Sunday Rant – 3220


Joe’s Comment – Two wonderful Larson frames to bring me back to earth.
I laugh!
No matter how careful and process oriented I am, every day presents unique challenges that often set me back.
Must remember….. one step at a time….. follow the program….. what could possibly go wrong?
Wherever I go, ego.


Quick Dick McDick
This guy is a national treasure.
He loves being a farmer / rancher.
He loves Canada and his home province of Saskatchewan.
He loves kids.
What else is there?:


Joe in Love
What or who could capture Joe’s heart in a matter of a minute?
Why, a straight talking, profane, no-holds-barred woman speaking her expletive-laden opinion.
This young woman is Tina Forte.
She is not impressed by the “leadership” in her state (New York) or the Democrat Party.
In this brief video she has some suggestions for all of them:

Joe says it is true love.
I’m impressed, too.
How refreshing it is to hear her curse and rail against the political tide!
We don’t mind the language, or her energy.
Sometimes a curse word is apropos.


Mask the Mask
Joe and I tell people we see out and about wearing a mask that they are hurting themselves.
We explain that the exhaust from your lungs has 40,000 to 60,000 ppm CO2, depending on how healthy you are, and what your exertion level might be.
When you block your exhaling with a mask covering your nose (and your mouth, if you are a mouth breather), much of the CO2 you tried to expel is re-inhaled.
Not good.
We have seen people driving around in their vehicle, alone, wearing a mask.
Joe says this might be an impromptu IQ test.
I say half the people on earth are below average in intelligence.
Same same.
The good doctor Ted Noel demonstrates just how effective masks are:

The problem with masking (or blocking) your breathing airway has a technical term to describe the effect – “hypercapnia” –

Anyone who has ever worn an over the ear paper style mask for painting or sanding or whatever knows it ain’t a proper respirator.
And the above video demonstrates exactly that.
Tell us again why we are wearing masks?
Joe and I refuse.
No matter what the reason.


Three Little Pigs
Mr. John Branyan tells the fairy tale in Old(er) English:


Joe’s Garage

Joe and I love to listen to opera highlights while working.
We listen to a broad spectrum of other music too, but opera and classical seem to be the foundation of all Western tunes.
While noodling around in YoubeTube we found a “top 10” list of opera arias.
We listened.
We agreed with 6 out of 10.
Joe says we’d rather have a top 50 list.
What say you?:

Of course it is a matter of taste.  And passion.  And foreign language.
Joe says he doesn’t want to know the stories.
He hears the perfection in the voices.
And the musical excellence.
Awesome music from centuries ago.
Madame Butterfly – 1904
Lakmé – 1884
La Traviata (Violetta) – 1853
Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) – 1791
Carmen – 1875
Rigoletto – 1851
Beautiful music, stories of human struggle, tragedy, and triumph.
Before recording technology existed.
Before technology was able to modify voices, or blend musical instruments, or create alien sounds or abilities.
Performed live with orchestras before there were electric lights!
We got so worked up thinking about how brilliant our ancestors were, we listened to another collection of opera arias:

Listen and you will hear many pieces you heard in your past.
Especially if you ever saw a Warner Bros. cartoon (or two).
Great Scott!  Our four or five fathers (and mothers!) were fantastic!

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Sunday Rant – 3120


Joe’s Comment – I find a common thread in the above two graphics.  The fact remains that a person can only make the best choice when they have enough data to do so.  Any effort to misdirect, misinform, parse data, or withhold facts is a very dangerous gambit at national / societal / cultural levels.
I remain unmoved.
If you can’t explain to me in a few short sentences what is up,  I’m libel (been there, done that, didn’t like it much) liable to discredit the explanation, and make judgements.
And like the lady says above…..


COVID-19 Illicit Video
This is the video that has been scourged by YoubeTube and every other lefty progressive hive.
These doctors have first hand experience with the virus.
Their presentation is an important sharing of information.
You will not see this on YoubeTube or the MSM.
The politicization of an infectious virus is evil.
Joe and I tried to find the website of “America’s Frontline Doctors”, mentioned in the video.
The host of their website, Squarespace, closed it down.
However, the video is here at Breitbart, in the event it disappears from below.
Dr. James Todaro is an early COVID researcher who has been very vocal about his discoveries regarding this virus.  His website is MedicineUncensored.  If you have any interest whatsoever regarding COVID-19 you would benefit from lingering on his website to gain some perspective and information simply not available through the “official” media or the “acceptable” social media.
There is a dragon loose in the land:


Dr. Willie Soon
One of our heroes.
Joe and I have reduced the number of posts we make regarding “global warming”, or “climate change”, or any number of impossible to prove arguments foisted on John Q Public as fact.
Because, much like the “Russia collusion” hysteria, the progressive lefty socialist argument has no facts, despite claims to the contrary.
And these people of emotional intellect are akin to Pit bulls: won’t let go once they’ve tasted blood.
Nonetheless, there are warriors athwart the bulwarks.
That means there are people who engage the emotionally charged illogical mob with fact and humor and data and logic in the hope of reasoning with them.
Joe says that is close to the definition of a saint.
Joe doesn’t know diddly about Catholicism:


I’m On the Way to the Promised Land
Joe appreciates a good song when he hears one.
A thousand musicians prove the point:

Or is it two good songs?
Gotta love the enthusiasm and ability and passion:


Joe’s Garage

Electric Hooniganism
Ken Block and Vaughn Gittin Jr. compare notes and drive each other’s creations.
The MachE Mustang (electric drive) has been “Hooned” and it is a monster.
Much more to come Joe says.
Electric motors are awesome, but the elephant in the room is fuel storage (i.e. battery weight vs capacity).
The person or persons who invent / devise / create / spawn a lightweight high energy per unit weight storage device will be rewarded with oodles of $$$ and recognition.
Until then, gasoline and diesel are still the best there is:

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Sunday Rant – 3020


Joe’s Comment – Dan Reynolds captures that moment in these two cartoons, that moment when you realize no matter how in tune you think you are, somehow you’ve missed the boat.   I’ve had that capacity most of my life.
You get used to it…..


Brass Tacks
Time keeps flowing in one direction, never mind how many theoretical universes (universii?) you “believe” in believing exist.
Hope is pixie dust, but it is real.
Along with age (the accumulation of time, stored as memory) should come knowledge.
Along with knowledge (the parsing of what works vs good luck next try!) should come wisdom.
Along with wisdom (the application of knowledge tempered with morality) should come peace of mind.
Somewhere in that illogical logic, the peace of mind terminus has been misplaced.
I haven’t found it, nor has Joe, not for more than a fleeting moment.
More time, more knowledge, more wisdom (please!) is all we know to do.
The moniker we use to describe ourselves and many like us is mud pecker.
Dirt people.
The salt of the earth, the hoi poloi, commoner, proletariat (non-political version), average Joe.
Over the years Joe and I have tried to identify anthems to us mud peckers, most enjoyable in the form of music with potent lyrics.
For years early Robert Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan) words have fit the bill and stood the test of time for us; Blowin’ in the WindThe Times They Are a Changin‘”.
The Bruce Springsteen / Tom Waits version of Jersey Girl definitely fits the mold.
Peter Sarstedt nailed it with Where Do You Go To My Lovely.
Joseph Kilna MacKenzie too, with Sergeant MacKenzie.
Here is one that tops them all.
Greg Holden will forever be remembered for this mud pecker anthem of abandonment and despair devolving to a Phoenix-like peace-of-mind birthing; an affirmation of self:

Joe and I are 71 years along.
The best stuff comes when it comes.
To some earlier than others, to some not at all, which is a tragedy.
We have lived our own version of The Lost Boy.
In the Crescent Heights graduation year book of 1967, we didn’t give any information to include with our picture.
One of the English teachers responsible for organizing the yearbook (we think it was Mr. Thompson) wrote about us “… he is trying to find himself” or some such – can’t validate it ’cause we don’t have a yearbook.
Seems we are still trying.
One thing we know for true is the song chorus –
And I will not be commanded
And I will not be controlled
And I will not let my future go on
Without the help of my soul
Amen brother Greg.


Corona Crap
Joe and I found this video way off the beaten trail…… i.e., nowhere near YoubeTube.
It features a couple of young men from Germany trying to find the COVID-19 surge/pandemic/emergency in Stockholm.
There isn’t any!
As the expression goes in today’s hyper sensitive panic stricken Chicken Little world, WTF?
The main stream media is the enemy:

The rest of the story here.


Mike Pompeo
The current U.S. Secretary of State is a powerhouse.
In our estimation, he is quite clearly the right man at the right time in the right job.
This speech is a strong condemnation of the Chinese Communist Party:


Jericho Greene
What would a Sunday Rant be like without the dulcet tones, the ascorbic biting wit, and the outrageous profanity of the one and only Jericho Greene?
It would be missing Jericho Greene is what it would be.
Joe says it takes a while to “hear” Mr. Greene, but once tuned to his frequency the entertainment alone is worth the time:


Foreign Trump Supporters
A short to the point well spoken criticism of the Democrat / Progressive forces in America, and a comeuppance to the Republican Party past, too.
This man is somewhere tropical and has his head on straight.
Joe asks what does it take for the folks in North America to have the same common sense approach to what is happening?
The answer, my friends, is obvious in other places:


Patrick Moore
A recent interview by Alex Epstein (author of “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels“) with Patrick Moore.
The sound quality is crap at certain times, but overall listenable.
The content provided by Mr. Moore is platinum.
Alex keeps it real:


Intellectual Froglegs
The latest from Joe Dan Gorman.
You won’t find his work anywhere near YoubeTube.
The website is here.
Better every time:


Music, Music, Music
Joe and I are great admirers of the saxophone.
Don’t know why.
It often isn’t the star performer or the diva, but our love for the sax is as rhythm or bass riffery.
In this original rendition of Heat Wave, the sax takes the bass line, repeating simple scale progressions, and Martha Reeves sings her pretty lungs inside out.
The music of the ’60’s was an incredible treat for our teenage ears:

Earlier, in the ’50’s, ma and pa owned and operated a cafe across the street from Ryerson Tech. in New Toronto.  It was called the Campus Grill.  Here’s ma with some happy customers in an early ’50’s Austin convertible –
We remember the jukebox, a late ’40’s early ’50’s Wurlitzer with colorful lights that rotated while the 45’s did a mysterious, magic dance to the platter, then up, up to the tone arm.
That was the dawn of Joe’s mechanical interest:

And the music was wonderful, too.
Full of hope and dreams and good thoughts; even the sad melancholy songs were more wistful than tragic.
Here’s one I loved, still love, and my grandson Rourke loves too:

But wait!
In that small cafe (I’ll be seeing you) when the students left, mom, dad, and we (Joe and I) opened the Wurlitzer, extracted marked quarters (for “free plays”), and played what we, mostly mom and dad, wanted to hear.
That’s when Joe and I heard the fabulous music of the ’40’s for the first time.
An example is the incredible combo of Kitty Kallen singing in front of the Harry James Band:

Joe and I are often engaged in building play lists for our entertainment.
We also build play lists based on specific moods.
Some of our play lists have opera, country, rock, and children’s songs just because…..
In an unfair world, a world where you had to choose between sight and sound, we think we’d go with hearing vs vision.
If we had to choose.


Joe’s Garage

Briggs & Stratton
In 1908, Stephan Briggs and Harold Stratton started a company.
They produced small engines.
Every gas powered lawnmower Joe and I have ever operated or owned had either a B&S, a Kohler, or a Tecumseh small engine.
Tecumseh closed its doors in 2008, although it has had a Lazarus-like rebirth / reorganization (read here).
The Kohler Company dates to 1873, started small engine production in the ’20’s and is still viable.
A few days ago, the Briggs & Stratton company filed for bankruptcy.
805RoadKing is a B&S collector: he has models 100 years old.
He produced a short video to express his sadness at seeing an iconic American company hit the auction block:

Crash Test, You Dummies!
Here are the results from 2020.
According to the engineers, every pick-up large or small needs improvement:

Almost Indestructible
You gotta love the curious mind.
And the scientific method.
And the ability to manufacture products which combine the curious mind’s investigations with the reality of scientific discovery to produce novel man-made (and woman-made too, you feminist dingbats!) items which do NOT exist in nature.
And mostly, you gotta love technology, which delivers the goods.
Here’s a new product, Proteus, which is almost indestructible:

Wrench Monkey
A Canadian version of Rock Auto exists!
The name is “Wrench Monkey Auto Parts“.
Orders over $100 CDN are delivered free in Canada.
Joe needed some parts for a recent addition to the fleet: a 1991 Ford Ranger, 2 wheel drive, 4.0L V-6 engine with automatic transmission.
Almost free!
The two parts we wanted were a Dorman tailgate latch replacement (part # 90699) and Raybestos brake pads.  We phoned the local suppliers – here in Vernon that is Lordco, and another is Gilberts.  We no longer shop NAPA unless desperate.  The brake pads were quoted over $100 CDN, and the latch over $40 CDN at both local sources.  The latch was a 4 to 6 week wait.  Total over $160 CDN before taxes.  Joe has a wholesale account at both places.  Full retail was approaching $300 CDN.
Amazon (Canada) was outrageous.
Amazon (US) was cheap, but expensive shipping.
eBay and Rock Auto ditto.
Enter Wrench Monkey.
The brake pads $65.80, the latch $34.88 for a total of $100.68 CDN, total $105.71 CDN taxes in.  Free shipping.  The down side is a wait for delivery.
Joe spends a lot of $$$ a month on vehicle parts.
Methinks what with Rock Auto, Amazon, eBay, and now Canadian only entity The Wrench Monkey, the “brick and mortar” shops have some hard times coming…..
Joe tries to support local businesses, but when the cost becomes prohibitive, the bottom line is S,S,S.
That is, Sales, Service, and Support.
Our Amazon and eBay experience has given all S’s all the time.
We’ll see with how it goes with The Wrench Monkey.

Sunlight and Health
Joe and I have always been sun worshipers.
Never used sun block or sun glasses.
We admit we over did the sun many many times when not conditioned to intensity in late spring / early summer.
Seems we were on track to be healthy.
Dr. Ken Berry lists 10 reasons to get sunlight every single frickin’ day:

On a parallel tangentially oblique subject, on the 23rd of July we celebrated 2 full years of carnivore eating habits.  No carbs.  No sugar.  Not a vegetable or piece of fruit.  Lots of rib eye and other beef cuts, lots of pork, chicken, cream, butter, and cheese.
Have we “cheated”?  If you mean have we had an occasional beer, yes.  If you mean have we eaten bread or potatoes or rice or fruit….. no.
We are down 65 pounds.  Brain is happy happy joy joy.  Skin tags disappearing.  No meds.  No problems.  All is well.  We are experimenting with adding foods to test body reaction.  Only low carb high fat foods.  Life is good!

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