Sunday Rant – 0724


Joe’s Comment – It has been a busy week, but all I can think about is how much longer will the nights dip below zero?
It seems the older I get, the more the weather either delights me or pisses me off.
Why, I remember younger days when my daily activities were not at the mercy of a fickle system comprised of air currents capriciously flirting with the sun and terrain.
Now the idea of something less than a Maggie Muggins perfect day grinds my gears.
Most of the noise and commotion in The World® falls on my deaf ears during this month.  I’ve got something more important on my mind –

Creeping Globalism

Irish Madness
Joe and I don’t know whether to be elated or manically depressed.
Elated because the Irish people are getting the same hysterical bullshit from their political elite as we do here in Canada, or manically depressed because the Irish people are getting the same hysterical bullshit from  their political elite as we do here in Canada.
You can see the conundrum.
Also, although we are not fans of Russell Brand, the first 7:15 minutes (to the first Brand commercial) of his commentary on the Irish interview is hilarious!  He clearly shows that the politicians are blissfully unaware of their hubris and their ignorance.  After the commercial, Mr. Brand is more serious, but makes good and obvious observations on the dangers of infringing on free speech.
Joe says it is a global game of one-up man ship.  Like those “hold my beer” memes.  If only politicians would focus on the job they were sent to parliament or congress to do.
In our perfect world, you would never hear a politician speak.  The decrepit machinery of government would function acceptably.  The voice of We The People would rue the day, the month, the year.  All time…..
Now that is a fantasy worth fantasizing!:

Elon Musk and Bobby Kennedy Jr.
This is an important interview.
Elon Musk has S.T.E.M. in his blood (science, technology, engineering, math).
Bobby Kennedy Jr. might learn something.
Both the Democrats and the Republicans are worried that Mr. Kennedy will “split the vote” with his run for president.  The Dems have already begun “law-fare” to prohibit his efforts.  An interesting conversation:

Health (extended version)

Dr. Chris Palmer and Jordan Peterson
The following two videos about Jordan Peterson and his daughter Mikhala finding health through diet are complements of Kent Carnivore.
In this segment from a longer interview between Dr. Peterson and Dr. Chris Palmer, the discussion broadens to cover not only physical health but mental health.  Good job by Kent Carnivore in producing a short from a longer interview:

Mikhala Peterson Progress
Ms. Peterson has been on a “Lion Diet” since 2017.
Thanks again to Kent Carnivore for producing this short video of highlights from Mikhala’s podcasts and presentations.
The woman isn’t suggesting this diet will cure all.  She IS saying that for her personal health issues, the best results in her wellness to date have been gained via her self-defined “Lion Diet”.
Joe and I think it is very simple.  It is your body.  Experimenting on yourself by being selective about what you eat isn’t rocket science, but it might be life giving or even life saving.  If you can improve your physical and mental health by diet, why in heaven wouldn’t you?
Joe and I believe you must eat to be who you want to be.
As Mikhala says, “Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels”.
Amen, sister, amen:

Mental Illness and Diet
Another important discussion.
The adage Joe and I are coining, that you eat what you want to be, seems apt and adequate.
Although  carbohydrates can and do provide energy, i.e., “calories”, this source of nutrition is inadequate for optimum development and performance.
Dr. Peterson has been eating carnivore for 5+ years.
Dr. Chris Palmer has been treating mentally challenged patients with low carb high fat animal sourced food to great effect.
What is not to love?  An informative discussion well worth the time:

The Truth About Meat
Ivor Cummins is such an optimist.
He thinks that if you present people with facts backed up by real-life data and experimentation, those people will understand and change their ways!
Joe and I think Ivor is the “bees knees”.
We have the same Mary Poppins attitude.
For most folks who discuss nutrition with us, our reply is as follows – everyone has a unique body: prove or disprove the “theory” by experimenting on yourself.
If you go full out and reduce your carbohydrate / fiber intake to zero (or an approximation), you will see if it kills you, has no affect/effect, or it improves your experience.  That business of putting your theory where your mouth is will garner one thing: does it work for you?
Whether it works for anyone else is a moot point.  Wouldn’t you agree?:


Fiber and Saturated Fat
Dr. Paul Mason and Dr. Anthony Chaffee have an interesting approach to nutrition – they actually use science!  And they both “practice eating what they preach”.  That is, they put their theories where their mouth is, carefully monitor the experience, study any existing actual scientific evidence, THEN share their findings with discussion and presentation with others.  Seems like a valid approach to me and Joe:

Joe’s Garage

Optimus Gen 2
The advance of the autonomous robot seems to be the objective of the Tesla corporation.  An update to previous postings about the advance of the mindless:

Excavator Excellence
There are operators.
And there are OPERATORS!!!
The following is a Ub2b “short” that shows an excavator operator performing his duties without a wasted moment, in a most fluid and flowing performance.
The dismantling of a complete vehicle is icing on the cake:

2500 HP Coyote
Remember last rant (Sunday Rant – 0624) there was a segment about F150 Ford street racers using a Coyote 5.0L engine?
Well, the following video is a breakdown of a Coyote engine that produces 2500 hp that had a “tick” noise on the driver side.
The problem turned out to be minor – easily remedied.
This engine had run 50 races and about 1000 street miles.
It makes power from 6,000 to 9,500 rpm.
Good grief!  Dogs must howl……
All the components looked good (excepting the cam cap that broke).
This is phenomenal.  The engine is basically a stock block with stock heads.  Many of the competitors are using stock cams and stock cranks.
Joe’s mouth was hanging open for the entire video.  Every time we pick a Ford engine as an example of good design, something better comes along.
A great video for gearheads:

272 Successful Landings
The following video of a SpaceX first stage lifting off, separating from the second stage, then returning to Earth and landing on LZ-2 was the 272nd such event.
This is amazing!
The data gathered every single launch improves the process and procedure.
Joe gets tears in his eyes every single time:

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