Sunday Rant – 2721


Joe’s Comment – A moving picture of my progress this week!
Two big projects with timelines started right, turned left, then went totally south.
The adage “Planning is priceless, but the plan may be worthless” certainly had new meaning for me.  Good thing I know how to plan.
Rock bottom?  Not even close.  Lots of lessons nonetheless.
Maybe being an adult is not my forte…..


The Fickle Internet
Joe and I are more exasperated by the fickle as the days fly by.
One of the good things about physical books and printed documents is that they cannot change without input!
Wouldn’t that be a phenomenon – a printed page whose content varied with time and the whim of whomever…..
We try not to use Google – so far, so good, because DuckDuckGo, owned by Gabriel Weinberg, is as good or better.  And it has nothing to do with Google – the persistent rumor that Google has purchased Duck is false (Joe the “fact checker” says so).
We try not to use Ub2b (YouTube) – not so good, for reasons of politics and censorship and “racism” (accusing people who don’t follow their play book).
The problem Joe and I have had, and continue to have, is videos we link / embed in our Sunday Rant often are taken down or moved or are otherwise “disappeared”.  When that happens, WordPress informs us as follows e.g., “Broken Link Checker has detected 3 new broken links on your site.  Here’s a list of the new broken links:”
This has a tendency to piss us off mightily.  Our cursing has improved with frequency of practice.
We now favor BitChute and NewTube and Rumble and odysee if we can find what we seek.
Lately, we’ve received several notices about “broken links” from BitChute.
What in blue blazes is going on?
We are contemplating expanding our memory in order to store our own copy of the videos we find interesting.  Posterity is not supposed to be at the top of your legs……  that is more commonly referred to as posterior, i.e., your ass.


Introduction to Hungary
Joe and I have limited knowledge of Eastern European people(s).
From long ago, working with my dad’s cabinet making company, I met “George”.
He was a Czech, and had escaped to England to fight the Axis in Europe.
George was a Spitfire pilot.
His English wasn’t great when I worked with him, but his passionate hatred for the German war machine and what it had done to his country, his family and his friends shone through brilliantly.
George told a story of dog-fighting in an aerial engagement.  He ran out of ammunition.  His fury was such that he intentionally crashed into the German pilot’s plane.  I remember his eyes as he told the story in his broken English.
If you ever saw George drive a vehicle (as we did), you wonder how he made it through the war.  His anger and passion no doubt buoyed him beyond the Grim Reaper’s grasp.
We also knew a friend of our mother, Yolanda, a very lovely woman from Hungary.
That’s it.
The sum and total of our exposure to Eastern Europe.
A long ramble to get to the following video from a Ub2b channel named “Politikai Hobbista” (Political Hobby), and it’s creator, Jeszenszky Zsolt, whose name we can only imagine pronouncing.
Four men and one woman in the conversation.  Some local politics we don’t grasp, but overall a pleasant and informative introduction to some English speaking Hungarians:


COVID Musings

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
The good doctor has been singing this song for well over a year.
Joe and I are swayed by her logic.
Her emotional state of mind and gross generalizations not so much.
Nevertheless data worth noting:

Professor John Ioannidis
The most excellent Ivor Cummins Ub2b channel has a mandatory to watch video of Professor John Ioannidis, a Stanford University professor with a diverse background in medicine, epidemiology, and statistics.
Joe and I listened with interest.
We agree 80%, which is a Pareto Principle alert.
It is always better and should be mandatory to gather data from diverse sources:

Ivor Cummins
The dread “Delta Variant” (there be dragons!) is nothing but the “Indian Variant”, re-named because RACIST!
Mr. Cummins specializes in analyzing data.
If there is a down side, a negative outcome of data analysis, it would be from skewed or incorrect or purposely false data – that makes sense, da?
Mr. Cummins counteracts this possible outcome flaw by analyzing volumes of data.  Lots and lots of data.
Joe and I think our understanding of what this total bollocks called COVID is about is helped greatly by the efforts of Mr. Cummins.
Not so much by any government anywhere at any time:

An Old Man in a Chair
This is Dr. Vernon Coleman, an old man in a chair.
Joe and I are also an old man in a chair.
It behooves the wise to listen occasionally to an old man in a chair.
Sometimes they know something you might not.
Sometimes they are correct in their analysis.
Sometimes they are correct in their understanding.
It is the listener’s task to determine when.
This video explores and explains the danger of wearing a mask.
As Ronald Reagan said, trust but verify:

Here is a link to the ebook Dr. Coleman wrote titled “Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm than Good“.  The book starts on page 12.  The first 11 pages are mostly unabashed self promotion.  Well worth the read.

