Sunday Rant – 2019


Joe’s Comment – S. Pastis nails social media with this cartoon.  Although I don’t use Twitter or Facebook or any of the social media applications, this is a warning cartoon.  Because people have access to such immediate and broadly used “services”, because people tend to “Chicken Little” at the drop of a preposition, these amazing technologies shared by anyone with Internet access can be misinforming, addictive, stressful, and a huge waste of time.
If you don’t play you don’t pay (Joe’s 7th axiom of Sports).


Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman strikes again.
He has abandoned YoubeTube as a platform.
He may have had no choice.
This release is titled “Then the Tables Turned”, and is found on


Orange Man Bad vs Dancing Dragon
There is a large noise surrounding the tariff “war” DJT has imposed against the Chinese for reneging on their handshake deal regarding trade.
There are very loud noises from the agricultural sector in the USA.
Rightly so, for a farmer depending on the Chinese market for his soy beans is now facing an imposing and probable loss.
However, how exactly does the US trade with China?
In this American Thought Leaders interview with Stephen Moore (author of Trumponomics) the back story is key to understanding why and what the tariff dispute is all about.
Joe and I were schooled plenty by this video by a man in the know:


The U.S. Space Program + Independent Rocketeers
Joe and I loved the Disney hard cover book “Mickey Mouse and His Space Ship”, way back in our pre-school days.
One image we remember (vaguely) is the rocket sitting on it’s tail fins, late in the evening, as Mickey and Donald prepare it for take-off.
Joe says that’s when he decided to be a shade-tree back-yard tinkering tinkerer, ’cause (he says) “I’m every bit as Mickey Mouse as Mickey Mouse!”
We read every episode of “Tom Corbett, Space Cadet”.
Andre Norton’s “Galactic Derelict” inspired our fantasies.  (We recently downloaded a copy off the Internet!)
Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein, Issac Asimov, and hosts of sci-fi writers were our reading passion for years…… even after puberty crashed our party.
Joe and I rejoice at the re-birth of the American space program.
President Trump is re-funding space exploration.  Here’s a short YoubeTube video outlining the 2024 goal of NASA:

The major difference then to now, early program to new program, is private companies will be partnering to provide solutions.
Here is a YoubeTube video from Space X featuring the Falcon Heavy rocket:

Joe and I like to think we’d leave Earth on the first ship out.
‘Course, we’ll never have to decide…..


Democrat Follies
Yes, it’s extremely childish.  And uncharitable.  And hurtful.  And below the standards of a moral and virtuous person.
But damn!
Joe and I love The United Spot‘s parodies of the democrat elite.  We especially enjoy Nancy Pelosi’s slur; a masterful touch.
Delicious is what it is:

A short sobering observation from Blue Collar Logic‘s Jason Siler about the true identity of the emotional party, the “feelings” party:


Prager U – Stephan Harper
Our ex PM is a fine example of a time Canada used to be great.
Here’s an example of Stephan Harper’s clear vision and rational speech:


Prager U – Abortion
Dennis Prager expresses his view about the moral tragedy of abortion:


Blue Collar Logic
Joe and I are finding a wealth of common-sense analysis at Blue Collar Logic.
In this video Jason Siler explores the possible logic behind the Democrat frenzy to limit access to firearms:

Another from Dave Morrison:


Joe’s Garage

2005 Ford GT
This is an inside story of the development of the 2005 Ford GT told by Camilo Pardo who was the chief designer on the project.  Camilo is interviewed by Jay Leno.
Of course, Mr. Leno owns the #12 Ford GT produced, which is featured in the video:

Processing Trees
Our backyard featured a white oak tree when we bought the property in January of 2005. At that time it was about 50 feet tall, had no leaves (winter), and we didn’t notice it.
Zoom ahead a mere 14 years and a few months….. to April of 2019.
Armed with an Echo 320 chainsaw with 18 inch bar and Suzy Snorkelift (UNO-41E man lift), we decided to make a change.
The choice was move the tree, or cut it down.
Staying as is was no longer an option.
Although we pleaded with the tree to move further away into the back yard, our supplication fell on deaf leaves.
Down she goes!
It was much easier to measure lying down in pieces.
Total length was 90 feet from the tippy-top to the ground.
What remained was an imposing stump, about 2 feet above ground and near 5 feet in diameter at ground level.
All the canopy foliage, small branches, and material not sold as fire wood was piled on the stump and ignited with our special mix of “Boy Scout Fire Starter” (stale gasoline / diesel from derelict vehicles in the yard).
After two weeks, the fire had managed to scorch the stump top, and blacken the bark.
Seems the root system was living a “Pincher Martin” life: it kept pumping water!
What to do?
Pick and shovel was available, but an analysis of the available labor quickly kiboshed that plan; the objective is a lawn by summer.
Our labor resource was me, Joe, a shovel, a pick, an axe, and the trusty Echo chainsaw.  No chance…..
How about a back hoe attachment for Robert Cat?
We checked our piggy bank.
No dice, no cash.
Friend Lyle has one, but that’s miles away, and borrowing expensive equipment always carries the risk of “if you break it, you own it”.
Rent a machine?
Better yet, rent a service?
Our little eye spied a sign on a power pole at the corner of the Hillview Elementary School property – Al’s Stump Grinding service.
We called.
Al came to see.
We struck a deal – $250.00 CDN to grind the stump to approximately 6 – 8 inches below the surface.
Before he could begin, he specified a condition required for that price:  we must cut the stump wood down as close as possible to the surface.
Otherwise, many hours and many $$$ to grind.
Joe and I did a quick analysis.
We figured it might cost one or possibly two chains, and would require many re-sharpenings, but well within our ability and fiscal means.
We shook hands with Al, and began the beguine.  Artie Shaw’s version will suffice:

That stump put up a good fight –There were about 9 chunks total.  The Echo performed flawlessly, although a new spark plug was required to complete the cutting.  Here’s a picture of the “flush cut” stump dimension (just over 5 feet in diameter!) –Joe’s estimate of two chains was conservative.  The old chain, which cut down the entire tree, bucked the limbs, cut the firewood, and served us for two years was over half worn away.  Some of the chain teeth were about an 1/8th inch.  The old chain has been retired, after cutting 1/3 of the chunks with 6 sharpenings.
A new chain finished the work, requiring 8 sharpenings.  Wood flies with a sharp chain; not so dirt and rocks.  The “paper, scissors, rock” equivalent in forestry – wood, chain, dirt.  The saw worked hard.  More fuel was used cutting out the stump than to fell and buck the rest of the tree!
Where Joe miscalculated (an enduring habit of Joe’s) is estimating time.  The attempt to quickly cut out a 5 foot diameter stump with a 32 cc light saw and an 18 inch bar at ground level in “a few hours” became a “few hours” each day for most of a week.
Time was allocated roughly as follows:
–  sharpening, adjusting, oiling, and gassing
–  cutting the stump chunks away
–  cursing the stump, cursing the saw, cursing anyone who would plant a large tree so close to a house, cursing dirt, cursing the weather (some rain sprinkles), cursing for practice, cursing for the shear joy of cursing!
Finally, on Monday evening (a week later), a call to Al the grinder man.  We agreed Tuesday a.m. would be the show down at the Droveria Corral:
Al Seeley vs 50 year old white oak stump.  A few pictures –The victor was Al.
Al’s Vermeer SC 30 grinder ($27,000 used!) made easy work of the white oak stump.  His time estimate was conservative – he agreed to take out 3 smaller stumps I had tried burning a few years ago included in the price.
A most excellent morning!
In two hours Al had “disappeared” the white oak stump, a Lombardi poplar stump, and two maple stumps.
With the advantage of modern technology – chainsaw and tools, stump grinder, “fossil fuel products” – and some time – Al 2 hours, Joe and I 10 hours – we vanquished one stump and a few of his friends.
In olden times, that stump would have been left to dry for a year or more, then burned.  If it were necessary to remove it entirely, shovels, axes, curses (our specialty), heavy animals, and manpower galore (not women’s work) would be required.  Better men, too.
Next is to find a use for the 27 foot oak log lying there looking heavy.
Maybe go “old school”?
Here’s a video of some Swedish carpenters trying to “rive” a pine log into 13 metre rafters, much like the original 13th century carpenters did to build the spire on an old church (subject of this experiment):

Joe says machinery and technology have played an important part in men living longer.
I agree.
More time to drink beer…..

