Sunday Rant – 4423


Joe’s Comment – All the above thoughts and commentary in action, this week and for the immediate future.  My attempt at motivational fire stoking.
I am trying to motivate myself to be productive and busy and capable during the next 4 to 5 months, until the cold abates, the snow turns clear and runs away, the sun has warmth, and we peel off layers of sweater(s) and tee(s).  Brave talk considering the snow hasn’t arrived….. yet.
Technically, I’m ahead of last year.  I keep gnawing on that old bone, because last year on the first day of November the snow came with 8 below Celsius temperatures and never let up until March.  I was caught entirely unprepared.  A driveway filled with inoperable machinery.  Projects out in the cold that couldn’t be moved to the warmth of the shop.  A big stinking mess in the front yard that I didn’t clean up or even attempt to process until Spring this year.
So far, I’m mobile – the shop driveway is clear and all trailers (empty or occupied) are capable of movement.  The yard truck(s) are able to start and move.  The prospect of me quitting like last year and retreating to the basement and the Internet (in that order) is almost (but never completely) zero.
What makes the difference?

Amen, young lady!
Let the passions foment the fight against that dark night (aka Winter).
I’m not going blind (physically), but the words of Dylan Thomas seem apropos –
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieve it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
I sometimes wonder if I’ve forgotten more than I know…..

The Culture

This dude, John Novosad, is an outlier.
Looks weird, talks weird (a bit o’ Tiny Tim, dah?), and plays off both with his self deprecating jokes.
I give him an “A+”.
He’s the epitime of “run what you brung”:

Bettina Arndt – Aussie Psychologist
The cleavage reveal, aka passing boob show, is very biased, says Joe.
For instance, Russell Brand shows his scrawny almost hairless pasty-white upper frontal area all de doo-dah day.  Who cares?
Joe and I are somewhat revolted by Mr. Brand’s lack of chest, and his propensity to flaunt flagrantly.  Being the gentlemen we are, we say nothing and re-direct our gaze.
But should a woman walk around with an equal square footage of bare up there, there is a sudden and sometimes vitriolic reaction from the observer, the observee, the onlookers, The Culture™, and whomever.
Such splendor captivates Joe and my attention, without judgement, only curiosity.  And delight, of course, from time to time.
When it comes to women’s breasts, everyone has an opinion.
Bettina Arndt is a straight shooter from Australia.  Her career as a clinical psychologist led to her establishment as a sexual therapist, gender equality advocate….. with a twist.  She is well known for challenging anti-male feminist propaganda, and supporting men’s rights in the legal arena.
The last time we featured her in this rant was Sunday Rant – 2218.
In that video, she is conversing with Jordan Peterson during his first Australian tour.
In this video, Dr. Arndt explains at great length the “Politics of Cleavage”:



Quick Dick McDick
A cooking lesson from Saskatchewan’s agrarian ambassador.  As usual, good humor and promotion of Canadian products and sources.  The recipe sounds OK too, but for the fact that Joe and I have an adverse reaction to garlic.
And we don’t eat carbohydrates (beans, legumes, et cetera).
Or vegetables.
Or fruits.
The ground beef smells delicious!:

And another from QDMcD!  A productive work week for QDMcD; two videos to enjoy!  This is a condemnation of the Liberal administration and their fearless leader, Chief Rainbow Socks.
Joe and I agree with this Quick Dick rant:


Daniel Greenfield
Joe and I have always opposed sensationalism and generalization when terrorists create mayhem.
We don’t believe that “one man’s terrorist is another man’s saint”, no matter how suggestive a picture you paint of oppression or colonialism or discrimination and such.
When it comes to the senseless slaughter of innocent human beings, no matter their race, creed, gender, politics, or beauty, Joe and I say cease.
Stop in the name of humanity!
Or be stopped…..
What must follow is the duty of the sane to bring terrorists to justice.
We have followed the website “The Religion of Peace” since the attack on the World Trade Center, September 2011.
According to the good folks at The Religion of Peace, Muslim wackjobs (aka “Islamic Terrorists”) have carried out 44,144+ deadly terror attacks since 9/11.
The link will take you to the website, which chronicles each and every one of them.
Our first use of the phrase “the religion of peace” (not the website) in our on-line ranting was before the current format we use evolved.  Or emerged.  Whatever.
That rant was called Saturday – OH!  Kanada!, and was in email form before this website was born.  All the way back on November 10th, 2010, 11 months and a day before before the infamous World Trade Center attack.
If you click the link and travel back in time, you will read that Joe Mekanic has been a stern critic of the Muslim faith, and an advocate of “sturm und drang” in retaliation.  To be clear, by sturm und drang, Joe means eradicate the aggressive sons of bitches.  By our definition, a religion that calls for the death of non adherents is no religion at all.  More like a cult for morons.
Which brings our conversation to Daniel Greenfield’s recent op-ed titled “It’s Islam, Stupid” at his website, Daniel Greenfield, aka Sultan Knish.
Joe and I argued, hummed and hawed, made our points.  Joe reluctantly agreed with me, so we are not going to copy the entire article into this rant.  We reasoned thusly – It takes a few minutes to read.  It might be an infringement of copyright if we copied it all.  Conversely, by including some quotes and links to the website/article, we can increase his traffic.
Joe and I agree with Mr. Greefield entirely on this topic.  Read some quotes from his article below, click on the link to the article above and read the whole piece.
Perhaps you will agree, too.  Some quotes –

It’s Islam, Stupid
Beslan. Mumbai. Paris. Manchester. New York City. Nairobi. Luxor. Sulu. Kibbutz Be’eri.

186 children murdered in a school in Beslan. Dozens of children taken hostage from a Catholic school in the Philippines. Two teachers were beheaded, but not the girls. “We do not kill women. We will just enslave them,” the Jihadists promised. 8-year-olds gunned down in the Westgate Mall in Nairobi. The terrorists asked their victims to name Mohammed’s mother to tell apart the non-Muslims from the Muslims. In Luxor, Egypt, the terrorists danced, sang and killed and mutilated the foreign tourists. They “took all the young women, the girls, and disappeared with them. I don’t know where they went with the women, but they hurt them. We could hear screams of pain.” Among the dead was Shaunnah Turner, a 5-year-old British girl.
Pregnant women and children murdered in Israel baffle the world. They seem implausible because each time they happen, we forget. A few days of horror pass and we move on.
When a Muslim terrorist set off a bomb in Manchester at a concert full of children and teens, there was shock and outrage. Nails were pulled out of children’s faces.
“This attack stands out for its appalling, sickening cowardice, deliberately targeting innocent, defenceless children and young people,” then Prime Minister Theresa May fumed.
That was 6 years ago. It might have been an eternity.
Our governments, talking heads and thought leaders find excuses for the killers. The Manchester Arena bomber was angry about the Syrian Civil War so he killed some British kids. Abu Sayyaf, ‘Bearers of the Sword’, keeps attacking Christian schools in the Philippines because it isn’t allowed to form its own state. The Jihadis who murdered children in Beslan were furious about Chechnya, in Nairobi, they were upset about Somalia, and in Luxor about the ban on the Muslim Brotherhood. In Israel, Hamas murdered children because the border wall makes their terror entity into an “open air prison” which prevents them from killing Israeli children.
We’re told not to look at the pattern. It’s Islamophobic. Instead we must take each attack not as a manifestation of Islam, but of local issues or a response to oppression. When Muslims gang raped and sawed in half a Hindu schoolteacher in Kashmir, it was about India’s treatment of Muslims. And when they rampaged through the Bataclan theater in Paris, killing everyone within reach, they were protesting France’s treatment of ISIS. And when they rape a woman at a concert in Israel by the bodies of her murdered friends, they’re protesting for Gaza.
But in 1929, Muslim mobs in the Jewish city of Safed burst into an orphanage and “smashed the children’s heads and cut off their hands.” During the Hebron Massacre that same year, a British policeman described how, “on hearing screams in a room I went up a sort of tunnel passage and saw an Arab in the act of cutting off a child’s head with a sword. He had already hit him and was having another cut, but on seeing me he tried to aim the stroke at me, but missed; he was practically on the muzzle of my rifle. I shot him low in the groin.”
Israel had not even come into existence yet. What were Muslims protesting then: Jews?
During the first siege of Vienna in 1529, when the invading Muslim horde decided that “children were cut out of their mothers’ wombs and stuck on pikes”, was that a protest against colonialism or capitalism? When a Muslim chronicle boasted that during the genocide against the Sikhs in the 18th century, “the shrieks of the women captives who were being raped, deafened the ears of the people”, was this a response to globalism or Zionism? Or was this just Islam.
Everything Hamas did during the bloody High Holy Days massacres has been done by Muslims throughout history and is still being practiced today. There is nothing new here whatsoever. Medieval barbarism never went away because Islam kept those grisly practices alive. It endures side by side with the modern world of smartphones, electric cars and AI because its worst crimes are an object of religious law and faith.
A Yazidi girl abducted by the Islamic State when she was only 12 described how the Jihadist who raped her explained to her that because she “practiced a religion other than Islam, the Quran not only gave him the right to rape her — it condoned and encouraged it”. He “bound her hands and gagged her. Then he knelt beside the bed and prostrated himself in prayer before getting on top of her. When it was over, he knelt to pray again”. The girl begged him to stop, but he “said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to Allah.”

