Sunday Rant – 3520


Joe’s Comment – Damn you, Venn diagram!  That sums me to a “T”.
Wouldn’t do much differently if I was forced to live my life again.  Probably couldn’t do much differently.  Money was always something to consider, but never worth hard time.  I was wrong to think that I could get by on two of the Big Three – Good Looks, Great Smarts, Big Bucks.
Not because it is impossible.
Only because I didn’t have enough of the other two.
Seems I was “Wimpy” on all three –


Mark and Patricia McCloskey
Joe and I watched in awe when the Antifa goons invaded their suburban street and these fine folks stood in Antifa’s way to defend their property.
Last we checked, in America, the 2nd Amendment is perfectly rightful, as is defending yourself and your possessions.
Joe and I watched in disbelief as the MSM (main stream media) portrayed them as criminals, and we were further confused when the “authorities” pressed federal charges against them.
Joe says they have not only the right to defend themselves and property, but the obligation.  Doing otherwise is to hasten the demise of our civilization.
Clearly written in the American Constitution.
Clearly supported in the Amendments.
Alas, a judiciary abused for political objectives breeds anger and animosity.
The net result is disorder, distrust, and chaos:


Trump Foreign Policy Successes
Joe and I can’t for the life of us understand how the MSM (main stream media) opposes and refuses to report the excellent results delivered by the Trump administration in foreign policy.
Damn straight!
Stand up to China, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), and stand them down.
Confront North Korea with reality, attain a “remission” status.
Squeeze Russia, Iran, Syria, and others with tactical solutions that weaken their power.
Remove troops from Afghanistan and Syria.
Squash ISIS.
Barter peace in the Middle East….
Move the American Embassy to Jerusalem.
The list is lengthy and any fool (even Joe and me) can see the trend is away from war-like aggression to let’s do business and we’ll all get rich!
Joe and I don’t know if others think like we do about “foreigners” and “foreign lands”.  We’re not sure ourselves, exactly.
We don’t want war, or “enemies”, or crimes against humanity, or torture, or suppression of speech.
What we do want flies in the face of big government, tyranny, “socialism” (whatever flavor or variety), and supports free speech, private property, liberty, freedom.
The American Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Amendments to the Constitution are exemplary.  They are based on English Common Law.
Which is based on Judaeo-Christian morality.
A list of current successes is here, at
Here are a few paragraphs to inculcate curiosity, to know more –
Trump will go down as perhaps the most consequential president in terms of the Middle East in American history. He not only has stitched together this deal, he has gotten Israel and Saudi Arabia to cooperate on operations against Iran. He became the first president ever to fly from Riyadh to Tel Aviv.
He has defeated ISIS, moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and taken out Qasem Soleimani, the Iran major general whose Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans and punished Syria – as opposed to the disappearing “red lines” of the previous administration – for using chemical weapons on its citizens.
He has withdrawn from the disastrous Iran deal and stopped sending plane loads of cash to the world’s leading state sponsor terrorism, and he has begun to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan and Syria.
And the Middle East peace plan his son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner has developed is said to be the best hope for resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict since at least Oslo. 
And that’s just the Middle East.”
Joe and I can only speculate what Orange Man Bad (aka President Trump) says to foreign leaders when they are cloistered in a meeting or sharing a private moment.
We suspect it is not threats or demands or ultimatums.
Our guess is more along the line of “what are you doing to improve your country and join the world business community?”
For example, maybe he takes Rocket Man aside and says “you have an incredible tourist opportunity!  Put up some resorts on your fabulous beaches, build some golf courses, amusement parks, and visitors will come.  You will get wealthy.  So will your people”.
My lefty / progressive friends are skeptical.
Perhaps it is all an illusion – the bad actors and psychopaths are only waiting out Orange Man, for November 2020 or November 2024 will be his contract completion date.
After that, chaos will gain traction.
Joe and I are more optimistic.


