Sunday Rant – 0219


Joe’s Comment – Elation is a precious common value no matter which species….
Inspiration for a mild but gloomy January.


Changing the Guard
Joe can’t add much to this.
Nor can I.
If the bloke in the street doesn’t see a difference, what is the chance of sanity?

Prager U – Diversity / Affirmative Action
This trend is startling.
And deadly.
The entire BS of diversity is bordering on cultural suicide.
WTF happened to meritocratic selection?
This aberration of thought from the post modern cuckoo brain trust is now forcing diversity consideration as a candidate’s requirement in STEM fields.
You no longer want the most qualified possible candidate for the position?
You DO want a woman or a black or an Hispanic as the primary category for selection?
Who really gives two shits whether women’s studies or cultural studies or lesbian studies are populated via this cockamamie criteria.  None of those “studies” (not disciplines) affects a doG damn thing in the average person’s life.
You want a bridge designed by an average student who’s most glowing endorsement is being an Hispanic woman with bisexual tendencies?
Joe invites the so-called intelligentsia, the SJW army swarming the post secondary institutions, the “movers and shakers” to go fuck yourself.
We shall now calm down, and let Heather MacDonald do some ‘splainin’:


A Wall, Please
Jared Taylor is the spokesman for American Renaissance.
Many progressives believe Jared Taylor and American Renaissance are racist.
Joe and I differ in our appraisal.
Whatever you believe JT and AR represent, we can attest that the information that you find on their website and their YoubeTube channel is accurate.
This video analyses national borders around the world, and some data re: how effective wall vs no wall actually measures up:


Ben Shapiro Interviews Mike Rowe
Joe and I are fans of both of these men.
Ben for his incredible intellect (not so much his wisdom…. yet).
Mike Rowe for his passion for the blue collar people who built North America.
A great one hour discussion:


Israelis As Indigenous People
Joe and I remember a gym class in high school that was loosely based on dancing with the other gender.
The whole concept wouldn’t fly in today’s world.
In our high school years the idea of a dance class where the men danced with other men would have mortified us guys (for the most part).
Joe and I can’t remember ANY of our fellow students who were “gay” (using the queer definition) nor anyone we suspected of being light in their loafers.
There were two male teachers the student body nicknamed Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum.  Whether or no they were actively homosexual Joe and I never knew, don’t know, and couldn’t care less, then or now.
But we digress.
During those most embarrassing dance classes (we desperately wanted to dance with certain of the female students, but our shyness was monumental, and the anxiety level so high that our sweat gland dials were set to perpetual fountain), we remember one song that was used.
This swingin’ version by Ray Anthony’s band, featuring Jo Ann Greer is the popular version from the Way Back Machine®.
Joe and I were so traumatized by the idea of dancing with the young ladies that (believe it or not) we don’t remember the exact version played in gym class, but this version will give you the general concept:

What the hell does this have to do with Israel, Israelis, and the entire pressure cooker of the Middle East?
Glad you asked.
I read Leon Uris’ novel Exodus as a young impressionable teenage me.  Joe read along, wondering where the mechanical story line might cross the romantic.  In those years Joe professed an uninterest in the female gender.  It was a lie.
We, Joe and I, fell in love with the Jewish people and their struggle for autonomy on the reading.
We met some Jewish couples over our time on earth.  Our good fortune was to meet intelligent happy well adjusted people of our own age.  We are biased.
You, dear reader, will then understand our confusion when we read about anti-Semitic groups hating Jews, despising Israel.  We especially balk at national constitutions and (so-called) religious edicts calling for the destruction of the Jewish people, and the state of Israel.
Some of these self-same folks (as a group) once cheered on the struggling new-born state of Israel and the brave determined heroic people planting their flag on a small mostly barren land of desert and heat.
Joe and I don’t understand.
Thanks mightily to Dave Morrison of Blue Collar Logic for making sense of the on-again, off-again, left-foot-in, left-foot-out, hokey-pokey bullshit progressive think behind the entire post modern oppressor / oppressed slight of hand:


Conrad Black
Joe and I appreciate the prose of Mr. Black.
Especially when he is eviscerating the Democratic leadership.
A well written analysis of current American politics here.