This is Islam.

It’s not about Israel, India, Russia, America, England, France, the Philippines or any of the numerous other countries that have been marked by Islamic terrorism. It’s not about “oppression”, “colonialism”, “settlers”, “cartoons” or a lack of “integration”. None of the excuses ever hold up or explain the pattern that consistently and indelibly marks Islamic violence…….

Our comment is that Mr. Greenfield makes our point for us – it is Islam.
No progress will be possible, the attacks will continue, the misery and murder, ad nauseam, until the non-Muslim world holds them to account.  Or, fat chance, they see the error of their ways and change.
One more quote from Mr. Greenfield’s op-ed, a quote that Joe and I consider a call to arms –
“….. We are not responsible for Islamic terrorism. None of us. Only Islam is responsible.
Islamic violence is over 1,000 years old. It predates most modern countries and it is not caused by anything we do. The only thing we are guilty of is our failure to smash the Jihad.”
Joe and I concur.
Perhaps Israel will, this time, start to do what must be done.
Perhaps the rest of the nations of humanity will, this time, help Israel and then, finish the job.


Once the seasonal melancholy has set in, and it has, the numbing thought of at least four months of unattractive, cold, miserable, lifeless dark ahead causes a paralysis of continuity, of continuance.  A pause which, so far (74+ years), does not refresh.  Which makes Joe and I seek music to outline the mind set.  Some examples of our rambling follow –



Dr. Sam Bailey
Dr. Bailey is a crusader.
She is to the medical community what Nina Teicholz is to the nutrition community.
Although when she speaks in her New Zealand drawl you think she’s a Kiwi, she is really from Missouri, the “show me” state.  We say that becuase Dr. Bailey (like Nina) demands to know the foundation argument behind what is assumed knowledge in the medical discipline.
In this video, she questions the veracity of the miracle drugs labeled as “antibiotics”.  Spoiler alert!  If you are comfortable believing antibiotics are miracle drugs, maybe don’t watch.  Dr. Bailey presents information that will have you questioning your belief(s):



Dr. William Happer is a hero.
He has known the science and sung the praises of CO2 for at least 40 years.
He has the credentials.
He has the knowledge.
He shares his wisdom.
And in the following video, he hints at whom and who are benefiting or suffering by the climate hysteria focused on CO2.
There is a group of sane stable intelligent incredibly wise folks who created the “CO2 Coalition“.  Click on the link.  Then click on “Members”.
You will see that Dr. Happer is a founding member, and the current chair.
Look further.  You will see Dr. Patrick Moore is one of the Board of Directors.
Look further still.  You will see a membership of dozens of S.T.E.M. scientists, some whom you may have heard of, many you have not.
Unlike the mob agitators who stir up the ill educated or gullible to a frenzy of fear, these advocates of the CO2 Coalition have cool, clear, data.  And facts.  And logic.  All very refreshing:


Joe’s Garage

Edison Motors
So, a couple of Canucks decide to build a diesel over electric truck.
One of the guys is a trucker.
The other, an engineer.
In one year they have built a heavy truck that operates on batteries and uses a diesel engine to run a gen set.
In the following video from DeBossGarage, you can see it move its first load – all up weight 100000+ pounds.
As they say through huge grins, 10 tons more than a Tesla transport.
When the user deals directly with the designer, wonderful things can happen.
Joe and I wonder how long their company will survive before being eaten up by an existing behemoth:

The Dark Web
How about a primer on how to access, use, and navigate The Dark Web….. without getting hacked or your computer frozen.
That’s what “NetworkChuck” says he can teach you in 15 minutes.
Joe and I used TOR some years back to access The Dark Web.
Because TOR isn’t a browser, because there are no browsers for The Dark Web, we lost interest.
After watching this video, Joe says it’s about time we used a VPN and went out and about on The Dark Web again.
Who knows what evil lurks?:

Virtual Machine
Another from the studio of NetworkChuck.
Joe and I use a “virtual machine” to view some of the service manuals that we own.  More skills to learn, to enable more versatility, more flexibility, more ability, more security.  Joe says the only thing stopping us is time to learn:

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Sunday Rant – 4323


Joe’s Comment – The world continues down a path of madness.
It makes me wonder whom is playing whom.
Surely in the Year of Our Lord 2023 even the dimmest and dullest of peoples can fathom that warfare is a no-win zero sum enterprise.
Perhaps the quality of media informing We The People has too much influence.
If so, it also has too little fact or truth.
I noticed that there are less than 10 weeks left in 2023.
The horseshit hysteria called COVID won’t work this year, although the morons in the Canadian Government are attempting a “double down” on their previous pathetic performance.
WTF is so difficult in admitting you pooched it royally?
Take a gander at the interview below of Ivor Cummins conversing with Pierre Kory.  Dr. Kory’s belief is that seven million persons throughout the world have died due to the vaccine for COVID.  This is beyond atrocity.
It makes many of the governments and all of the Big Pharma players mass killers.
The majority of doctors are complicit, too.
As you can imagine, none of them, blackguards all, are interested in talking about what happened.
Silence is golden might be the mantra.
So this year the distraction is a criminal attack on innocent persons by absolutely soulless savages.
And the beat goes on:



There are a few terms to describe dissipating the aura of unknown  surrounding a vaguely identified but real and imminent danger – the expression “gorilla in the mist” is the popular utterance that represents the conundrum.  When perceived, what to do?
How the threat is managed requires clarity in defining the danger as a first step.
Equally important is categorizing the threat.
Is it a moral or ethical dilemma?  These are the twin “carbon rods” controlling the radioactive nature of human interactions.
Hamas has revealed the core of their ideology, and it is rotten.
The term Joe and I will use is “galvanize”.  The insane frenzy revealed in the Hamas attack on Israeli citizens, innocent people, has focused The World’s consciousness on the stinking rot of Hamas’ ideology.
In the following discussion between John Anderson and Victor Davis Hanson, the intensity and immediacy of this galvanization might precipitate a correction long overdue.
Up to this event, the ever increasing demand from the progressive left combined with the pressure exerted by ideological extremists has been felt by everyone everywhere.  With no relief, no sanity, no compromise in sight.
Mr. Hanson speaks of the probable correction just around the corner.
From Joe and my perspective, this is a hope filled and inspirational prediction from our favorite historian:

Conrad Black
Lord Black, Baron of Crossharbour, weighs in on Hamas, and the atrocities in Israel. Why a Severe Response by Israel to the Hamas Attacks Is Justified
A quote from the op-ed Joe and I found definitive –
“….. The second justification for a severe act of vengeance is the premeditated barbarism of the Hamas invasion of Israel and torture and massacre of Israelis, including without any distinction in the treatment of Israeli soldiers and civilians, children and babies, women, and the elderly. The conduct of Hamas is in no sense morally superior or significantly different to that of Nazi Germany, either in its persecution of the Jews and other perceived enemies or its treatment of Russian prisoners of war and civilians in the Russo-German war of 1941–1945. It appears also to have been even more barbarous, though again, obviously on a much smaller numerical scale, than the most heinous crimes of the Japanese in China between 1933 and 1945.
Hamas has thus aligned itself with the perpetrators of the greatest war crimes in the entire history of the world. It is possible to find comparable outrages in the medieval and the ancient world but those were unenlightened civilizations, and unlike Hamas, it could not be said of them, as Mr. Churchill said of the Nazis: “The long night of Nazi barbarism is made more sinister and more protracted by the lights of perverted science.” Whatever anyone may think of where the borders of Israel should be, and even a civilized person deluded with the untenable notion that there should not be a Jewish state of Israel, the utilization by Hamas of sophisticated weaponry and techniques to detain, torture, and murder is a crime of unmitigated evil.”
What a world!
Where evil tries to outdo evil.
Talk about “jumping the shark“…..


The season of melancholy descends upon the Joe and the me.
A variety of melancholy:



Dr. Ken Berry & Co.
The following video is, as Dr. Berry insists, part of a revolution.
Joe and I agree.
We were waiting at the government “Service Center” (what an oxymoronic phrase – right out of Orwell’s 1984, or the sign over the gate at Auschwitz – “Work Will Set You Free“).
There was a big sign on the Service Center door, commenting that “We realize your time is valuable to you”.
Then we waited for an hour and a half…..
While waiting, we struck up a conversation with the man we sat next to, Dave (a coincidence?).
He and his family are following a keto / carnivore diet – low or no carbs, lots of fat and protein.
The change is coming.
Dr. Berry is correct.
Lordy, Lordy, we can’t wait to see how the government will fuck this up:

Dr. Pierre Kory
Ivor Cummins interviews Dr. Pierre Kory, an early questioner of the COVID vaccine composition and claims of veracity.  The earliest mention of Dr. Kory in this rant was Sunday Rant – 5020 .  At that time, Dr. Kory was advocating the use of Ivermectin as a prophylactic.  From that 5020 rant –
Furthermore, the Senate testimony of Dr. Pierre Kory from St. Luke’s Aurora Medical Center, Milwaukee WI, details the efficacy of IVERMECTIN (aka Stromectol, Soolantra, Sklice) as a prophylactic in the treatment of COVID-19.
From the link – “Ivermectin is currently being investigated as a treatment for coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19. The trials so far have shown ivermectin reduces the number of cell-associated viral DNA by 99.8 % in 24 hours. Further studies are needed to determine the effectiveness of this medicine in humans with COVID-19.”
Dr. Kory and his team’s assertion is a person CANNOT CONTRACT COVID-19 if they use this already FDA approved drug.
He backs his assertion with clinical data in a paper he and his colleagues collaborated to produce.”
In this video, Dr. Kory gives his estimate of the number of COVID vaccination deaths, that is, people who died as a result of the vaccination.
His estimate is a sobering 7,000,000 souls.  That’s right, seven million…..
Dr. Pierre Kory is a hero.  Ivor Cummins is a treasure.  Joe and I heed, and heed well:


Joe’s Garage

Battery Danger
Our Finnish friends at the Hydraulic Press Channel demonstrate the potential hazard of disposing lithium batteries incorrectly.
Joe and I were surprised and a little shocked.
Shades of old duster movies when the nitroglycerin in the explosives started sweating…..
We suspect that the danger isn’t only when compressing the battery under immense pressure.  We’ve seen too many Ub2b shorts and videos of “spontaneous” ignition.  A word to the wise:

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Sunday Rant – 4223


Joe’s Comment – Once again the unavoidable onslaught of seasonal change is upon the land.
The leaves, those not already on the ground, are a blaze of reds and oranges and browns.
I had a moment of nostalgia today while driving from Kelowna to Vernon.  The sun was making an appearance at about 8:00 a.m., the hills were no longer green and verdant, the air was car windows up chilly, and the clouds in the sky were lenticular and high cirrus.
I had a great yearning for northern Alberta’s vast landscapes.
Many years ago I made a trek or two with CR to visit Jimmy B. and his family in the Spirit River area of Alberta.
Those long rolling hills, the stubble fields, the copses of coniferous trees here and there, and the incredible clear blue sky were a majesty to behold.
Of course, the memory that followed of early snow and seriously bone-chilling winds, double digit negative temperatures, ruined the reminiscing.
But, for a while, Alberta was gentle on my mind:

It’s the time of my year for melancholy.  Long sight.  Solo thought.  Sequestration.  Unknowable yearning.  Disintegration.  Disorder.  Lust for knowledge.  Strange peace.
And a whole lotta numb:

How many days to Summer?