Ivanka Trump
Joe and I have great admiration for this fabulous woman.
We believe that children are a reflection of their parents.
Watch this and think about your opinion of Donald Trump:


Donald Trump
The President was introduced at the RNC (Republican National Convention) by his daughter Ivanka (video above).
His acceptance speech (nomination as presidential candidate) is powerful and specific about the direction he wishes to take the country.
We’ve embedded it below:

Note the speech is delivered in front of the White House.  This was not the first requested venue by the President, nor the second.  The Democrats blocked the first two venue choices, so the President said let’s do it where I live…..
The progressive left went wild.
After securing the nomination, President Trump spoke at the Charlotte NC RNC gathering:

Joe and I can only reiterate: no matter what any one of you people out there think of “Orange Man Bad”, not that any of you know him personally, his track record as president is superlative.
Not only is he picking off every platform promise made, he is shining in all areas not proclaimed – a recent example – 39 children freed from child/sex bondage by “Operation Not Forgotten” in Georgia.  The Trump administration was instrumental in funding and supporting this effort all across America, despite resistance.  Can you believe some would object to freeing children from abuse?
Although Obambi proclaimed to have the “most transparent administration” in history, despite the refusal of the main stream media to report on the President or his administration in any light, but if they do, report negatively – Joe and I still find volumes of information on the Internet.  President Trump and his administration have managed to side-step the MSM in a magnificent manner and truly be a transparent administration.
No feet on desk cavalier smart-ass attitude.
No sexual abuses in the Oval Office.
All this man does is work 18+ hours a day for the American people and takes no pay.
As the meme says – President Trump takes no pay, which is a good thing because we couldn’t afford to pay him!

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Sunday Rant – 3420


Joe’s Comment – Bill Watterson’s Calvin is a treasure.  I’m sure his cartoons translate well into many languages.  Mr. Watterson captures the vagaries of human nature perfectly in Calvin and Hobbs’ dialogue.
We all have visions of grandeur.
I don’t know how many times I’ve been expounding my brilliance to a group only to notice they aren’t listening because they are staring at a booger hanging out my nose.
Kinda like this little gem –
A warm loving and responsible message.
Who doesn’t want the best possible outcome for our future adults?
Working together, in harmony, gets the job done!
However, if you are a gear-head like me, this graphic has a darker meaning.
You CANNOT turn these gears, for the “Teachers” gear and the “Parents” gear counter rotate.
I.e., the teacher gear is turning the student gear the opposite of the parent gear.
Get yer pencil out and sketch the direction of any gear and you will see what I mean.
The message I get from the poster is government run education is FUBAR; can’t work best, never worked best, and never will work best.
But Joe!
It’s a red, white, and blue poster!
How patriotic…..
From my “super genius” to all y’all super geniuses, do everyone a favor and keep a muzzle on yer Einstein until you check your work.


Sing, Sing, Sing was written by Louis Prima in 1935.
One of the best versions we’ve heard is Benny Goodman’s Orchestra featuring Gene Krupa on drums and Harry James on trumpet from the movie “Hollywood Hotel”, 1937:

Here’s Louis’ version, the “original” if you will.
It really defines “swing”:


The Trump administration does it again.
Israel and Sudan will sign a peace treaty, brokered by the United States, announced only a week after Israel and the UAE set the pace.
Joe and I won’t bother stating the obvious over and over and over – so here we go!
In our lifetime there has literally been no political leader at a national level who has ever come close to delivering promises the way DJ Trump has done.
To our friends who insist that President Trump is a liar, a racist, a _____________ (fill in the blank), remember the text of John 8:7 –
This is NOT to compare Mr. DJ Trump to Jesus (read John 8:7 again!).
There are NO perfect persons, certainly NO perfect politicians.
This IS to say a wise person should judge the man by his deeds.
After all, Joe and I don’t know anyone who knows Mr. Trump or has met Mr. Trump, but we do know the “seven cardinal vices“, and number four (envy) is a tough one for those who think emotionally.
Joe says lots of lefty/progressive/new liberal folks are myopic: can’t tell the difference between a mountain and a mole hill.  Saying you don’t look fat in that dress honey when it is obviously not true is a lie.  Saying some poor immigrant who made a little viewed YoubeTube video criticizing Muslims caused Benghazi is also a lie.  Doesn’t matter why you lie….. or does it?
Ask that poor bastard moldering in a jail cell for his opinion.
President Trump keeps keeping promises.
All you princesses refuse to kiss a toad.
Too bad for you.


