Sunday Rant – 4518


Joe’s Comment – doG a-mighty!  That Stephan Pastis has his finger on my pulse!  Whatever the question, beer is the answer…..


Armistice Day
Joe and I are sure that we could not survive without the freedoms we enjoy as a Canadian citizen.
Imagine sitting in a “modern” apartment in North Korea, having the energy and drive of Joe and I combined.
And our smart-ass mouth.
And our loathing for authority….
We would have been put up against a wall and perforated, a.k.a. AK-47 ventilation.
It is now 100 years since WWI; the “Great War” ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918.
Joe and I were born in Toronto, long after this picture was taken of Armistice Day celebrations in Toronto –

You can bet that everyone in this picture is now passed, for the youngest person we see appears to be about 12 years old.  Alive today he would be 112.
It is now 73 years since WWII.  Here is a picture of people celebrating the end of World War II , once again in Toronto –

Joe and I have never been drafted or served in the armed forces.
Our pater Donald served, as did his father, Thomas.
They are both long passed.
Joe and I have never been without food or shelter.
We have never suffered hardship outside a few rough patches entirely self administered and managed (poorly).
Our life is not threatened by anything other than dying of old age, or stupidity.
Or both.
During WWII 1.1 million Canadians served, of a population of only 11 million – our quick calculation (all our fingers and toes) says that is 10%!
At the end of WWII the Canadian Air Force was the 4th largest in the world and the Canadian Navy was the 5th largest in the world.
If you take the Baby Boomer seniority ground zero as 1946, Joe and I have a seniority number of 72 – 4 = 68: we were born in 1949, four years after ground zero.
When Joe and I die, our little pea brain will be in “as new” condition (almost unused).
We never had to use it.
When we die, we will have all our fingers and toes, for we have never seen a land mine let alone danced on one.
We’ve never been out of work (unless we chose that state of affairs).
We were blessed by doG Almighty with a family.
Life is good here in the true Nord strong and free.
Thank you veterans, alive or passed.
Our life has been the proverbial “piece of cake” thanks to your sacrifice.
A brief video of Canadian fighting in World War I during the “100 Days Campaign”:

11 contributions of Canada in WWI and WWII is the history of the tough battles and sacrifice that gained great respect for the Canadian fighters.
The video is at the History Channel website HERE.


John Stossel
The self effacing, mild mannered Libertarian of choice for Joe and I.
Mr. Stossel is always clear minded and logical in his inquiry methodology.
In this oped he discusses censorship, specifically of Gavin McInnes:


Lies of Omission
This documentary is a discussion with various individuals who have been instrumental in discovering unflattering or illegal truths about government activities and practices in the U S of A.
Joe says the Canadian version hasn’t been produced.  Yet.
He also says don’t hold your breath (what about those gun seizures in High River AB?)
This story is the story of “lies of omission”, the obfuscation or denial of the main stream media and / or government to bring their facts and findings to public awareness.
Corruption big and small has the same result.
Joe is pessimistic.  It is inevitable.
It is the reality.
Can it be that it is meant to be, or is that the challenge?  Ponder away:


Tucker Carlson
One bonus that attends the release of Tucker Carlson’s book “Ship of Fools” is the increased exposure to his personality and weltanshauung.
Joe and I enjoy his message and especially his self deprecating humorous delivery.
This video is a recent (16 October 2018) promotional presentation (with Q&A) at the Independent Institute, at Alameda, California:

Update: on Thursday (8 November) a group of “protesters” arrived at Tucker Carlson’s residence in Washington D.C.  His wife resorted to dialing 911 for help.  Joe says once again the progressive movement shows it’s true colors.
These people are street scum.
Joe is an opinionated man.
And this time his opinion is “dead on balls accurate” (apology to Marisa Tomei (My Cousin Vinny).  It’s an industry standard:

Sunday Update:  On Friday night Tucker Carlson was not hosting his evening show (Brian Kilmeade subbed).  I expect he took some time to sit with his family and determine a course of action.  And home invasion tactics.  During the Kilmeade show, Tucker came on via phone line to give his position.  When you hear it, the man’s basic decency and honesty shines.  Here’s the video clip:

Joe says that if the children were home (Tucker has 4) with his wife or not, the “protestors” perpetrated an aggressive hostile attack.  They should be identified, dragged into court, and sued until their employer is penniless.
Don’t think for a moment this was a “spontaneous” gathering of like minded individuals exercising their first amendment right(s).
The next week will be interesting re: Tucker replying and responding.  If he bothers to give this mob of degenerates the air time.
I think he shouldn’t mention them, but pursue legal recourse post haste.
Joe is more about revenge.  Maybe post the name, phone number, and street address of every one of these spineless cowards.
One thing Joe and I know for sure.
Liberal outrage is super-selective.
In electronics, they would be a tunable notch filter.
But they aren’t electrical components, they are misaligned people.
Unlike a notch filter gone bad, crazy people CAN and DO BAD THINGS.
The legal system might be just the ticket; a stern and expensive method to educate them in a better way of behaving.
Who cares what they think….. or how they were raised.


Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman before the November 6th election.
His next, post election froglegs. should be interesting, because they all are, including this one.
Joe is curious to know his take on loosing the House:

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Sunday Rant – 4418


Joe’s Comment – No explanation required.  I’m living two dimensions in a four dimension world…..  Fifi Joe!
Stephan Pastis does cartoons with impact.  They leave a footprint.


Why Joe Doesn’t Dance
If it isn’t obvious, hold my beer and watch this!
The short sailor with the happy feet (and the big mama) says it all:

Joe says imagine, if you will, those crazy feet – all the servicemen from 2:28 on (especially the short man and tall woman 2:59) – that is Joe’s brain in action.
Now you’ve got it!
Shades of R. Crumb.
The above version of Sing, Sing, Sing was by Benny Goodman’s band, featuring the incomparable Gene Krupa drumming (1937).
The song (with lyrics) was composed in 1936 by Louis Prima, featuring Louis Prima on trumpet, and Gene Krupa on drums.  It’s original name is Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing).  The Louis Prima Band performing the song with lyrics in its original tempo and beat:

Here is a version with drummer Jimmy Vincent.  Beyond description:

Jimmy Vincent is unsung (minor pun).  He was with Louis Prima for over 20 years.  From Joe’s perspective, he has all the licks and shuffles of the greats like Krupa and Rich.  Take a gander:


Legal Marijuana
Joe and I must admit to a criminal past.
As a young man of 18, a “friend” introduced us to pot.
Not to make too critical a judgement against ourselves, we were fools of the caliber and stature of Stromboli’s donkeys (remember Pinocchio?).
Years later we managed to extricate ourselves from the legions of users.
It became a choice of being functional vs being a vegetable.
Scarcity in the presence of demand is a basic rule of economic reality: as demand goes up and supply goes down, the price of the commodity rises.
Another rule of human nature is that which is decreed illegal (those items and services not deemed immoral or unethical) attract attention in inverse proportion.
Joe and I wonder what and how the police will do when confronted with the stoner brigade out for a night of munchies and fun who decide to drive a vehicle.
The old days of our youth produced Cheech and Chong, who begat various movies about the culture and life-style surrounding those so laid back their skull occipital bone touches the ground.  This was the dope humor of the day.  A memorable scene from “Up In Smoke”:

As Tommy Chong says, “I hope you’re not busy for about a month”…..
That was 1978.  Comments about the culture, the humor, the movie, from Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong here.
It was all fun and games.
Advance the clock 40 years.
What was is no longer.  The “10 cent bag” is long gone.  The THC content is up from a few percentiles to new heights every year; 25% is available.
The cost has risen.  The toxicity of Joe’s youth was eclipsed long ago by orders of magnitude.
What are the effects and affects on the community?
Colorado state has had “legal” marijuana for the longest.  Reports are varied.  Here’s one from the Washington Examiner.  A Snopes check agrees on some counts, not others.  Who validates Snopes is another matter.
Joe says the big issue is the big money.
Big money has done great damage to the affordability of many things in life; sports (hockey, baseball, football, NASCAR), the legal system (justice seems a function of $$$ not truth or evidence), politics (Joe says he can only name one politician who is NOT beholden to lobbyists / backers / controllers).
Here is an essay written by “Rob”, gleaned from the website “Knuckledraggin’ My Life Away“.  In the comments Rob says he wrote this article 10 years ago.
Joe says there are a few quotes that rang true in the essay –
…..”What has happened in the interim has led us to the point where legalization is no longer the issue. What was seen as, and perhaps was, a fairly harmless diversion has developed into an underground economy based on a substance which bears little resemblance to the Wacky Weed musicians used to hit up between sets, and lovers squirreled away for those special Friday nights. In the old days, weed was mostly imported from Mexico, and connoisseurs regaled the rest of us with tales of Acapulco Gold and Oaxacan, Panama Red and Colombian. Man, if you think this stuff is good, wait’ll I tell you about the stuff my cousin brought back from vacation…
In the ’70s, the stories changed from the Senior trip to Puerto Vallarta to the year-long sabbaticals in The Land Of Bad Things. Young Nam vets would talk about nightmares in the jungle, firefights and ambushes from the perspective of being so wasted the whole thing looked like a fireworks display, with the added frisson of the possibility of getting killed. Overnight, dope stories weren’t very funny anymore, and the stuff these guys were talking about didn’t sound much like what you’d been sneaking at your sister’s wedding party. The new tales were of seabags full of Thai stick, Dopp kits stuffed with Afghani hash, and hallucinating about Custer while facing down hordes of little men in black pajamas with an M16 on full rock ‘n roll. Talk about your buzz kills.”
The article goes on to detail more of the history, the economic impact, and the involvement of big money and bad people.
Joe and I think, because of our (theoretical) Libertarian belief, that adults deserve little restriction on their choice of poison, with our usual caveat: your adult activity brings no harm to others, other’s property, or financial burden upon the state.
Other than that, whoopee ding!
However, scientific study about the effect and affect on children before birth (in utero) and in developing youth has created data that, when analyzed, is not benign or propitious.
Joe says that every action has an observable reaction (apologies to Newton).
Hence, let the decision to use / abuse rest with adults on condition of accepting the consequences and outcomes of their behavior.
Joe and I will strongly discourage experimentation with alcohol and marijuana by our grandchildren.
Futile maybe, but necessary.
The fear of suffering the consequence of not saying anything grossly outweighs speaking out from fact and experience.
Everyone else has already bitten the apple.
That fucking snake never takes a day off.


