Sunday Rant – 0824


Joe’s Comment – Forgive me for saying so, but this winter season seems to have passed very quickly and very easily.  It must be something about not having two feet of snow and 40 below weather from November to March.
The sap is running.  The birds are yelling.  I saw an insect outdoors!  The big wind today made short work of the snow that remains in the yard.
The prospect of an early Spring is very palpable.  Of course, February still has a few days in her arsenal, and when talking about the fickle month most likely to betray, a lot can happen in four days.  Then it is three weeks of March to the calendar definition of the changing of the season.
Come what may, my attitude is very positive and every day is full of opportunity.
I’m ready for Spring.  As the picture above shouts, life is not only good; life is great!
The existing problems in my life still outnumber the solutions by an order of magnitude.  Some sage advice that never works for me –
If only!
Despite the number of unsolved yet well defined issues on my list, there have been a few successes and completions.
For instance, I’ve been wearing my Baffin boots most every day due to the wet and slime and slop, but haven’t sprung a leak (yet).  I count that as a success.
The upstairs bathroom now has a shower AND a toilet.  Both were successful installations.  Yes, the walls are full of holes, the drywall is in a dreadful mess, and the vanity and cabinets await the completion of the aforementioned.
Sing the song, children…..
Sing one step at a time, sweet Jesus to this old tune:

This is NOT a chronicle of low expectations but a celebration of progress!
Taking things in my own sweet time.
My inimitable version of Ferdinand the Bull – slow and steady getting it all.
Why, if there were some flowers, I’d probably stop to smell them:


Quick Dick McDick
Joe and I appreciate the best agrarian ambassador in Canada.
In this episode of “You Gotta Be Shittin’ Me”, he does not spare the rod.  Unfortunately, the climate lunatics are so numb as to be completely un-self aware.  Or is that self un-aware?  Never mind.  The climate and environment extremist wackjobs can’t hear themselves or observe themselves.  Not possible.
If it was, they would be ashamed of their continual deriding of We The Living.
The voice we hear from the back of their head is “energy for me, none for thee”.
How many times have Joe and I wondered why the politicians and political elite don’t tend to their knitting…..  DO WHAT YOU WERE SENT THERE TO DO!
And let Canadian people go about their lives in peace:


Ken Berry on Plants
Dr. Berry in conversation with “HomesteadHow” regarding the basic requirements of the PHD (Proper Human Diet).
This is a casual conversation about that old saw “the circle of life™”.
There are some unavoidable facts of life.  One such fact is that we of the Animalia Kingdom can only survive by consuming other life/lives.  The taxonomy of living things, from Domain down to Species, is clear.  There are living organisms that are capable of producing the energy required for their processes via photosynthesis, all of them in the Plantae Kingdom.  Us humans, we must consume what we are composed of to survive.  There are ethical considerations to be made: cannibalism is frowned upon for instance, but would be a viable diet.
In the following video, Dr. Ken Berry is candid about the vegetarian / vegan dilemma: Bambi is too cute to kill….:

Dr. Boz
Joe and I like Dr. Boz’s energy and gumption regarding low carb nutrition.
We have listened and absorbed her advice.
This video is not nutritional information, it is an apology.
In this video, she comes to grips with the published facts about the COVID hysteria.  You can read the peer reviewed article that tipped her mind here.
This video is, in effect, a mia culpa.
She is an honest doctor who just didn’t want to believe what she was told, what she read, or her very own lovely brown lying eyes.
Now she has evidence that those trying to warn her were right, and her intuition, although weakly messaging a warning to her, was not doing its job.
Joe says he still likes Dr. Boz, but will put her in the penalty box for this transgression.  Good work getting this off your chest!  Admitting when you are wrong is a step in the right direction.   Unfortunately, going on and on for an hour trying to rationalize why you got it wrong – because doctor – leaves us cold.
You are capable of better, Dr. Boz:

A note from Joe and me: the article is published at the NIH (National Institutes of Health) in the National Library of Medicine under National Center for Biotechnology Information ( Journal List, Cureusv.16(1); 2024 Jan, PMC10810638  )
From the article in the section titled “Risks/Harm”, here is a number summary:
Lives lost per 100,000 vaccinations-calculations based on the most conservative assumptions (URF=10): Fenton calculates 68 deaths/1,000,000 doses = 12.8 deaths per 100,000 per primary course of Pfizer, or just under 13 deaths from serious adverse events per 100,000 for each primary course of the Pfizer vaccine. Comparing AEs to potential benefits, we calculate an excess death risk of 12.8 – 2 = ~11 deaths per 100,000 doses. Thus, comparing the benefits to harms, at least 5 times more lives are lost than saved by the full course of Pfizer mRNA vaccinations.”
Got that, folks?
The “science” derived from the “official” statistics is five times more lives were lost than saved.  How skewed is the official data?  Joe is smirking…..
The article is very long, filled with numbers and data and analysis as well as interpretations of very well hidden information convoluted in snake oil math.
The report has been peer reviewed and accepted as valid.
You might ask why Joe and I accept this peer reviewed report.
After all, it is coming from the medical community.
Wasn’t it the medical community that partnered in this atrocity?
Well, we looked at the authors.
Every one of them is a Paul Revere (they’ve been warning the Pfizers coming, the Pfizers coming from the get go).  They are also all one trick ponies – not one celebrity, or sports personality.  They are serious scientists: this is what they do, and they do it well.
As Dr. Boz tries to find forgiveness for her actions – she vaccinated people, including herself and her children – Joe and I will not shut her out of our life.  At 36:00 she apologizes.  Don’t listen past 36:15 though, for she continues to rationalize her position and action.  The lady seems genuine and truly sorry.  I suppose it is much like that for all the doctors who did what they were told – they didn’t take the time to do their own research, but willingly (perhaps reluctantly in some cases) trusted their professional organization or governing body to be beyond skepticism or suspicion.  Rapprochement will be lengthy and difficult for all parties, professional and lay alike.

Tucker Carlson – Vaccine Efficacy
In this interview, Mr. Carlson talks to Steve Kirsch about the adverse effect of vaccination.  Mr. Kirsch (M.I.T. grad – invented optical mouse) is an entrepreneur and philanthropist.  He turned his attention to COVID vaccination.  What he discovered set him on a path of discovery about the facts of what vaccination program outcomes actually are.  You will not be amused:

Joe’s Garage

Nicole Johnson’s Detour
Joe has a crush on Nicole.
She connects with owners of weird and rare and exotic vehicles: those owners let her drive their precious piles of parts.
She is knowledgeable about machinery and passionate about driving.
Joe barely notices that she is very attractive – full of life, full of joy, full of enthusiasm.
In this video, Nicole meets Dustin Duke, and his creation Diesel Duke.
Joe says he won’t bother trying to describe the car, other than it started life as a 1930 Ford Model A.  The rest is out of the mind of Dustin.  We are speechless to describe it.
We also cannot convey our envy of living in a state, in this case Arizona, where you can build and drive such a creation without the hassle of 27 bureaucrats breathing down your neck.  The First Amendment expressed as a physical creation!:

What kind of a name is that for a Ford Mustang?
When you watch this video, you will find out that there is very little left of the original ’66 ‘Stang.  Yet, there it sits, looking for all the world as a Mustang fastback could look.
The power is supplied by a Coyote, displacing 5.1L, and providing just over 1,000 horsepower to the rear wheels.  As with most of these fabulous builds, it takes deep pockets and great talent.  Vicious is a sleeper until the throttle is poked:

There is a young man in California who made some money building video games.  He was always a car guy.  So, he decided to build some cars.
There is a Ruffian ’70 Mustang Sport Roof that will knock your socks off.
There is a Ruffian GT 40 Ford Mark I to die for.
The car that captured Joe and I right from the get go is the Ruffian ’64 Ford Galaxy.  It is beautiful.  It is a beast.  The founder of Ruffian Cars is Chris Ashton.
If you take a hockey sock full of money to him, he can build you a car from your imagination by using his!:

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