Friday – First Fish Day 2011

[date March 6, 2014 at 10:13:38 AM PST]


Ha! 19 snows. Waaay ahead of last year, and the year before. The weather shaman says it will snow tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day…… I’ve worn ½ inch of blade off my snow shovel already this year.

Here’s 18 – didn’t get finished ’til after dark. Which was almost 4 p.m. –

And here’s 19. Notice the date stamp. The very next day –

As you can see, it didn’t stop snowing today; it slowed to Chinese Frozen Water Torture™. By the time I was finished, more was to be finished. Good grief!

My cabin fever is getting bad….. I laugh AND cry at the turn of a phrase or the sight of fresh dog doo-doo on my driveway. Haven’t showered for a week – the neighbors call me Mr. Reek. Things are looking not so good. How bad? In the words and song of Dinah Washington –



Talk about the peril of diminished expectations. Or (perhaps?) the last gasping memory of my youthful competitive jockery. Bring it on! I’ll shovel right on past 26 to a new record – maybe 31. Hard to keep a snow-man down.

Since I decided against an Arizona retreat this winter (I’m staying here to get “things” done), I thought to be more aggressive and physical in my inverse snow lust. Here’s what I bought to help out –

I’ve munitioned up! What you can see here is ¼ of my armament. This is a marvel of modern technology called a “studded snow tire”. With one of these on every corner, the lovely maiden I call Sandra (’97 Expedition) is unstoppable. Today, I pulled an F250 4X4 from the back yard through 2 feet of snow! Totally f**kin’ awesome!

This is the first time in my 61 years I’ve owned brand new studded snow tires. What was I thinking all those years when I drove around on bald summer tires? The challenge? I coulda been the King of Winter©! I coulda been a contentered. Well, more contenterered perhaps.

Now when it snows (and it has been snowing), I drive out in the back 40, open a beer, select 4WD (with a switch on the dash – how convenient) and drive around daring the snow to get me stuck. Ha! The snow ain’t deep enough yet….. Here’s what the back yard looks like –

That truck waaay in the back on the right side of the picture is the one I pulled out. Too much fun. Be still my beating blood pump! Refer to the following cartoon for the appropriate frame of reference –

In the midst of a possible record setting snowfall winter, one must find suitable outlets for creative energies (and the odd wee bit of rage).

It is my honor to introduce all y’all to a fine specimen of manhood. His name is Bob. His hallmark is the expression “What’s Next?”. If you haven’t heard him before you are in for a treat! Have a listen:

A rant about “Mind your freakin’ business!” – [youtube]

A rant about the Arizona Mexico border – [youtube]

Lots more on YouTube, or Bob’s website, appropriately named

I think if he put a little more passion into it he’d really be onto something. I do love the way he sighs at the end of each and every rant. World class sighing. My kind of sighs….. I would drink with Bob, no doubt. What’s next? Well, one more of Bob expounding on BO’s Muslimnessery:


and a final “Obama’s on vacation – AGAIN!” – [youtube]

These rants put my mind at ease. How relaxing, how peaceful. Like Mozart, a gourmet meal, great liquor, and fine friends….. I think I’ll listen to several more to relax for bedtime. Better than warm milk…. An ambassador from New York City.

Is it bedtime yet?


Some humor with your (winter) madness? –

Or, as Mr. Rogier Van der Weyden painted it, –

An alternate view of an alternate view –

Too late to stop now……

Joe (Snow Madness) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez, Cox and Forkum…..

Here’s a Ramirez from 2007. Did you know Iran is now the chair of OPEC?

All Cox and Forkum cartoons are old, but still pertinent.

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