Dr. Kary Mullis
Joe and I have featured Dr. Kary Mullis in past rants.
He is a Californian eccentric, winner of a Nobel Prize in biochemistry.
This TEDx presentation is a humorous recounting of the early formative days of a scientific mind; specifically, his own.

Another of this brilliant man, discussing a project he is directing:


Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman is in fine form:


14th Amendment
The “Caravan of Democratic Hopefuls” continues to travel toward the American southern border.
Still no proof of whom what and how this garish pre-election stunt is being financed, supported, and executed.
POTUS is resolute and adamant regarding the potential clash, as is his administration.  It might be summed up as succinctly as “No way, Jose!”.
Then along came Jones:

In this instance, the real Jones is the 14th Amendment to the constitution. These amendments (13th, 14th, and 15th) were specifically and uniquely meant to end slave / involuntary servitude, confer citizenship on freed slaves, and guarantee voting rights.  These three amendments are often referred to as “the Civil War Amendments”.
This does NOT mean that having a child on American soil confers citizenship to any and all without prejudice.
End of discussion.
Watch and learn as Stefan Molyneux explains the “birthright citizenship” conundrum:


Prager U
This is an excellent primer on illegal immigration by Tucker Carlson:


JBP Update
The doG damn BBC is so far left that this recent interview is like a grade one primer on how the f’n world works.
Christ Almighty©, where do they get these stupid women?
Joe can’t help being judgemental: this woman Helen Lewis has drunk all the Kool Aid of third wave feminism and is snorting the powder of man hate.  She is dense, shallow, coddled, ill informed and illogical.  Jordan should be charging her full psychological consulting rate, because he is schooling her while he addresses her malcontent.  She is an unwitting dummy.
Update: I thought Joe was too harsh in his criticism of Ms. Lewis.  After all, she’s just doing her job.  I watched it again.  It was cringingly difficult the second time.  After careful deliberation, I’d add to Joe’s descriptors – rude, disrespectful, and double the dose of shallow.
Joe says it is getting harder and harder to watch stupidity:


Joe and I don’t get it.
Real life is way more scary.
Dressing up or pretending was never a once a year performance for us.
We dress up every day.
And the world thanks us for putting on clothes.
Grandson Rourke had a whale of a time dressed as the grim reaper with long bony rubber hands and a wonky eyed mask the eyes of which light up and a “scary” voice speaks when he pushes a button.
He got lots of loot.
Not one kid (other than Rourke) came to the door.
Lots of Cadbury little chocolate bars in a bowl on Thursday morning.
So much for our all meat diet until they are all consumed.
A couple of interesting graphics –


Elizabeth Warren: Redux of the Redux
Joe asked me to get an estimate of cartoons, memes, annotated graphics, and gifs of Pocahontas.
I did a few quick Google searches.
And a Duck-Duck-Go search.
Finally, a Bing search.
My final tally?
There are lots and lots and lots.
And the hits keep coming!