We grieve for the citizens of the nation of Israel.
Joe and I abhor violence.
The atrocities being committed against the people of Israel are obscene.  These profanities committed against humanity challenge sanity.  In the name of Allah?
That declassifies the qualification of Islam as a “religion”.  Like the Hippocratic Oath, the foundation argument of “religion”, if not love, makes any “holy” claim null and void.
John Robson has written an opinion titled “There Is Only One Fitting Response to the Terrorist Attacks on Israel”.  It won’t surprise any sane, cogent person to know when Mr. Robson says “Hamas delenda” (latin), it translates to “destroy Hamas”.  You can read Mr. Robson’s article here.
However, the article is behind a paywall at The Epoch Times.
Joe and I subscribed.  A step in tailoring our access to programming and publishing via the Internet that we prefer over more conventional cable, fibre, or satellite offerings.
A few quotes from Mr. Robson’s condemnation of Hamas –
The Jew-killers are loose again. No other description of the joint Hamas-Islamic Jihad attack on Israel is adequate to the situation. And no response that denies this truth can claim a shred of decency.
We are not dealing with a spiral of violence here. Instead, as with Cato the Elder’s repeated insistence that Baal-worshipping Carthage was an existential threat to our humaneness so “Carthago delenda” (Carthage must be destroyed), the death-worshipping Jew-haters of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Palestinian Authority are not misunderstood nor do they stumble into occasional excesses for understandable reasons. We are dealing with something much more primal.
Sometimes images break through the fog even in our cosseted society. Like jubilant jihadis mutilating the half-naked corpse of a young woman, whose symbolism sworn foes of misogyny in our societies surely find especially hard to ignore. In the West, including Israel, we kill when we must. But going back to ancient Greece, we do not desecrate except when we lose our minds.
Desecrate is the key word. Such conduct wilfully denies that we are all made in the image of God. Instead we give a dignified, if frosty, burial even to an executed mass killer because we regard their body as a sad, disquieting object, a reminder of how far they fell and a warning as to how far we might.
Not these people. They frankly deny the humanity of Jews, and their goal is not a “two-state solution” or even the peaceful expulsion of Jews from their ancient homeland. It is their extermination.
They don’t make any secret of it. Instead they deny there ever was a Temple of Solomon and peddle the “blood libel.” It’s demented, and anyone who stands in solidarity with it is demented.
Some bring up the tired old excuse that the lives of the Palestinians have been pretty miserable for a long time. Which is true. But not because of Israel, or the West. When Israel was founded, there was a mass expulsion of Jews from Arab/Muslim countries, and a mass flight of Arabs from Israel to clear the way for the deliberately genocidal Arab League attack that, to general surprise, failed to finish Hitler’s work. It’s not morally equivalent.
Nor is it morally equivalent that Israel took in the Jewish refugees, while the Palestinians’ Arab “brothers and sisters” left them to fester because it made for good propaganda and an endless supply of terrorists with nothing to live for and hearts filled with hate and rage. Even today, with a vast Arab world containing hundreds of millions of people and much empty space, not one regime is willing to let the Palestinians leave Gaza and the West Bank. And Israel has been trying hard to make peace with its neighbours since 1948, while they have been trying to wipe it off the map and kill all its inhabitants. Including the Palestinian leadership.
There is only one decent response to what is happening now in the Middle East and has been since 1948. It is “Hamas delenda.” And those who instead blame Israel have nowhere to hide.”
Without intention, Joe and I were exposed to some brutal videos and pictures showing the dead, the captured, the tortured.
We seethed with rage.
It is our belief that all humans are capable of horrendous behavior.
To deny that evil doesn’t live in the soul of every person is a lie.
It is people’s humanity and love of self and others that prohibits everyone from acting out from their darkest self.  Life is tough enough without constant chaos.
By all we hold sacred, Joe and I condemn these madmen to death.  And women, too.  They are acting so far beyond the pale we consider them savage beasts, beyond redemption.
We agree with John Robson.
To paraphrase William Shakespeare (Henry VI, Act IV, Scene II), “The first thing we do is, we kill all the lawyers terrorists”

