Sunday Rant – 1824


Joe’s Comment – It has been a tiring AND rewarding week.  Some problems solved (finally!), some problems created, some work finished, some work not begun.
All in all, a good week.
The weather could be warmer and sunny.
The fools in government could stop touching the controls and sit on their hands.
The psychopaths who don’t value their own lives or anyone else’s could take a pill.
Notwithstanding, a good week.


This is the horse piss that goes on in the Canadian House of Parliament:

Good grief.
Canada is in trouble.
All these fools can do is no better than a scrum of junior high school morons.
Displays of this nature, when a bully goes after an idiot, paints a dreadful image of in whose hands the future of Canada resides.
Bloody awful.


Preston Manning
The modern conservative cause in Canada has been largely influenced by the political work of Mr. Manning.  Indeed, the Reform Party joining forces with the Conservative Party led to Stephen Harper’s very successful terms as Prime Minister.  Mr. Manning thinks of Canada as a cooperative of disparate regions.
In a recent article in National Post, Mr. Manning outlines a possible federal approach to minimize centralized government and serve the unique and diverse regions of Canada more effectively.  Below is the entire article, in the event the above link does not function.  (Joe and I are spooked that links have a life of their own) –
Canada is a nation of regions — Atlantic, Laurentian (Quebec/Ontario), Prairie, Pacific, and North — depending on which geographic and demographic criteria we choose to define them.
Each of these regions, however we define them, has some unique — let us say “distinctive” — concerns and aspirations. These can readily become divisive and major sources of national disunity if only addressed in part or used to pit one section of the country against another, as when the current Liberal/NDP coalition fixates on the aspirations and concerns of Quebec and/or Ontario while disparaging those of the West, ignoring those of the North, and treating Atlantic Canada as a subsidized vassal of the federal government.
But what if the next federal administration were to officially recognize the regional character of Canada in a new and constructive way? What if it were to officially acknowledge that the residents of each of these regions have legitimate and distinctive regional aspirations and concerns that must be addressed by the national government in co-operation with the respective provincial governments? What if the next prime minister of Canada were to cultivate strong regional lieutenants to represent those concerns and champion those aspirations — just as John A. Macdonald had George-Étienne Cartier in Quebec and Charles Tupper in Atlantic Canada, or as Wilfrid Laurier had Clifford Sifton in the West?
Most importantly, what if the next federal government were to offer to systematically and specifically address those distinctive regional aspirations and concerns on one condition — that its efforts to address the aspirations and concerns of one region be co-operatively supported rather than opposed by the people and governments of the other regions?
Time and space do not here permit a proper cataloging of the current “distinctive concerns and aspirations” of each of Canada’s regions — an exercise that would be well worth the time and trouble for some respected think-tank or forward-looking federal party to undertake. But here are three samples from a recent personal survey.
From a colleague in Atlantic Canada: We remain very much a rural region. Whereas Ontario crossed the “50 per cent rural, 50 per cent urban” line many years ago, New Brunswick is just crossing that line now, with P.E.I., Newfoundland and Labrador in much the same position, and Nova Scotia at 41 per cent rural. National policies heavily focused on urban Canada fail to recognize or address the concerns and aspirations of rural Canada, of which Atlantic Canada is a prime representative.
From a Quebec colleague: As is well known, we in Quebec have always aspired to preserve and strengthen our French language and culture. But a priority concern today is the negative impact on our language and culture of federal immigration policies which, without consultation, flood our province with thousands of temporary foreign workers who share few of our linguistic or cultural goals and strain our social services to the breaking point.
And from the West: We strongly aspire to see the natural resource sectors — agriculture, energy, forestry, mining and fisheries — recognized and treated as fundamental building blocks of the economy, and a priority concern today is that the current federal government regards and treats these sectors contemptuously, as relics from the past and even environmental liabilities.
Of course, there is actually much common ground between the aspirations and concerns of one region and those of the others, even though the priorities themselves may be different. Atlantic Canada’s concern about Ottawa’s seeming indifference to rural issues is shared by rural Canadians across the country. Western Canada’s desire to see the natural resource sectors treated as fundamental building blocks of the economy is a shared aspiration wherever Canadians are engaged in agriculture, energy development, mining, forestry or the fisheries. And Quebec’s expressed concern over federal immigration policies is appreciated by residents of the Rest of Canada because if they voice similar concerns they are denounced as “racists” by the Liberal/NDP coalition, but when Quebec expresses that concern the blow-back from Ottawa is much more muted and the concern may even be heeded.
And thus the question: Could not official recognition of the regional character of Canada by the next federal government, and the fashioning of a pro-active but conditional response to the distinctive concerns and aspirations of each as suggested above, turn what has previously been a divisive national liability into a unifying asset for Canada as a whole?
Much like the good old U.S. of A., the tendency of the federal government in Canada is to centralize control, ignore the outcry of those in the regions most disaffected, suppress the 3 Ds (data, dialog, debate), and to pursue its own interest at peril to The Constitution it is sworn to uphold.

