Sunday Rant – 5323 Special Edition


Joe’s Comment – This is Sunday Rant – 5323, a Special Edition.  Special because Math.
52 X 7 = 364, which leaves a day and a quarter out.  The last time there was an extra rant was Sunday Rant – 5317.  I took a quick look at that rant and I enjoyed it immensely!  That young fellow in the picture was filled with hope and good cheer for all, and best wishes for a New Year filled with promise.
Here he is, chubby cheeks, cataracts a blazing, probably liquored up and hunkered down (the weather wasn’t exactly sublime) –
From that rant, a picture that tells more than a thousand words.  Maybe as many as 1042 or more.  That’s the kind of December we had in 2017 –
As anyone can see, no country for old men…..
Other than getting older and more crotchety, not much has changed.
I’m still filled with visions of non-sugar non-plums shuffling about in my noggin.
Perhaps the elated mood and optimism about a new year has something to do with IQ, or maybe the weather.
This very exceptional mild season has raised all boats (thinking of the 37 wackos in my head).  Good cheer really likes warm feet and hands, minus a runny nose.
There are a number of paradox-like peculiarities affecting my moods.
For beginners, how is it that 6 years has gone by in a flash, yet every day was a seemingly endless cornucopia of ideas and chores and elation and dejection, of hope and despair, remorse, hubris, interspersed with joy and good will, victories and defeats.  Only to be repeated the next day.
Time is the ultimate curiosity.
How many heart beats in 6 years?  2017 was before I adopted the “carnivore diet”.  Before having cataracts removed.  Before the unbelievable number (40 and counting) of Ford vehicles in my yard.  Before the retched reality of COVID hysteria, bringing the betrayal of We The People by all the pillars of civil society  whom can no longer pretend to serve.
Before some of my youthful cohort started their validation of actuarian statistics by adding their names to the list and leaving this mortal coil.
Yet, I’m in better shape today than I was 6 years ago, physical appearance notwithstanding.  Here I are, baggy eyes, spotty skin, and thinning hair –

Yes, the old is coming out.  But the clear head and clear eyes persist.  And look at that beard!
Quitting the demon rum (3 years ago) and the devil’s food cake (no carbs, no sugar, high fat – over 5 years) have given me a new lease on dreaming about what I want to be when I grow up.  Some of us slow folks (riding the “short bus”) need more time to understand what’s it all about (Alfie reference).
Here’s Cilla Black singing Burt Bacharach’s composition, short, sweet, and to the point:

What’s it all about, Alfie
Is it just for the moment we live
What’s it all about when you sort it out, Alfie
Are we meant to take more than we give
Or are we meant to be kind
And if only fools are kind, Alfie
Then I guess it’s wise to be cruel
And if life belongs only to the strong, Alfie
What will you lend on an old golden rule
As sure as I believe there’s a heaven above, Alfie
I know there’s something much more
Something even non-believers can believe in
I believe in love, Alfie
Without true love we just exist, Alfie
Until you find the love you’ve missed you’re nothing, Alfie
When you walk let your heart lead the way
And you’ll find love any day, Alfie, Alfie

These are powerful lyrics.
Surely a counterpoint to the nasty side of Life; worth considering.
There is one thing, though.
Who calls a child “Alfie”?
Ah, the mystery(s) of Life…..

My motto, borrowed from Captain John Yossarian, is and shall remain “I will live forever or die in the attempt”.
I’m still convinced that the future is more rosy than the past.
To all my family, friends, and acquaintances, wishing you the best year ever in 2024!  Here’s to health, prosperity, and never ending adventure!


