Sunday Rant – 1124


Joe’s Comment – I’m convinced Spring has sprung.
The grass is riz.  The daffodildos by the garage are struggling their way up through the weeds, through the debris of last year’s death by Winter.
Hope is in the breast.
Smile is on the face.
Then we read the Druthers paper, featuring a certified NDP “death cult” legislation being considered –
Sure enough, those wacky NDP bastards have no social awareness in their soul.
So busy trying to guarantee outcome.
I try not to think about politics, I really do.
The onset of Spring is filling my being.
Outside of outright nuclear war in downtown Vernon BC, not much could put a dent on my feeling of being a mud pecker bon vivant.
A thick steak.
Some cool sparkling water.
A warm sunny day…..
Life is, indeed, good (thank you Jimmy B.).
Life will be gooder.  That’s my pledge.


Quick Dick McDick
Canada’s agrarian ambassador to the world is singing!
While hauling canola from his farm to the elevator in very cold weather.
What a great setup Quick Dick has – a true one man operation.
Joe and I remember visits (and working) on family farms way back before time began – we’re talking ’50s (as kids) and ’60s (as teens).
What Quick Dick does by himself in a day took our relatives many days and many workers.  Technology has made high individual productivity a reality.
Visions of Luke Skywalker living with Owen and Beru Lars at their moisture farm on planet Tatooine…… hating the work, wanting to leave the planet –
The big difference is Quick Dick loves the life, and has no desire to leave the planet.  Spoiler – not for the perfect pitch is a must crowd:


The Culture

Once Upon a Time (in the West)
Two beauties.
No beast.
The West is the Best:

John Stossel opens the bag of the next, new, loonie left crusade – “Degrowth“.
Let’s stop growth and save the planet!
Every season seems to bring a new, absolutely crackpot Chicken Little calamity.
The objective seems to be frighten as many of the susceptible as possible.
What a clown show.
Good grief, life is as good as it has ever been.  Are the new prophets and visionaries some breed of incipient Calvinists?  Perhaps they are self-flagellating Catholics.  Opus Dei anyone? Ah!  I miss the good old times…..
“Punish me, for life is too good and I am not worthy” must be the theme of their cattle call.
In true Orwellian fashion, the left has turned  upside-down the true story of what the outcome would be if capitalism were abolished and forbidden.
No “worker’s paradise” or “garden of Eden” to be found; only abject poverty and misery.
We have watched Mr. Stossel for years.  The first inclusion of him / his work was in Sunday Rant – 4413.  That, dear readers, was 10 years and 19 weeks ago.
He delivered the goods then, and he still does.
Bonus – he’s a Libertarian!:

The loonie Left might not read much.  Joe thinks the vast majority on the Left tend to think with emotion, not logic.  They disregard the lessons of history.  For the most part, well intentioned but hopelessly misdirected.
Joe has a solution!  A few quotes from the man who stopped Hitler –

Elon Musk & Saad Gadd
An interesting conversation.
Two unique and independent thinkers have a friendly chat.
The chat is friendly, but the subject matter is serious and consequential.


A Short –

Vaccines – Dr. Suzanne Humphries
Last Sunday Rant Dr. Humphries told us the danger of vaccination.
This week, Dr. Humphries tells all (thank you, Ms. E. Thrasher) from another perspective.
The video is located here.
You may not be able to view it, because it is on Epoch Times and may be behind a paywall.
Joe and I are subscribers.
Epoch news seems to deliver the straight goods.


Joe’s Garage

Ethanol Fuel
The following video from Engineering Explained is 2+ years old.
The number of views at the time of embedding in this rant is 2.3+ million.
Joe says this video and others like it should be mandatory viewing.
Joe and I have felt that from the inception, “green” gasoline was a politically driven fraud.  After all, farmers vote, don’t they?
It is not that ethanol added to gasoline is an inferior fuel.
The ethanol increases the octane rating (or number) of the gasoline.  However, there are penalties: less energy per unit measure, ergo fewer miles per gallon.
A second penalty is the ethanol sublimates – it absorbs moisture.  The moisture then causes problems in the fuel systems of vehicles not designed to burn such fuel.
Joe and I think that corn ethanol is best used as a blended liquor.  Use the rest of the land to ranch.  The world needs more ungulates:

A further exploration of the subject from the same source, Engineering Explained. More to WIIFM (what’s in it for me?), if you use ethanol fuel in your vehicle(s), this is what you can expect.
As usual in any situation, there are benefits and there are penalties.
Joe and I would burn only marine gas if we could get away with it.
Green is a color, not a life saving ideology.
However, dyed fuel, if “discovered” by the “authorities” being used in an unauthorized application, or method, will drain your wallet of beaucoup green:

Cutting Edge Engineering Australia
Joe and I are in wonder and admire those who work with large machinery.
CEEA produces videos that repair or rebuild or renew heavy machine parts.
It is an entirely different mindset.
We have watched many “rescues” of very expensive machinery being rejuvenated economically by CEEA.
In the following video, Kurtis refurbishes a Cat D11 final drive.  His wife Karen videos.
The dog, Homeless, and the various birds are all part of the team.
Joe wishes we had been born into a family of tool and die makers.
It really turns his crank!:


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Sunday Rant – 1024


Joe’s CommentThe Real Time Travelers.
I must admit that when a young man, there seemed to be more time in the day to ponder the strange and unusual.
My interest in SF (science fiction) was high.  The possibilities seemed endless, only restrained by the limit of one’s own imagination.
I pondered then, with my immature, mostly empty under construction little pea brain, whether there was such a possibility as time travel, and if so, how would that fact affect and effect my life?
Part of the question is answered.
Yes, time travel is possible.  I am living proof.
In terms of H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine“, not much of an accomplishment on my part.  All I did was stayin’ alive:

This week was the completion of my 75th journey around the Sun.
Not even a century.
All this time travel has taken its toll.
Many memories ago, a song by Mr. Zimmerman, “My Back Pages”, when released, struck a cord in me.  I wondered if I would ever understand the lyrics.
It sounded just like this:

Can I physically go back in time?
But I have come to be quite comfortable in my skin, and that is something.
Who would have thought?
As the years pile up, my ability to travel in time, within my “frame of reference”, broadens, one year at a time (indeed, one day, one second at a time).
Using the aforementioned little pea brain lodged in a cranium ever more gnarly and less hairy than in days of yore, I can travel at will through all the years of me.
Unlike history books and antiquities, which give a broad brush imperfect vision of what was, and, unlike SF, which does the same in a future framework, my time travel is personal and rich.  A granular, detailed, somewhat biased perspective of one experience.
A quick Internet search leads me to believe there are presently in excess of 8 billion fellow time travelers inhabiting the Blue Planet.
How many will leave something behind to inspire others, to be remembered?
The words of those who came before and were kind enough to leave their thoughts for all to see (thank you, Ms. E. Thrasher) constantly inspire me to ponder long and hard.  There is a relationship to be had across the years, even centuries.  Kindred thoughts that survive Time are the foundation of the future.
Nowadays, with all this time travel experience, the color and life I felt not present in those early days has filled my me full.
Not to be confused with Sheldon’s me ma.
The following rendition is more to my liking now.  I am younger than I was.
How’s that for time travel!:


Quick Dick McDick
It is calving time!
Lordy, this great agrarian ambassador for Saskatchewan and Canada keeps showing the facts and speaking the truth about farming in a country that has the second lowest average temperature on earth.
This man presents the best face of modern mixed farming with good humor and a deep abiding love of his chosen craft.  Joe and I approve!:



Tim Hawkins
Mr. Hawkins has an opinion about government.
He sings it for all to hear:

Meme Time

Trucker’s Blockade of NYC
The blockade is happening.
How deep it goes, how long it will last, and whether or not the good folks of NYC feel the burn remains to be seen.
From Joe’s perspective, he sees an effort by the largest work group in America, the truck driver, to have some influence in changing hearts and minds.
There is truly something dreadfully wrong with the American political system – despite having the world’s best Constitution with Amendments.
Joe and I suspect filthy lucre has some role in the grand scheme.
The American judicial system seems to be a political weapon.  That capacity for an executive to misuse another branch of government must be curtailed.
The American medical community, deeply in lust with Big Pharma, has propagated the worst tragedy in modern times, without firing a shot or dropping one bomb.  All they did was frighten the living shit out of the Chicken Little portion of the population, then coerce everyone to take a vaccine and keep their dirty little mouth shut.  How to change it?  A gargantuan task.
Joe and I truly believe that the dirt people, us mud peckers, the average Joe and Betty, you know, the man in the street and the farmer in the field – we all know what is right and what is wrong.  It is built into each of us.
Something is dreadfully wrong.  doG protect the truckers.  We hope their effort is not wasted or lost in the frenzy:

The “Real” Donald Trump
A video montage, featuring snippets of the real Mr. Trump over the years.
He is not my or Joe’s hero or role model.
But he may, along with the likes of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., be just what is needed to return sanity to the most powerful nation ever to exist in human history.
Joe says these short snapshots of Mr. Trump doing what he does are voluminous.
The number of similar bits and pieces are all over the Internet.
Just try to find any such video of the criminal Joe Biden.
Two different families.  Two different characters.  One obvious choice:

The Simple Truth
Jason Siler has a good helping of common sense.
In this video he comments on current events with level-headed aplomb.
He poses some simple and obvious questions, calling for solutions.
The answer is, currently, there are no solutions:


Dr. Casey Means
The world of medicine is changing.
There are some statements that are so obvious that no one thinks about them in a meaningful way.
One such statement Dr. Casey Means makes in this video is that “we put 70 metric tonnes of food in our body in our lifetime”, and that everything we are is made from that food.
Maybe what we eat affects and effects our health?
There are many causes of illness and disease.
In this video, Dr. Means and Dr. Berry discuss the likelihood that a majority of ill health has a metabolic origin.
Which gets back to this: you are what you ate, you eat what you are, and you must eat who you want to be.
Joe is proud of that last bit.  Blending the past, present, and future like that.  Sorta a Tiny Tim / Christmas Past vibe.  Kudos, Joe!
More and more doctors are waking up to realize the difference between eating to survive and the PHD – proper human diet, which is eating for peak performance.
Every one of us precious little (and not so little) snowflakes is unique.  There is not one perfect diet that works for everyone.
That is the beauty of this movement.  Everyone with an interest in living long and healthy can experiment with their own metabolism.
That is a Libertarian concept.  It all makes sense to Joe and me.  Spock would approve:


Dr. Suzanne Humphries
The world of vaccines and viruses has been around since Joe and I were children.
We have been poked over and over.
Our children were poked, too.
We hadn’t given a thought to the entire modus ponens of vaccinating folks.
We thought that it was medical science, discovered by brilliant dedicated men and women, designed to save us from little nasties we have no natural defense to combat.
Boy, are we re-thinking the entire body of “science” that concerns itself with medicine.
We’re fine with setting bones – it is a mechanical solution, not an invasive chemistry.
Antibiotics, vaccines, the existence of viruses, all those itsy-bitsy entities that you can’t see or feel or communicate with – all leave Joe and I queasy.
There are a cadre of dedicated scientists actually trying to help people.
The problem is, who are they and how do you know?
Dr. Samantha Bailey is one such dedicated scientist.  We have featured her in many past rants.  Indeed, the topic of viruses / vaccines was her presentation included in our Sunday Rant – 2923.  Surprise, surprise – Dr. Sam Bailey doesn’t believe viruses exist!
Well, Dr. Suzanne Humphries has made an in-depth study of the foundational science of vaccinating, of vaccines, and the actual data.
She finds the “science” wanting.
Joe and I listened carefully to Steve Bannon when he said There are no conspiracies but there are no coincidences“.
Then you have Dr. Thomas Seyfreid.  He makes the preposterous claim that cancer cells can only eat glucose.  If you are in ketosis, the cancer dies.  Hold on Jack!  He insists that cancer is a metabolic disorder, not a genetic death inheritance.  All these years.  All those friends and family who died, while the medical community earnestly tried treatments that were focused on the wrong target!!!
We included him in Sunday Rant – 3923.
Joe and I rarely got ill in our past.  A Spring and Autumn cold.  The odd (and even) hangover.
Since adopting a high fat low carbohydrate diet 6 years ago, we haven’t been ill for a day.  We are now 75 years of age.  We watch what we eat.  Maybe on our death bed we will eat a Mars bar.  Until then, sugar shall not pass our lips.
Dr. Humphries has come to the same conclusion about vaccination as Dr. Samantha Bailey.  Doubtful veracity.  Data supporting the doubt.
The following presentation should be seen by all mothers with children.
Note – this is part 1.  Can’t find the next three parts.  To be continued (we hope):


