Remembering Karen Lee Drover

[Date: Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 9:13 AM]


Karen Lee Drover-King died on August 18th, 2011, of complications following a second surgery to arrest the cancer consuming her body.

Karen lived in England since the late ’70’s. She is survived by her husband, Terry King, her child Keith Bell, and her brothers, Dennis and David.

Please forward this note to anyone you know who was a friend to Karen.

Glenn Drover is compiling an album of photographs in her memory. We ask if you have any photographs of Karen, please share them with us – if they are in electronic media send them to either or all of the following –

Dave Drover – DJDrover

Dennis Drover – LADrover

Glenn Drover – Drover.Glenn

If you have prints that haven’t been scanned, please send them to me or call. I will scan them, and return the originals to you. My coordinates are:

D J Drover
617 Decosmos Road
Vernon, BC, V1B 3A9

I remember Karen with love, and melancholy, and regret. Too many years of too little communication and too much distance between us – geographic and world-view. The irony of my lament cuts deep…..

Here is a picture of the Karen I remember. Wistful, pensive, hauntingly beautiful, so young and such promise – what did you see in your future, darling sister?

Your sorrows are past, sis. Rest in peace.

Tuesday – The Case of the Disappearing Summer

[date Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 10:32 AM]


When the weather gets crummy, the political commentary gets going….. Here is a particularly rude image of George Soros from an article arguing that the Oba-maniac is not stupid and is on track with his (master’s) plan –

I’ll take the Bill Clinton route and say “it depends on the meaning of the word “stupid””. The evidence is mounting. The perspective makes ALL the difference. Is there any non-relative observation point to determine the truth? Lucky you! You don’t have to tune in next week to see the thrilling conclusion to the story…… You can, instead, watch the following two videos.

First up, Mr. Bill Whittle with charts and graphs to support his “Rich Man, Poor Man” argument:

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Sunday – a Mid Summer’s Dream

[date Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 8:46 AM]


Every once in a while some excellent news / information / monologue / diatribe streams by on the Intertubes…. Here’s some I found this morning: – Conrad Black on Trudeau – Pat Condell on the riots in Britain – Michael Coren on the riots in Britain – shooting range footage with governor Perry and the PJTV gang

Big day in the sun!

Joe (PC Exempt) Mekanic