Sunday Rant – 4923


Joe’s Comment – An interesting week it was!  Lots of projects, lots of research, even a few victories.  The suspense is finally over.
It snowed.
The older I get, the more I resent the death or hibernation of outdoor life for at least 4 months every year.
When I was young and spry, a few layers of clothing, some good gloves, warm boots and a toque were defense enough to ward off the cold.  Nowadays, not so much.  Last week I actually wore a jacket two days in a row.
And still got a touch of chill to the bone.
The Okanagan Valley at its worst is like a shoe box with clouds for a lid.
No sun for days and days.
The last 5 years I’ve taken vitamin D3 supplement to ward off whatever it is vitamin D3 helps you ward off.
The result has been good.  In younger years I used to get colds and flues and the snots.  I haven’t been ill for years.
I’m in my sixth year of eating carnivore.  Little or no carbohydrates/sugars/saccharides.  No processed food.  Lots of meat, eggs, some dairy (cheese, butter, yogurt), some fish.  Coming up 3 years without alcohol.
I miss rye bread and fruit and vegetables more than I miss alcohol, and I don’t miss them much.
As I said above, I don’t get sick.
No meds needed, wanted, or necessary.
All in all, I’m a mostly content crotchety old bastard.
If only I could learn to hibernate…..
Wait a minute!
That’s what the Internet is for!


Quick Dick McDick
Saskatchewan and Canada’s agrarian ambassador to the World® gives his perspective on Bill C234.
This bill is a re-iteration of a previous bill removing carbon tax for some fuels used by farmers to process their product(s).
Joe says this farmer from Tuffnell Saskatchewan demonstrates more common sense in  8½ minutes than parliament in Ottawa has during the entire Trudeau Liberal administration.
Joe and I state again how much we wish the damn government would do what they were sent to Parliament to do instead of interfering with the daily lives of Canadian citizens.
Despite what the government might believe, the average Canadian is capable of competing with anyone from anywhere on a level playing field.
As Ms. E. Thrasher often said, tell all!  Amen to that:

Canadian Authoritarianism
From the video description, “Ms. Rupa Subramanya, Canada-based journalist for The Free Press, shares her opening statement at the House Weaponization of the Federal Government Committee.”
What boils our tea is that this sort of inquiry is transparent, documented, and freely disseminated via social media for We The People to see.  Yet here in Canada, where these tyrannies are propagated, a bill was passed (C-18: Online News Act)  to ensure such freedom of expression is suppressed.  Indeed, while searching for a criticism of Bill C-18, Joe and I were unable to find any!
The links we saw were mainly from government sources or government funded media sources.
Many thanks to cousin Delsie for sending the link to the video.
Better watch it now.  It is on Ub2b which continues to decline as a stable legitimate and enduring resource.
We suspect it will be reported to us as a “broken link” in the near future:


The Culture

NYT-Dealbook Summit Interview
Elon Musk damn near broke the Internet during this interview.
When challenged about loosing advertisers on X due to his comments, Mr. Musk re-phrased the question.  If advertisers withhold ad revenue to blackmail,  influence or censor his voice, Mr. Musk had a message for them.  He responded calmly and candidly, delivering his reply – “go fuck yourself”.
He made it clear.  He cannot be bought.
A wonderful interview.
The interviewer is Andrew Ross Sorkin.
Joe wonders how long it will remain on the Ub2b platform.
If you are too busy to invest 1½ hours, watch the first 20 minutes.
You will smile mightily.  Joe cheered and clapped.  The man has The Platform and The Voice and The Will.  Live long and prosper Mr. Musk:

Joe and I formulated our eminent question many, many years ago: (as a species, as an Entity) who are we, where did we come from, where are we going?
As a gift to you, Mr. Musk, here is that which you seek….. it is us, LIFE, who are the alien.


Lady Ballers
Andrew Klavan makes excellent points.
The title “The Culture”, that Joe and I use frequently, was borrowed from Mr. Klavan.  He is a prolific author and polemist whose opinion we often consider on many topics, especially The Culture.
In this video, with reference to the Daily Wire film “Lady Ballers”, Mr. Klavan declares war on the progressive left, Wokism©, and those forces subtly (and not so subtly) changing The Culture into a much more tyrannical societal reality.
We have been listening to Mr. Klavan for well over 10 years.  The first mention of him in our rant was October 24th, 2010, before it was a website (this rant started as an email distribution).
Mr. Klavan is a canary in the coal mine of The Culture.
For your edification, watch, ponder, reflect, and take heed:


The Rise of Xi Jinping(pong)
Joe and I have a natural revulsion for mobs.
Our revulsion extends to large groups, organizations, even fans.
The feeling of our hackles rising when we hear the roar of the crowd is accompanied with trepidation, even fear.
Ruly or unruly, the blind stupid power of a hoard is a sobering sight.
Which leads us to mention China.
Once the largest populated country in the world (now surpassed by India), China seems destined to crucially influence the world, if not dominate the world.
Joe says he’d rather it be India if it isn’t the good old U.S. of A.
We have an intuitive dislike of being told what to do.
During the past 80 years, the citizens of China have been coerced just so.
The rise of Mao Zedong and the Red Guard began a pattern of tyranny, of “Central Planning” that repressed and brutalized Chinese inhabitants in the name of the state, in the name of “cleansing”.
Xi Jinping(pong) maneuvered and manipulated his way from being the son of a disgraced party executive to his current position as uncontested leader of the   Chinese Communist Party.
Such a man is very powerful and extremely dangerous.
The question is – does such a powerful and dangerous man do good or evil with his power?
Joe and I are suspicious.
We thought a brief history of the rise of Xi might suggest an answer.
After watching this Vox presentation, we are uneasy.
After reading many of the comments below the video, we realize we’re not alone:



Processed Foods
A short segment of a recent interview of Shawn Baker conducted by Joe Rogan.
We are not a fan of Mr. Rogan, but we are fanboys for Dr. Baker.
A good interview about vital nutritional topics:


Paleopathology and the Origins of the Low Carb Diet
Dr. Michael Eades presents at a “Low Carb Down Under” seminar.
Dr. Eades and his wife Dr. Mary Dan Eades have been advising about the nature and nurture of a low carb diet.  This particular presentation discusses the evolution of man from the nutritional perspective.  Fascinating and vital:

Protein: Plant vs Animal Sources
Dr. Peter Ballerstedt makes a convincing case for his statement that “Humanity’s existential crisis is insufficient animal sourced food”.
Joe and I learned a great deal from this video about the quality, quantity, and digestibility (bio absorbency) of food stuff people eat.
The statistical reality Dr. Ballerstedt presents is reinforcement of his position.  Wheat and rice are the two largest sources of protein in the world.  However, the protein from these two sources is not comparable to that obtained in common animal based foods, and unlike processed animal sourced foods, when wheat and rice are processed, their nutritive value plummets!
A crucial fact presented is that a majority of women in the world are NOT getting enough protein.  Well worth the time to watch:

Here are a few of the notable graphs from the presentation.  Note that lysine is an essential amino acid, meaning the human body cannot produce it, and cannot survive without it.  Plant protein often doesn’t meet minimum lysine requirements.  Also important is the amount of protein that is utilizable in a food.  Plant protein often has less bio-absorbance, meaning more volume is required to meet minimum need.

To summarize the video, Dr. B’s message is this –

Joe’s Garage

Google Maps
This fine fellow is sharing his excitement about 5 Google Maps features he finds fascinating.  He’s from Vancouver.  Whatever…..
Joe and I almost never use Google Maps.  In the true tradition of station WIIFM (what’s in it for me), we did use Google Maps to look at our property here in Vernon BC when it first became available.
We took the time to look after we watched this video.  The Google view of our property is at least 10 years old.
The history feature appeals to us:

Tesla Truck
The folks at Hagerty do a road test of the Tesla electric truck.
Funny, they mostly think it will be a rich man’s toy.
Their test was mostly conventional performance – racing the quarter mile or a road course.
Joe is a truck man.
There was very little information about gross vehicle weight, load capacity, towing capability.
An interesting exercise in a “clean sheet” design.
We will wait and see.
Joe says if we were a tradesman, using this truck would represent one hell of a lot of bricks laid, or 2×4 studs placed, or shingles nailed.
The cost in Canada will be enough to make a plumber’s knees ache:

Cheap Dependable Transportation
Joe isn’t a big fan of “The Car Wizard”.
However, once in a while, Mr. Wiz hits a resonant note with our resident car guy Joe.
We put our 1999 Lincoln Town Car (Ruby) on the road in the late spring this year.
Ruby is a delight to drive – quiet, powerful, comfortable, and on the few long trips we made, she reached an astounding 27 miles per Imperial gallon average on the highway.  We tested that figure on three different trips because we didn’t believe what we calculated.
The Panther platform is old style front engine rear two wheel drive full frame easy and inexpensive maintenance.  Joe says we want the entire collection.  We’ve got the Town Car.  Now we can look for a Mercury Grand Marquis and a Ford Crown Victoria.
Great cars!:

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