Sanity 4 Sweden
Joe and I have grown to enjoy this man, Stefan “X”, for his down to earth commentary of life in Sweden, and his world view, his Weltanschauung.
My obsessive compulsive character/personality (he’s Norman, one of the 37 or so characters in my head) is totally fascinated with the stack of firewood behind Stefan.  It never seems to change…..
Two current videos to give an idea of how rational and good-hearted this Swede is, and how dry his humor:



The Try Team
Joe and I enjoy how these Irish kids enjoy.
They have many videos of them “trying” many things.
This is one of the best we’ve seen.
Lots of spontaneity, lots of laughter, lots of drinks.
Joe and I would be under the table:


Joe’s Garage

Space X
Once again, the 89th successful launch.  Once again, a successful landing of the first stage, beautifully videoed, square on the target.
What a fabulous time for enthusiasts of extra terrestrial exploration!
The good old capitalist wheel is turning, good things are happening, let the devil take the hindmost:

Bob Tasca III
Long ago the Tasca Ford race team was a serious contender in drag racing.
Well, here’s Bob Tasca III, racing an all electric Mustang called the “Cobra Jet 1400”, named after the amount of power available to the rear wheels.
It is racing on a ¼ mile drag track, but only whines about it a bit (Joe humor):

Water Jet Cutting
The basic technology is to use a thin stream of water under extreme pressure with an abrasive agent, to make an effective cutting machine that literally cuts through the hardest of materials.
This is an educational video.
Joe says we’ve gotta get one of these:

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Sunday Rant – 2621


Joe’s Comment – A fabulous week.  Busy every day.  Great weather!  Lots of successful problem solving.  Reduced the inventory by one vehicle (every one counts).  I feel wonderful!
Is it an illusion or is it the magnificent sunny skies and hot days?
I am no longer young, but moving to the Okanagan almost 50 years ago, a conscious decision to put lifestyle ahead of “career”, was a genius choice in an otherwise mediocre life.  I’ve never regretted a minute.  Better than a lottery win, I reckon.
Although, a lottery win would be good, too.


Half Year Edition
The 26th rant already…..
Joe still shudders to think of the winter times.
Yet here they come, one day at a time.
Where have we heard that before?
Joe says it sounds like AA.


Quick Dick McDick
There is a “Thanks for Farming” event coming in July with at three locales; Lethbridge Alberta, Swift Current Saskatchewan, and Brandon Manitoba.
To Hell with COVID!
Load up the truck with folks and help charity by attending.
Grass roots Westerners doing good things:

Quick Dick mentions Lesley Kelly, also a Saskatchewan farmer.  Her Ub2b channel is called “High Heels and Canola Fields“.
An intimate view of family farm life.
Joe and I haven’t seen an equivalent representative(s) for Alberta or BC or Manitoba, but we’re looking.
Lesley started interviewing various farmers, in a series she called “Riding in Cabs with Farmers”.
Here is Lesley’s very first Riding in Cabs with Farmers video titled “Mental Health and Farming with Matt Kelly 01”:


Gimme Some Sugar!
Joe and I will have been carnivore eating for 3 years on July 26th, 2021.
Lately, we have moved Sunday family diner to Saturday (for very good reason).
Joe and I have been perfecting our “roast beast” (Kenda coined that excellent expression).  It is fully forkable – no knife needed to cut your portion.
We are using a slow cook method of our derivation that goes like this: weigh the roast, put it in a roasting pan with rack, and add 500ml of water.  Turn the oven to 425°F.  Sear the roast in the pan, uncovered, for 10 minutes per pound.  Yesterday’s roast was 8 pounds – we seared it and got a lovely “bark” after an hour and twenty minutes.  Remove from the oven.  Add any vegetables you prefer – we added some whole carrots because the grandchildren like them.  Sometimes we add a few potatoes for those who request some.  Cover, return to the oven, and reduce the temperature to 210°F.  Cook for 8 hours or more!  Soft as butter is the roast beast.  Yum!
What has this to do with sugar?
Like we said, coming up three years carnivore (with the odd slip to Keto or complete abandonment for birthday cake if required).
Our new sugar is fat.  Henceforth referred to as “fat”.
Sugar in refined form is a combo delight – fructose + glucose.
A human body will put sugar to use, pronto.
But sugar is not a premium food source.
Joe and I will let Dr. Robert Lustig explain what the bitter truth is about sugar:


Weekly COVID Musings

Dr. Bryam Bridle
The good doctor from the University of Guelph, ON, has been taking heat from various sources about his use of science to analyze the COVID hysteria, and the veracity of the so-called “vaccine” (which it definitely is not).
The following video is an experiment.
He dons 5 masks, each with 3 plies of material.
Joe did the math – that’s 3 x 5 = 15 plies.
We already knew the outcome.
Watch the video and you too will know:

Combine this knowledge you now have, with the video about mask contents from last week’s Sunday Rant.  The title gives it away “Dangerous Pathogens Found on Children’s Face Masks”.  Here is a chart summary –

Now tell Joe and me that there isn’t malfeasance.  Tell us there isn’t misprision.
We say again, the government isn’t a doctor, isn’t a scientist, isn’t conscious.
At best it is a collection of bureaucrats sent to do the business of We The People, not only in America, but every Western nation.
Do what is best for yourself.
Beware, a lack of knowledge (or interest) is not legal grounds for recompense.
The number deaths attributable to this “vaccine” in all it’s iterations is rumored to be greater than 50,000.
Something has been amiss since January 2020 and before.
The endless flip-flops, misdirection, obfuscation, outright lying, main stream media complacency, kowtowing doctors who know better, all this and more….. it is starting to unravel.
It is reminiscent of the courtroom scene in the movie “A Few Good Men”:

Breaking bulletin to the governments of the world, to the big money behind this fiasco, to the evil doers being revealed – regular people (and mud peckers) CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH!
Indeed, it is a form of treason to lie about something so easily defeated that was allowed, nay, encouraged to ravage the elderly, the susceptible, the unaware.


Joe’s Garage

Barbarossa (June 22nd, 1941)
The 20th Century set world records in “government sponsored deaths of civilians and contending armed forces”.
The Great War, World War I, was the “war to end all war”.
Not so.
The Second World War eclipsed the first go-around for many reasons, advances in technology foremost.
However, the use of those technologies by man pitted against man reached levels of depravity unseen in modern history.
Not to be outdone, human cruelty and barbarian behavior applied those technologies and created hell on earth.
In North America, in Canada and the United States, the warring Axis powers couldn’t reach our shores in any significant numbers to cause significant disruption of daily life.  There was the draft, and rationing, and death, but the very real horror of having your city bombed or your neighbors and yourself shot by invading forces did not happen.
In Europe, another story, a terrible story.
Of all the obscenity war brought, the worst of it was Hitler’s “Operation Barbarossa“, the Nazi plan to eliminate Russia and provide “Lebensraum” for Germany, “living space”, by removing all the citizens extant.
The numbers are horrendous.
Russian casualties approached 5 million, and German casualties are estimated to be 1 million.  This is the military only.  10’s of millions of Russian civilians were killed.
A History Channel video documentary:

Music Wishes
If Joe and I had learned a musical instrument which would we have chosen?
We have many favorites.
There are examples of great musicians playing their chosen instruments that set standards.
If we chose drums, we think we would like to play with the passion of 20 year old Michael Shrieve when he performed “Soul Sacrifice” with Santana at Woodstock.
A wonderful mix of percussion musicians, but Shrieve was incredible.
Joe and I remain inspired:

If it were guitar, the lyrical genius of David Gilmour appeals to us.  Here is Pink Floyd, live at Pompeii, playing “Comfortably Numb”.  David Gilmour’s solo is astoundingly fluid and passionate:

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Sunday Rant – 2521


Joe’s Comment – Life is hard.  It isn’t fair.  It is a challenge to find your way through the “Maze of Life™” with a minimum of mistakes, flaws, sins, boo-boo’s, heartaches and tragedies.
This week, life was hard for me.
Maybe I was courageous.
Maybe I was stupid.
Here’s a picture of Brian’s Big Tent© with a new occupant –
A mysterious transaction this week.
A trade, some $$$ changing hands, and a Mini Cooper that needs lots of TLC landed in my lap.  Always a puzzle sorting out a new (to me) problem(s).
Hence the quote from Jeremy Goldberg.
Mini’s have a dreadful dependability record.
This one has every light on the dash lit up, except for the few that are burnt out.
The exhaust system is kaput.
The rims are rusted and cruddy.
The passenger window is on the passenger floor in tiny little cubes.
It’s kinda cute.
I might need courage to remedy my stupid.
It’s gonna be more hard, I think.
To be continued…..


Father’s Day
Joe and I acknowledge this day as manly manness day.
Time to celebrate being a man.
To all fathers, wannabe fathers, and surrogate fathers, it is a great responsibility and hard to do, being a father.
We haven’t been a great father, but my kids and grand-kids are very forgiving.
A gift from heaven.
If we had to describe the joy and satisfaction of fathering, the following gif shows a wee bit of what we experience –

Here’s another image that hints at the foundation of fathering, of family, of goodness –
No secret here.
It is about healthy, happy children.
That is the ultimate.
That is the job.
Not an easily attainable goal, but one that is worthy and wholly justified.



Magna Carta Liberatum
King John wasn’t the nicest man in his profession.
Joe and I are speculating, for we have no conception of how to be King.
Not even in our hormone driven youth did we dream of such a burdensome occupation, torture chambers and fair maidens not withstanding.
John’s path to power and glory was not a walk in the park; more a “3 Conflicts” showcase – man vs man, man vs the elements, man vs himself.
Joe thinks Shakespeare wrote Hamlet with a thought or two about John’s history.
All that aside, on June 15th, 1215, at Runnymede (beside the river Thames in the present county of Surrey), England, King John signed (albeit reluctantly, but without option) a document that changed the world.
It was titled “The Articles of the Barons”.
Four days later, after crossing t’s and dotting i’s, the document was formalized as the Magna Carta.
The story doesn’t end there, for it was a “peace treaty” that lasted a short 3 months before war resumed.  The document was revised in 1216, 1217, and again in 1225.
The Magna Carta was the first written constitution in European history.
The idea was born that men were due certain rights and privileges, uncoupled from their status.
The seed was sown that grew to become, with English Common Law, the foundation of the legal system for England, the Commonwealth, and the U.S. of A.
There is a memorial site at Runnymeade, dedicated in 1957, attended by Queen Elizabeth II –
Joe asks how long it will be before the progressive left want to tear down this icon?
The symbol of the very thing which established their right to protest.
The irony is magnificent…..


The Struggle
It is a challenge to write good well coherently.
So long ago, and so far away, Joe and I learned to read and write.
Later on, but still long ago, we learned to “diagram a sentence”.
Now that we use the computer so often to write, our spelling has gone straight to Hell.
Our grammar too.
Lord knows what has happened to our phrasing, our timing and tempo, our imagination…..
A very witty reminder from Al Yankovic to all dumb mouth breather morons like us who write like a spastic – stop with the Word Crimes® already!:

Al Yankovic is the master of witty repartee, of taking popular songs and mercilessly parodying them.  To the point the original no longer carries the day.
Who knows what inspires Mr. Yankovic to choose which song, or what specifically the new focus/subject might be.
The net result is that his humor shines through; entertainment for sure.
Point in question – here’s the “official” Ub2b release of “Blurred Lines”:

Wouldn’t you agree that the Yankovic version is more creative and entertaining?
After all, the draw of the Robin Thicke original (outside of the catchy hook laden music) is scantily clad young beauties.
Major appeal to heterosexual men and lesbian women world wide.
Joe says a lot of the “gender challenged” would watch, too, to see what the hullabaloo is all about.
If that wasn’t enough, to seal the appeal, there is an “Unrated Version” by the same Robin Thicke that has the very lovely women (see above video) prancing about topless.  Joe is in love (again)(still)(forever).  Not a flaw.  Just an overwhelming attraction to beauty in motion.
And an imagination on overload:

You go Ub2b, set the bar for moral behavior!

