Sunday Rant – 1924


Joe’s Comment – A good week has passed, and is dutifully recorded.
I didn’t realize how much I was longing for fair weather until this week when the sun came out to play and the temperatures soared.  Last night we left the doors open with only screens keeping out the riffraff – nobody froze to death; the furnace did not start.  That is an annual ceremony – I can shut down the heating unit until the late fall (I hope).
On Saturday afternoon, I sat in a chair in the front yard in the sunlight for two hours.  That act was the most cathartic deed I have done this year.
My body relaxed.  All thoughts left my mind.  I dozed.
A warm peaceful calming.
I washed my feet in cold outside tap water – turned on to celebrate true Spring.
I drank my fill from the hose bib.
All I need in the yard is a very large rock or bolder to lie on when the sun shines.
My summer persona, my avatar, is grinning lizard.
All good reason the grass has not been cut yet this year.
Beside the fact all six riding mowers are U/S.
Back to Nature is my new motto…..
AKA lazy ass when the sun shines.



Rex Murphy (R.I.P.)
Joe and I feel the loss.
Way back in the day we used to listen to the CBC specifically for the Rex Murphy “Cross Canada Check-up” program, which he hosted for 21 years.
He was a Canadian icon, the Stompin’ Tom Connors of Canadian journalism.
His quick wit and ascorbic commentary was interspersed with an impressive vocabulary and an equally impressive verbal diarrhea.
A native son of Newfoundland who became the sane consciousness of Canadians for decades.
Joe and I admired his history of promoting the western provinces, especially Alberta.
A real Canadian hero has passed.

Quick Dick McDick
A twofer this week.
The annual Quick Dick salute to mothers everywhere, on this Mother’s Day
He reminds me of some friends who couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket…..:

The second video is more pleasant to the ears – no singing.
Another lesson from Canada’s and Saskatchewan’s agrarian ambassador to the world.  Quick Dick explains the importance of restorative agriculture.
The connection between grass and ruminant herbivores is the key to healthy land.
There is sane and responsible husbandry of the land.
Unfortunately, Big Agriculture and Big Government are not the source:

Viva Frei
Joe and I are changing our mind.
At one time, we thought this mincing pearl clutching hand wringing Montreal ex litigator was exactly that and nothing more.
It seems Joe and I weren’t giving Mr. David Freiheit enough time to find himself.
He has more.
He has moved to Florida.
He has stopped the pearl clutching (not the hand wringing we think).
We found value in his address at a Rumble / Rebel News event.  Joe liked his bamboo metaphor – bamboo grows slowly then grows fast.
It seems he is growing into his narcissism in a good for Canada way.
Bravo Viva!  Florida is doing wonders for you:

The Culture

Cheese Ball Man
Joe and I must be slipping.
Is this the height of Western Culture?
Or is this the gathering storm, the “fiddle while Rome burns” moment?
Either way, enough people were interested in watching faux gluttony to make this young man “newsworthy”.
Is it “Culture” or is it “theater of the absurd”?
Joe says it may be both:

Black Inventions
The sane man at “Don’t Walk, Run! Productions” makes a valid point – virtue signaling and fact aren’t synonymous.
Joe and I shook our head in dismay.
This is an exercise in scraping the barrel for something, anything to celebrate.
Joe says lets have a war between races where the only weapons each race can use are those weapons whose origins is attributed to that specific race.
Using Joe’s rule for war, it looks bleak for a lot of race pandering virtue signalers, let alone the races they pander to.  We think it best to celebrate the advance of civilization as a miracle of human ingenuity and let sleeping racist dogs lie.  Or is that lay?  And stop lying:




Sarah Pugh
A quantum biologist, Sarah Pugh looks at nutrition and cellular function from a “quantum” perspective.
The machinery of the cell and the processes that allow the body to function are the subject of her studies.
There is plenty of information she provides that favors the argument for natural foods, low carbohydrate intake, keto and carnivore diet.
Joe and I are attentive students.  Data that makes clear a PHD (proper human diet) is advantageous.  This is information worth hearing:

Dr. Paul Marik
The good doctor was very vocal during the COVID hysteria.
So vocal that he was “relieved” of his professional positions.
The man is good, his advice is sound, and his research is valid:


Joe’s Garage

Bendin With Bendon
This video channel is satisfying for some curious reason.
Bendon has a talent for taking the bent and broken trucks into his shop and releasing them whole again after his magical ministrations.
His Ub2b channel is replete with Lazarus-like rebirths of severely damaged vehicles.  This one is an Izuzu cab on chassis that is bent like a banana.
Bendon to the rescue!:

The Pylon Men
Joe and I have only admiration and respect for the shoulders our modern world stands on.
The way things were done in the past would simply astound most folks if they only knew the what and how involved in major accomplishments.
Establishing the power grid is one such miracle.  Things were done by hand if no machines were in competition.  Our hat is off:

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