Sunday Rant – 3921


Joe’s Comment – I chose a few seemingly non related images for my comment section this week.  Although they do not have the same subject, they certainly have something in common.
The first subject, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, accepts the argument with a caveat – if the bears indeed made porridge, something is amiss, and it isn’t temperature.
The second is a modern “Yogi Berra” pseudo aphorism – a Yogi-ism.  It is ridiculous yet captures modern cultural dilemmas perfectly.  What makes sense?
The final is a series true statements, about an obscenely skewed political system, portending a dangerously ludicrous reality.
And so it is with the descent into Autumn in western Canada.  Death throes of Summer are over.  Madness, invisible in Summer’s glorious life and color, becomes starkly visible.  Wild eyes abound.
Albert Camus thought life was absurd.  Current events support that perspective, copiously.
Friedrich Nietzsche supposed the “death of God” would lead to nihilism.  Ditto re: current events to support that perspective.
Seems the world is undergoing a metamorphosis.
The question is, will a beautiful butterfly emerge?


Canadian Election

Joe and I
Our response to the SNAFU called Canadian politics is to mimic some wit we read.  Read – Psalm 109:8.  Then read the entire Psalm 109.

Stefan chimes in about the Canadian election.
Joe and I are disappointed.
We wanted to belong in Canada.
The results of the election make it clear to us that we aren’t Canadian; if the majority determines the Culture, Joe and I are truly Mud Pecker scum.
Stefan captures some of our thoughts and impressions:

Quick Dick McDick
Joe and I are still in shock regarding the recent election.
Our shock is manifested with a sad squabble amongst the 37 peckerwoods in our head – Joe, me, Olaf the Destroyer, Milton the Money Man – a cast of everyone we are and were and might be.
Like always, we voted for our ideological “best candidate”.
Doesn’t that make you gag.
Like always, we found ourselves (all 37 and counting) hopelessly out of step with “We The People” of Canada.
The following video from Saskatchewan’s ambassador pretty much outlines his thinking on the election.  This was QDMcD’s last minute Monday pep talk to his viewers.
Joe notes that QDMcD hasn’t said much since Monday.  It’s only Friday….. maybe by week’s end?:



COVID Ad Nauseum

Dr. Dan Stock
More food for thought from an immunologist.
Dr. Dan Stock was requested by his community to make a statement to the Mt. Vernon Indiana school board meeting.
This presentation went viral on Ub2b, and is still up.
Tic tock, tic tock…..
Many interesting facts in machine gun rapid order.
The overwhelming and frightening fact he keeps returning to implicates the CDC, the NIH, and other government agencies with criminal action.
WhatTF is happening?  WhoTF is behind this?  WhereTF will it end?
Stay tuned Good Citizens:

Another Dr. Stock video, a conversation with Regina Meredith.
An in depth discussion with much more history and data points and facts and evidence than the six minute presentation.
Joe and I did a quick check on the Internet for Dr. Dan Stock.
He is real.
Snopes and other “fact checkers” condemn him.
Joe says that is good enough for us – the man is bona fide:

Dr. Paul McCullough
This interview posted on August 30th, 2021 is a condensed version of the original Zoom call with “Voices for Freedom“.  The original call had other guests.
This information is disturbing.  At 11:05, Dr. McCullough presents the information that “Hill’s Tenants of Causality” have been met – the data conclusively indicates the vaccine is DIRECTLY KILLING PEOPLE.
This is a big deal, because Dr. McCullough is a world renown expert.
Now, us mud peckers and dirt people have suspected this to be true from the get-go.  We don’t have much of a safety cushion or a broad risk management portfolio between us and outright deprivation.
It ain’t Fight or Flight.
It’s more like wait and see….. behind closed doors armed to the teeth.
Another shocking reveal at 20:48, Dr. McCullough states that THE VACCINATED ARE CREATING THE DELTA PANDEMIC.
What will it take to hammer a fact through the head of a politician?
Dr. McCullough’s bona fides are immense.
What is the bottom line?  Dr. McCullough states at 23:19 “We have an out of control snowball of a biological catastrophe, and we are doing it to ourselves!
The evil powers behind this cluster fuck of a pandemic have been misguiding and misinforming the public since before it started.
The entire interview above is worth watching.
The video below is mandatory watching:

The Automatic Earth
A sombre editorial from The Automatic Earth, penned by , titled “I am Afraid“.
Here are the first few paragraphs –
First of all, if you live in a place where politicians and experts have, after 20 months into Covid, still not propagated and executed policies aimed at prophylaxis (prevention) and early treatment, get rid of these people ASAP or move away to an area that does have these policies.
Yes, I know, it might be easier to get rid of them, because there are no areas to move to that do early care. Do it. All anyone appears to do is lock people down and put garments in front of their faces. But that has now cost too many lives, and it has to stop. The other thing all of them do, of course, is try to “vaccinate” everyone. That, too, has to stop, and for the same reason: it kills too many people.
After 20 months of reading into the topic for hours every single day, if there’s one thing I’m convinced of, it’s that a simple sufficient daily intake of vitamin D, zinc and ivermectin or chloroquine (and you can “fancy that up”, check the site below) would have stopped, and still can stop, at least 70% of cases. Ergo: no more overwhelmed heath care, no more lockdowns, no more economic damage. We could, should, have done this 20 months ago. get rid of them.
And then if someone does get sick -immune systems can be heavily compromised, for instance in obese people-, there are protocols aplenty for early treatment. There are entire series of them at 90% of deaths have been entirely preventable. And 90% of those in the future, will be, too. But not for the same reason.
The reason these treatments are being kept from you is that they would destroy the legal basis on which the vaccines operate. But that would be a good thing, because these substances have started to make a lot of victims, killing people or maiming them, and it is enough. It is also what I am afraid of, that those numbers will absolutely skyrocket.
Repeat: The vaccines do not protect you from infecting others or being infected, or from severe disease or death (though that last bit takes time to sink in). They MAY have some effect for a few months, but then their effect starts waning, and you will need more of the same. In the meantime, they appear to enhance the infectiousness of the vaccinated. Who are given vaccine passports and QR codes, for heaven’s sake, so they can go infect more people.”
If you have any interest in the events that have destroyed the economy of The West, this article is a good read to that end.

The Telegraph
Steven Edginton interviews Jordan Peterson.
The Telegraph is a UK media outlet.
Interesting discussion of COVID reaction vs individual rights.
Joe likes this interview because it is not confrontational as so many interviews with main stream media are – the interviewer is genuinely interested in exploring Dr. Peterson’s perspectives.  Well worth the time to watch:

Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms
A Canadian website that needs your financial support.
JCCF has a wealth of COVID information that anyone concerned about the nature of this “disease” can use to form an opinion.  Joe and I are confused that anyone could read these data and come to a different conclusion from us.  There is a hidden agenda that is NOT medical but political.  Here are the most recent COVID statistics for Alberta and BC.  –


Hitler Critiques Biden
What can we say?
Joe and I are suckers for well written memes.
The tragedy of the American withdrawal from Afghanistan is 100% Joe Biden’s albatross.
What a bone-headed sacrifice, to make a senile 78 year old the leader of the most powerful country on Earth.
It is the “Fall of Rome”, modern American version:

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Sunday Rant – 3821


Joe’s Comment – The two videos from Jordan Peterson in the last week helped me get organized for the election.  I voted on Saturday, with a “mail in ballot” that I hand delivered to the advance polling station in the main Post Office building down town.
As hinted above, misinformation is as deadly as any of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  If the absolute worse happens, that being SNAFU and no change at all, let humor be your personal flotation device…… savor that life saver!
I will continue to be myself, by default (who else qualifies?).
If you didn’t see the Jordan Peterson interviews, here they are.
The links are to BitChute (I don’t trust Ub2b).
First with Rex Murphy; a conversation about Canadian culture, the unwelcome changes, and some politics for better or worse:

The second, an interview / discussion / conversation with Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, ex Conservative cabinet minister.  The man who was not permitted to participate in the so-called “leader’s debate”.  The progressives are so unaware of their own hypocrisy it would make Jesus weep:


Vote on Monday
Can the madness in Canada be ended with an election?
Joe says give yer head a shake.
Canada is now almost 2 trillion $$$ on the wrong side of the ledger (Canadian dollars, but it still hurts!).
Fair weather politicians all, used to preening in the limelight, used to taking credit for all things good and right and beautiful, have had a horrible two years.
They have all been exposed for what they are – vacuous and average and uninspiring.
The preening has stopped.
The narcissism is rampant – where oh where did they ever get the idea that they don’t work for We The People!
However, hope springs eternal.
A pendulum is always moving, and if a pendulum isn’t an apt metaphor for the vagaries of daily life, what is?
Joe and I believe that enough of the honest down to earth Dirt People and Mud Peckers have woken to the mess that is Canada, and that is the World, and will now make their voice heard.
Dirt People and Mud Peckers have to be pragmatic.
That’s what we’re good at; we’re close to the ground.
Just call me Pollyanna.


Quick Dick McDick
The ambassador from Saskatchewan sings a song and promotes a charity:


Jordan Peterson and Rex Murphy
Leading up to the September 20th election, a passionate discussion of the state of affairs in Canada between two of  Joe and my favorite Canadians.
Rex Murphy has been a journalist for 80% of our time on earth.  Our bestest Newfie.  The lyrical Stompin’ Tom.
Jordan Peterson has changed the world.  His ability to think and reason, then share his discoveries has literally changed thousands if not millions of lives.
A bit of a spoiler alert….. they do not worship the bastard offspring of P.E.T.
You might want to watch this before the election:


Stefan comments on the uprising in Melbourne Australia today, Saturday.
Joe and I agree.
This seems to be a show-down between deception and fact.
About the will of We The People, vs the bureaucrats and politicians elected to represent the very same folks.
Truth will out eventually.

Another interesting update from Stefan.  Apparently, older post menopausal women can get their period back!
All it takes is the vaccination…..
Joe says someone better be tracking all the adverse affects and effects, and discriminate which vaccine is the culprit.
I know lots and lots of post menopausal women.  I’ve never ever heard one of them wistful and melancholy about their menstrual days of estrus.


More COVID Stuff

Ivor Cummins
Mr. Cummins eradicates the official BS with logic.
Cool, clear, logic.
And a flow chart too.
In 1947, the country music group “Sons of the Pioneers” released a song called “Cool Water” (click on the link and you can enjoy it).
With the power vested in Joe and me, we now paraphrase the lyrics of Cool Water by changing only two words – where “water” was, we substitute “logic”, and where “Dan” was, substitute “Joe”.
Here goes –
All day I face the barren waste without the taste of LOGIC,
Old Joe and I with throats burned dry and souls that cry for LOGIC,

The night are cool and I’m a fool each stars a pool of LOGIC,
But with the dawn I’ll wake and yawn and carry on to LOGIC,

Keep a movin’ Joe, don’t you listen to him Joe, he’s a devil not a man
and he spreads the burnin’ sand with LOGIC.
Joe can’t you see that big green tree where the LOGICS runnin’ free
and it’s waiting there for me and you.

The shadows sway and seem to say tonight we pray for LOGIC,
And way up there He’ll hear our prayer and show us where there’s LOGIC,

Joe’s feet are sore he’s yearning for just one thing more than LOGIC,
Like me, I guess, he’d like to rest where there’s no quest for LOGIC,
Cool LOGIC.”
Watch the following video and we think you’ll agree that Ivor Cummins has got a good grasp of logic.  Cool, clear, LOGIC.
Joe and I hope there is a pandemic of LOGIC sometime soon:

Here’s a summary of what we know so far –


Dr. Pierre Kory
Joe and I took a trip in the “Way Back Machine” this week (Mr. Peabody and Sherman reference:  ).
In Sunday Rant – 2521 the Sunday Sermon was an interview of Dr. Pierre Kory conducted by Brett Weinstein.  Earlier, Dr. Kory’s testimony to the Senate was included in Sunday Rant – 5020….. but the link no longer works!  It was Ub2beeed – removed, never to be seen again.
Dr. Kory made an impassioned appeal to the powers that be to make Ivermectin available to the public.  His claim was it was a “miracle” drug in relation to COVID: as a prophylactic and a therapeutic treatment.
Joe and I took it upon ourselves to find the video again.  Here ye be:

The word is slow to spread.
But the word does spread, so help spread it by talking to your family, friends, neighbors, local businessmen.
There is truth to be known and lies being told.
Be part of the light.