What is the point of this blather from Joe and me?
Our point is we appreciate all three videos.
It is no mean feat to produce a work of Art©.
Mr. Yankovic wins the battle of wits.
It ain’t easy wordsmithing, but he does it well.
Total views on Ub2b (Al Yankovic channel specifically) 52.5 million.
The original lyrics of Blurred Lines are crafty, set to a mesmerizing beat, with very attractive (and suggestive) visuals.
Total views on Ub2b (Robin Thicke channel specifically) 744 million.
The unrated version is more suggestive, more lewd, and speaking from our heterosexual white male perspective(oh! so privileged!), more yummy, lasciviously delicious.
Total views on Ub2b (also Robin Thicke channel specifically) 72.5 million.
Meow! indeed…..
What people won’t do for $$$.  Of course, if there wasn’t a market…..
Capitalism with a capital “L”.
We do appreciate “Art©”.  Joe says he knows it when he sees it.


Another missive from Quick Dick McDick, ambassador for Saskatchewan and Canada.
This one is close to Joe’s heart.
A vehicle breakdown at home is tough – it is inconvenient, it upsets your schedule, it changes your plans – it may be expensive and a time hog too.
The comfort of a home breakdown is you can always go to your room, throw yourself on your bed, and weep uncontrollably until your well of tears is dry.
Maybe make a sandwich, drink a beer, call someone to share your angst.
Then assemble your resources and address the breakdown.
A vehicle breakdown away from home, no matter the distance, is quite often a bag of snakes.  No bedroom (unless you’re in a motor home or dragging a trailer).
There you be, alone (or not), wondering what happened, what it will cost to remedy, mentally adjusting your short and long term plan according to what little information you have…..
In either case, an experienced mud pecker (like Joe) does what has to be done, albeit accompanied by grousing, ranting, cursing, shouting, fury…… or calm analysis, able problem resolution, time saving efficiency and efficacy….. as the situation reveals, as the reason for the break down becomes known.
However, if the person the problem picks is NOT well versed in the see-saw of trouble shooting, and is not particularly mechanically adept, and happens to be female (like a mother, a wife, a girl friend, a daughter, a family friend for example, or one of those poor unfortunates who are gender confused), there are certain sub-human types who pick up the scent and descend for the kill.
Joe and I have seen it many times in our short sweet travail.
It is a blight on humanity, and reflects poorly on the male version of people specifically, for the attraction to things is strong in them.
Joe says it isn’t mandatory for you to be a Saint or The Good Samaritan, but maybe you should aim in that direction – you may surprise yourself.  (Joe always elaborates this theme with his version of the three conflicts lecture – man vs man, man vs the elements, man vs himself (and herself, too) (all others can go fish), how rare life is in the Known Universe™, our responsibility to our fellow Time Travelers©, et cetera).
The following video from QDMcD is an example.
Joe and I have lived this scenario many times.  We abhor taking advantage of others, especially those at the mercy of the event through little or no fault of their own.  (There are other scenarios with other judgements based on facts and participants that are NOT in the Saint and Good Samaritan response set).
Bravo Quick Dick!
Your mother and father raised you right.
Joe and I endorse your boycott, although we would have revealed a bit more detail regarding the 5 W’s and the H:

QDMcD didn’t show Morty’s lineage (Morty is a Ford), or his mom’s vehicle, but he did show his old Dodge truck, outside and inside.  A hint?
Joe couldn’t leave it alone.
Here’s the result of a few minutes of Internet searching.
Our suspicion is –



COVID Info (an unfortunate, never-ending series)

