Sunday Rant – 2421


Joe’s Comment – This week has been a cluster of lost time and maligned effort.  In retrospect, I would have been farther ahead by behaving as the two old timers in the graphic above.  I can’t explain it away.  It wasn’t for lack of trying.
The look on my face at the end of this week is captured perfectly by the screwed image.  Oh well, what the hell!
I’ll try a new tactic this week…..



Dr. Patrick Moore
This rant will always honor the words of Dr. Patrick Moore whenever he blesses the world with another presentation.
Dr. Moore is not a “one trick pony”.
He is a rarity; a thinking man.
One thing he thinks about often is sustainable environmentalism.
This presentation is recent and a great pleasure to watch:



COVID Blah Blah

Canadian Fighters
The link to this video came from David S. (thanks muchly Dave!).
What a fresh breath of air in Oh! Canada.
The first time Joe and I have listened to Laura-Lynn Thompson and our impression of her warrants further listening, maybe even adulation.
This is the sort of information people need.
The short clip of Bill Marr, vampire of the leftist idiology, was worth the price of admission.
Also found in this one hour extravaganza is Michael J. Matt, and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich.
And the Kelowna businessman Steve Merrill, who has barred anyone from his business who wears a mask and/or has had the “vaccination” (at approx. 30:45 minutes).
Laura-Lynn is a Christian.  Not a reason to discredit her.
Joe and I say Jesus is just alright with we (Doobie Brothers reference).
We aren’t vindictive.  Well, Joe might be a bit…..
It has crossed our mind that we will not associate with those who have been vaccinated either.  Not so much an IQ test as a health risk.
Vaccined folks sloughing off those spiked proteins might compromise our personal environment:

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi
This man is a medical doctor, a Professor Emeritus of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Former Chair, Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene.
He is in the good company of Dolores Cahill, Ivor Cummins, and many others who have been swimming upstream against the tsunami of gobbledygook pressuring everyone to take a “vaccine” that is not a vaccine.
Dr. Bhakdi has been saying so, with conviction and passion, for over a year.
Joe and I featured three interview videos with him in Sunday Rant – 5120.
He is adamant that you DO NOT “VACCINATE” CHILDREN.
If an adult person chooses to take this experimental injection after watching the good doctor explain what happens in your body, you might be a fool, but you are perfectly free to do so from our perspective.
Second time around, the attack on your veins and arteries goes through the roof.
Third time is a charm.  From the Grim Reaper.
Dr. Bhakdi believes the risk of death that accompanies a third go-around is so significant, and so obvious to a learned person, that legal action is justified.
Watch and learn:

How is a mud pecker like Joe and me going to verify this information?
The short answer is we cannot.  (Patrick Moore reference “Fake Invisible Catastrophes“).
What to do?
Look for more data.
Here is a video from Alex Pierson‘s “On Point” show, interviewing Dr. Byram Bridle, Professor of Virology at University of Guelph, Ontario, Oh! Canada.
What Dr. Byram is saying supports everything that Dr. Bhakdi says.
So tell me, Wise Ones, the world didn’t listen to Dr. Bhakdi because he’s brown?
Or because the holy dollars will stop flowing?
There are some folks that actually know their subject.
Alex Pierson takes the cake.  Or might be she is a kak.
Dr. Bridle prefaced his remarks with a serious warning.  He is a repeat interview, with credentials up the wazoo (quote from Scotty Kilmer).
He follows Ms. E. Thrasher’s advice (“Drover, tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them”).
Dr. Bridle then proceeds to explain why babies on breast milk of “vaccinated” mothers are having internal bleeding problems, young folks may be rendered infertile, blood clotting is very possible.  Just as Dr. Bhakdi says.  And Dolorez Cahill says.  And Ivor Cummins says.  Check out the “Great Barrington Declaration” – 850,000 signatories.  Not a consensus, a warning!
Back on track.
Dr. Bridle is on air telling folks “the English are coming!” in his best Paul Revere imitation.  Or is it “Achtung!  Spitfire!”?  No matter…..
Good old Alex….. she says make it quick, I’ve got a commercial break that I can’t….. break, that is….. dollars rule (overtones of “The Ballad of Jed Clampett” and the Cathy Newman interview of Jordan Peterson).
Joe says people are strange (Doors reference).  People won’t believe what is happening until the correct people say so.
Is there any hope?:

Pharmacology 101
The challenge is to name these pills!
Joe and I don’t have a clue (we take no medications and we’re ignorant about pills in general), but we thought it appropriate to have this in the COVID segment:



Dr. Shawn Baker
The life of a cow, or beef cattle, or sheep, or chicken is finite.
The vegan warriors constantly harp about inhumane treatment of animals we raise and consume as food.
The alternative is something the VW’s don’t mention much – what if these animals had to survive in Nature™?
That, dear Watson, is un autre image.
Dr. Baker, with the help of Iowa Dairy Farmer, explain:

Farming has come a long way since Joe and I visited Grandma Winniski’s farm in Ituna SK way back when (first visit approx. 1951, second visit approx. 1957).  On her farm (no running water, no electricity, outdoor plumbing, a wood stove for cooking and heating water, one fireplace in the parlor), there were no self-propelled machines.  Hay was cut, stooked, and delivered to the hay barn by wagon or “stone boat“, then winched into the loft by hand.
Here’s a picture from family memorabilia –
A bit blurry.  That’s dad with a pitchfork filling the loft with hay.  Circa 1957.  The animals were tended by hand, and well cared for, because they provided brute strength for pulling wagons and implements, provided transportation, provided food, provided dairy.  The following video shows dairy farming on a large scale almost 70 years later.
The Iowa Dairy Farmer has automation.  The following video describes and shows how the “Lely Vector” automatic feeder mixes feed in the “kitchen” and delivers it to hungry patrons patiently waiting in air conditioned pens:

Joe and I watched closely.  We didn’t see any bovine protesters.  No signs on sticks.
What we saw was a form of herbivore Heaven.  All the yummy nutritious food you want when you want it.  Get milked when you feel the urge.  Shelter from the elements.  No noxious insects.  No horny bulls…..


Joe’s Garage

Josh Blue is a special comic.
He is funny, and up-beat, and physically disabled.
His affliction is cerebral palsy.
We laughed so hard there were tears.
The world needs more people like Josh Blue.
Not handicapped you fool, but optimistic and happy.
Here’s Josh Blue explaining how being disabled has it’s perks:

Another, because he’s so damn good:

One more.  Then it’s time to be productive:

We lied.  Best one yet:

Saw Gymnastics
Talking about special abilities, take a gander at this enterprising construction worker.
Instead of ripping one sheet at a time like a normal norb, check out this solution:

Tick Season
The Ub2b channel zefrank1 (that there is a play on words) has some marvelous and interesting videos to watch.
The following is from the “True Facts” series.
It is tick season here in the Okanagan Valley.
A humorous and disgusting video about the deadly little bastards seems apropos:

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Sunday Rant – 2321


Joe’s Comment – My week has been all three of these cartoon cliches; a triple crown.
Some success.  Some failure.  Some undecided, unfinished, indeterminate, some frustration.  The above sequence is about right.  I entered the week with a veritable mountain of tasks and promises to keep.   As the Doug Savage cartoon suggests, changing my outlook and attitude and perspective might be beneficial: a philosophical pause to reflect and adjust.  A goal reassessment.  Alas, too damn busy to see and seize the opportunity to change.  The final cartoon suggests I might be operating in a “fight or flight” stress laden personal environment of too many promises and not enough time to deliver.  Too busy to be open to fresh ideas, too preoccupied to work hard and work smart.  Too head down, too nose to the grindstone.
Perhaps a cup of cream with some hot tea might help…..


Saskatchewan’s ambassador releases a new video most every Monday.
Here is the latest from Quick Dick McDick:


Talks We Appreciate
Two great Canadians, Jordan Peterson and Rex Murphy, had a delightful conversation about life and times.
Joe and I have marveled at Mr. Murphy’s verbosity in the past.  How a man can have so many words eruct from his mouth like foam from a rabid dog, yet make perfect sense, amuse, and communicate so efficiently is some sort of audible oral miracle.
You can tell that there is mutual admiration, more than camaraderie, and a shared understanding of the obsession to better oneself.
While listening, we gave a real workout.
We enjoyed this conversation immensely:



Weekly COVID Detritus

Epoch Times
Joe and I support the Epoch Times.
We have been reading their Internet content for well over a year, and they speak truth – confirmed by time and events.
Joe says they ring the bell more frequently than any other main stream or semi-main stream “journalists” do.
Before discussing the article in question, which delves into the Canadian and U.S. government involvement in the level 4 virology lab in Wuhan China, we would set the stage with a few quotes attributed to Winston Churchill.
People in general have some quirks.
Believing without verifying is such a quirk.
How do folks spin the wheel of belief and blindly accept the pointer’s chance selection?  We’re sure there is a lifetime of psychology and behaviorism study required to answer that simple question.
Joe and I think these two lovely German expressions cover a whole lot of the reason – Weltanschauung and schedenfreude.  But we can’t eliminate the cognitive dissonance that assaults everyone everyday from every direction.
COVID-19 was a lie that went twice around the world assisted by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).  Will the thrice attempt be stymied?
Despite the protestations of many “professionals” who actually know about viruses and research and the scientific method (we put professionals in quotes, because if “Dr. Fauci” is a professional, there is something seriously wrong with that moniker), the governments of the world, for some reason or set of reasons, ignored the facts set before them.  Or, disallowed the facts to be heard.
The truth about COVID is precipitating from the maelstrom of opinion generated with and without the help of real science, real data, real experiment and testing.
Some entities have been shouting the truth since the beginning, but their voices were drowned by the hierarchy of authority and power.  The MSM has been complicit in spreading lies, maliciously.  The complicity of China via the CCP, the lies, deception, and aggressive tyranny of government, especially in the West (their panic means abandon the law at the first “opportunity”), the agenda of the MSM to spread lies, deceive, and character assassinate with informal fallacy, all these things take a toll.
You must ask yourself….. why?
Joe and I certainly did.  We don’t like the “box canyon” conclusion we are galloping toward.  Something evil is loose.  There be dragons…..
This last statement from Churchill is the most chilling.  The truth about COVID has been attended by an immense bodyguard of lies and liars at a global level, across all levels and strata and castes in the culture(s) around the world.
Truth and deception have been sisters.  Think the ugly step-sisters in Cinderella, the ugly sisters in Shrek, think Cain and Abel.
Our conclusion, if Mr. Churchill knows that of which he speaks, is we are at war.
Next big think is….. who are we, and whom exactly are we at war with?
This is our lede into the Epoch Times article about Canada’s involvement with the Wuhan level 4 virology lab.
The article is here.
Canada – not Joe and me and millions of mud peckers – but the Canadian government, is impugned, as is the NML.  Along with the U.S. government, the W.H.O., the American NIH and NIAID, and most glaringly, the WIV.
Lots of acronyms.  They are all spelled out in the article.  Take the time.
There are parliamentarians and elected officials challenging the official narrative all over the West and (we presume) the world.
Joe and I reiterate – viruses are immensely older than humans.
The relationship is complex and “eternal”, assuming humans will endure – it is a certainty viruses will.
When the Nazi Scientists© of the world (they’re everywhere, they’re everywhere!) peek under doG’s skirt, the consequences can be dire and terminal.
Or they can be enlightening and beneficial.
Perhaps they can be both.
The big question is how do you direct, if you can’t control, the brigade of Nazi Scientists©?
Joe wonders if they’ve tried PopTarts…..

Ivor Cummins
An update from an engineering mind.
Ivor is refreshing.
He is Irish (as is Dolores Cahill), listening to his voice is a pleasure, but most importantly, he analyses data.
How quaint.
He has iterated and reiterated the facts for well over a year.
Mud peckers like Joe and me are listening.
We pay bloody close attention with all ears and eyes on war emergency power setting.
Why the intense concentration?
Because we have a dog in the hunt – our admittedly worthless carcass is, after all accounts considered, is our worthless carcass.  A gift from our creators.
This is serious stuff.
Serious, but simple as this – our mom and dad created our life.  Brought us into existence.  Not out of thin air; normal biology at play.  Our assumption, otherwise accusations and aspersions of doG complex will ensue.
Next step, after creation, my mother allowed me to be born (maybe de rigueur at the time, but consider Roe vs Wade and the cumulative toll to date of anguish, misery, death).
The point we are laboring (birth pun right there) is captured nicely, if not succinctly, by the Bon Jovi song “It’s My Life“.  A quote from same –
We are indeed, with copious trepidation, “standing our ground” – if our life isn’t our life, then who in green acres’ life is it?  Serious question.
Joe goes further and says f**k “common good”, f##k government, f&&k coercion – there are only individuals.  Without accurate data how can people make decisions (good or bad)?
Enter the dragoon – Ivor Cummins.  Armed with wit, intelligence, good will toward fellow men (and women, too), armed with data and statistics and a steady hand on the reins.
Found on Ub2b.  Danger of limited shelf life:


Humor Intermission
The Internet is a fabulous resort.
Joe and I visit every single day.
It is also a practically infinite resource.
For research and news and technical information.
And entertainment.
We like music and learning and art and movies.
We also like humor.
This understated comedian makes us grin and snort and laugh out loud.
Here is a half hour with Chad Thornsberry:


Joe’s Garage

Space X
Another successful launch – 17 launches this year to June 3rd.
That’s an incredible 3 per month!
Another successful recovery of the first stage – a first for this particular first stage, and the 86th successful recovery.
This is the 22nd cargo resupply mission to the ISS for Space X.
The numbers of successful launches and landings are increasing and impressive.
Joe says it will never be less than a spectacular achievement.
I say the cows in the field and the monkeys in the jungle have no idea……

Music Stuff
Why 12 Notes?
How did Joe and I escape learning any music theory?
Was Mrs. Kennedy (grade 7) remiss in her curriculum?
We think not.
It was a flaw in our character – Joe and I concur.
But, it is better late than never.
This young fellow, David Bennett, made a video we found helpful.
Our interest is piqued when the physics / math of music is analyzed.
With much sorrow we realize we may never sing with the Angels, but perhaps will appreciate their harmony even more:

Music Make-up
Who knew?
Is this putting lipstick on a pig?
Joe and I had no idea about the natural and electronic methods of producing and/or controlling reverberation in respect to music, instrumental or vocal.
When we listen to a philharmonic orchestra or a Pink Floyd concert, Joe and I are flummoxed at why we have never considered the effect of the space.
An interesting video of many different sound enhancers / modifiers that we have undoubtedly heard in the popular music we listen to and enjoy.

Veni Sancte Spiritus
From a time of Crusades.
A Templar chant.  “Veni sancte spiritus” means “Come holy Spirit”.
Very powerful.
Very soothing.
Joe says it is music we could perform, or delude ourselves we could.
From a Ub2b channel called “Adoration of the Cross“, where Chants Are Us:

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Sunday Rant – 2221



Joe’s Comment – I’ve been replacing the engine in a ’72 Ford F100 XLT Ranger for a while now.  The old engine came out almost a month ago.  The three possible replacement engines quickly became a choice of one.
Then there was the brake issue.  And the carburetor issue.  And the 14 year old 1/2 tank of gas to pump out issue.  And lots more issues, too numerous to enumerate.  I’d like to get on with the other 30+ projects in the yard, but the shop is full of this –
Maybe this week will be the ticket…..



Quick Dick McDick
Well, QDMcD really did it this time.
This man should be running the country.
Strike that thought – he’s doing great work as Canada’s and Saskatchewan’s ambassador of common sense and good will.
He’s a little off key (like many of us), but right on time.
Musically too:


Eva Vlaardingerbroek
That is quite a handle to read.
Joe had to sit down and rest after trying to pronounce it.
Despite our puny attempt at cultural humor, we think this young woman will be a force to reckon with in coming years.
Joe and I will add her to the short list of folks we access to hear about the death of European culture.
Her challenge to European governance will be delivered through the Ub2b channel “Riks“.
What is special about Eva Vlaardingerbroek?
She is Dutch, living in Sweden.
Her English is very good.
She is anti-woke, anti-feminist, and pro West (as the West once was, and still is in many minds – not as it is declining into).
This video is her Riks introduction to her platform, which is a program called “Let’s Talk About It”:

The following video is her “red pill” moment discussion, from episode 2:

We also found her on BitChute, but not to the extent of the Ub2b Riks channel.
Nothing in Rumble.
Joe and I are white and heterosexual and male and old; all the things the Woke like to hate.
We have an affinity to and for Europe.
Although we have never been there, our family lines, both paternal and maternal are of European origin.
Because of our own limitations (we speak a primitive form of English and try to write it too), it is a treat to find European news that we can understand, outside of England.
Blame it on the Bossa Nova.