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Sunday Rant – 1919

Joe’s Comment – As much as I try to optimize time, my muse drifts into consciousness and all practicality vanishes like mist in the sun.
Maybe tomorrow?

Joe and I will vote this year.
Last time we voted, it didn’t go our way.
Politically or personally.
The party and platforms we voted for did NOT come in first.
Or second.
Also, we spent some time in the local lock-up (gaol in middle English) for an unfortunate phrase uttered (that’s the key “trigger” word) in jest.
Once again, this year, despite our inability to keep our damn mouth shut, we will undertake to influence the direction of our country’s political meandering.
Andrew Breitbart said “Politics is downstream of culture”.
A frightening and truth-laden observation.
Joe and I have long complained that an uninformed voter is an anathema to a stable and successful culture.
Or is it the other way ’round……
Joe advocates for a voting knowledge test.
Dave Morrison of Blue Collar Logic makes an excellent case (but doesn’t go far enough in Joe’s opinion) in arguing to make voting harder not easier:


Mueller Redux
Joe snorted out loud!
2 and a half years and all I got was this song.
Parody Project captures it all (for the smarmy butt-hurt leftist):

And another:

Not bad for a bunch of lefties!
Smooth talkin’ commie bastards……


Right Edition
The tomfoolery in Canada continues.
Here is Brian Lovig from Right Edition to highlight the latest from our beloved Chief Rainbow Socks in the currency market (snicker!!!):


Masculinity and Femininity
Joe and I have a few crazy ideas that we formulated as an itty-bitty youngster which still amuse us.
When we were very young, we thought a dog was the male and a cat was the female: i.e. the same species.  We thought the same about cows and horses.  There is some logic in there…..
Our budding “logic” lead to the assumption that man + woman = human.
Some ideas endure.
Joe and i still think that to be true; a man and a wom(b)man compliment one another to completeness.
The following video (despite the cheezy soundtrack) we found to be thought provoking.
Just what is the intention of politicizing male-female bonding by the modern feminists, the “progressive” left, the collective state?  Why must identity politics have so much gravitas?
Joe thinks there are two types of evil folks in the world.
Of the two, the well intentioned tyrant is worse:


Blue Collar Logic
These two men, Jason Siler and Dave Morrison, are on our recommended listen list.
As they point out, neither is a renowned intellectual giant.
Very refreshing.
Down to earth logic that has been distilled from living over time.
They are truly blue collar in their frame of reference and their life experience.
Joe and I found their analysis of what the progressive left expects from government to be frighteningly believable.
The failure of the nuclear family combined with the disintegration of a virtuous and moral foundation that is shared by all has given rise to a movement that relies on government to fulfill any and all shortcomings or bereavements.
There may be hope:


An unacceptable form of “government”.
As a Canadian, Joe and I have memories of personal liberty which cannot be experienced unfettered in today’s Oh! Canada!
A fond memory of riding in the back of a Chev pick-up truck way back in the mid ’50’s.  Dad and his friend Sully in the cab, driving the sandy back roads around Star Lake in southern Ontario, drinking beer en-route to the lumber yard or town or wherever.
Us kids in the back with the dogs.
Banging on the roof to get our father’s attention to speed up or slow down or turn up the radio.
Nobody died, nobody cried.
In the early ’60’s riding my bicycle to school.
No helmet.
No license plate.
No worries.
In the mid ’60’s riding an Allstate motor scooter (re-branded Vespa) around Calgary, free as a bird at 14 years old.
No helmet.
A license on the scooter.
Insurance, too.
Dad and I went to the insurance agent’s office.
Dad and the agent lit up cigarettes, talked about family, politics, weather.
Dad said “the boy needs insurance for a scooter”.
The agent signed a pink card and handed it over.
Out the door and away we go.
In the ’60’s walking down the street with my 22 rifle or b-b gun to meet up with Bob.  We used to shoot gophers and frogs and birds and whatever.
No fuss, no muss.
No swat teams or psychologist or counseling or public outcry.
In the ’70’s getting stopped by the police while driving after a few beers.  They didn’t confiscate my license or vehicle.  Instead they said drive home and we’ll follow you, but don’t you go out again tonight!  Yes sir, and thank you!
Different times…..
Now it’s 2019.
We got a ticket for no seat belt two months ago.
Joe is still furious.
I was able to keep his mouth shut when talking to the “police” ticket boy.  He was ready to re-visit the gaol on principle.  Why, when we started driving, the cars we owned did NOT have seat belts!  And it wasn’t a crime.
The tyranny of olden days and current times exists as hard fact in places like Cuba and North Korea and, sadly, Venezuella, among others.
There is another type of Tyranny.
It is a soft tyranny, which slowly removes or replaces freedoms, big and small, relentlessly.  No revolution.  No violence. No notice!
In Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, and many others, the commie bastard government confiscated all firearms.  The only firearms are with the government.
Australia and Britain have restricted access to firearms.
Canada isn’t as restricted, but if you even think out loud about using a firearm for personal defense (leave alone defending your property or opposing tyranny) you’ll be doing the frog-step all the way to the lock-up.
A few words from a wise judge, Alex Kozinski, from (believe it or not, the 9th Circuit) California, about the 2nd Amendment –

The above quote is from a litigation (Silveira v. Lockyer) where Judge Kozinski wrote the dissent.  Here it is in situ from the legal record –

Joe and I are not fans of any form of tyranny.
We don’t need big or little or any government dictating behaviour to us about anything.
We drive on the right side of the road.
We don’t beat or kill or rob or deceive people.
We pay our bills.
That should be enough.


Joe’s Garage

Seattle Crane Fail
AvE gives a pin-by-pin analysis of the tragedy in Seattle.
As he says, a totally avoidable disaster, human caused:

A follow-up from AvE, after viewers commented and supplied more data:

Jack Roush
For us Ford enthusiasts, Jack Roush is an iconic racer who has been developing Ford products for a half century.  His engineering enterprise has teamed with the Robert Yates family to produce THE engine for all Ford NASCAR teams.
The following video from Car Crazy Central gives a brief reveal of Jack Roush the man, and his family:

Here is one (one!) of Jack’s P51 Mustang WWII fighters.
One of the rewards for being a true master of your craft:

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Sunday Rant – 1819


Joe’s Comment – Tom Fishburne focuses on business and marketing with his cartooning.  I couldn’t resist this one.  It is exactly how the Spring makes me respond in light of my responsibilities and duties.
The King of procrastination.
Every day is a new day, filled with possibilities!
Some of them shiny….


Electoral College (Prager U)
Joe and I ponder what protection Canadians have against voter stupidity, voter fraud, vote pandering, vote crime?
A side effect of wanky electoral shenanigans is the possibility of being governed by truly sub-standard or unrepresentative or ill intended parliamentarians, elected by the ignorant or the corrupt or the mentally unequipped or by organized and sundry nefarious players with other objectives than sound governance.
As the great H.L. Mencken observed,
Once again Joe and I look to our brothers (and sisters!) to the South.
The following Prager U presentation from Tara Ross explains the brilliance of the Founding Fathers in placing safeguards to promote equal representation and to reduce hanky-panky.
You hanky-pankiers know who you are……
Joe observes that nothing stays constant in politics.  Once honorable and effective political machines are not bound to remain so.  Alas, humans come in all varieties of moral, virtuous, and compassionate flavors, from heavenly to outright evil.
Democracy is mob rule.  However, “popular” opinion can be valuable if gathered rationally and analyzed appropriately.
What such safeguards exist in the Canadian version of screw the Dirt People?:

The American Founding Fathers were collectively brilliant in their design for governance “by the People”.  They knew intimately the weakness and shortcomings of human ambition unchecked.
The safeguards include an absolute snail’s pace of making “permanent” change.
Only in modern times have the American bodies politic (House, Executive, Judiciary) managed to introduce procedures and processes which allow for quick reaction to time sensitive issues.
Unfortunately, as we are seeing at present in the States, these time reactive procedures and processes are (more and more frequently) abused for political advantage; not to benefit the will of the People but to advance political objectives.
Canada’s own Chief Rainbow Socks is releasing a coin celebrating LGBT (hold the mayo) for some spectacular something or other.  So much for safeguards in Canada.
Joe and I recently encountered a woman our age at the local Wholesale Club shopping center, wearing a “MAGA” hat.
Joe commented, positively and enthusiastically.
What followed was a half hour discussion with a delightful American woman who has been in Canada since the late ’60’s.
We agreed much more than we disagreed about politics.
Although she lives in a remote part of BC, her delightfully outspoken yet civilly expressed views are well informed.  She confessed to not having Internet service, but a damn good SW radio set.
What an oasis of rationality!
Joe enjoyed her immensely.
Our enthusiasm unabated, at the check-out line of our favorite clerk (Louise) Joe was bubbling over about this and that.
A Canadian citizen, male (an external appearance assumption), took offense at a comment we made about the climate hysterical folks got it wrong this time.
He became incoherent as he babbled about how irredeemable the situation was, how far beyond restitution humanity found itself, and woe is me!
He seemed without humor.
We are waiting the knock on the door from the Thought Police, the Human Rights Commission, the local constabulary.
Joe gotta talk.
We are more American than Canadian.
Take this practice American citizenship test if you will.
Joe and I pass with flying colors.
Which begs the question: did mom bring home the wrong child?


Andrew Klavan
Joe and I have been fans of Mr. Klavan for many years.
We featured him in the “Sunday Sermon” segment last two weeks.
Here’s an old (2017) discussion between Andrew Klavan and Dave Rubin which has a lot of AK foundational thinking.
Interesting that some of his Trump predictions, fears, and wishes came true.
An excellent time investment:


Mark Steyn
A Canadian hero.
This is a man who knows the ways of the world and the heart of the West.
This is a segment of his Weekend Show and features a discussion with Andrew Klavan.
Informative, educational, and dated (April, 2017):


William Happer
A brilliant man.
Joe and I have posted his discussions and arguments about CO2 in the past.
This presentation is from September 2014 when he addressed the John Locke Foundation Shaftesbury Society.
In this video he talks about basic concepts and facts of the geological history of earth as we know from research.
Dr. Happer uses a layperson approach to convey the rudimentary facts to great effect.  This information is a complement to the work of Dr. Patrick Moore:


Dr. Willie Soon
The greatest climate change humorist alive.
And a moral advocate for scientific methodology.
Dr. Soon insists that there are no definitive answers until the underlying mechanism of the system are understood.
That is a work for many scientists over many millennia.
As Dr. Soon points out, climate science is in it’s infancy:

In Calgary AB Dr. Soon addressed the “Friends of Science” at the Red White Club in April, 2019:

Another great Willie Soon presentation from 2016, at the 34th DDP meeting in Omaha, Nebraska.  Where else will you find the relationship between climate study and Beethoven’s ice cream observation, Tolstoy’s Fire, and Will Happer’s picosecond studies of the CO2 molecule?
Dr. Willie Soon at his best:

Joe and I now feel up-to-date with Dr. Soon’s point of view.
Every presentation has impressive graphic and data support, with new and different information interspersed with the main scientific message.
Here’s a screen capture from the above presentation –

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