Joe’s Garage

Strange V-8 Configuration
This engine is the brainchild of Deiter Hartmann Wirthwein.
It is a V-8 configuration, but the crankshaft has only one throw with two rods.
Are you curious?
Joe sure as hell was…..
We are not sure of the whys.
It does do away with rod angularity, and most likely has a reduced secondary vibration.  Whether it is a durable design, whose nose?  Whose care?
Joe does.
Strange internal combustion engine designs gives Joe a tent in his pants.
He imagines himself one day inventing a motor that no one else has configured.
Joe was gobsmacked by this arrangement.  Never in a million years….:

Detroit Auto Museum
The history of Detroit in vehicles.
Joe thought he would be more interested than it turned out.
Some of these machines are very interesting.  Others, only because they are “rare”.  That is, some of them are “one of one”, or belonged to some noteworthy individual.
Joe and I liked the storage method.  An inflated bubble – controlled atmosphere.
We can only hope that each of these machines has been excruciatingly documented, because the old run-down warehouse they are housed in looks like an arson’s dream!  Only you can prevent burning down the house of cars:

Daring Rescue
There are so many points of conversation that manifest after watching this video feed from a FOX channel in Louisville KY.
A tractor trailer rig that breached the safety railing on the Clark Memorial Bridge is somehow lodged against an upright, and the tractor dangles high over the Ohio River.
When you watch the entire video, you will see the bridge has a dozen or more emergency vehicles standing by.
The rescuers are using a ladder truck ladder as a gantry to lower a rescue worker to the cab, in order to help the driver get in a harness, then lift her to safety.
Joe says this truck’s fifth wheel is in top shape.  The fifth wheel is the device that connects the tractor to the trailer.  The trailer pin is also in great shape.
Joe and I watched this a few times to ascertain what is holding the vehicle from going over the edge and falling to the river.  If it is the van body of the trailer, then we’d all best get on our knees and thank the designer.  Most van bodies collapse when they tip over!  This trailer seems built of sterner stuff.
Perhaps the undercarriage is somehow jammed against the rail structure.
So far, we haven’t found any video showing how the truck and trailer were lifted back onto the bridge.  We will keep looking.
The facts and video are astounding!
This speaks well of heroes, good will, sacrifice, and proper planning.
How so?
It is a good thing that our town of Vernon BC doesn’t have any bridge over troubled waters, because there isn’t that much emergency and rescue hardware and crews within 50 miles.
Technology makes the world go around.  In fact, technology is what made the modern world.  But it can destroy the world, too.
Joe and I say don’t run with scissors!  Use technology wisely and safely.  By doing so we can have a brilliant world for as long as people exist.
Joe asks how that damn truck could get so far out of its lane, jack, and punch through the railing.  There are more questions than answers.  To be continued:

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Sunday Rant – 0924


Joe’s Comment – Something isn’t kosher.  Is this unrest I feel me and me alone?
Maybe it is the weather.


Charles Murray
Mr. Murray wrote a favorite book we love, “The Bell Curve”.
He is a prolific writer of deep scholarly works.
He was a Libertarian in former times.  John Stossle is one now.  Joe and I are what we call “theoretical Libertarians”.  Let the party begin!
Joe and I thought, along with Mr. Murray, that humanity has a brilliant future.
The seed of doubt has sprouted:


The Culture

Neil Oliver
The wee Scot has a platform.
Is it a ploy on the part of the “establishment” to placate the growing anger about tyranny in all forms that has grown so obvious even the dullest and oblivious among us are asking WTF?
Our respect for Mr. Oliver grows.
May his influence grow and his armor protect his Soul.
His closing statement in the X video below is the key forward:
As the adage would have it, Parliament is afraid of the people once more, all of the people.  This is a good thing“.
The politicians in The West have long ago forgotten who and whom they work for.  Perhaps it has always been a dream; Joe and I have only our short life and what we read or hear to ascertain that a proxy representative can do what thousands, even millions of individuals can’t.
Joe says doing what is best for us and our fellow citizens forces a paradox: believe our lying eyes and act accordingly, or suppress our instinct and do what we are asked.  Recently, what we are commanded.
This does not work for us.  The flower of the Reformation thrives in the fertile soil of the Enlightenment.  The Individual is the key to the door.
These dark times have tested the mettle, challenged the veracity, questioned the worth of Western Culture.
Joe and I say the testing is over.
There is no retreat.  There is no compromise.  There is no forgiveness.
To all those who did what should not have been done; the Piper awaits:

Gavin McInnis
This man is gold.
Joe and I have been a Gavin fan for years and years – he used to be on “Red Eye” (Greg Gutfeld on FOX News) long ago, and made waves then.
Joe and I endorse his opinion below:

Google’s Gemini
This parody is a gem, criticizing Google’s release of Gemini, it’s AI image modeling program.
A Forest Gump misquote is apt – Woke is as woke does:

As we live and breathe, the picture below is Mark Dice.  He did as above.  The argument vs the picture tells the story.  Break out the Clint Eastwood face –


Rob Schneider
Joe and I haven’t been a fan.
Mr. Schneider hasn’t caused a blip on our radar.
However, we do like his crude analogy about so-called “reparations”:

Justice vs Legal

Trucker Boycott of New York
Joe and I stand bemused and befuddled: how could such a blatant perversion of the foundation of the American Republic  – rule of law – ever have occurred?
Donald Trump has been found guilty of “inflating” the value of his assets and properties when applying for credit from financial institutions and investors.  A funny thing!  Not one of the so-called involved parties (banks, property investors, realtors, lenders, etc.) lost a penny.  Indeed, all involved parties declared their satisfaction (even delight) with the fiscal conclusions (everyone was repaid in full), and most expressed a desire to “do it again”!  As the pundits are proclaiming, a crime without victims!
So,  is there a crime?
Joe and I say the obvious: Donald Trump is running for president, and there is a damn good chance he will be elected.
For the progressive Left, that is a heinous crime!
That is something Democrats, some Republicans, and many bureaucrats, judiciary, “Dark State” operatives, executives of the FBI, CIA, and other agencies cannot abide.
Yet every time they force him into court, every impeachment he suffers, his popularity increases, along with his poll numbers.
The forces of evil are becoming more pronounced and obvious in their attempts to end the Trump candidacy as their panic heightens.
This is political perversion.
The only guarantee behind the promise of a “Constitutional Republic” is the reality of a fair and balanced legal system.
If justice is not blind, if it is to be bought and sold to favor one individual or business or entity over another, there is no stability, there is no republic.
Law and justice will then become tools of the political powers in office, who will make legal whatever their motivation or objective requires.
Consider the following –
Joe says whenever he sells ANYTHING, he assesses the value of the item in Joe terms.  That is, does it have a dollar value?  Is the valuation (that Joe decrees – not some judge, not some bureaucrat, not some marketplace) realistic?  Should the sale proceed – i.e., is the timing right, the valuation within market range, the object saleable?  Only then does Joe offer a commodity for sale.  And NEVER at the lowest price he would accept.  It is part of the haggle, the barter, the process.
Everyone has the responsibility to ensure they receive the best price possible for their goods / services; it is not the responsibility of any government agency.
Nor can anyone be forced to pay what Joe asks.  That is the beauty of the “free market”.
Adam Smith wrote the primer for the responsible individual driven commerce of an open market in 1776 – a leap year.  The year of “The Declaration of Independence”.
Open up your copy of “The Wealth of Nations” and see if you don’t agree.
In either case, the following video is a political exploration.
The Democrat party has commandeered the New York judicial system, much to the delight of progressives everywhere, not just in New York City.
After all, to destroy Donald Trump is the mandate; the method ignoble and criminal.
A movement of the mud peckers, the dirt people is stirring.  “We The People”, in the form of truck drivers, have declared this aberration of “justice” worthy of a boycott.
There is a movement afoot that asks truck drivers to boycott loads to and from New York City.  NYC is a big deal.  In a city of 8+ million souls that depends on truckers for 90% of their daily supplies, this could mean privation for some,  tragedy for many.
There are estimated to be 3.3 million truck drivers in the U.S. of A.  The largest single category of workers in the country.  The COVID horse manure and attendant tyranny on all fronts, unconstitutional and not medically required, was lawless, and irritated the living shit out of the average American.
This irritation was felt by truck drivers everywhere.
It is time for the “salt of the earth” to let the elites and masters of everything know who is actually making things work.  Without immense egos.  With no overarching narcissism or psychopathy.  Instead, with the actions of tens maybe hundreds of thousands of hard working people saying this time you’ve gone too far.  There are no blue states, only blue cities.  Their strength of numbers only survives because conservatives have abandoned them to their own.  Goethe said “the coward only threatens when he is safe”.  It is time to make cowards everywhere feel unsafe.  This boycott, if implemented, will start that action:


Donald J. Trump
This video from “Forgotten History“, hosted by Colin D. Heaton, and produced by 10th Legion Pictures, attempts to set the record straight about the political rise and success of Donald J. Trump.
Joe and I agree with his analysis.
We especially agree with Mr. Heaton’s use of adjectives and adverbs that do not disguise his contempt for the violations of the American Constitution, the misuse of and abuses by the judicial system, the betrayal / political use of national security organs such as FBI and CIA, and the blatant abject whoring of and by the so-called Main Stream Media.
In our Mary Popins / Pollyanna view of the world, these aberrations propagated against the foundational organizations of a western civilization simply shouldn’t happen.
Which begs the question: is there anything the corrupt won’t do to gain the power they cravenly seek?  If you can’t win over the hearts and minds of We The People through behavior and honest discourse, is not your pursuit illegitimate?
Joe says if you define the word “evil”, what has happened to Donald Trump is an example, a partial definition.  Further examples such as the COVID fiasco, the financial imbroglio of 2008, the war in Ukraine, the civil rights movement, the “food pyramid”, and many more, it becomes as obvious as the nose on Joe’s face that all is not well, and We The People have been kept isolated from many important facts.  Facts that very well might change opinions and alter perspectives.
This is video I of a series:

This is part II.  More to follow:


Ex-vegan Testimony
The following video from Kent Carnivore is a string of testimonies from former vegans / vegetarians who have realized that a PHD (proper human diet) cannot be achieved by solely eating plants.
As many in the video proclaim, at first the vegan / vegetarian diet made them feel better.  To a person, their diet before was full of carbs and processed foods, seed and nut oils, while lacking any animal sourced nutrition.
After a prolonged vegan / vegetarian diet, the truth will out.  Without supplements there is no way to obtain all essential nutrients.
Red meat is what we eat:

Joe’s Garage

deHavilland Mosquito
This is an amazing story.
Thinking outside the box.
A true “hot rod” – made from plywood, sporting two Merlin engines, faster than fighter planes from either side of the conflict – the Mosquito was an anomaly.
When ultra unique missions arose, the workhorse was often this aircraft.
The deHavilland Aircraft Company outdid itself by building the best multi-role machine during WWII.  Change our mind:

’67 Ford Galaxy 500 XL
Joe is torn.
He loves these old cars from high school days.
But he is seriously not in love with the sycophant from AutotopiaLA – the guy is a suck.  He shall remain a bald jerkoff to Joe.
However, the cars…..
Back in the day, these machines were the bread and butter of FoMoCo.
Today, after who knows how many $$$s, with the attention of true artists, it is a stunning example of what the designers built into the stock machines.
Magic for Joe and me:

A video by Lord HardThrasher that sets the record straight about the Nazi fighter that gets much publicity – the Messerschmidt Me262.
Famous for being jet powered.  Famous for being fast for its time.
According to this video, the negatives outstrip the positives by a large margin.
Joe liked the back story, behind the scenes with the designers, builders, bankers, lawyers, engineers, and many more.  The complicated hierarchies of finance, romance, the Nazi war machine, and enough personal vendettas to keep Shakespeare writing new plays for years, if only he were alive.
Joe and I also appreciate the talent HardThrasher brings with every video – terrific editing, deep research, lots of pictures and movie clips, a fast pace, and an excellent approximation of British dry humor.  More, please!:

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