Dolores Cahill
Professor Dolores Cahill is interviewed by Mike Ryan of Asia Pacific Today.
This is the latest Joe and I could find from this renowned virologist.
The camps are divided.
Joe and I will NOT take this “vaccine”, for it is not a vaccine.
We refuse to participate in this world-wide guinea pig “trial” of an unproven biological technology.
Others we know have taken the “Fauci prick”, and are anticipating their second course.  (Joe says “Fauci prick” is a double entendre).
Professor Cahill is the president of The World Doctor’s Alliance (150,000 medical professionals), and president of The World Freedom Alliance (110 countries).
She is vehemently opposed to this pogrom undermining the health of the People.
She believes this world-wide effort to vaccinate everyone is immoral and illegal, the coercion is inhumane, and she is working diligently to stop it through information sharing, organizing, and through the legal apparatus.
Joe and I listen to her.
Christ on a Moped, she’s a fan of Dr. Patrick Moore!
That’s enough for us.
We will go with the science, so bring it on!
Let free speech, debate, and data lead the discussion:

Hidden Agenda?
Dr. Peter McCullough is interviewed by Tucker Carlson.
The good doctor talks about treatment.
And the two papers he and colleagues published about their COVID data analysis that are the most referenced in the world.
He seems a very decent sort, with an ethical backbone.
It is very hard for him to even suggest there is some political hanky-panky pulling the strings on the “you’re all gonna die if you don’t do as we say” puppet show:

Here is the same interview on BitChute (for posterity, and because Ub2b):

Tucker Carlson
Joe and I think Mr. Carlson cannot last much longer at Fox News.
Fox has turned hard left from our perspective – we saw it happening a step at a time since the Murdoch boys took over their dad’s toy.
In the following short segment from Wednesday evening’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” program, he manages to expose Fauci (aka Fraudci) for the despicable political serpent he is, cast aspersions on the Biden Administration for protecting China, prohibiting an on-going investigation into COVID-19 origins, and for ignoring their own “subject matter experts” by keeping them ill advised.  All while presenting the work of others with no dog in the hunt in a positive light.
Not bad for 10 minutes work:

Angela Lanyon’s COVID Experience (to date)

Mrs. Lanyon is 90 years old.
She became a teenager during the Second World War.
Her husband died when she was 36, leaving her with 3 boys to raise, alone.
In a declining England.
She is not rich, or powerful, or “important”.
Joe says she’s an honorary mud pecker – a person doing the best she can in difficult times.
I think she’s well above average.
She is not afraid of COVID, and her memories are a danger to the powers that be, the powers imposing draconian measures to “manage” a slightly nasty flu virus.
She knows what life was like then and now.
She is cognizant of the imposition on free will and liberty.
AJ Kay interviewed Angela.  The bits of the interview can be read here, at Collateral Global.
Here is a quote that we found most poignant, very human –

I do know three people who have died.  They were all very old, they all had something else wrong with them, and they all caught it in hospital.
I know it sounds awfully hard, but if you’re old and you’re sick, you’re going to die, and trying to keep people alive indefinitely is not necessarily a kind thing. Especially when keeping them alive requires social isolation. Social isolation is horrible.  We used to put people in solitary confinement for punishment. Now they put them in to protect them. It doesn’t make sense. I dare say, in the times to come, people will look at this as a form of physical abuse, just the same way they did when we were chaining up mentally ill people in the 18th century. It’s abuse and neglect.
I have one friend who is in a situation like me; she lives on her own and she hasn’t seen anybody.  She has been completely left alone. And since she was supposed to be specially shielded, they just would leave a parcel of food at her gate once a week. Now, if that isn’t abuse and that isn’t cruelty, I don’t know what is.”

Joe and I are 72 years and counting.  Angela’s words ring loud and true to our ears.  The meaning of life is not to stay alive at any cost, for all lives end.
That is a waste of time.
We all know that life’s end starts at our birth (Roger Whittaker ref. “The First Hello, the Last Goodbye“).
Strip away the qualities that make human existence divine, to constrain dimension, curtail emotion, abandon freedom, isolate and divide – all to prolong life – is to reduce human existence to a simple measure of endurance.
Life is precious and rare (nowhere else in the known universe), simultaneously ubiquitous and common.  A bit conundrum-ish, or conundrum-y.
We side with Angela.  Freedom is a personal metric.  Age brings experience, and if you are lucky, wisdom.  At 90 years of age, if Angela be of sound mind and sound body, are not the choices of how to live her choices alone?
Another quote from Angela about civil liberties denied –

I’m very concerned about what are known as civil liberties – and you’re very hot on civil liberties in America, and quite rightly so, and once you lose them – and we did lose them and are losing them – it’s very difficult to get them back.
My husband fought in the war, and he didn’t fight for me to be locked up.”

