arabs –
“England: Hey, I have a bunch of land I don’t want to bother with anymore. How about I give half back to Jews and half to Arabs?
Jews: Sure!
Arabs: No.
England: Okay, new plan. I gave over half to Arabs to make Jordan. Give rest back to Jews?
Jews: Sure.
Arabs: No.
England: Okay, new new plan. We split what is left, give land Jews already own to Jews for new country and worthless desert to Jews, and give rest, and good land, to Arabs to make own country. Cool?
Jews: Fine.
Arabs: Fck no!
England: Fine. I’m done. I wash hands.
Jews: Okay. We are now Israel! Mazel tov!
Arabs: Noooo! Attack attack attack!
Jews: Fck you. We don’t roll over and die this time. We win!
Arabs: Noooo! Give back land! 1947 borders!
Jews: Fck you. You lost war you start. Can’t demand 1947 partition plan now.
Arabs: Fck Jews. Kill all Jews. Drive back into sea! Attack!
Jews: Again? Do you not learn? Come at us same old way, we beat you same old way.
Arabs: Noo! Dirty Jews steal land! Give back!
Jews: Fck you. You lost war. Again. Go away.
Arabs: Please give back land? With cherry?
Jews: Promise not to attack anymore?
Arabs: Promise.
Jews: Okay fine. Have Sinai back. Okay?
Arabs: Attack!
Jews: Goddamnit.
Arabs: Noo! How do we lose? Inshallah!
Arabs: Israel is evil white European colonizer! Israel is illegal! Israel is Apartheid!
Jews: The fck?

Arabs: Israel is doing genocide to Palestinians!
Jews: Who are Palestinians? You mean Arabs?
Arabs: No! Palestinians who are native of Judea…I mean Palestine!
Jews: The fck? They were Jordanian, Syrian, Egyptian, yesterday.
Arabs: No no, always Palestinian! Give back country of Palestine! Attack!
Jews: Stop throwing rockets.
Arabs: No!
Jews: Fine. We shoot you.
Arabs: Genocide!
Jews: Ugh. Fine. We build Iron Dome.
Arabs: Not fair! Give us Iron Dome too! UN said so?
Jews: What? Why? Just stop throwing rockets.
Arabs: No!
Jews: Okay, fck this. You want own shit? Here. Have Gaza. We leave. Wait, why are you tearing up water pipes and shit?
Arabs: For rocket bodies.
Jews: Goddamnit.
Arabs: Waah! Israel won’t give us water!
Jews: Fck you. You are in charge of Gaza. You dug up pipes. Own problem now.
Arabs: Fck Jews! Attack!
Jews: Knock it off! Okay, fine, we blockade. Stop throwing rockets!
Arabs: No! Waah! Open air prison!
Jews: Just stop throwing rockets! Then all problems stop!
Arabs: No! Fck Jews! We throw more rockets! Resist occupation!
Jews: Jesus Christ. What occupation? We left!
Arabs: Apartheid! Genocide!
Jews: Whatever. Look, you are poor. Some of your people want to earn money in Israel. Promise not to make problems?
Arabs: Okay…
Jews: Cool.
Arabs: Attack! Murder! Rape! Hostages!
Jews: You motherfckers! We kill you!
Arabs: Waah! Why Israel so aggressive? Waah!
Very clear.
Joe queries – is this the result of failed negotiations between people with an average of 2 standard deviations in IQ difference?
The Arab grasp of critical thinking as applied to Israel seems lacking.
I hope Michael Gross analyses the Ukraine vs Russia conflict.


Tree Ring
John Robson takes a close look at how climate data is gathered.
How can a scientist say with any confidence, that temperature averages are X, Y, or Z?  Indeed, how can a scientist know anything about temperature long ago and far away?
Mr. Robson does a very good job in explaining that the data scientist’s use is susceptible to error.
Joe and I are no guru or wizard or magician.  What we are is a mud pecker with a good nose for bull shit, and a half assed idea of logic, critical thinking, and flim-flammery.
We suspect that ANY argument about proxy data is rife with controversy.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the melt down continues.
Shades of Little Black Sambo.
It seems that politicians, usually testing the political wind endlessly, are tripping over themselves to bet the farm on flaky science predicting the end of times.
Joe and I say let the discussion continue.  Keep the questions flowing and encourage the argument .
The Truth will out, and honest debate only hurries The Truth along.
Lord knows The Truth has been kidnapped and sequestered for political gain too many times in the past, and there is no indication of future change:


Dr. Peter McCullough introduces parenting secrets to combat excessive childhood vaccination, febrile seizures, and the risk of autism.
The Bell Curve standard distribution for autism is NOT THE SAME for children who have not been vaccinated vs vaccinated.
When Joe and I was a puppy, we received a few vaccinations – always singular (focused on only one malady, i.e., polio, or measles for example).
In our modern world, babies and children receive many vaccinations, some of which focus on a multitude of targets.  Dr. McCullough’s argument is that for some children this is a disaster and is a strong risk, if not causative – the vaccines induce autism.  The video is only available at Courageous Discourse.

Baker and Berry
Two of the doctors that Joe and I heed.
Dr. Berry coined the phrase PHD – Proper Human Diet – referring to low carb high fat as a nutritional wellness strategy.
Dr. Baker has been advocating for the same – carnivore nutrition.
Lots of facts.  Some disturbing (ranches are dwindling), some encouraging (red meat is the least inflammatory food).  A long but interesting discussion:

Questioning Vaccination Technology
Joe and I are not a fan of Bret Weinstein.  We will not elaborate.
However, the subject of this discussion made moot our distaste for Weinstein.
Mr. Forrest Maready is a researcher.  An unbiased researcher.
The net result of his research will help you become biased.
As Mr. Weinstein purports, this work, “The Moth in the Iron Lung” is a study in complex systems.
The moth precipitated DDT.
DDT was used extensively.
Polio appeared.
Mr. Maready thinks there is more than enough evidence to support causality.
Joe and I are suffering cognitive dissonance:

Joe’s Garage

The Power of Nature
Joe and I remember a few curves on the highway from Parksville to Port Alberni on Vancouver Island.  Along Cameron Lake in MacMillan Park, there are huge rocks and cliff faces overhanging the road.
The following video shows what can happen.
Once again, a Ub2b video URL that WordPress doesn’t acknowledge.  Copy and paste the URL and see the problem huge amounts of land and rock can impose on people:


How and Why – Honing Cylinders
Tony from Uncle Tony’s Garage talks about preparing engine cylinders for new piston ring seating.
Joe and I learned a thing or two.  Or three.
Uncle Tony made a boo-boo at 14:40, but the cylinder turned out OK:

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Sunday Rant – 1624



Joe’s Comment – In the current tense gridlock of “Middle East” reality (whatever that definition may have devolved to mean), the world seems intent on telling Israel what to do, and how to do it.
Canada’s Conrad Black has an opinion.  You can read it here if the article is not bound behind a paywall.
Mr. Black is on track, so say I.
On Wednesday night, I watched a Hollywood melodrama titled “Unthinkable“, with the eternal mental knot to unravel – is torture ever justified?  All the usual endless over-amplified over-exaggerated over-done progressive tropes ever invented were trotted out in just over 1½ hours.  Nonetheless, the perpetual answer (it depends) is proffered, the pearl clutching and hand wringing persists, and everyone is disappointed but not surprised as the credits roll, which is a never ending repetitive story.  Ho-hum…..
In another universe, light years away, there are three siblings raised by loving parents, home schooled, who express their love of life, love of existing, with song.
My oh my, what lovely harmony.  It brought a surge of emotion and a few tears to my eyes, just listening.  Give it a try:

These beautiful children are siblings Daylon, Daura, and Devon.  They call themselves “Life in 3D“.  Click on the link.  Listen to their music.  Their interpretation of “Hallelujah” rivals the old master himself (Leonard Cohen RIP).
Why, in the name of all that is holy, do peoples become enemies with murderous fatal intent when they could be pursuing the arts, or appreciating beauty?
The only logical conclusion that I can tabulate is there really is such a thing as Evil.  And Evil can turn man against man, quite easily, is my reckoning.
How to combat Evil?
“Dance Me to the End of Love” is one of Leonard Cohen’s best works.
The following video of Rose Erna and a dance partner interpreting Mr. Cohen’s masterpiece is in itself a masterpiece.
Art begets Art.
Joe and I, watching this video, finally understand dancing, the dance.  For that knowledge, delivered so late, is received gratefully.
Ms. Erna’s introductory statement has a compassionate first line –
“And then, all wars ended….”
Amen, sister, amen:

I say more truth and beauty.
Less hate and evil.
That would be a prescription worth filling.