Joe’s Garage

Strong, Stronger, Strongest
An informative video listing the 25 hardest / strongest substances known:

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Sunday Rant – 0119


Joe’s Comment – So many problems, so little time.  How do I spend my hours?
You got it.  Pondering the meaningless.  Researching the obscure.  Pontificating endlessly about absolutely insignificant minutia.  Day and night.
And feeling damn spunky about it!


A New Year
Out with the old.
A new beginning, a new chance, an awakening.
A coming back to life:

And a new set of hopes.
A large set – to the power.
Very high hopes:

Bring on 2019.
Take your best shot.
Joe and I are ready.


Prager U
As New Year’s resolutions go, historian Andrew Roberts has a fresh perspective.
If he could have any retro wish, he wishes there was no World War I.
His perception is: without WWI there would have been no WWII, no Russian revolution, no cold war, no millions upon millions dead.
An interesting “what if” thought experiment:


Almost Capitalism
The blog “SlowFacts” has an interesting article that caught our eye(s) titled “Almost-Socialism Is Deadly, While Almost-Capitalism Feeds the World“.
I (and Joe) have been searching for the words for years to explain the “why” while simultaneously and precisely detailing  the “what”.
We have settled on the expression “theoretical Libertarians” as a general description of our political weltanschauung (the “what”), while imprecisely identifying the shortcomings which require the modifier “theoretical” (the “why”).
Mr. Rob Morse nailed it with one sentence: “Your ideal system is a failure if it has to be staffed with angels“.
Q.E.D. – Joe and I smiled biggly.
We have been dancing around this fact with our own limited brand of prose for years, but never getting so clear yet so exact with so few words.
Not satisfied, Mr. Morse does a quantum level improvement in clarity with the very next sentence in the article: “In fact, the best economic system not only withstands corruption but minimizes the harm caused by corruption.”
And therein lies the diamond in the dross, the lodestone of reality, the foundational fact.
As Jordan B. Peterson states about Post Modernism, it is true there are an infinite number of interpretations of the world, but there are only a limited number of feasible, objective, successful paths.
Human behavior is heterogeneous.
We humans come in all flavors, sizes, ages, and degrees of lunatic.
Ergo, the actions and behavior of each human will not be predictable: instead of a single action or behavior there will be a scatter-shot of actions and behaviors across a broad spectrum of possibilities.
Now listen to the analysis by Stefan Molyneaux of a published criticism of IQ by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, and what it all means:

This is an excellent analysis.  Stefan’s smugness and laughter notwithstanding….
Some of the comments below the video are thought provoking and on target.
Joe and I are in accord with his comments about the influence of the European culture, the type of civilization developed by the West, and the relation of IQ (and it’s companion, G Factor) to this amazingly stable, productive, wealthy and wealth generating society.
When you dilute a society by adding people from a different (possibly antithetical) culture, at what ratio is the original society irreparably changed?
Joe suspects the gamut of observations will be from 1 to infinity.
Time will tell if the West will prevail.
In the mean time, Joe and I will watch, ask questions, try to think clearly, and hang on tight.


Government Shutdown
As of New Year’s Day 2019, the American government is still shut down.
But,  against all odds, (as Gomer Pile says)

the World© DID NOT END!
Joe did some research.  The American government shutdown history here.
Joe did some more research, and found a statement by Eatgrueldog from January 2018 that resonates –
Gov’t. shutdown in 3, 2, 1….
Yes, please fucking do
And BTW, you should stay that way
We would all be a lot better off
You bunch of assholes could meet at a motel 6 a couple of times a year  instead of DC to actually do the things that are needed by the people you claim to serve
You are nothing but a lot of self serving power mongers stuffing your pockets at the expense of the real America
Go ahead and shut it down
Or better yet
Maybe we will tear it down
Go fuck your arrogant selves”
Joe observed that sounds about right.
Help us Jesu; humor mutes the pain / anger / frustration –
The Libertarian conundrum is Libertarianism will always be an admirable theory that can never be reality because….. human nature.
You might ponder what the heck (WTF for people on the edge) that has to do with Canada.
Don’t Joe and Dave live in Canada?
The reply is depends.  Yes, we live in Vernon BC.
Wait a minute, Spanky….
Is this REALLY Canada?
We ain’t no longer too sure about that there….
The shenanigans of the U.S. political body is mirrored (weakly and weekly) in our own parliament.
Don’t believe it?
Lots and lots of examples on YoubeTube of our Prime Minister and body politic acting as complete asses while citizens experience increasing duress.  Watch below.
The palace is infested with poor policy and SJW buffoonery:


Racism and Affirmative Action
There is no excuse.
Joe says you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.
Rude, but direct.
If you are going to have a performance biased system, performance might have a slight influence in outcome, da?
And if it is so, wouldn’t the input also require bias toward performance?
An interesting expose of reverse discrimination against potential students applying at Harvard has precipitated a law suit.
An Asian student hopeful must score higher than a white, black, or Hispanic to gain entrance.
Harvard has gerrymandered the entrance qualification criteria.
Joe says that is genuine certified processed bull shit, and so do I.
If you can’t make the grade you don’t make the grade.  See if you agree:

Any person who is admitted in this environment must ask him or her self whether they are worthy.
Nice work, lefty progressive asswipes.  Your continuous efforts to engineer equal outcome invariably results in unexpected negative consequences which you refuse to be responsible or accountable to resolve.
Like we stated elsewhere in this rant, merit is paramount.
All other considerations are decoys.
The question Joe and I have is WTF is the supreme court doing making political dreams a reality?
In today’s topsy-turvy world, Joe and I are definitely racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic….. Hell.  We’re any “ist” or “ic” you find abhorrent!
Joe says wait a minute.
Are we?  Really?
As an example, when we selected a doctor, we did some due diligence to ensure who we chose was well regarded in the profession.  The doctor we chose was the choice of our previous doctor.
We didn’t know anything about him other than reputation and credentials.
Race / color / creed / religion / sex were NOT determining factors.
Competence and performance were the top criteria.
Same with our choice for other services and goods / material providers.
Our ex, Monica, makes the best damn Chinese food we’ve ever eaten.
Joe and I never once worried that she wasn’t Chinese, or demanded that she stop appropriating a culture not her own.
What we DID do was gobble as much honey chili chicken and spring rolls as we could.
Joe says we should now talk about Pygmies, Native Indigenous People, “folks of color”, women, queers, the terminally left-handed, and any  self identified minority group which demands special treatment.
Outside of those so mentally challenged or infirm or aged they cannot take care of themselves, the law and required behavior must be based on the smallest minority, the individual.
The purest diamond in the Western jewel box.


Pat Condell
Insightful, well presented, ascorbic as usual.
Mr. Condell is showing his age, but his spirit and humor are as undaunted as ever:


Joe’s Garage

What’s right and what’s wrong with the Tesla battery car:

Thor Heavy Trucks
A young engineer named Dakota Semler and his business partner Giodano Sordoni have founded a company that produces class 8 (heavy transport) trucks.
Totally awesome!
Joe says if they have solved the energy storage equation (light capacious quick to charge CHEAP energy reservoir) this will be a paradigm shift for short haul heavy transport requirements.
For long haul / remote haul maybe not so much.
Joe says the cab bodywork is truly beautiful to behold:

Radial Engines
Ian Jimmerson has built a wooden model of a nine cylinder poppet valve radial engine.
Joe thinks this is better than sliced bread.  I wasn’t sure until Joe quizzed me and asked, well, how exactly do you cam a nine cylinder 4 stroke engine with 4 intake and 4 exhaust cam lobes?
I was at a loss until I watched these videos.
Mr. Jimmerson, you are amazing!:

Ford Trucks
Joe and I have owned or operated Ford, Chev, GMC, Dodge, and International Harvester light duty trucks.  Joe has wrenched all of them.
We are adamant Ford fans.
Here’s a short GIF that explains some of it –
The Ford in this picture looks to be an early ’70’s F150.  That chunk of trunk must outweigh the truck itself.
Joe reckons the truck was running.  The impact and rebound popped the transmission into gear (Joe assumes an automatic), and maybe put some pressure on the throttle lever (these old guys had rods not cable throttles).
Notice the truck started moving?  We speculate any other brand of ½ ton truck in those years would NOT have survived, let alone moved.
We have overloaded Ford trucks to the degree that we would have been sent to jail if we got stopped.
Tried it with the others.
No contest.

