Sunday Rant – 2922


Joe’s Comment – I searched 20 pages of Mr. Einstein’s quotes to find out what moron people do.  No luck.
This is an important distinction; I’ve gotta know.
Glad you asked –
Dumb?  I think not.  Moron?  I think so!
Dumb implies there is a chance of change with new information.
Moron literally has no idea, or how to have one.
I have to change a personal foundation belief.  All these many years I have insisted that anyone can make a reasonable choice if given facts and data pertinent to the situation.
I’m not so sure that is true anymore.
I didn’t include the morons, the twits, the idiots, the ideologues, the mentally challenged in my logical/rational calculus.
Recent history I have witnessed has shaken my beliefs to the core.
–  Two+ years of COVID full retard.  The very real chance that this coming flu season the dumb sons-a-bitches will double down and become more tyrannical, more draconian, more coercive.
–  The persistence of Justin Trudeau as a plausible Prime Minister.
–  Joe Biden degenerating weekly as the U.S. of A. flounders.  Rome burning anyone?
–  Inflation running amuck – fiat currency printing presses running 3 shifts – new trucks over $100,000 CDN – only if you pick the correct options of course…..
Albert Einstein’s quote is good as far as it goes, but I’ll add one more category of folks and their behavior.  It is only to complete the couplet, i.e., “weak vs strong”, intelligent vs ???  Here goes my best attempt –
Weak people revenge.
Strong people forgive.
Intelligent people ignore.
Moron people obliviate.
If you consult a dictionary the word “obliviate” doesn’t exist.
I coined it.
My definition for obliviate (a verb) is a state of thought where the past is incomprehensible, the present is confusing, the future is unpredictable: reality is terrifyingly frightening.  You know, pissing their panties while totally oblivious.
I feel slightly better now that is decided…..


Jordan Peterson and The Daily Wire
Last week an interesting collaboration was announced – Dr. Jordan Peterson has joined forces with Ben Shapiro’s “Daily Wire“.
Some fiery opinion pieces have already been released.
Dr. Peterson does not spare the rod.
Here is his opinion of doctors an psychologists who enable gender transformation in children.
Strong language warning:

If you think JP is treading on thin ice, take a few minutes to review the comments under the video.
The accused are silent.
Joe and I think the good doctor’s alliance with the Daily Wire crowd will further the distribution of his words and influence.
Good politics Dr. Peterson!
We speculate the Canadian political scene hasn’t heard the half of him yet……


Quick Dick McDick
QDMcD demonstrates a quasi-keto approach to nutrition in this short cooking lesson.
Saskatchewan’s ambassador to the world (and Canada) is always entertaining:


COVID Ad Nauseum

Ivor Cummins on COVID Phenomenon
Mr. Cummins has been analyzing data since the start of the ridiculous term “pandemic” was affixed to the flu season of 2019 – 2020.
He has been correct in his analysis from the get-go.
Joe and I yearn for a time when those responsible meet justice.
We hope that justice is pissed and committed.
Keep on investigating Mr. Cummins.
The truth bloody well out.
Joe is angrily anticipating our totally clueless government to laud their dismal performance as a success, and celebrate by doubling-down this flu season with more insanity, more stupidity, more misdirection, more tyranny.
Where are the rational folks when they are so desperately needed?
Questions for the Oracle, we think.
Unfortunate for us humans – Elvis has left the building, walking hand-in-hand with said Oracle:

–  Dr Shoemaker 12 minutes with Rebel News. Exceptional!



This Week’s Music Muse(s)



Joe’s Garage

Joe bought a forklift.
It was manufactured by the Towmotor Company between 1945 and 1951.
Model LT-48.
Our Massey Ferguson MF40 Industrial can lift 5,000 pounds with the front end loader, but our Massey Ferguson MF40 Industrial cannot lift our Model LT-48 Towmotor forklift.
It weighs in at 5,780 – 5980 pounds, depending on which boom it has.
We haven’t got it running yet, for it is propane fueled.
Today, Sunday, Garrett R. brought us a loaner fork lift propane tank.
Thanks Garrett!
Next week we shall attempt to make it function.
A picture of a restored example here –
Of course, ours is a shambles compared to this one.  Some music to celebrate:

1916 Galoway Stationary Engine
There is an argument that older machinery is better.
There is another argument that new machinery is better.
Joe and I like old machinery.
This old Galloway produces 16 horsepower.
Our four or five fathers made incredible devices to save labor:

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Sunday Rant – 2822


Joe’s Comment – This short gif seemed a metaphor for my current mental disposition.  The weather this year sucks.  The political situation sucks too.
The financial dilemma faced by most common folks, ditto on the sucking.
The rage rises.
I’m irritable, and unpredictable.
Perhaps it is me looking in a mirror and realizing what I have become.
An angry soul who recognizes his inability to influence the culture.
An angry soul who doesn’t like the direction the culture has taken.
Angry because he will not allow himself to accept what is taking place, but powerless to stop it.
The following two images make me livid with rage –
The first is a focus on what is evil about politics in Canada – a self professed racist ideologue unfit to be the PM, beaking off unaware of how pathetic he is.
The second is a moral atrocity.
Yet the racist ideologue is allowed to carry on.
The misogynist coward in the second is allowed to carry on.
Almost too unbearable for a Libertarian to endure.
I need an attitude adjustment, methinks.
Just how much responsibility have I for the sorry state of affairs in the world?
What actions are necessary?
More thought required…..