Dr. Peter McCullough
Joe and I aren’t conspiracy buffs.
We find that the truth, when it finally outs, is often more bizarre than the conspiracy the truth dispels.
Dr. McCullough has been using prophylactic and therapeutic treatments with patients since the dawn of the COVID crazy.
With great success.
He actually IS A SCIENTIST.
And a doctor, with morals.
His approach to discrediting the “officials” is gaining momentum.
Joe and I believe his theories, because we can think and reason.
And follow the logical bread crumbs (remember the “bouncing ball” sing-alongs”?  (Joe figures those who don’t have logic had too much LBJ)
And the data from his actions support his theory.
The following video is a conversation between Dr. McCullough and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, representative of the German Corona Committee.
Is it time to raise the alarm?
Dr. McCullough talks about “malfeasance”, something Dr. Dolores Cahill has promoted for well over a year.
Dr. McCullough states that there are over 5,000 deaths attributable to the vaccine to date in America, and another 15,000 hospitalizations.  If that isn’t shocking to hear, he conjectures from sources he credits, that the reported numbers are in error by a factor of 10.
That would be 50,000 deaths alone in America caused by the vaccine.
He states that there are more deaths each day caused by the vaccine than COVID.
Many friends of Joe and I have taken the “jab”.
Most of them similarly young (72 years and counting).
Time will tell.
Joe and I pray for all those who took the “jab”, and pray this madness is stopped quickly:

Dr. David E. Martin
Joe and I found this interesting video while meandering aimlessly on the Internet.
We hadn’t thought one think about copyright law or the possibility of legally owning a “virus”.
Say again?
Someone or some company actually owns a virus?
Listen and learn, and write down the names dropped.
You’ve heard them before:

Mask Reality
Some smart enterprising parents were worried about the effect masking their children at school might have – medically, socially, psychologically (sounds like the 3 conflict battleground all over).
They took action.
Some masks that had been used for a day were sent to a laboratory for analysis.
The results of the analysis should not shock anyone with common sense.
For the vast majority without common sense, LISTEN UP!!!
Lungs are a miracle!
How about YOU sit down and design a biological machine that can pass CO2 in one direction and O2 in the other direction.
Face it, you wouldn’t know how to start.
Joe says it’s like a thinking diode!
Why on doG’s green earth would you restrict this miracle meat machine from doing its magic?
Is it masochism?
Is it sadism?
Is it a tragically misapplied and sinister case of “Dudley Do-Right-ism“, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Average doing the “right thing” by sacrificing their children to save Nell from Snidely (save that gray mass, “the public”, from their unworthy selves)?
Whatever the Hell you think you’re doing, STOP ABUSING THE CHILDREN!!!
Here is a chart from this linked article
Six masks worn by children for approximately 6 hours a day (school attendance) contained the pathogens listed in the above chart.
Are you trying to kill the children?
This is a good start.
The Epoch Times chimes in with much the same information.
The other aspects, the social and psychological damage, the self esteem issues, the cultural impact, who the hell knows what will emerge.
Jesus H. Popcorn, the emotional, feeling, “woke” world has taken over.

Cole Beasley
Joe says this is good news from the sports front.
Seems like there are some players who value their freedom, their liberty, their free speech, and their health more than a huge paycheck for playing a game.
Cole Beasley is a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills football team in the NFL.
The link above is to an Epoch Times article detailing Mr. Beasley’s refusal to take a COVID “vaccine” as a condition of playing with his team.
Joe and I especially liked his statement, part of which we quote –
I’m not going to take meds for a leg that isn’t broken. I’d rather take my chances with Covid and build up my immunity that way. Eat better. Drink water. Exercise and do what I think is necessary to be a healthy individual. That is MY CHOICE based on MY experiences and what I think is best. I’ll play for free this year to live life how I’ve lived it from day one. If I’m forced into retirement, so be it.”
Admirable words which we believe are heartfelt and sincere.
The NFL has a history of making poor choices regarding social and cultural issues (Joe reminds us of the “take a knee” fiasco).  They will be feeling pressure because others who are reluctant to take the “vaccine” are watching closely.  From the article –
Other NFL players such as Washington’s Montez Sweat and Carolina quarterback Sam Darnold have also expressed doubt over getting the shots.”
Joe and I laud Mr. Beasley for his convictions.
As he says, whether he dies or not of COVID is his choice, not the team’s choice, not the government’s choice.
Bully right!