Rex and Pierre
Mr. Rex Murphy interviews the Conservative leader of the opposition, Pierre Poilievre.
Joe and I are fans of Rex Murphy: we’ve enjoyed his bloviation and staunch Canadian cheerleading for 20 or more years.
Joe and I are not fans of Pierre Poilievre.
However we are theoretical Libertarians, and as such, we are prepared to hold our nose and vote Conservative again, and again, and again (NOT in the same election, but for years to come).
There is a longer version of this interview.
This truncated segment was more than Joe and I needed to form our opinion.
We are still fans of Rex Murphy.  doG bless his soul.  Furthermore, what in the world will Canada do when Rex gets too old to stick a fork into Canadian politics?
A pressing question, for Mr. Murphy is aging rapidly (aka approaching the cliff).
As for Mr. Poilievre (pronounced paw-lee-evvv) he has a way to go until Joe and I will trust his “vision” for We The People of Oh! Canada!:


The Individual vs The Collective
Dr. Jordan Peterson and Michael Malice have a spirited discussion that levers off the atrocities committed in Russia and pivots off Ayn Rand’s profound works she called the philosophy of “Objectivism”.
A very entertaining and informative discussion.
Joe and I (and the rest of the lunatics in our head) are avid theoretical Libertarians.  It is unfortunate, indeed a pity, that Libertarianism will never be mainstream.
Joe says Mr. Malice surprised and even shocked Mr. Peterson more than once during their exchange.  Good on both of them!  Us watchers benefit the most:

Ivor Cummins and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg
In this short interview, Mr. Cummins made Joe and I aware of a true German hero who was a sane and stable voice of reason throughout the COVID years.
Soft spoken with a fierce message, Dr. Wodarg tells of his research and data accumulated during the “pandemic” (and before mitt der swine), and his resolve to see the guilty exposed.  Joe wonders why people all over the world like Dr. Wodarg were castigated.  It couldn’t be the money motive, da?:

Mel K Show and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg
Melody Krell (The Mel K Show) interviews Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg.
Joe and I were so impressed with Dr. Wodarg’s discussion with Ivor Cummins (above) that we went searching for recent video interviews of him.
We found the following video on The Mel K Show.  It is five months old.  It is on Rumble.  Not much of Dr. Wodarg on Ub2b.  Mel K has been booted off Ub2b.
Joe and I have spent a great amount of our time in the last three years trying to learn what we could about whatever the hell is going on.
We’ve never heard of Dr. Wodarg or Mel K.
Both will be added to our “Big Book”, which is a compilation of reliable sources for information, data, and knowledge.
Joe says it is a big World and an even bigger Internet:



Vegan Diet Kills Babies
Dr. Paul Mason is a hero and a treasure in the nutritional community.
The ultimate irony is he has been ostracized by the Australian government and medical community for his commentary and medical recommendations.
Joe and I have featured his excellent presentations in previous rants, the earliest being Sunday Rant – 0521.
In this video, titled “Logical Fallacies of a Vegan Diet: Why you shouldn’t feed your child a vegan diet“, you will learn (with attendant research, data, proof) that even when a plant has copious quantities of the nutrient, vitamin, or amino acid desired by the consumer, the bio-availability of such substances is often of much less quality and quantity from plant vs animal sources.
Indeed, some plant toxins outweigh the possible benefits of their desirable nutrients, or confound the ability of the human body to absorb the targeted nutrient.
Joe and I contend that the following statements are true:
–  you are what you eat
–  you eat what you are
and a new one we’ve coined after listening to this video, “eat what you want to be“.
Anyone who knows me (and by proxy, knows “Joe”) knows that I could benefit enormously if I was smarter.  Dr. Mason explains in simple terms why our human evolutionary ancestors had much larger brain pans, ergo, much larger brains.  Joe and I could use one of those big brains of yore.
We contend that there is a conspiracy to “dumb down” an already precariously stupid populace.  Not too dumb, just enough to neuter any critical thinking.
We want to eat to be healthy AND smarter!
We are fighting the good fight.  Please pass the meat.  Our brain is hungry:


Joe’s Garage

Chris Razor
Joe stumbled over this incredible man while watching another channel.
Mr. Razor is one of five known welders in America who can successfully weld copper.  As comes out in the video, Chris taught the other four…..
The owner of the Ub2b channel is Steve Morris, of Steve Morris Engines.  No small potato himself.  In this video, Mr. Morris visits Mr. Razor’s shop, seeking tips and tricks to improve his TIG welding skills and understanding.
Mr. Razor supplies both, and backs it up with examples of his technique(s) on the engine parts that Mr. Morris brought with him.  At the time of the recording, Mr. Razor has 59 years of experience.  And zero years of formal welding “school”.  He is self taught; a self learner:

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Sunday Rant – 5223


Joe’s Comment – It is Christmas Eve.  There is no snow.  All is peaceful.
Merry Christmas to all!
The weather is better than average and the ground isn’t frozen.
Life is good.
Below is a photo of our Christmas tree.
It is under 6 feet in the stand.
The tree is from Quebec.  I bought it from the Vernon RONA store.
The price tag was reduced from $49.95 to $10.00 CAD.
My math skills are better than average.  I’ve been scratching my head wondering how shipping trees across the breadth of the country could be a sound fiscal strategy.  Even at fifty bucks.  It’s not like BC hasn’t any spare trees.  I reckon a 53 foot dry van (maximum load 20 tons) could hold a large number of these little trees.  Probably not 20 tons though – it would be a volume limiting proposition.  RONA is a successful mystery or headed for bankruptcy.  You pick.
Anyway, I picked a little tree from a group of about 30 unsold as of the 23rd.
I wanted to name it a “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree, because it was small and thin looking, akin to Mr. Brown’s legendary ugly duckling.  When I saw where it came from, I tried to remember the French I took in junior high.
The little guy below is a “Charles Brun” Christmas tree.  More correctly, a Charles Brun arbre de Noël.
Ain’t we a sophisticate, a metropolitan!Here it is, Christmas Eve.
All is well.  Indeed, c’est bon!
A very merry Christmas to all the world.  Perhaps some peace on Earth if humanity can muster the wherewithal.  Not an unreasonable wish…..

Seasonal Funnies

Musical Interlude


Quick Dick McDick
A Christmas song from QDMcD.
He’s been a stalwart ambassador for agriculture, for agriculture in Saskatchewan, for Saskatchewan, and for Canada.
If only Canada was managed as well as the QDMcD enterprise.
Joe and I look forward to Quick Dick in the coming year.  2024 will be the best yet for rationality, reason, and common sense:


The Culture

Prisoner’s Dilemma
The “prisoner’s dilemma” is a timing issue, as is pointed out in this video about research conducted to predict outcome(s).
If you ponder the issue, the result found by experiment is mildly pleasant.
To Joe it implies cooperative behavior, although not heroic or dominant, is a survival tactic that bears continuous fruit.
Joe and I wonder if the vast majority of incarcerated individuals, those fabulous Canadian and American jail birds, with a below average (we guess 1 standard deviation) IQ, follow this pattern.
It seems to us that no matter the IQ, prisoners would come to the same conclusion even quicker than the average schmoe due to the  nature of prison environment.  That is, not all of the imprisoned are innocent.  Does this mean a less than civil social interplay, or a more than civil “interment code of conduct”?
Either way, the prisoner’s dilemma is an exercise in critical thinking.
It can be approached as an infinitely complex matrix of elements, variables, and conditions, or as simple as the Golden Rule – do unto others.
Joe says even ungulates on the Savannah discover that cooperation is the best long term strategy.
We do wonder why it is not as apparent to all homo sapiens:



Nina Teicholz
Ms. Teicholz delves into the history and problems of seed oils as a source of nutrition and as a foodstuff.  Last week in Sunday Rant – 5123, Dr. Chris Knobbe accused vegetable oils of heinous activity when he questioned “Are Vegetable Oils the primary driver of Obesity, Diabetes and Chronic Disease?”
Joe says there is a pattern here.
Unsaturated oils / fats are not a healthy dietary choice.
Ms. Teicholz is the founder of Nutrition Coalition., an advocacy group with the following mission “We are a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization that aims to improve health in America by ensuring that the public receives evidence-based nutritional advice.”  The book she wrote in 2014, “The Big Fat Surprise“, was a NYT best seller, and a Wall Street top 10 non-fiction seller.
Joe and I admire Ms. Teicholz for her candid, without hubris demeanor when speaking.  She comes across to us as a bit bookwormish, a bit distracted, a bit self conscious, and totally authentic.
Last week vegetable oil.  This week seed oil.  Get the message?:

Dr. Ken Berry and Dr. Bill Schindler
Technology is the answer.
What is the question?
Glad you asked.
Q. – What is the PHD – the proper human diet?
Ergo, eat like a human.  What should humans eat?