It has been raining for months.
Joe and I have projects that require dry warm sunny days for weeks at a time.
It is a major reason we moved to the Okanagan Valley almost 50 years ago – dry warm sunny days!
What to do.
Humor helps.
As the song in Life of Brian states, always look on the bright side of life.
In a funk on Monday because the rain kept oscillating from downpour to drizzle, Joe started an Internet search for some laughs.
He found two wonderful comedians who didn’t need to use non-stop profanity to get their point across.
We share them (and register them for posterity) here.
First up, Karen Morgan:

Next, Fred Klett:

We laughed our ass off (but we didn’t roll on the floor).
Now if it would only stop raining…..


Quick Dick McDick
Tornado time in Tuffnell.
QDMcD shows up close what the damage is, and who wins the prize of destruction.
The link for Tuffnell (above) shows it to be a remote agricultural community in Division 10 – the same division as Ituna SK, the birthplace of our mother.
A tornado is a nasty phenomenon that proves “Mother Nature” is no mother we’d condone.
Proof that the air around us has a mass that is significant and perilous given certain conditions.
QDMcD appeals for relief for those unfortunates who have their farms rent asunder.
If it ain’t weather it’s more weather!
Farming is a very stressful way to make a living:


Joe’s Garage

Windsor Monster
The Ford engine series’ modern naming convention was never “big block” and “small block”.  Neither was Dodge/Chrysler’s engine identification.  That was a GM coinage.
For Ford in the ’60s to ’90s, some of the more common V8 engines were the Windsor group (221 to 351 cu. in.) the Cleveland (351 cu. in.), and the Modified (351 to 400 cu. in.) for smaller displacement.  The physically larger engines were the FE/FT series (from 332 to 534  The FE/FT were replaced by the 385 series (3.85 stroke) which topped out at 460 cu. in. for cars and trucks.
In the following video, a Dart Windsor block is fitted to displace 460 cu. in.  The reasoning is weight and overall size savings with big power output.
For a naturally aspirated engine on pump gas, this is an incredible build.
Joe observes none of these extreme builds ever mention expected longevity or durability.  While it lasts, this is incredible power in a small(er) package.
Forgive them the misnomer.  It is a Windsor build:

Wagon Building
Joe and I never had a little red wagon.
We never rode in a stagecoach.
We don’t much like horses either.
Watching the following video on this unique Ub2b channel makes us realize just how technologically advanced the West has become in less than 150 years.
Transportation is now cheap, fast, safe, and universal.
Dave Engels is the proprietor of Engels Coach Shop, where, for 40+ years, Mr. Engels has been practicing the lost trade of wheelwright.
There are many videos at his Ub2b channel, EnglesCoachShop.
True works of art now, but in the day, de rigueur:

Reproducing the Borax Wagon wheels:

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Sunday Rant – 2722


Joe’s Comment – I’ve not been a “cat person” most of my life.  Dogs in general are tolerable for the most part.  Specific dogs are truly best friends.  Cats, however, who cares?
There is a cat that lives at my house.  It would be inaccurate to say we have a cat – that’s not how Minnie rolls.  She blesses us in the house with her regal self when she deigns it appropriate or necessary.  She will make a ruckus at my bedroom door (or window) at 3:00 a.m. if she feels a need for me to fill her food dish, get her some water, or keep her company.  It might be a summons to open the door so she can go about her business.  Mind you, not just any door, but the door she chooses, for she will NOT exit or enter via a door I open unless she approves.
When you walk from room to room, she may flop in front of your feet and expose her caramel colored belly for a scratch, heedless of you damn near stepping on her, or having a senior moment and tripping, not to get up.
The above images and comment reflects the effect of time on a person’s outlook.  About cats, that is…..
At my age, a good nights sleep is all of 4 hours in a row.
Those cats pictured make relaxing look obscene.
I’ve got me some cat envy.
Perhaps in today’s chaotic crazy world a lesson might be learned from our cat masters.
I’m still not much of a cat person.
But would I like to be able to go boneless like a cat, and care not a wit for the troubles of the world?
You bet!
Get ’em, Tiger!:


Wake Up America!
Joe says the Canadian equivalent (10% as creative, passionate, thoughtful) is also true:


Jordan Peterson
JBP got himself banned/suspended/spanked on Twitter.
Joe and I have yet to tweet our first twit.
Mr. Peterson uses the event to demonstrate how a “dangerous man” uses words to make a point, drive home a nail, drop a mic, put the foe in their place.
Gotta love a good man righteously indignant with the power of speech to demolish his opposition.
Twitter loses (again):


Sooth the Savage Beast
A few musical choices just because…..


Joe’s Garage

Zip Ties and Bias Plies
Peg outdoes himself this time.
His ban from mud bogging has been lifted.
In this episode, he builds a ’94 Power Stroke for success in the mud bog competition.
Whistlin’ Diesel is hard on equipment.
Peg is an order of magnitude harderest.

Alex Epstein
Joe and I are adamant – “fossil fuels” are essential for modern culture.
Alex Epstein has made his position known with several books.
He is erudite, concise, knowledgeable, and a fan-boy for oil, gas, and coal.
His new book is “Fossil Future“.
In this video, he is talking to Megyn Kelly.  Her Ub2b channel here.
Tune in at 50:10 for Mr. Epstein’s commentary:

Note:  Joe took a look at the first 300 or so comments under the video.  He laughed his ass off!  Everybody has an opinion on the Depp/Heard trial, but very few comments on Mr. Epstein’s well researched information.  Time to quote the old Mensa joke – Did you know half the people on Earth are below average in intelligence?

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