Delusional Conservatism
Joe and I have appreciated the political views of Ms. Peggy Noonan in the past.
Since The Donald assumed the presidency, her true colors have emerged.
Never Yet Melted is a website we frequent.
In an oped titled “Peggy Noonan Is a Delusional Sellout“, author “JDZ” presents a solid case exposing Ms. Noonan as a “Never Trumper”.
And he does a professional job.
His summary, in two paragraphs, from the above link –
Donald Trump is not glib and smooth-talking. He cannot produce the same kind of ever-so-nice sounding gaseous rhetoric as Obama. He does not understand how he’s supposed to behave. He breaks all the rules and knocks over the tea set every time.
Why all this rankles, why this stings so sharply, lies precisely in the fact that the people’s elevation of Donald Trump constitutes a distinct rejection, an undeniable slap in the face to the entire America establishment elite. The people rejected the democrat elite’s left-wing insanity, and they also rejected the Republican elite for having failed for so long to defeat Leftism absolutely and decisively. And, there is an especially sharp, added level of pain for establishmentarians looking on: Trump is winning, Trump is faithfully, unprecedentedly fulfilling campaign promises. The horrible, uncouth and unworthy Trump shrugs off easily the worst the democrat opposition can do, and marches on, trampling taboos underfoot, from victory to victory.”
Joe says politics is a nasty business.
We like the accomplishments of the Trump administration.
We don’t know the man.
If we ever meet him, we’ll shake his hand and congratulate him for his hard work.
Lord knows he has earned accolades from more than the like of us mud peckers.
Our superiors abhor him.
Mud peckers like Joe and I?
We thank him sincerely.


The TRY Channel
Joe has a list of luscious ladies he admires.
As the Four Lads from Britain once crooned, something in the way….

There is a YoubeTube channel named The TRY Channel.
It is a group of Irish youngsters who “try” other culture’s iconic (and not so iconic) signature staples: food, booze, candy.
No “cultural appropriation” happening here.
Simply stated, some bright and vibrant young folks full of life and devilry having some fun with the cornucopia of the world’s ethnic bounty.
We have embedded their videos before, and undoubtedly will again.
Joe had to watch this one twice, because all these characters are highly charismatic and entertaining – for instance there’s Irish Jesus and MC (Mary-Claire) in this one.
Joe is smitten with Ciara O’Doherty.
Of the two iconic Irish women standards of beauty (gingers and brunettes), Ciara is of the latter class.
What a beauty!
And quite a drinker, too.  That’s her “legend” on the channel.
The TRY channel has plenty of silly, plenty of Irish humour, and many more interesting personalities.
Joe says even the gay guys are humorous and entertaining (on occasion):

For those who agree with Joe (re: Ciara), a compilation of Ciara and TRY:

Our understanding of Irish beauty.


MAGA 2020
Joe snickered watching this one:


COVID-19 Funnies
Always a delight to harvest humor from the Internet.  A couple of outstanding examples this week –


Joe’s Garage
Dr. Ken Berry lays out 10 known benefits of getting out in the sunlight every single frikkin’ day of your life.
That doesn’t mean you burn yourself to a crisp in the hot summer sun.
It DOES mean you gotta get sunlight on your skin to reap the benefits.
Dopamine, serotonin, depression, blood pressure, even your ultimate height (pregnant women need sunlight) are proven to be influenced by exposure to sunlight.
Dr. Berry references a study that concludes wearing sunglasses has an inverse relationship to melanin (note: we haven’t found such a study yet…..).
Joe and I worship the sun.
As Joe often says to those who prefer the cold, “you can’t grow a carrot in a snow bank!”.
Not that we would eat a carrot (two + years carnivore – no desire to change).
We love Dr. Berry and his lists:

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Sunday Rant – 3320


Joe’s Comment – Driving down the highway today to Oyama, with my sidekick Rourke (grandson #2) in our old but dependable ’91 Ranger pick-up truck.  A “mini me” of our F350.  Windows down, music blaring, sweet sweet summer heat.  About 10 km above the limit.  Heading for Ricky D’s place for a visit and a swim.
Cars, trucks, motorcycles roaring by us.  Many Alberta plates.  Even more BC plates.
Excepting the motorcycles, every single vehicle had the windows up tight, and the exhaust pipe(s) whooshed loudly as they passed us by.
That, my friends, is a sure sign of air conditioning.
Rourke and I are tanned brown.
The last thing we would ever say to each other is “it’s too hot!”.
Which brings up the above cartoons.
Sometimes you just don’t belong in the group.
Sometimes you just don’t experience things the way others do.
Just like a cellular phone, I don’t got no stinkin’ air conditioning in my vehicles.
It never gets hot enough in the Okanagan Valley.
Rourke and I belong just fine.
In the Summer Time…..



COVID-19 Epidemiology
Joe and I admit to a propensity in ourselves we admire – we love us some research!
We also admit, reluctantly, to a growing rage against ………….  and ………….. and  ……….. and don’t forget ………., or to sum it to a common denominator, rage against emotional decision vs logical deduction.
And stupid people.
We definitely disdain stupid people, especially those who don’t know they are stupid.
Extra specially when they are in a position to make a decision backed by the force of government or power sufficient to effect a person’s life and livelihood – such as an employer, or a caregiver.
Or a parent who makes a choice not well informed, intentionally or not, for their child or children; beware the emotional path, for it may lead to irreversible negative conclusions.
This is the BS (Ben Shapiro) Corollary – facts don’t care about your feelings.
Reality beats imaginary every single blessed time.
Don’t forget it!
The quality and duration of your life is determined by wise choices.
And some blind luck if truth be told.
The discussion below is Freddie Sayers of UnHerd talking with Prof Heneghan of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine and his colleague Tom Jefferson.
These men are discussing facts.
And data.
And theorizing strategies.
And proposing tactical approaches.
Joe and I weep with relief that there are some people in the world actually trying to understand the virus problem, which is complex biology; in existence long before there was a man (or woman, damn it!).
Everything correct and right has been clouded by politics.
Nefarious politics.
Politics of power and control and filthy lucre.
Men like these (and women too!) will find a solution.
If a solution exists:

Perhaps a short comment from Sarah Huckabee will dispel any confusion about what is happening and what should be happening and how you should be thinking –

All is not lost!
YoubeTube has immense social media power, no argument, no contest.
But the Internet is big and deep and everywhere.
There is an open letter to Dr. Fauci written by a trio of doctors –
George C. Fareed, MD, Brawley, California
Michael M. Jacobs, MD, MPH, Pensacola, Florida
Donald C. Pompan, MD, Salinas, California –
a letter that spells out data and evidence and actual results that not only contradict Dr. Fauci’s current position, but his hypocrisy – he knew that hydroxychloroquine was an effective prophylactic re: SARS-CoV viruses –

This does beg a great number of questions.
From the letter –
1.  Harvey Risch, the pre-eminent Epidemiologist from Yale, wrote a Newsweek Article titled: “The key to defeating COVID-19 already exists. We need to start using it.” Did you read the article?
2.  Are you aware that the cost of the Hydroxychloroquine “cocktail” including the Z-pack and zinc is about $50?
3.  You are aware the cost of Remdesivir is about $3,200?
4.  So that’s about 60 doses of HCQ “cocktail,” correct?
5.  In fact, President Trump had the foresight to amass 60 million doses of hydroxychloroquine, and yet you continue to stand in the way of doctors who want to use that medication for their infected patients, correct?