A quick study of the above chart sorts humans into the Eukarya/Animalia Kingdom.  We are animals who take in their food.  Plants, on the other hand, are Eukarya/Plantae.  Big difference!  Plants make their own food.
Joe coined the revised cautionary admonition of yore – you eat what you are.
In this short educational video, we learned the difference between the the plant and animal kingdoms re: source of nutrition.
If you eat animals, you must catch/kill them, then process the carcass.  Accent on catch/kill.  Most animals need little processing to be viable foodstuff.
If you eat plants, a whole different dynamic.  Plants can’t run away or elude their consumers.  They aren’t defenseless.  What plants do is act as chemistry labs to produce toxins or defensive structures to discourage consumption by disabling the eater.  Could be poison enough to kill, or make ill.
Dr. Schindler maintains that the Albert Einstein’s of human evolution developed the required technology to take advantage of both sources of nutrition.
In the case of animals, humans developed hunting weapons and traps and snares and such to capture their meal.  After the animal is killed (they tend to protest if you try to eat them alive), the tools to dismember and carve up the carcass are derivatives of the hunting weapons.  First principle technology.
In the case of plants, humans have a long line of unknown heroes (and heroines) who tried eating the plant(s), got sick or died, and passed on their knowledge.  Over the millennia, the secrets of preparing plants as useful nutrient sources had two essential steps: 1.  devise a process to disable or neutralize the toxin, and, 2. devise a process to maximize the bio-absorption of nutrients found in the plant.  Arguably a more nuanced and critical technological feat.
Joe and I have ordered Dr. Schindler’s book, “Eat Like a Human“.
We aspire to be human.
Update:  earlier this week we bought Dr. Schindler’s book via Amazon.  Incredibly, the book arrived today, Sunday.  We are currently reading chapter 2 –  Plants: Snacks in the Sidewalk, and our interest is totally captivated.
Dr. Bill Schindler is a rare combination of archaeologist and chef.  He is described as an “Experimental Archeologist // Professor // Modern Day Caveman” and has traveled the world studying what humans eat and how they optimize the bio-availability of the foods they prepare and consume.
More excellent food for thought.  The book has 75 recipes!:


Joe’s Garage (Vehicle Edition)

Jay Leno – Cybertruck
Jay Leno has a conversation about the Tesla Cybertruck with Tesla’s Head of Design Franz von Holzhausen and Tesla’s Vice President of Vehicle Engineering, Lars Moravy.
Joe and I are divided about this machine.
Lots and lots of engineering firsts in this vehicle.
It will be a while before we own a Tesla or any electric car, truck, or off-road toy.
Our discretionary budget just doesn’t have enough zeros on the end.
Advancement in technology is laudable.  Wasting resources is lamentable.
Of all modern “problems”, ensuring that a solution is viable for all presents enormous challenges.  For instance, Joe and I can’t go along with Mr. Musk on a trip to Mars.  The ship isn’t big enough to hold our primary source of nutrition – quadrupedal ungulates, aka beefs.
And with EVs, aka Electric Vehicles, the pygmies in deepest darkest Africa don’t have much use for the proposed solution.
It might be time to read Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” again as a refresher.  The fashion mavens of Paris and New York are mahvellous dahling, but of little utility to Joe and I.
Cybertruck for the trendy/wealthy/not-so-discrete crowd.  An old Ford F250 for us

It was John Keats who coined the expression beauty is truth, truth beauty.
For Joe and for me, the most beautiful cars and trucks ever built were a product of the 1930s.  The Tesla cars all look a bit odd-ball Eastern European.
The Cybertruck looks like an unfinished appliance.
Here’s what we mean –

Joe and I prefer the Ford styles from the ’30s.  Upper picture is a ’35 Lincoln K Roadster, lower picture is a ’36 Ford truck.
Flowing lines, basic utility, aerodynamic influence.
Half the fun of going anywhere is driving.
Our last name is Drover after all…..

