Sunday Rant – 5023


Joe’s Comment – Another week of reprieve.  Daytime temperatures above zero Celsius.  Lots of cloud helping that fact.  Saw the sun briefly today – a bonus!
I’m busy, which helps me ignore the weather.
A recent addition to my daily supplement of two drops of tincture of iodine is a liquid form of vitamin D3.  Each drop contains 2500 I.U.
Some statistics from the Mayo Clinic –
I’ve been doing so for two weeks now.  I may be imagining, but I feel better every day – more energy, happier, very chatty.  Two drops.  Not a bad return for a few dollars.
Historically, time doesn’t fly by for me in the Winter.
This year, something is different.
It is already the 10th – just two weeks to Christmas Eve.
Maybe it is a combo of mild weather (for the time and place), proper nutrition (including supplements), staying active, and attitude.
Whatever it is, I’ll accept the easy.
Compared to last year this time, life is very good.
Thank you Universe!


Quick Dick McDick
A Christmas shopping video from QDMcD, promoting his merch.
Always entertaining:

The Culture

Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones
Joe says thank doG Tucker got fired from Fox.
If he still worked at Fox, this interview could NEVER happen.
This interview has attracted a lot of attention.
And vitriol from the progressive left.
It seems that for some folks, the First Amendment is only welcome when speech you disagree with is never uttered, never spoken, never heard.
Mr. Jones has quite a track record.  He is the canary in the coal mine of conspiracy.  He’s batting a better average than any major league player could ever dream of hitting.  Joe says Alex Jones is the new Nostradamus:


Dr. Peter Shoemaker
This is a very brave Canadian.
The presentation in the following video is the song he has been singing since COVID 19 reared its impossibly hysterical head.
Joe and I first mentioned him and his attempts to invoke some sort of sanity into the official Canadian response way back in Sunday Rant – 2922.
Akin to a Schindler.  He has saved many Canadian lives.  A hero:


Joe’s Garage

Sandy Munroe and Elon Musk
This is a better discussion about the Tesla Cybertruck.  The previous reporting in Sunday Rant – 4923 treated the truck as an oddity, as a rich man’s toy.
Joe says the concept of “truck” was an exercise by the Tesla engineers to “white sheet” or “blank slate” a design, out of the box, and look at function with new eyes.
Joe and I aren’t convinced that it will be able to do what we do with a truck, but the fact that the team was given its head to fill the bill any way they devised is big news in a mundane and stifled auto industry.
If you look at the 1928 Ford Model A in Joe’s collection, a modern vehicle is the same damn thing – more complicated, more refined, more able, and certainly more costly!  Mr. Musk brings new and innovative solutions, and Mr. Munro analyzes the excellence of the product.  A great interview for gear heads everywhere:

Hoonigan Hoonipigasus

Ken Block died in a stupid freak accident in January of 2023.
As a form of memorial, Ken Block’s daughter Lia takes on Pike’s Peak in the 1,400 horsepower Hoonipigasus.  Ken drove the same car at Pike’s Peak previously, but due to mechanical problems didn’t finish well.
An interesting story featuring Ms. Block, who was raised a racer by her father.
She has been racing serious machines since her early teen years.
Only time will tell what the Hoonigan racing enterprise will become with Ken gone:

0 – 150 – 0
Way back when Joe and I were struggling to grow facial hair, Car and Driver Magazine had a “0 – 100 – 0” shoot out as a measurement of performance.
It became a big deal when the Ford Cobra came on the scene and established the benchmark.
Since that time, the Cobra benchmark has been surpassed many times by many makes of performance vehicles.
The competition has compelled Car and Driver to re-imagine the competition as noted above –  from a stand still, accelerate to 150 miles an hour, then stop.
Lots of noise.
Lots of money.
Lots of fun!:

The B-17 “Flying Fortress”
Joe and I are a product of ’50s propaganda.
We have been inundated all our life about the superiority of the Allies over the Axis forces.
This was patriotic brainwashing.
It was especially important when describing the capability of ally aircraft.
This week we stumbled into a Ub2b channel called “HardThrasher“.
This is an “anti propaganda” video.
The B-17 Flying Fortress was not pressurized.  It was slow.  It had a payload capacity less than the deHavilland Mosquito.  Because of its design parameters, it’s construction, and it’s mission profile, it was a death trap for the 10 crew members required for operation.
Joe and I wonder.  How could a country, knowing these facts, put it’s citizens, it’s air crews, in harms way, knowing half of them will die?
Those were different times, they were very strong people who had very few choices.
Joe likes Hard Thrasher’s cheeky delivery.  It is always acceptable to call a pig a pig:

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