At the beginning of Dr. Fauci’s “expert” status in this “pandemic” there were voices of opposition who were ignored or scorned or even worse, suppressed or threatened with incarceration/legal penalty/loss of medical credentials.
The gathering evidence indicates the good doctor may have a political agenda.
Joe and I are mud peckers.
Salt of the earth.
Average Joes.
John Q. Public.
We want nothing more than to live our life pursuing our “dreams” (sometimes nightmares!), helping our family and neighbors, and (hopefully…..) making our little corner of the world a better place than it was, and is.
Oh yeah, and to be left the fuck alone by any level of government, any other citizen, any other interest group that wishes it otherwise.
This is a simple desire, made extremely complicated by the reality of 7 billion + people competing for goods and services.
Smarmy little shits who deflect and will not answer direct questions, who shirk bearing full (or any) responsibility, who think the mantle of “authority” is an argument, and who ignore the queries of their peers and superiors – these people have no place in our world.
Joe says we just described Dr. Fauci to a “tee” (or is it a “T”? I don’t think it’s a “tea”).
Our world relies on scientific investigation, good intentions, and a love for fellow creatures.
In our mind, our world gets better and better.
How about yours?
The last point we’ll make is a graphic of the Canadian data –


UAE and Israel Treaty
Donald John Trump is a “terrible racist and a terrible “hawk” (war monger)”.
Every time he turns around, he proves over and over again how wrong these accusations are, and how perverted and immoral the “main stream media” is in delivering the facts of his administration’s efforts.
The latest Trump Trumpian Triumph is world level important – the Trump team has brokered a treaty between the United Arab Emirates and the state of Israel.
Biggest deal ever in the last quarter century for Middle East peace.
It has been criticized in every YoubeTube video we scanned.
Imagine (John Lennon style)!
Imagine if you will (Rod Serling – Twilight Zone style)!
A signed “peace agreement” between two Middle East countries on different ends of the spectrum treated as another Trump failure!
We present the BBC version of an announcement below.
Other videos we viewed had similar comments.
Joe says that Orange Man Bad would be accused of putting doctors out of work if he provided a cure for cancer.
The fact that a lot of doctors should be put out of work is moot.
Here is a factual report of the event without the editorializing (from the Epoch Times).
Another success of this administration, no matter who says otherwise.
Unlike Obambi (aka Jug Ears), DJT has earned a Nobel Peace Prize:

Joe says “liking” Donald J. Trump is not the issue.
The issue is this: are We The People better off now than before the Trump presidency?
To reiterate the words of Rush Limbaugh –

Joe and I realize that the well-being of We the People is not just economic growth or financial security.
Breightbart News has a list of Trump Administration accomplishments that bears scrutiny.  Scrutinize it here.
Joe is normally critical of everything and all – it is his adaptation of the “scientific method” to the world at large; an aspect of his weltenschauung.
Joe considers this the most volatile presidency in our lifetime, including the Kennedy assassination and the Nixon Watergate scandal, the Cuban missile crisis, Kent State, the civil rights movement(s) (bowel and otherwise), and the stand-down of the U.S.S.R. / end of the cold war.
We don’t forget the words of the late great Charles Krauthammer (from the introduction of his book “Things That Matter”) describing the (unfortunate but real) impact of a political system on a people (from Sunday Rant – 2914) –

“………. the same reason I left psychiatry for journalism. While science, medicine, art, poetry, architecture, chess, space, sports, number theory, and all things hard and beautiful promise purity, elegance, and sometimes even transcendence, they are fundamentally subordinate. In the end, they must bow to the sovereignty of politics.

Politics, the crooked timber of our communal lives, dominates everything because, in the end, everything – high and low and, most especially, high – lives or dies by politics. You can have the most advanced and efflorescent of cultures. Get your politics wrong, however, and everything stands to be swept away. This is not ancient history. This is Germany 1933.

………….Turns out we need to know one more thing on earth: politics – because of its capacity, when benign, to allow all around it to flourish, and its capacity, when malign, to make all around it wither.