Hagerty Special
Joe and I don’t get envious very often.
“Seven mortal sins” and all.
The young fellow in this video has been collecting cars for a long time.
Like Joe, he doesn’t give a damn what condition it might be in, he collects what he likes!
Some amazing machinery.  The Chryslers are rare as hen’s teeth.  A few fabulous Fords.  The Fonze’s motorcycle.  Joe liked the owner’s eccentricity:

Model T Dyno Pull
You read it right.
Also, a Model A dyno pull, too.
Life don’t get much better.
Joe says we might mix a bit of modern technology with our own Model A stock equipped project.  Say upgrade the brakes, improve the electronics, high volume oil pump, but keep the original drive train.  Another plan half baked:

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Sunday Rant – 5123


Joe’s Comment – It dawned on me while watching a talking headette present some “news”, then try to perform critical thinking – something wasn’t right.
Or Kosher.
It short circuited something in my little pea brain.
The earnest but mindless presenter was pedaling a point of view, a matter of agreement, a plea of and for consensus, not reason.
I had a visceral reaction.
I don’t want to get on the Ark.  I don’t want to join the team.  I don’t want to “be on the right side of history”.  I don’t want to support any consensus.
I am what I call a “theoretical Libertarian”.  Libertarian for the ideology, theoretical because it will never happen in real time in this universe in numbers greater than one.
The Great Propaganda Crusade starts when you are a child.
You cannot avoid it, for when you are a helpless speechless infant the heavy influence of the culture you are born to presses down on your very existence.
All the familiar and comforting thoughts you have, all your beliefs, all you hold true and just, is present in your mind.
Peaceful tranquil calming thoughts.
Then Life© smacks you in the face with a frozen fish.
I seek freedom, even if it is an unreachable ideal.
I seek knowledge, even when my search takes the wrong path, the wrong subject, the false premise.
The end of 2023 is fast approaching.
Two more rants, then a new slate.
It is time to summarize personal progress in 2023, also the inevitable failures, bloopers, faux pas, and stumbling fumbling steps.
As the meme states so convincingly, I don’t know how to act my age, for I’ve never been this old…..


The Culture

They Bloom Where They Live
Roy Beck’s presentation 13 years ago rings as true today as it did then.  Titled “Immigration, World Poverty, and Gumballs”, his graphic demonstration proves that immigration is NOT the solution to alleviate the suffering of the abject poor in the world.
Indeed, Joe and I have argued for years that this approach only exacerbates the problem: the West skims the cream of the Third World (and beyond), leaving the weak, helpless, uneducated, and stupid (yes, we mean low IQ) to fend for themselves.  This thinly veiled abuse is obvious to anyone with a statistical bent.
Mr. Beck makes the case.  The case is irrefutable.  Life is similar to a game of Monopoly in that if there is a winner there must by definition be losers.
Joe and I are humbled by the reality of our “privilege”.
We wonder how, in the great Universe of Being, did we come to be here…..
Essential information well presented.  Thank you Mr. Beck:

Organoid Intelligence is a branch of technology where brain cells (called human brain organoids) on a chip are incorporated into a computer.
Joe says this is cyborg territory!
We are very curious and totally terrified.
There are consequences to peeking under doG’s skirt.
Oh, don’t we wish for a clear vision of what is coming.
There are so many ways for this incredibly promising technology to hit a wall at infinite speed.  Joe says it reminds him of letting a Genie out of the bottle:


Vegetable Oils
Dr. Chris Knobbe has a case against vegetable oils.
Joe and I do too.
It all started many years ago when there weren’t enough whales to provide whale oil neccessary to lubricate machinery spawned during the Industrial Revolution.
Like the scene in “Catch – 22” when Milo Minderbinder has cornered the market in Egyptian cotton but can’t find a market for it (he chocolate coats the cotton balls to try and create a market as food), the invention of vegetable oils led to very successful marketing ploys to promote vegetable and seed oil products as healthy foodstuff instead of machinery lubricants.  Crisco was born.
Joe says that unsaturated oils stink.  They go rancid.  You and I and Joe can tell just by sniffing or tasting.  And after you taste, you know something is off.
It seems to us that the evolved human senses tell the facts.
But when has that ever stopped people from pursuing idiotic goals?
Or making bad choices based on the almighty $$$:


Joe’s Garage

Jacob Knowles
Mr. Knowles is a lobster fisherman.  He recently caught a one in a billion lobster.
His many Ub2b followers named the lobster “Bowie”.  Bowie is half male, half female, and sports two color schemes.  Unfortunately, Bowie wasn’t too keen on being a captive and Jacob release him into the wild.
This video is an attempt to locate Bowie with an underwater drone.  If Bowie can’t be found, the intention is to try for any lobster for reasons revealed in the video.  Joe liked the drone, hence the inclusion in this rant:

Bomb Trivia
The following video is the work of HardThrasher.
The 4 Cs are essential in conditions of emergency – communication, coordination, command, control – if effective response is to be manifested.
The end of the Second World War was the beginning of another period of insanity – the nuclear arms race.
Joe and I knew very little of the information presented as fact in this irreverent video created by HardThrasher.
All the time we were growing up (1949 hatchling), we heard nothing of the failure prone nature of the Western military, especially the American Armed Forces.
Joe and I are not sure if it is Three Stooges, or Keystone Cops, or Car 54 Where Are You? that was played out over time.
For some bizarre reason, nuclear holocaust was and still is a possibility but NOT a past reality.  What we can’t gauge is if the probability is less with the passage of years.  A guy can always dream:

Top Fuel
In the world of drag racing, there is nothing as spectacularly assaulting to the senses as being in the presence of a top fuel dragster making a run.
The following video shows a large number of reactions people have had to various launches by competitors who manage to go from 0 to over 300 mph in under 4 seconds.
With the sound turned up and the picture in full screen mode, it can only convey a fraction of the physical reaction a person has to the “Real Thing”.
Joe and I have been to such events.
The earth shakes.
The roar is deafening and guttural.
The smell of nitro is acrid, your eyes water, and a bitter taste of unburnt fuel and tire rubber is in the air.
The world of electric powered vehicles will be fast, maybe faster.
But there is no form of racing that violates the spectators senses like top fuel.
Better witness this technical magic before the Karens and the Bruces put an end to it forever:

Rally Madness
The sport of rally driving is a really big deal in Europe.
In the following video, you witness over 10 minutes of on-the-edge driving that would make a mere mortal lose control of his/her/its bowels.
As mad as you might think the drivers and navigators are to pilot these tweaked and wildly tuned missiles through twisting and turning country dirt roads, take a moment to contemplate the sanity of spectators standing only a few feet away on the edge of the road!
Joe says he’d witness from a bunker, or maybe 20 feet up in a big, big tree.
From the number of Volvos being thrashed beyond belief, we think this rallying madness is from Sweden.
What a strange and exciting, dangerous sport:

The Car That Saved Lincoln
It is no secret that Joe and I are Ford fans.
Years of buying and selling and driving and repairing and wrecking and comparing Fords and other brands convinced Joe that although not every Ford is a masterpiece, there were some cars and trucks that were exemplary.
No, we never owned an early ’60s Continental.
We came close a few times.
Is a Continental a collector car?
Take a minute to click this link to Hagerty.
A first year (’61) convertible in concours condition is valued over $100,000 USD, while less desired models can be had for less than $20,000 USD.
Let’s face it, the car is a timeless beauty.
Joe doesn’t agree with all the video presents, but the subject matter appeals.
One of the classic Fords.  They got this one right!
Just don’t ask us to fill the fuel tank.  That would be a deal breaker:

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