Thursday – The 300 (With Apologies to Sparta)

[date Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 12:38 AM]


I actually watched almost all of a hockey game tonight.

Waiting until the very last game of the very last series before watching appeals to my Anglais generic background – I got to be in on the money shot without any of the foreplay….. such a cheap bastard!

I was impressed.

Speaking of magnificent basterds those athuleets put on an incredible performance. The referees were mostly absent. The crowd was apoplectic at all the wrong moments. Did they even know what was happening?

The post game analysis was 100% hind-sight. The experts were so convincing. So….. why did Vancouver come in SeCoNd??

After absorbing terabytes of information, here is my analysis:

Boston has more red-heads.

I know you’re shocked. Check it out yourself. There you go, you know I’m right….

Information on red-heads can be read here:

Now that you are fully fortified with facts and know that red hair is the rarest, count the red-heads on the Boston roster. QED

Pass this info on to the Canucklehead management.

For those of you weeping bitter tears of rage directed at our American brothers I say “phooey!” – as did Shelly Duvall to Robin Williams in Popeye….


Here are some funnies and thought provokers to take the edge off – I know your mellow has been harshed. Un-harsh that mellow I say! Mmmmmharshmellowww! Smoor-ish, da?

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Sunday – Two Stark Contrasts

[date Sun, May 22, 2011 at 10:06 AM]


My favorite Joseph Conrad is “Heart of Darkness”. Never mind my colonial mindset and disrespect for “cultural equivalence”. It is a great book by a brilliant writer for many reasons. One of these reasons is the author’s portrayal of the nature of conflict.

There are only three conflicts in (human) life – man vs man, man vs the elements (“nature”), man vs himself (ladies included i.e. “hu-man vs hu-manself).

Here is a link with pictures of the man vs elements struggle taking place along the Mississippi, specifically Vicksburg. The pictures are mostly of Herculean efforts to protect against a cyclic, inevitable (if history is any measure), natural occurrence. It ain’t even a “phenomenon”, because it has happened before and has been more extreme. There is also the imposition of the State – the Feds are sacrificing these lands and owners for the “common good” of larger communities and cities. Take a look at the photos:

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