Wednesday – Annual House Cleaning

date Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 12:52 PM]


What ho! There is no better time to talk about house cleaning than during the 12 days of Christmas. The flotsam, jetsam, and lagan debris (detritus?) of the year has to be adjudicated…… to make room for more of the same (only different and new) to come.

One of the challenges faced by a polymathic (small “P”) Expressive (me!) living by the river of time in Egypt (that’s in denial) is to manage projects.

The polymath part is interested in everything that walks, talks, moves or stands still. This leads to numerous investigations, fabrications, and experiments. The Expressive part is not goal oriented, which leads to incomplete investigations, partial fabrications, and unfinished experiments.

So it goes with exploring the Internet (or InterTubes as SondraK says). Every time I “go walk about” surfing the ‘Net, more and more quickly scribbled lists accumulate on my desk. Go here! Investigate this! Is this true? Find more about that. Isn’t that interesting?

And my “must read” list will never be fully read.

This note is meant to clean off the virtual desk in preparation for the next year’s exciting accumulation of everything interesting to me.

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Friday – Christmas Eve

[date Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 6:53 AM]


Merry Christmas everyone!

A short video from Bill Whittle is a great Christmas gift to give. Taking a cue from (and saving a lot of words) – a modern Christmas wish:


May your desires (and self governance) inspire, and your passions motivate and energize!

Best of the season to all…..

Joe (Festive) Mekanic
p.s. I gave Ramirez the day off. Here’s a substitute. May your Christmas wishes all come true:

Wednesday – Eve of the Eve of the Eve

[date Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 6:53 PM]


The sound and the fury of my rantingness has been muffled and suppressed for a week or so…..

The rants are waiting in the “Drafts” folder…… for final approval. They will have to wait…..

Tomorrow I am driving Ms. Kenda to Vancouver to Christmas with her mother.

I will see all of my children, then come home to Vernon.

The weather report is predicting snow until Christmas, then rain on Boxing Day.

We are up to 14 snows this season – setting a brisk possible record pace. Just finished shoveling about 1/2 hour ago.

The most recent snow has been a constipated fine powdery drizzle – must be too cold aloft to allow a giant dumperoo.

Too bad!

All this shoveling has left me trim and sleek. Buff, in fact.

Picture Chris Farley in a speedo. Or, the Snow Faerie…..

That’ll break your brain!

Our Christmas tree is looking great –

All is ready and waiting for the fat man to slide down the chimney. We have the weather to prove it!

If you are not a Jim Carey fan, you may be sane – but where’s the fun in that? To prove a point, watch this 3:52 (that’s a Ford!) minute farce and see if it doesn’t make you bust a seam:


Now that’s a Canadian I can admire! (Mr. First American Prime Minister not withstanding….)

Some more rational thought here:

This is the home for the movement to have Canada invade Arizona. Amen! Better than Jamaica, ’cause you can carry guns….

I will need someplace to go, because if the Liberals have their way (Bill S-220) I won’t fit in even worse than I do now… check it out here:

Good luck with all that. Between Ignatiff and that fonce Trudeau (fonce = both fey AND ponce), Kanaduh are pretty gay you betcha.

I’ve attached a seasonal favorite Christmas song – Blue Christmas – and here’s a link for the lazy:


More John Boy and Billy is available via YouTube, but how can you top Blue Christmas?

I have quite a collection of winter / Christmas cartoons. They circulate this time of year. Let’s see if I can post some you HAVEN’T seen~

I hope all y’all have an incredible holiday!

Merry Christmas!

Joe (Festive) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez can be seasonal, too….



But, the political cartoons are bestest!