Canada Is Lost
Dr. Robert Malone makes an extremely valid point – in times of distress, the value of innovation is never more precious.  (Preston Manning makes the same argument above)
Sadly, recent events in The World®, and in Canada, such as the COVID fiasco and the Trucker’s Protest, the tyranny of the government was used to squelch local adaptation, limit discussion, and punish innovation.
The idea that “one remedy for all ills” has never been valid in any endeavor.
Joe says there is something wrong with the very idea of government, because, with very few exceptions, politics attracts unsavory and unworthy wanna-bees:

The Culture

Neil Oliver
The Scottish sage touched a raw nerve in a recent Twitter comment.
He believes that the “forces of evil”, in their current iteration, weren’t sneaky sneaky enough – they’ve been found out and have lost control while implementing their evil plan (or plans).
Joe and I heed the Sage.
However, it is not a time to rejoice.
It is a time to regroup and reform.
And innovate.
From a personal standpoint, Joe and I feel it is an affirmation of our already highly sensitized awareness – what others might call paranoia – to those shadowy events that keep occurring just beyond the horizon of consciousness.
In other words, something ain’t right.  Stay alert.  Find your friends, your clan.
Be prepared to fight.  One last thing……  Show no mercy:

The Near Future
Dystopian” is an adjective which might best be exemplified by the short not sweet video embedded in this Alex Jones tweet.
This short vignette is melodramatic, and paints the future life of “non-compliant” people as restrictive, minimalist, and without hope.
Joe says for some folks it is already so:

El Salvador
The President of El Slavador is making waves.
Nayib Bukele won in a landslide – over 80% of votes.
This video is from CPAC in February.
Harsh words that are true.
Joe has dark moments.  Is President Bukele at risk?  We hope he is the first of many honest and noble leaders:

Dr. Victor Davis Hanson
Dr. Hanson’s commentary on the current protesting in defense of Palestine.
There is no denying that the fabric of America is failing.
The progressive left will continue their ludicrous antics until there is a complete alienation of those not of the progressive left.
There will be violence.
Joe says it is a function of cities to produce marginal people who inhabit marginal social strata.  The largest cities seem to be the farthest left, the most progressive.  Dr. Hanson is sounding a warning bell:

Another interview of Dr. Hanson.  Similar yet different:


Dr. JH Salisbury
The video is a short of Dr. Anthony Chaffee describing the work of Dr. JH Salisbury in the 19th century re: PHD (proper human diet).
He wrote a book about his research and discoveries and had it published in 1888 – “The Relation of Alimentation and Disease”.  The book is in the public domain.  You can read it or download it here.
Dr. Salisbury was cognizant of the healthy benefit of a diet featuring red meat over 125 years ago!
Who (or is it W.H.O?) is playing lose and fast with the facts?
And for what reason?
Between endlessly frightening the children and copious quantities of disinformation, one cannot dismiss what one sees as “coincidence”.
There is a game afoot (ref: Mr. Neil Oliver above), the game is revealed as duplicitous, and, like angry hornets, the search for who dunnit is on.
Joe and I have our suspicions.
As stated above, whatever motivation, saintly or satanic, which formed and guided the process(es) evident, was and is misguided.
The Truth will out.  The guilty will be known.  To show mercy would be to ignore, tolerate, even promote, a malignancy:

As stated above, the book by Dr. Salisbury is public domain.  It is titled, “The Relation of Alimentation and Disease”,  and is available here.  The book was published in 1888.  We repeat – The book was published in 1888.
You can download it – Joe and I did.
We have a problem.  This information is old news but such a game changer.
Is this information suppressed, or is it “lost to time”?
Who to blame?  Some of the blame rests at the feet of the Seventh Day Adventist activists who, for religious reasons (not scientific reasons), promote a vegetarian nutritional regimen.
Joe asks if mankind is ever to master the complexities of interplanetary travel, or to break the bonds of earth-bound existence, facts and data cannot be compromised.

More shorts from Dr. Chaffee:

A not so short from Dr. Chaffee –

This is the URL of an “X” short.  Joe and I haven’t found the secret of embedding this form of video yet.  Copy and “paste and go” in your browser’s address block.


Below is an outrageous spoof starring Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi, using computer wizardry to superimpose DT’s and NP’s heads on a series of moments from the Red Foxx series, “Sanford and Son”.  You must select the URL, right click on it, and select “Open”:

Joe’s Garage

Bimini Atoll Nuclear Testing
Between 1946 and 1954 the U.S. of A. detonated 24 nuclear devices on or near the Bimini islands.

These most awesome events were also most terrible events.  These experiments to understand the structure of the atom made known the incredible energy sequestered in the basic building blocks of matter.  And secured America’s lead in the field of nuclear weaponry.  Other folks around the world got wind of these developments, and wanted their very own harbingers of death.  The entire proposition of “nuclear deterrence” is only feasible when both parties are sane.
Russia vs The West was sane.  The fruitcakes and wack-jobs in the Middle East are another arrangement.  Global chess that decries peace.
Joe and I are saddened by the way it is.  Our bet was on technology saving the day…..:

Collision Survival
A short showing rear end collision at 30 mph with a variety of common cars.
Joe and I were surprised that the Ford Explorer had the best survival of those tested:

Aircraft Recycling
In this short video you will see how aircraft bodies that have been retired can have a second life:

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