Thursday – Ding Dong a Witch Is Dead!

[date Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 2:50 PM]


Kim Jong Il is dead. Ding dong. [youtube]

God help the North Korean people. Their flag is red, white, and blue. What a travesty –
I pray that somehow, against all odds, somewhere in that hell hole people will rise up on their hind legs and throw off the yoke of bondage they suffer.

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Saturday – Sagacious or Supercilious?

[date Sat, Dec 17, 2011 at 12:00 PM]


Hump Day is known as Wednesday.

Hump hump day is today. Or more accurately, harrumph harrumph day.

If you are at all interested in the culture you live in (politics is part of it), and you live in Canada (as most of you do), why not put your ideas, beliefs, understanding(s) (dare I say prejudices?), under scrutiny to see if they are, indeed, valid? Valid enough to be the foundation underpinning your life? Or, is it possible, that you are living the life of a “Cargo Cultist”, with a limited weltanshauung. Not familiar with cargo cults? It’s when an advanced technology / culture meets a primitive technology / culture, and the resulting remnants that precipitate from the reaction. I say it is a two way street:

Is that too threatening a concept? Implying we all have elements of “Cargo Cult-ism”? Here’s some preamble on the way to getting to the point. Mr. Tangent at your service. Anyone who knows me knows “that’s the way I roll” (wherever in the world that expression came from).

I am an ex TELUS employee. For better or worse, that is where I spent my earning years, doing something I was good at doing, and felt productive about doing. It wasn’t for the money (what a cliche). My truth.

Whenever I can use TELUS to provide a service I require or want, I do. Certainly not for the “support”, although I know many, many fine people who do their best in spite of TELUS corporate direction. I sign on because of loyalty and, perhaps, a mistaken and misplaced belief that I was part of and continue to support a business that is world class capable. Not, as a co-worker once lamented in a moment of frustration, “leaders at the trailing edge of technology”.

The above preamble to lend gravitas to this statement: I was preparing to leave TELUS services because they did not offer Sun TV News.

Hold them hosses, podner! Why would I give two mouse turds about one channel out of so many? Good question, Tonto. Let me answer by asking this question: in a semi competitive multi-media world where I can watch damn near anything under the sun that humans or nature does (from pornography to Al jazeera to sports, to traitors like David Suzuki and Michael Moore, to soap operas and “reality” shows, to Natural Geographic and public tv, et cetera), why would there be a hue and cry from Canada’s so-called “intelligentsia” to prohibit the broadcast of Sun TV News? What is so disturbing to the haloed minds of Canadian academia that makes them froth at the mouth in their frenzy to “protect” the minds of we humble hoi polloi?

When Sun TV began broadcasting, it was on TELUS satellite but was removed in May of this year (TELUS satellite is a re-branding of Bell). Bell owns a competing “news” program and network i.e. CTV. / CTV News.

After several phone calls to voice my displeasure with no satisfactory rebuttal from TELUS, I was prepared to move to Shaw.

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Wednesday – Relativity Reflections (Pearl Harbor)

[date Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 10:59 AM]


Lots of things to pass on.

I save POI and POV (points of interest and view) in a gmail note until it is time to set it free. A personal journal of sorts. Freedom Wednesday, I always don’t say!

Here is an excellent essay regarding the loss of liberty we are all experiencing:

I am Canadian (not by choice).

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