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Sunday Rant – 5218


Joe’s Comment – This GIF pretty well sums up 2018 for me.  All in all, I’ll be happy to start January fresh and perky.  Only two days to relax……


New Year Redux
This coming year will be our 70th gallivanting orbit of the sun.
How far we have come:

All with little no effort on our part.
We (in all humility and humanity) are riders.
Happy New Year is only two days away.
A toast to 2019.
May it be a year of accomplishment, achievement, good health, and good cheer.


Prager U
Joe and I haven’t as much curiosity about why (?) as we have about what(!).
500 years ago Martin Luther pushed a (metaphoric) rock from the top of a (also metaphoric) mountain, causing an avalanche (ditto) which changed the world (the real world).
This particular “what” caused a paradigm shift that had (and still has) world-wide repercussion – the birth of “the West”.
An appropriate time of the year to reflect on the Protestant Reformation.
Usually called The Reformation.
The following Prager U. video with Stephen Cornils of the Wartburg Theological Seminary gives a brief history of the collision of ideas and inventions that precipitated the blossoming of Western culture:


Geert Wilders
A brave heroic Dutchman.
His big mistake was speaking freely.
That lead to he and his family living in safe houses under constant armed protection.
Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for free societies, he spoke about the blight of Islam in Europe, in the West, and in the World.
This presentation from the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s 2018 Restoration Weekend in November at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida.
Joe says his spoken English is getting better every year!:


Joe’s Garage

Holiday Cheer
The original Steve McQueen Bullitt ’68 Mustang GT emerged from the fog of history in 2018.
There were two cars used in the movie.  One was destroyed during filming.  The car in this video is the original un-restored survivor.
The car was purchased in 1974 by Bob Kiernan of New Jersey.  Bob has since passed, but left the vehicle to his son Sean Kiernan.
The car is valued at $4 million USD.  Not a bad return on an initial MSRP of $2,712 USD.  Using an inflation calculator, we calculate that a 1968 dollar is valued at $7.24 USD in 2018 currency.  The original car cost $19,634.88 USD in today’s money (2,724 X 7.24).  ROI is $3,980,365.12 USD over 50 years.  The average return is $79,607.30 USD per year.
Impressive numbers, but….. what if you had $2,712 USD in December of 1967 and invested it then, re-invested dividends, calculated for inflation….. what would you have?
According to the S&P Return Calculator, after meeting the criteria above, the amount invested would have grown 1,359.548%.  That would be $3,687,094.18 USD.  The difference is a whopping $293,270.94 USD.
That’s 6 years + salary in our current retirement income.
If we only knew what we know now when we didn’t……
But we digress.
The question being begged is: WTF car can you buy for $19,634.88 USD today that has the same fun factor as the ’68 Mustang had in it’s day?
Which spawns the corollary question: why the hyper inflation?  A 2018 Mustang GT with V8 engine and standard transmission starts at $35,000 USD base price (before options, delivery, and prep.)  That’s a $15,365.12 USD difference before additional costs (as above calculated ’68 Mustang GT).  Joe says the GD (doG damned) government is responsible for plenty, but that is a topic for another discussion at another time.
Note from Joe: Boys and girls, take it from me: vehicles of all types sizes and function ARE NOT GOOD INVESTMENTS.  For every Bullitt there are ten million (or more) that didn’t make the cut.  Investing in vehicles is as crazy as it gets.  You’d have a better chance of winning a lottery or becoming a rock star.
Enjoy the videos.
First up, Jay Leno drives the 2019 Bullitt and the 1968 Bullitt at the Ford test grounds in Dearborn MI:

Next, the car chase that started the entire love-fest, where Bullitt out-drives the professional looking hit man (who sports a 5 o’ clock shadow and horned rim glasses) and his Nazi looking partner (riding shotgun with a …. shotgun!):

If you did that now in San Franwacko there wouldn’t be enough safe spaces or EMT teams to handle all the offended.
Joe says get on with it, for that is a very good idea!

Bicycle Paradigm Shift
Who thought the tried and true mechanics of a bicycle needed improvement?
Take a gander at this video (thanks Daniel J.):

Joe says innovation knows no bound.
Joe also says this will solve the greasy chain problem, but you can still wrap your pant leg in the gear drive without a sprocket guard.
The super tech bicycle has spokeless wheels and tubeless tires and carbon fiber frames and chainless drives and disc brakes and shock absorbers……  What next?

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