Website Goodness
Joe and I spend a large part of every day on the Internet.
We surf and stumble and click and search for technical information, educational information, music, movies, ebooks, memes, humor; whatever!
There exists a website named Earl of Taint that totally amuses us to no end.
Here are some of his caustic (and cruel?) photoshopped creations – gotta love the pee stains on Justin’s panties –


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Sunday Rant – 4318


Joe’s Comment – Stephan Pastis cracks me up.  Larry the croc is a mirror image of me.  The number of well laid plans that have gone awry over the years vastly outnumbers our success.  With that kind of win / lose stat you’d think I’d be a lot more wise and experienced and knowledgeable.  You’d think wrong….


Gavin McInnes
Whomever you are, you will want to watch this video.
Joe and I watch Gavin occasionally; he is a dollop of Canadian fun imported/immigrated  to the US of A.  He has been a gadfly in the Progressive eye for at least a decade.
Gavin’s latest claim to fame is in 2016 he established the men’s chauvinist group the “Proud Boys” (chauvinist as in patriotic AND chauvinist as in MEN ONLY).
The Proud Boys mantra is “I am a Western Chauvinist and I refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.  The West is the Best!”
The first time Joe said the words “The West is the Best!” was in 1960.  Joe and I have witnesses: Ronnie D. and Steve C. were there.  Joe still says it, because he took Jordan Peterson’s words to heart: “if you can’t tell the truth, at least don’t lie.”  There is a complementary group “The Proud Boys’ Girls” on FaceBook.
The Proud Boys are the antidote to the “Antifa” lefties / progressives who are making the news by violently interrupting / attacking / harassing conservatives.
(Note from Joe:  read the Wikipedia information for Proud Boys above, then the Wikipedia information for Antifa.  Notice any bias?  Here is the Proud Boys official website, and here is the Antifa official website.  A different bias?  Joe is smiling.)
Here is Gavin from way back when (2017) explaining the roots of Proud Boys with his irreverent and very funny delivery.
Joe couldn’t stop laughing:

A lighthearted, humorous and cogent delivery.
Joe and I will be buying the T-shirt, and joining the Canadian version ASAP.
Stay tuned for further developments.


Prager U
This release from Prager U features Dennis Prager himself.
He defines “The American Trinity: The Three Values That Make America Great” in this short video.
Haven’t seen any such work outside a beer advertisement for Canada.
Coincidence or ???:


Gad Saad
Joe and I have become a fan of Professor Gad Saad.
When Dr. Jordan Peterson was first caught in the cross hairs of SJW stupidity, he turned to Gad Saad for consul and direction.
In the “intersectional value hierarchy”, Dr. Saad is not at ground zero (a white heterosexual male) because he is a Lebanese Jew.  His family literally had to flee for their lives from an antisemitic war zone.
Joe thinks if you hear some brass balls clanking when someone walks by, chances are you will catch a glimpse of Gad Saad.
Another personality Joe and I have watched for years and years, Greg Gutfeld, has a podcast.  This audio is from a recent conversation Greg has with Gad Saad.
Joe says this is good stuff:


IQ and Politics
How about this for a summary of the invasion moving north through Mexico heading for the light on the hill –
“Vote for Socialism.
Flee to Capitalism.
Vote for Socialism.”
Joe and I think this is the best Stefan Molyneaux monologue that we have heard.
The subject is the “caravan” of human misery from the Central Americas heading for the US of A at an incredible rate.
A “march” that covers hundreds and hundreds of miles per day with over 7 thousand people?
That’s a lot of roadside taco stands, toilets, tampons, and Coca-Cola.
To say nothing for medical attention, new shoes, water, and cheer leaders.
The whole fucking mess stinks of an “October Surprise“.
Funded by whom or whore is the question…..
Joe says we can’t directly finger the Democrats with this one.  They are devious, smarmy, immoral putzes, but they can’t think big like this (can they?).  Even if they think on this scale, could they actually organize and execute?
On the other hand….
The Globalists might have something to say.
And the Commie bastards (they’re everywhere, they’re everywhere!).
Joe says the following graphic might explain the “caravan” population somewhat.  The IQ mean for Hispanics is approx. 87.  The caravan is mostly young men.  These people aren’t Albert Einstein and his bridge partner.
Someone or something is paying for this farce, and these young men are, as Mongo says, just pawns in game of life.

The small minded masses….. a complex conundrum that is more Gordian Knot than integral calculus, for the same reason cell phones are more complex than Morse Code, but their use is not.
The following graphic is more direct, less “politically correct”.
People with an IQ of 80 – 90 are considered “Dull normal”.
People with an IQ of 70 – 80 are considered “Borderline (retarded)”.
People with an IQ of less than 70 are considered “Retarded”, with gradients from Profound to Mild.
Joe hasn’t much to add, except the mentally gifted should stop using the mentally challenged as cannon fodder.