Joe’s Garage

Space X
Inspiration 4 has been in orbit for about two days now (Friday evening).
It is the first all civilian space flight into orbit.
They circumnavigate the globe every 90 minutes (over 7 km. per second).
The mission objectives are outlined here.
An amazing achievement with lofty charitable goals.  Bravo!:

Follow-up:  The splashdown on Saturday, September 18th in the Atlantic off the coast of Florida.
Welcome home!:

West Coast Logging
Friend David S. sent this video along.
The trees are immense, and the tools so primitive.
Many men, very skilled, very hearty, we think very tough, working as a team:

Compare with today.
The trees are toothpicks, and the tools are mindbogglingly capable.
The music kinda sucks in this video, but the machinery is magnificently capable, function-designed for the job.
Those daring young men and their logging machines:

Joe and I are torn.
Modern processing is efficient, expensive, and very productive – one man can produce in one day what might take months for a team of men to accomplish.
However, the roar of the diesel engine, the noise of the dangle-head thrashing the life out of the trees, this would detract from the experience.  Modern processing is a job.
The old style seems preferable to us.
The ringing of axes.
The snort of the horses as they strain against heavy loads.
The camaraderie of men working hard and producing from hard labor.
The sounds of the forest all around.
Or the lack of sounds.
Keeping many men employed.
More spiritual.  More civil.  More moral?

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Sunday Rant – 3721


Joe’s Comment – Apologies for embedding an S. Harris cartoon that has a CartoonStock watermark.  I couldn’t find it without the mark, so I modified this one.  Which seems to reinforce the message.  Are all cylinders firing, and if so, are they firing when they are supposed to?  The Summer is dying slowly and quietly.  My personal performance at this time of year is quite delicate.  A sunny day can inspire heroic effort of poor performance (like the above list).  The “Gang of 37” in my head are even more disorderly and disorganized when the Summer dies.  I’m hoping for a warm Autumn, but I’m planning for early snow.
That’s the best I can do…..


Greg Gutfeld
Mr. Gutfeld had an opportunity to interview the former president, Donald Trump.
Here is a snippet.
Joe and I loved it!
The “part one” is available on Ub2b, but who knows for how long?:



Dr. Shawn Baker
A very interesting lawsuit regarding “Natural Immunity” is wending it’s way through the digestive tract of the American judicial system.
What was once common sense – the understanding that a healthy person has an immune system that responds to infection, and if it responds successfully, the person has ipso facto immunity to the infecting agent – that common sense is in question.
The hysteria surrounding COVID (whatever it is) has upset this apple cart.
The howling mob, looking for a sacrificial anode to take away their individual and collective fear, has chosen the unvaccinated and the unmasked as the target for their fury.  Basic questions such as: does the vaccination work?, does the mask work?, if the mask and vaccinations work, what is the fear of unvaccinated or unmasked individuals? have definitive answers, but no trusted broadcast platform.
Joe and I have never had a “flu shot” (in quotes because we don’t really know what that entails).  We don’t get “the flu” (whatever that means in today’s jargon).
We used to get “colds” like the advertisement used to say (fever, runny nose, congestion) many years ago.  That stopped too.
Dr. Baker is on the right track.  Health is improved with a proper human diet and moderate exercise.  This law suit will be instrumental in determining the course of “freedom” in the future:

Sanity 4 Sweden
Our go-to Swedish correspondent, Stefan, says it is time for Americans to get pissed off.
The response of the entire world hinges on a strong American response to the ratcheting tyranny being implemented and/or suggested coerced.

A (COVID) Year From Now
Is this too close to possible?
You might be laughing now…..
Tyler Fischer is the creator.
His Ub2b channel is here:



Psychology for Mud Peckers

Mark Gungor
Pastor Gungor put together a wonderful seminar years ago, titled “Laugh Your Way to a Better Manage”.   The entire seminar is available (4+ hours) on Ub2b.
Here is a segment from the seminar called “A Tale of Two Brains”:

Joe and I used this video and others to help mixed workshops of male and female job seekers to be more attuned to gender difference when at a job interview, whether the interview is in person or via social media or phone.  Pastor Gungor presents this information in a humorous way.  Important to know information if you are determined to be a good communicator.
Combined with self awareness / others awareness self-report questionnaires such as Myers-Briggs, Social Styles, Big Five Personality Test (and more!) the objective is to prepare the individual with an ability to better communicate with others.
Here’s another segment from the seminar.  “How to Get a Man to Do What You Want”:

Monique Marvez
Theory – Joe and I maintain that the same psychology Pastor Gungor observes and discusses is EXACTLY the same psychology that Monique Marvez observes and discusses.
The similarity is they both use humor and imagined scenarios to carry their point.
The major difference is that Pastor Gungor is a pastor, and speaks accordingly.
Ms. Marvez is a realist, and speaks in vulgar but not profane language.
She gets her point across with humor and focused imagery.
Warning:  if you are adverse to blue language and sexual subject matter, all the more reason to learn a bit more about the differences between men and women.
Or, from Ms. Marvez’s perspective, the differences between women and men:


Dr. Ken Berry
Ah ha!
The truth is out.
More evidence that eating meat is not only healthy as a nutrition source, it is fundamentally good.
After all, the cave men didn’t take the time to sketch pictures of carrots or wild legumes on the walls of their abodes.
They drew pictures of successful hunts, of spearing large mammalian animals.
No rabbits or squirrels.
No string beans or artichoke hearts.
No indeed.  They ate meat, and documented how they were able to do so.
doG bless our four or five fathers.
The surprise is many vegetables that have a high cellulose content (high in “fibre”) CANNOT BE DIGESTED BY HUMANS.
Rot or not.  Meat is more than a treat.  It is the proper staple of a human diet:


Andrew Klavan
One of our favorite polemics and social philosophers.
An empassioned diatribe on Liberty, on Freedom.
A free man, speaking his mind.
We love it!:


Musical Interlude – Acapella

Harmonic Generation
Joe and I had forgotten how brilliant a cappella can be!
This group, Harmonic Generation, has a Ub2b channel here.
Their repertoire is small to date.
In the following video they do a fine rendition of ELO’s “Mr Blue Sky”:

Julia Westlin
If you thought the above was good, better sit down.
Joe and I enjoyed Mr. Blue Sky so much we thought a bit more a cappella would be just right.
We stumbled into this collection by Ms. Julia Westlin.
An angel from Sweden, now a Canadian.
Joe got tears in his eyes, the old badger.
She sings four tracks (and more!), a cappella, by her very own self.
Her Ub2b channel here.
The first song is Celene Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”.
Paraphrasing from the song, Joe says this about her –
God can touch us just one time,
And it will last for a lifetime
And never let go ’til you’re gone
What a heavenly sound she makes:


Joe’s Garage

Dietary Update
Joe and I (and the cast of dozens in our head) have been near exclusively carnivore for over three years (as of July 26th, 2018).
We haven’t felt better since we were a puppy.
A staple of our diet is beef.
We buy a “whole inside round” or “whole outside round” or “sirloin tip” at our local Wholesale Club.  The bigger these cuts are, the more steaks or roasts we carve.  This week we had a sirloin tip that weighed in at approximately 15 pounds.  We cut an 8 pound roast off and froze it for later consumption.  We cut a very large steak (approximately 2 pounds) to feed daughter Kenda, grandson Rourke, and us truly one supper.  The remainder was a tiny 7 pound roast, which we cooked on the counter stove (our oven is SNAFU) – a “pot roast” if you will.
Here’s a picture of some of the processing which occurs –
The left measuring cup is gravy because not everyone here eats only meat.
The right measuring cup is the roasting pan drippings.
You see a fat cap, and about 2 cups of fluid.
Not meaning to gag anyone or make you retch, but Joe and I drool when thinking about a highball glass full of this lovely fluid with a chunk of lightly salted fat crust as a garnish.  The garnish is very delicate – it melts in your fingers!
We’d take This concoction over a “Caesar” (Bloody Caesar) any day.
We haven’t named it yet, but we’re leaning toward “Jus de Cow” or “Beef Squeeze”.
Long gone and far away is a tumbler of icy cold fruit juice to start the motor running in the morning (our fave was orange or Concord grape).  There is more sugar in a glass of orange juice than a bowl of ice cream.
After three years without, the cravings for carbohydrates and processed sugars is much diminished.  It takes a while to transfer your craving library to healthier alternatives.

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