Sunday Rant – 0624


Mr. Shakey Graves is the introduction for my comments tonight.  A bit edgy.  A bit angry.  A bit confrontational  Precisely my current mood.
From the lyrics, a ominous bit of what might come to be –
And try to forget all your enemies and debts
They’ll just chase you round and give you sour dreams
Try to forget all them enemies and debts
They’ll just chase you round and give you sour dreams
Oh, so it seems
So it seems
Yeah, so struggle all you like
Yeah, put up the good fight
They say someday everybody dies alone
Yeah, struggle all you like
Put up the good fight
They say someday everybody dies alone
But hey
Who knows
Yeah, hey who knows
Yeah, hey who really knows

Joe’s Comment – Just what are you doing in my name?
I am a citizen of a country that is acting against my will and against my conscience.
Canada, the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand – the bulk of countries considered The West© – what are you doing?  And who(m) gave you the authority or the permission to do so?
You sons o’ bitches!
As a citizen of Canada, I want some answers, and I want them NOW!
If you haven’t watched Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladmir Putin you had better do so.  The man Putin may be many unsavory things but insane he is not.
That applies to Tucker Carlson too.  Sane and cogent.
Can you say the same for Joe Biden?
No, you cannot.  He is incontinent, in mind, in body, and in soul.
How about Justin Trudeau?
Not a semblance.  Anyone who believes the planet comes before people is a twit.
Have you watched any of the congressional hearings, senate hearings, or inquiries in the last 10 years?
The sons o’ bitches are all liars, are all treasonous!
How could so many people be so devious, so selfish, so deaf to We the People?
It begs the question: has there ever been a government which did the will of the people?  Evidence points to no sir…..
Here is the Tucker Carlson interview of Vladmir Putin:


The Coutts Four
Two of the four Canadian citizens still in solitary confinement without bail or trial since the trucker’s convoy of ’21 have plead guilty to lesser firearms charges and will be released.  723 days in remand without any justice.
As the two old gentlemen on the park bench say, “fancy grapefruit, fancy that!”
Chris Lysak and Jerry Morin plead to lesser charges (they were “charged” with conspiring to murder an RCMP officer.  Or more than one.  WTFK?  The “charges” were never defended in a court of law, only the public court of Herr Turdeau’s paid-for media.  But we digress…..
Two men remain in remand – Chris Carbert and Anthony Olienick.
This incident was the basis of the Turdeau “Emergency Measures Act”.
Joe and I abhor the idea of political prisoners.
Hell, on most days, rain or shine, we abhor politics, politicians, government, bureaucracy, and bullies.  Not necessarily in that order, but you get the drift.
As for Viva Frei, when he was in Canada we accused him of clutching pearls, wringing hands, and speaking mumbo-jumbo legalize to ensure no one could level any way shape or form of charge against him running his mouth.  His podcast with Robert Barnes we watched, but seldom Viva alone.
This might change for us.  Viva Frei is now in Florida.  He seems to have found his testicles.  The following rant about the Coutts Four is worthy, IONSHO.
Joe says Viva’s anger – even rage – is justified.  There will be hell to pay!
Wait a minute.  This is Canada.  Get the broom.  We’ll sweep this sordid mess under the carpet.  Just one more politically motivated atrocity in the cold and frozen land of polite people:

An article with more meat about the legal ramifications for the Turdeau government, the judicial system, and the RCMP manipulating the law for political purposes is in order.  Here’s an article from Troy Media, contributed by Ray McGinnis, February 8th 2024.  A few quotes from the oped –
“…..Although Lysak and Chris Carbert were classmates during elementary school, the Coutts Four – Tony Olienick, Carbert, Lysak, and Morin – had never crossed paths prior to Feb. 9, 2022. None of them had previous criminal records.”
So much for conspiracy.
“…..The Crown dropping conspiracy to commit murder of police officer charges is significant. The Rouleau Report pointed to the arrests in Coutts as key to its justification of the Trudeau government’s invocation of the Emergencies Act on Feb. 14, 2022. Now that these charges are dropped, it appears the Crown and the RCMP never had evidence to convict the accused of conspiracy to commit murder.
Instead, they subjected them to gruelling custody in remand centres, hoping to break them. The choice to withhold bail for almost two years was politically driven. They were considered too risky for bail one day, only to be released the next after suddenly deemed harmless to the public.
Initially, Lysak and Morin had declined offers to admit guilt. But after two years, the strain of the whole ordeal led them to agree to a coerced confession to the new charges in order to survive.”
Here we have the crux of the situation.
Men held without bail for years, denied trial, denied hearing.
As in the good old U.S. of A., if you go to trial, especially in cases like this that are blatant “lawfare“, there are two mandatory requirements:
1.  You must have unlimited resources – lots of $$$ and access to legal “superheroes” (remember OJ Simpson the wife murderer?)
2.  No matter how much item 1 you have, you must be on the correct political side of the equation, otherwise you are doomed (remember Lord Conrad Black and the kangaroo court in Chicago that jailed him in Florida)
The two men released after “copping a plea”, Chris Lysak and Jerry Morin, were without their families and relying on (initially) public defenders to represent them.  Chris is an electrician and Jerry is a lineman.  Both well paying jobs, but no treasure of the Sierra Madres to fund a legal team up against the Canadian Government Legal Eagles©.
What boils our beer is that the RCMP, the thugs who enforce and coerce at the behest of their Masters, were complicit and willing political tools.
How can we say that?
Did anyone, anywhere, hear a peep from any officer of any rank questioning the veracity of the very serious charges being laid against two working men who joined a protest?
As John Pinette (RIP) was wont to say, nay nay.
Indeed, if you read the McGinnis article, the female RCMP officer drinking with the boys in a bar might have some information to impart.
Joe and I have no faith that there is anyone in Canada with the moxie, the influence, the raw power to bring the real criminals to justice.
What if anything will happen is that it was all done to “keep the peace” or to promote the “common good”.
Joe and I are reluctant to use profanity, and this time we won’t (the force is strong to do so….)
Joe and I went to court for “uttering a threat” in the past.  The crown declined to press charges: we have a letter from the authorities stating that we are a free citizen without a criminal record.
However, the underlying threat is that if another “incident” occurs, all that was forgiven and forgotten will suddenly be remembered and reviewed.
We cannot fathom spending two years in custody.
We cannot imagine how dark, how medieval our attitude would be.
We do know that there are at least 37 lunatics in our head, some of them very unsavory.
Our best wishes and deep condolences to all four Coutts men.
We pray their lives will return to a new normal they can tolerate.
They were scapegoats for the Turdeau halfwits, used to promote a sketchy unconstitutional and evil agenda.  May the culpable all go to Hell.
I, DJ Drover, do solemnly swear, that if I can help defeat this evil in the land, I will give all my being to do so.  I speak for Joe, and all the idiots and lunatics in my head.  So help me, doG.


Precognition or Prescience?
Way back when, in the ’90s, some comedians thought it would be a hoot to make a movie where the American president is a downright moron.
Leslie Nelson (RIP) does a great job of predicting the Biden:


News from the Front
It is not a difficult choice for Joe and me.
On one side, an ancient culture of music and art and literature and discovery and tradition and heritage and family and worship:  22% of Nobel Prize winners have been Jewish.
On the opposing side, a culture of hatred: the Hamas Charter doesn’t extol the virtues of “We the Palestinian People”, or define their rights and privileges – it is a vituperation of the Jewish people.
The billions of dollars in aid sent to Gaza has resulted in zero uplifting of the people.  Surely they must be low IQ people to be so blinded by hate they literally sacrifice their lives for an ideology of evil.
When you watch the following video, you will see what the aid funds became.
Joe and I have been watching and reading, trying to find a reliable source of information about the conflict.  The Israel Guys just might be who we choose:

The Culture

Conrad Black on Donald Trump
Lord Black has written an op-ed with the title as follows:
Conrad Black: At This Precarious Point in US History, Trump Is Part of the Solution
When you read the entire article, the man is making valid points.
The link is to an article in Epoch Times, and might be paywall restricted.
Nevertheless, the article talks about unusual times in America’s past, and how a leader or leaders emerged, not from the established hierarchy of leadership, but from unexpected or unusual sources.
The adage is that change occurs at the edges; i.e., the conventional and traditional and established methodology practiced by the ensconced no longer benefits We The People but instead “in statu quo” is pursued, to maintain power and control.
The change, for better or worse, comes not from within.
Read the article if possible.
Donald Trump may be the metaphoric “Shane” required in America this election cycle.

No, this is not a fanboy gush and fawn about the World Economic Forum and how it will “Save the World!”
This is a short address by Heritage President Kevin Rogers, who gives the WEF both barrels at short range.
He has thrown down the gauntlet.
A man to be admired!:



mRNA Vaccines
A news release from Epoch News dated February 3rd, 2024, written by Naveen Athrappully has the following headline:
“mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Caused More Deaths Than Saved: Study”
This article is behind a paywall.  Here is a link.  Give it a try…..
From the article (if the link fails):
….The peer-reviewed study, published in the Cureus journal on Jan. 24, analyzed reports from the initial phase 3 trials of Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. These trials led to the shots being approved under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in the United States. The study also looked into several other research and reviews of the trials. It found that the vaccines had “dramatically lower” efficacy rates than the vaccine companies claimed.
Moreover, based on “conservative assumptions, the estimated harms of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines greatly outweigh the rewards: for every life saved, there were nearly 14 times more deaths caused by the modified mRNA injections.”
“Given the well-documented SAEs (serious adverse events) and unacceptable harm-to-reward ratio, we urge governments to endorse and enforce a global moratorium on these modified mRNA products until all relevant questions pertaining to causality, residual DNA, and aberrant protein production are answered.”
The authors also recommended an “immediate removal” of the COVID-19 vaccines from the childhood immunization schedule. They pointed out that children were at very low risk from the infection.”
Note:  The Epoch Times article has been updated by the author – link here.
I have been telling anyone who will listen since the start of the fiasco called COVID that seasonal bronchial affliction is best combated with a pristine immune system.
That means PHD (proper human diet).  That also means you don’t get away with anything!  The human body can adapt to less than ideal nutrition and the human body can adopt change to establish a “new normal”.  But if you are chronically deficient in things like vitamin D3, iron, iodine, omega 3 fats…. indeed, the nine essential amino acids….. you are damaging your “keep alive” systems.  Some more than others – that magnificent code book, DNA, called out the plays as you were being built – all folks are NOT created equal.  You were built out of the resources available.
Joe has been saying since the dawn of COVID hysteria that when so-called “scientists” start looking under doG’s skirt, what they discover might not be what they were looking for.
Meanwhile, here in British Columbia, Canada, the government is still insisting that they know what is best – take a vaccine, take another, and don’t forget your kids!
Joe and I will lay it out for anyone smirking and lurking – nobody gets away with anything.  In the long run, your health is what you eat.  Every molecule in your body came to you via your mouth.  OK, at one time you were hooked up to the Mother ship via umbilical cord and dependent on yer mama.  And yes, if you are inclined to inject or inhale things into your body, you are bypassing your stomach.  Are all you pedantic weenies satisfied?
You are the product of what you ate/consumed.
Ergo, if you are satisfied, continue to eat what you are.
A word to the wise –
It behooves you to eat what you want to be.
The human body is the most advanced machinery in the known universe, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved, or augmented.
Around this time in our rant, some sage says they know someone who drinks like a fish, smokes like a chimney, eats junk food all de doo-dah day, injects toxic and worse junk into their veins, yet is in perfect fettle and is older than Methuselah.  Somehow this is proof that it doesn’t matter what you put in your pie hole.
All that Joe and I (and the other wackjobs in our head) can say is since we’ve changed our diet to high fat, protein, and no or little carbs, things have been better, health wise.
Our motto, adopted from Yossarian the Assyrian (Catch-22), is – we will live forever, or die in the attempt.
Wouldn’t it be loverly to be healthy and happy up until that moment the Grim Reaper swings his scythe and puts you to an end?  A long arduous painful demise is not an alternative Joe and I relish.
We’re sure if Spock were alive, he’d say “Eat meat, and prosper!”

Dr. Ken Berry and Dr. Georgia Ede
It wasn’t too many rants ago we featured Dr. Berry and Dr. Ede discussing the implications of diet and mental health (Sunday Rant – 4722).
Since that time, Dr. Ede has published a book titled “Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind”.
This interview reinforces the basic concept that what you eat dictates who you are, including your mental state.  The good doctors discuss the contents of the book, especially parts pertinent to the well-being of the individual that might be linked to nutrition.  Joe and I will add this book to our health library:

Dr. Shawn Baker and Dr. Georgia Ede
While we’re on the subject, here’s more of the same, only different.  Joe and I thought we had included this excellent discussion in a previous rant, but nay-nay.
We have progressed toward the goal of intermittent fasting and only meat to break the fast.  Our brain is clear, our body peaceful.  Better sleep.  More productive.  What’s not to love?:

Are Vegans the Devolution of Man?
The following video from Kent Carnivore pokes a little fun at the vegan and vegetarian community.
In true fashion, the plant only crowd don’t have much of a belly laugh at their own antics.
Perhaps they will never be able to see that in order to live, some other living thing must die.  Pretty straight forward even if a tad cold – the living eat the living.
The pretty but delusional young lady dressed as a Jersey (rather small udders – probably shunned from the herd) doesn’t do too well up against a school boy:

Joe’s Garage

El Gringo
There is a truck that has become a legend in “street racing”, named “El Gringo”.
The original Gringo was a Chevrolet pick-up with a 596 cu. in. Chev engine, now known as El Gringo 1.0.  It was awesome – 1200 hp to move it down the road.  El Gringo 1.0 became a legend.  Randy Seals, owner of Seals Hot Rod Shop is the builder and owner.
Mr. Seals made a lot of money and a lot of reputation driving El Gringo 1.0.
But, that wasn’t enough.
El Gringo 2.0 is an F150 Ford with a 5.0L Coyote engine.  Mr. Seals says that the original two runs in Gringo 2.0 were the fastest runs he has ever experienced.
The following is a Ub2b short, where he explains some of the advantages of using an F150 platform for El Gringo 2.0 (segment from the video below):

The following interview of Mr. Seals is pedantic and mostly a view of the culture of street racing, especially in Texas.  From 56:00 to 1:10:00, the subject of why Mr. Seals chose an F150 with Coyote 5.0L engine for his El Gringo 2.0 build.
Spoiler – the rest of the interview is mostly as indicated above.  Joe and I found the information regarding $$$ betting and street racing sanctioned by the local authorities of interest.  We cannot fathom this being done in Oh! Canada!:

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