The Culture

Mia Shem
Ms. Shem was a hostage taken by Hamas.
She was held for 55 days.
A terrorist had shot her in the arm and she was left for dead.
Joe and I wonder if she will ever be able to forget enough to live a happy life.
We had tears in our eyes, more than once.  There are no winners in war.
This is a short documentary of her experience, in her own words:


A Feller Man
This is the sort of stuff Joe might have done if he wasn’t raised Christian and didn’t speak English.
The follies of youth produce amazing videos.
Hell, Joe and I can barely walk, let alone clamber up a tree with a chainsaw.
An amazing performance:



Sally K. Norton
Dr. Anthony Chaffee discusses oxalate toxicity in everyone’s body with the master of the subject, Sally K. Norton.
We checked back on her inclusion to previous Sunday rants – at least 5 times!
Joe and I love us some Sally K. Norton.
Joe and I think the concept of oxalate loading and dumping is important stuff.
This interview with Dr. Chaffee is a year old, but we didn’t include it back when.
Here it is, as relevant as ever!:

Do Vaccines Make Us Healthier?
Joe and I are being schooled every cotton pickin’ day.
In the last 10 years, we’ve had more cognitive disconnects to wrassle in our mind, changes to our Weltanschauung, than in the previous 65 years of our short beautiful existence on this magnificent planet.
How deep does the brainwashing go?
Is it brainwashing?
Joe and I have immense respect for the process of science and the occupation of scientist.
The money grubbing pursuit of wealth with no concern for the welfare of those whom the money grubbers target is a big no-no for us.
We remember our childhood.  There were vaccines.  Joe and I are ashamed to admit (but admit we must) we thought emotionally about the very few children whose parents would not allow them to be vaccinated.
The root of this sort of thinking in our little pea brain runs deep.  In our case, being a child born just after World War II ended, the society we entered placed a great deal of trust in government structures.  After all, hadn’t the Nazis been defeated, and the rise of the third Reich halted in its tracks?
And who, pray tell, was responsible for this miraculous outcome?
Why, it was our scientists, and our leaders, and our peoples, fighting against EVIL in a cooperative fashion to SAVE THE WORLD(!) (forget the sub plots and drama of the Soviets and the Chinaman and the Catholic Church and the Mussulman and the teeming hordes of African “savages” and the Vichy French and the Quebecois and all the other adverse non-aligned self interested entities).
My, we do prattle on…..
As a child it did not occur to Joe and I that perhaps we were rubes to accept WITHOUT QUESTION those authorities as blessed and anointed by the government.  Or any of the holy pursuits – medicine, finance, “growth”, education, us vs them, ad nauseam.
Ronald Regan encapsulated the correct mindset in his statement “Doverey, no proverey”, or in a more familiar form –

Which leads to the following video.
There is now data that suggests that those people who were shunned and treated as undesirables in the days when Joe and I were children were not only morally courageous but correct.
This video presents information from “peer reviewed” studieS (i.e., more than one) that the ill health now experienced by so many people (who once were children) was caused by the do-gooders in medicine who thought vaccination is good, ergo, a lot of vaccination is gooder.  What comes after gooder?  Why, creating a monstrous industry of Big Pharma that continuously invents new vaccinations to accumulate wealth not health – that be goodest.
Can’t live with them, can’t live without them:

The Lion Diet
Mikhaila Peterson’s diet, the “Lion Diet“, has come under attack from the Mayo Clinic.  More specifically, someone employed at the Mayo Clinic.
Joe and I can’t understand why the ad homenum and straw man arguments aren’t supplanted by actual scientifically administered research.
If what Ms. Peterson is saying has no merit, the average mud pecker would think that her statements would be debunked, real data would be produced, and all claims would be shown false.
That is not the case.  As Mikhaila states, why don’t they do research instead of insisting that the approved nutritional guidelines promoted by government and special interest groups is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, beyond question.  Ms. Peterson has come a long way in a few short years:

Don’t Eat the Plants!
Professor John Parker of Cambridge University knows a thing or two about plants.  Joe and I linked to the following video from the notes section of a video by Dr. Anthony Chaffee, defending himself against defamation.
We like this video for it’s punch line:



Joe’s Garage

The World’s Largest Engine
Joe and I have recently watched many, and learned how to embed Ub2b “shorts”.
It is similar to the once-upon-a-time website named “StumbleUpon”.
The following video is less than a minute.  We got a lot of info per second.  Your results may differ:

The Largest Integrated Circuit
A short describing an integrated circuit “chip” that contains 208 billion transistors.
When Joe and I attended electronics school at S.A.I.T., the “integrated circuit” was a young technology.
Just around the corner there are technologies coming that will dwarf the giants that came before.  Every year that passes, the best educated among humanity become hopelessly ignorant of the sum and total knowledge amassed by mankind.  What a conundrum!  What a paradox!  What a great time to be alive!:

Lamborghini Powered Boat
Not one eight cylinder engine, no sir!
Not one sixteen cylinder engine – how gauche.
Two sixteen cylinder engines in one boat with dry stacks…..
Now you’re talking!
Make them Lamborghini’s while you’re at it:

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Sunday Rant – 1524



Joe’s Comment – Well, well.  The Iranians smell blood in the water.  They are pushing at the edge of Western civilization as represented in the Middle East by Israel.  The usual bravado, threats, and aggression.
Not much news on the Main Stream Media.  Not surprising.
From the Epoch Times comes reports of drone attacks, 99% defeated by Israel.
Is this a time foretold in the Book of Hosea?
Hosea 8  tells a story of Israel losing it’s way.
Hosea 8:7 –
They sow the wind
    and reap the whirlwind.
The stalk has no head;
    it will produce no flour.
Were it to yield grain,
    foreigners would swallow it up.”
and Hosea 8:8 –
Israel is swallowed up;
    now she is among the nations
    like something no one wants.
The future relies entirely on the behavior of Israel.
My thought is that Iran believing they will deliver the whirlwind to Israel is a serious miscalculation – doomed to fail.

The Culture

Jason Siler
Is the prospect of a better future over?
Joe and I are inclined to side with Mr. Siler.
We hope the future is bright, filled with hope and happiness.
What we see around us belies that sentiment.
Joe has no idea what that strange creature is, or why.
Our mother Rose used to say “it takes all kinds, David”.
Just what the Hell is this kind?  Asking for a friend:

Viva Frei on Canada
Viva has been living in Florida.  Soon after the Trucker’s Protest he plotted his escape.  In the following video he shares his impressions of a return to Ottawa:



Brains vs Plants
Dr. Georgia Edes and Dr. Anthony Chaffee discuss the effect of consuming plants in general, and certain plants in specific.
It ain’t pretty.
Joe and I are very pro consuming the PHD (proper human diet).
We don’t think cyanide and other toxins are part of a PHD.
Mental health and autism seem to respond to a keto or carnivore diet.
Joe and I can always benefit from better mental health:

Joe’s Garage

Naval Stores
Joe and I said to ourselves (and the 37 scattered souls in our melon), what pray tell is naval stores?
First thing we found out is that naval stores are; that is, more than one thing.
The days of sailing ships were low technology.
The construction of boats required some sort of preservative treatment to protect the wood and ropes and sails from deteriorating.
Enter the products called naval stores, mostly processed from special pine trees in forests around the globe.
We sure do enjoy us some fine Internet!:

Most folks don’t have any understanding of the engineering and ingenuity involved in the transfer of power.
The driveshaft is not ancient.
In the good old ancient long time since, mobile power was transferred with belts or water or animal power.  A shaft drive has unique engineering challenges.
All of which have been addressed over the years to give multiple solutions to the original problem – how to make that thing over there perform using the output of this thing over here.  Many minds at work over the past century have damn near perfected the mechanical transfer of rotary energy.  Bravo!:

Oil Level
What happens when you put too much oil in an engine?
If the following video is an example, not much – even at 100% more than recommended.
Joe likes the way they put viewing holes in the engine block, and built a transparent oil pan.  The oil in a running engine has a very complex flow pattern:

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