Joe thinks POTUS will derive a solution much like Alexander the Great did (with the Gordian Knot), by approaching the problem from an “end solution” perspective.
Joe might be wrong, but we both hope POTUS gets it right:


Ancient Sailors
Joe and I found this to be interesting.
The archaeologists are more interested in the artifact than the people who created it, it being the oldest known intact shipwreck.
Carbon dating puts this Greek vessel at 2,400 years old, sunk in 2 kilometers of Black Sea wet and darkness.
Joe wants to know what happened to the sailors?
An amazing find.  Documentary to follow (it’s fresh news).


Elizabeth Warren Redux
Joe says this woman shouldn’t have a political career after her faux pas of extraordinary “cultural appropriation”.
However, she is a member of the emotional party, the Democratic Party.
They will probably erect a statue….
Joe thinks the depth and breadth of knowledge, intelligence, and humor of “We The People” is boundless.
As proof, Joe and I offer more (yes, more!) incredibly witty and ascorbic cartoons, memes, and observations –


Joe’s Garage
Hooly is an old Scottish word for gently.
Joe was very hool(sp?) maneuvering an old E150 van body onto our new (to Joe) trailer.
Hooly, hooly.
The problem with loading the van is it has no frame or wheels under it.  The van body was removed to facilitate extricating the engine and transmission.
How to load it?
The van body by itself is too heavy for Joe’s RobertCat to lift.  RobertCat can only lift 1,200 pounds (BobCat 743DS).  Lifting one end or the other was a bit tippy, too.
As a fact, it was tippier to the point Joe backed off before it became tippiest – we don’t know how we’d ever get it back on it’s feet if we rolled it over on it’s back or side.
The new (to Joe) trailer is equipped with a cheap Chinese Snap-On® 10,000 pound (maximum pull) winch equipped with a four roller fairlead, and synthetic fiber cable.  Thanks to Ricky D. a removable winch mount bracket was fabricated to facilitate mounting / detaching the winch as required.
You can see the winch location in the photo below.
Joe’s mighty pea brain went into overdrive to attack the problem from all directions simultaneously.  He quickly came to the conclusion that a gyn pole  (gin pole) arrangement would be ideal.  A pulley mounted on a gin pole high enough to give the winch a vertical AND horizontal force would lift and separate….

Unfortunately, Joe doesn’t have a gyn pole.  Or a Playtex “lift and separate” bra big enough to move the van.  Or a Bernadette Peters….
To be clear, Joe doesn’t have a Playtex bra of any size or dimension.  Maybe he’ll get one from Santa for being such a good boy.
He can always dream about a Bernadette to stuff it.  But I digress…..
The idea of lift and separate gave Joe another idea – use a large round object as a roller at the end of the trailer to lift as it pulls.
What to use?
A quick search around the property offered several options – a 45 US gallon barrel, a wheel rim (without tire), an expired propane tank for the expired barbecue, various pails and containers.
The barrel was too cumbersome.
All the wheel rims we spied had tires on them.
The pails and containers were light gauge steel or plastic – too flimsy.
The propane tank won out by elimination.
Joe soon discovered that the winch cable connected to the under side of the van body and fed over the propane tank (lying on its side) at the back edge of the trailer was viable.  It worked.
Up, up, and away!
However….. the van body was on a slight downhill slope at 90° to the van.  As the winch cable drew the van up up and away it also drifted slightly downhill, not aligning with the center of the trailer.
RobertCat to the rescue!
With repeated setting and re-setting of the propane tank, and judicious use of RobertCat (equipped with his majestic pallet forks) the van body made a slow but sure traverse onto the trailer.
Total time was about 2 hours, most of which was spent cooling Joe’s mighty pea brain to prevent overheating and meltdown.
A detachable easily stored gin pole accessory is in our future trailer tool set.
A couple of cinch straps and the job is done –

Here’s another view showing the ingenious winch mount at the front of the trailer –

Ingenious as it is, the winch mount needs to be more ingenious.
In conference with Ricky D., we have agreed that an ingenious-est mount will allow the winch to occupy the space where the tackle box is now, and a new, improved tackle box will be built around and over the winch.  This will incorporate a “headache rack” functionality – not to prevent cab damage to the truck, but to store chain binders, chains, straps, and various materials needed to load and secure loads.
Good, better, beast,
We shall have a feast,
Hooly, hooly as we go,
Problem solving redux.

Joe says it doesn’t rhyme.
So sue Sioux me.

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