Her personal feeling about the reaction by government to the “pandemic” is skepticism, and her reflection on the damage done is sobering –

I think it was a whole load of rubbish, to be honest. Because older people ought to be able to make our own decisions. This is what democracy’s about, isn’t it? Why am I not allowed to decide what is right for me? I’ve lived this long. You’d think I could manage.  The feeling that I couldn’t actually contact my children and I couldn’t cuddle them, and I couldn’t put my arms around them, and no one could put their arms around me was unbelievable.
I get a bag of books from the library once a month because, of course, I can’t get there now. One time, the library lady delivered them and was standing on the path and I was standing in my doorway. Along came a police car and it stopped and watched us until she went away. I think that’s awful.
There are lots of freedoms and civil liberties for which people have died, not just in this last war but in wars reaching back a long time ago.  It goes all the way back to the Magna Carta. Those principles are what I’m afraid that we have forgotten in this country, and I wonder if we should ever be free again. We are not being governed by elected representatives.  We are being governed by so-called ‘experts’, who are medical experts, and they don’t even agree with each other.
The Witchcraft Act, which was enacted in year 16-something, was not repealed until 1954. That’s a long time to have an Act there.  How long are we going to hang on to this one before we can have our lives back? How long until people start demanding them back?  What’s even more frightening is that we have willingly given them up. And this is such a huge mistake.  A huge mistake.
And I think we will regret it in future years.”

The sentence in bold above is our insertion.  The f-ing police watching a 90 year old woman talking to a library book deliverer with what particular intent?
Our heart goes out to Angela.
She is writing the last chapters of her life.
The intrusion of government bureaucratic heavy-handed tyranny shouldn’t have a role to play.  Life is hard enough without dangerous and stupid twats meddling about.

Kary Mullis (R.I.P.)
The PCR test (polymerase chain reaction) is NOT valid to determine COVID illness, or any other illness.
Says who?
Says Kary Mullis, who won a Nobel Prize for his invention of the PCR process.
Celia Farber is a journalist who happened to interview Kary Mullis years ago.
You can read her article about why she knows Kary Mullis would NOT endorse the use of PCR testing for COVID here.
She quotes Dr. Mullis saying “Scientists are doing an awful lot of damage to the world in the name of helping it. I don’t mind attacking my own fraternity because I am ashamed of it.” –Kary Mullis, Inventor of Polymerase Chain Reaction
Ms. Farber says “True “science” (the nature of the natural world) is never bad news. Globalist science is nothing but bad news.”
Follow the link.  Read Ms. Farber’s article.
You will be better informed for doing so.
Here is Celia Farber in two videos with more information about COVID and the “mysteries surrounding it”:


Jason Siler
The city of Chicago has a radical black lesbian feminist as mayor.
Her name is Lori Lightfoot, and she’s a humdinger extraordinaire (heavy sarcasm alert).
Joe says she’s scary looking, too.
Ms. Lightfoot has a habit of making headlines with poor legislation, politicization of racism, ignoring facts and data and science; she’s an angry mess of a fearless Democrat leader.
Her latest crusade, her latest gaff, is decreeing there are not enough black journalists at City Hall.
Joe says using that logic, Chicago needs a ton more white murderers and assorted criminals.  Maybe adjust the Bears (football) and Bulls (basketball) and Blackhawks (hockey) populations accordingly.  We aren’t familiar enough with the philharmonic or opera company to make a comment.  Our conjecture is that UofC might need a bunch more black folks to adjust their population demographic.
Joe considers her to be a silly twat, which is strong language for Joe.
I, on the other hand, will keep my own counsel.
Jason Siler, of Blue Collar Logic takes her actions and logic apart.
You might feel the onset of schadenfreude.  Dismiss that feeling; Ms. Lightfoot believes she is noble and righteous.  She just doesn’t see things the way we do:


Alex Epstein
Mr. Epstein is a philosopher.
We have featured him interviewing Dr. Patrick Moore as recently as Sunday Rant 2021.
He was given an opportunity to address the American Congress.
This is his 5 minute presentation, given to Congress on 19th May, 2021, and posted to Ub2b on the 26th of May, 2021.
You can read his testimony here.  We post both because Ub2b.
His website is called “EnergyTalkingPoints“:


Musical Interlude

Lanie Gardner has a terrific voice.
She appears to be an amateur.
I had to listen to Stevie Nicks right away to figure if it was a pantomime or lip-sync.  Stevie has an interesting vibrato.  Lanie does a fabulous cover with no obvious “chemical assistance”.
Joe wonders if it is the cranberry juice that gives her that amazing clarity.
We both raised our eyebrows at the total views – over 16 million!
A DuckDuckGo search revealed her version of Dreams has been viewed over 44 million times across social media platforms.
Seems Joe and I have popular taste, for Lanie’s version is every bit as good as Stevie’s:

Total views is a magnetic indicator – does it denote quality or talent?
Here’s a little song that was recorded by “The King” over 50 years ago.
Some smartypants (his estate?) posted it to Ub2b in 2013.
It has been viewed over 282 million times.
We had a cousin Jackie who was completely stricken with Elvis fever.
Joe and I understand:

Another dead guy who made a huge impact with his powerful lyrics and unique delivery.
If you thought Elvis’ total views was impressive, check out this John Denver classic – over 372 million views.

The above Elvis and John Denver songs are posted on Ub2b channels, and their total views were garnered over 8 years.
Here’s an impressive total – over 243 million in under 5 years.
Joe and I are responsible for at least a dozen (maybe more) of those views:

We had a think….. what are the biggest numbers?
We had another think….. do the big numbers count for anything other than a big number?
So we asked a question or two, and got an answer or two.
Here is a Ub2b video that counts down the top 30 “most viewed” videos as of December 31st, 2019.  We watched the countdown for as long as we could stomach.  The number Uno, the Big Cheese, the Top Dog (et cetera) was a song called “Despacito” by a Louis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.  A blend of salsa and latin rhythms.  Sit down for this – 6.5+ BILLION VIEWS.
Joe and I have never heard it.  It is not memorable.  It is full of people and movement and not much talent or message.  WTF is wrong with them?  Or is it Joe and me…….
We looked it up as of today, 30th May, 2021.  An astounding 7.3+ BILLION VIEWS!!!  We thought we should watch the entire video…. and here it is:

The song is sung in Spanish.  The English translation reinforces what we suspected from watching the video: it is banal and sexually charged.  All the happy boys and girls are horny.  Joe says low IQ stuff.  I say the average IQ of the world population is approx. 88 based on the info here.
The prison population of America has an average IQ approx. one standard deviation below average.
Joe and I have concluded that the most popular song on Ub2b (by views) is “thug music”.  And we admit, the women in the video are very appealing – healthy, sexy, perhaps fast too! (a Gordon Lightfoot reference).
We are too tired and lazy tonight.
We’ll have to find out the truth at a later date.
We expect there is a connection between IQ and music preference.
And that my friends makes us a RACIST!!!


Joe’s Garage

Dr. Pran Yoganathan
Joe and I always like to learn a bit more about our four or five fathers.
You know, the early people that we came out of millenia ago.
The following video is a presentation made by Dr. Yoganathan about his expertise: the human gut.
Who knew?
Evolution has been kind to us humans:

Tim Allen
Joe and I have been fans of Mr. Allen for decades.
“Last Man Standing” was especially meaningful to us, although his early stand-up comedy set the bar quite high.
An honorary mud pecker.
We also have great respect for Hillsdale College, a bastion of conservative based education.
Tim Allen gave the commencement address this year, the 169th commencement at Hillsdale.  Joe and I think it touched his soul:

Joe and I stumbled upon this interesting graphical representation of what atoms look like.
Of course, they don’t look like this at all.
But if they did, this is what they would look like.
Having cleared all that up, there are more interesting videos about physics at the Ub2b channel created by Henry Reich – MinutePhysics:

Next Generation Space Station
Joe Scott gives a brief history of man’s success in building habitats in orbit around the planet.
Then he discusses known future projects and plans to expand into space from all the major players and prospective others.
Joe and I wonder what our blood pressure would be living with the best damn view in all the universe?
Mr. Scott has a Ub2b channel  – “Answers with Joe“:

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