MP Derek Sloan
Just when Joe and I had given up on Canada producing a legit politician (an oxymoron right there – accent grave on moron), along comes MP Derek Sloan.
The following video of a presser he arranged has some very pertinent COVID information and details of “official” actions that are extremely dubious.
It features Dr. Byram Bridle, Dr. Don Welsh, and Dr. Patrick Phillips.
How much evidence does it take to shut down a flawed program?
We reckon we’ll find out one tragedy at a time:


Joe’s Garage

Genetic Experiment
The lab conducting this experiment has done magical work.  Pedantic work, but earth shaking.
Joe and I deduce from this short peek at genetic science that evolution is.
Evolution is a fact we mean.
What brilliance to observe for 74,500 generations (constantly increasing) watching, waiting, and documenting.
What did we see at generation 56,000 and is it competitive with current generations?
This is a benign form of Nazi Scientist® inquiry.
Not so much peeking under doG’s skirt, but ever so interested in what drops to the floor.
Joe and I deduce from this short video some startling conclusions.
–  Time increases complexity in an organism (organisms have “history”) – yet entropy dictates disorder over time (2nd Law of Thermodynamics) – a conundrum?
–  Very complex organisms produce mutations, but generally remain stable (improvement experimentation – organisms are responsive to change in “environment”) – a biological “1st Law of Motion” a la Isaac Newton
–  All current viable genetic material is the warehouse of Life (success over time and generations) – stored in DNA and RNA
Joe loves us some Nazi Scientists®.
Up to the point they “discover” something they cannot “undiscover”:

Death of a Drone
Mr. Joey Helms has created some fantastic video of flying into the caldron of an active volcano in Iceland – Fagradalsfjall in the Geldingadalir valley.
Lots of interesting drone footage at his Ub2b channel (link above).
Fierce and beautiful:

Joe and I have made our position on “Pipelines” known.
Another “pipeline” is the network of roads in Canada.
Whether it suits your fancy or not, most goods (outside of what you grow in your back yard or make yourself) spend some of their journey on the arteries (and veins?) of federal and provincial and municipal and private roads before they reach a vendor or your hot little hands.
Joe says arteries (and veins) are pipelines.
Wires are pipelines.
Pipelines are pipelines, whether they are moving water or natural gas, or bitumen, or oil, or sewage, or some liquid form of commodity.
Anyway, ranting aside, here’s a nice view of Canada’s road “pipelines” –

Tell me again, oh green ones, why pipelines are so terrible.
The facts are our lives would be orders of magnitude more disagreeable without them.
And the facts don’t give a damn about your feelings.

About Time
Joe and I have been adamant about the futility of “order of magnitude” windmill power sources.
The cost of building these dangerous monstrosities in relation to their useful life / maintenance cost / return on investment is a no-go.  It is obvious to us that monumental intervention in the supply – demand give and take of free trade (or “capitalism”) resulted in massive hemorrhaging of the public purse into somebody’s personal wealth.
A windmill on a small holding with modest power requirements, combined with an economically matched solar array is viable, but expensive.
A fucking giant fan that weighs hundreds of tons (and tonnes, too), poses danger to natural fauna, astronomical up front cost for build and install, a machine that requires extremely costly maintenance and servicing, meanwhile providing unreliable amounts of energy….. an experiment past proof.
These machines are an idea that did not meet expectations.

Space X
To Joe and I, the clear leader in commercial space delivery systems is Space X.
The video below is of the 19th landing this year (that’s 3 a month, average!) and the 88th successful recovery (that’s a piano!).
This flight delivered a GPS satellite into orbit for the American Space Force on June 17th, 2021.
Speaking of recovery, the first stage landing is only a few metres off target center.
For us, the first clear video of an actual touchdown we’ve seen.
Mama mia, that’s some spicy meat balls!:

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