This is no abstraction. We see it in North Korea, whose deranged Stalinist politics has created a land of stunning desolation and ugliness, both spiritual and material. We saw it in China’s Cultural Revolution, a sustained act of national self-immolation, designed to dethrone, debase and destroy the highest achievements of five millennia of Chinese culture. We saw it in Taliban Afghanistan, which, just months before 9/11, marched its cadres into the Bamiyan Valley and with tanks, artillery and dynamite destroyed its magnificent cliff-carved 1,700-year-old Buddhas lest they – like kite flying and music and other things lovely – disturb the scorched-earth purity of their nihilism.

Politics is the moat, the walls, beyond which lie the barbarians. Fail to keep them at bay and everything burns…….’

This is reality.
Joe and I have spent very little time in our gearheaded life thinking about politics.
In our case, too little, too late.
Mia culpa for each of us.
Nostrum culpa for all of us (Joe and I are the “front man”)…..
It doesn’t have to be that way for younger folks.
Just sayin’.


Millenial Millie
Anybody out there remember Roger Stone?
Or Julian Assange?
How about that video maker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula?
What could they possibly have in common?
That is what thee should be asking thyself…..
These people are just a few of many who have been ground down in the legal system for political reasons.
And what has it all to do with “Millenial Millie” (aka Millie Weaver)?
Joe says they have one great big glaring red shiny blemish of sameness – they have been the focus of ire, the recipients of misdirected government force.
Not for legal reasons – although the law is the cloak government uses to justify the injustice perpetrated.
Millie Weaver is more of a journalist than 90% of the main stream media.
She is a CONSERVATIVE minded journalist.
This does not bode well for her.
She has been preparing a documentary titled “Shadowgate” (watch it at the link while you can).
The government goons arrived at her home to arrest her (on bogus charges says Joe) the day before the release of the documentary.
Give your head a shake.
She recorded a video of the goons taking her away from her family.
The following commentary from James Munder includes her footage.
This may not be on YoubeTube for long:

Freedom of speech is the First Amendment for a damn good reason.
As many wise and studied folks have proclaimed, the public marketplace of ideas is the only way to test the validity of your argument.
To speak your mind publicly has rewards: either you are right in your speech (your thoughts are reinforced) or you are wrong (you get schooled by facts).  Either way is a win!
Unless you are susceptible to “hurt feelings”.
Part of growing up and joining society means acknowledging you are not the center of the universe, you are not the reason there is a universe, and, once in a while, you are WRONG!  Or so misinformed, biased, and delusional that you are so far off the point you are not right and you are not even wrong…..


Our hero Dinesh D’Sousa explains where and when fascism got it’s start.
Mr. D’Sousa is speaking through Prager U.
Prager U is constantly denied the YoubeTube platform.
The video is called “Is Fascism Right or Left?”.
If the following embedded video is missing or doesn’t work, try a DuckDuckGo search or look for it at the Prager U website:

Another short sweet well spoken nugget of truth.
Something Mr. D’Sousa and Prager U have been speaking for years.


Joe’s Garage
Music is a wonder, as are musical instruments.
How pleasant, how inspiring “noise” can be!
Joe says musicians are a totally different subject.
The koto is a traditional Japanese instrument, imported (culturally appropriated?) from China 1300 years ago.
It has thirteen strings, each tuned with a sliding bridge.
Joe says that makes thirteen X two notes (think about it).
This short video is precious: the “translator” struggles, everyone is grinning like a ’50 Buick, and good-will abounds.
A short introduction to the koto:

Lazy Crazy Days of Summer
Joe and I are in our sweet spot.
Hot sunny days without a cloudy respite.
No mercy is just fine says Joe.
Not often that we can tolerate the Natster (Nat King Cole), but the weather……
Ah hell!
This is a sign that all is right in the woods and in the world.
Some laid back singing by some dudes lounging around with not a care.
This is Joe’s summer song, you bet:

And a summer time tune, too:

And another:

And another:






Had enough?
There are many more, but Joe says Eddie Cochran will round out this list:



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