Words of Wisdom
Andrew Klavan was born a Jew.
He is now a devout Christian.
In light of the dreadful atrocities being perpetrated in Israel by soulless savages, Mr. Klavan has some deep thoughts on the matter.
Joe and I found his words, concepts, and conclusions comforting.
There will be more bloodshed and misery before an uneasy truce is forced.
Joe and I swear that we would kill every last one of the Hamas butchers, without mercy.  And we would sleep like a babe.
If, in doing so, some potential greatness be extinguished, so be it.
If doG works in such mysterious ways as to befuddle worshiper and agnostic alike, we fail to see the point of the exercise.
We are known for our beauty, not our brains:



The Laptop from Hell
Jordan Peterson interviews Miranda Divine, author of the book “The Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide.”
What an interview!
There is no doubt that the Biden family benefited enormously from influence peddling and pandering with corrupt businesses and countries.
Ms. Divine’s pronouncements are supported with data and fact.
Yet the Biden crime family skates on, while the music plays…..
Joe and I would really appreciate even a modicum of pretense that we all live in countries whose legal systems are beyond question and peerlessly just.
It would be easier to pretend.
In this hour + interview the data, facts, and details are overwhelming in their shear number.  There must be some sort of begrudging admiration by the masses toward shysters who blatantly abuse their position, their “privilege”.  If not, the question then becomes why aren’t these treasonous blackguards behind bars?:

The Culture

Pat Condell
Joe and I took a look at our Sunday Rant history to see when we last embedded a Pat Condell video.  That was waaay back in Sunday Rant – 1821.
Mr. Condell was full of vitriol and fury back in the day.  We thought he was tired of the entire mess in the UK and decided to hang up his spurs, because he didn’t pop up on random searches or Ub2b algorithms .
Au contraire, mes enfants!
Mr. Condell was banned from Ub2b.
That elevates his star in our firmament.
He now posts mostly to Rumble, BitChute, and a variety of platforms Joe and I don’t frequent.
Here is a very pertinent commentary from Mr. Pat Condell about freedom of speech.  He titled it “The Law Cannot Be Trusted with Free Speech”.
Joe and I are in accord:


David Nihill
What a refreshing comedian / humorist!
An Irishman who uses a stereotype to make fun of culture, of life.
Joe and I grinned all the way through his performance.
This is the type of humor the world needs more of – Cultural Appreciation:

Sam Bailey
Dr. Bailey makes observations about the power of the State.
Chilling indications that the tyranical authoritarian state envisioned by George Orwell in his classic work “1984” has come to fruition, and is poorly disguised as democracy in the West.
Joe and I think highly of Samantha Bailey.  her work is well researched.
Her explanation of “we are here” and what it means is chilling.
The government is the only body sanctioned to use force.
Think about that while watching this video titled “The Mortal God Drops Its Mask”:


Hydroxychloroquine does save lives after all, new study finds

Diet and Eye / Tooth Health
A great video that talks about the unique health issues humans have that are not common in the animal world.
These two crazy people, Dr. Kevin Stock and Dr. Lisa Wiedeman, have gone off the reservation.  They think that the status of your teeth and eyes has a lot to tell about your general health.
You won’t believe what these lunatics think might be the culprit that precipitates terrible tooth health or degenerating vision.  We know it is hard to comprehend, but carbohydrates are not good for a person.
Don’t believe Joe and I.
Watch the video for the low down on the nutrition hoedown:

Joe’s Garage

Heritage Boats – Adriana
Joe and I love these old boats.
This one had a long commercial life, and has been operated by it’s current owners since 1984.
Hans and Hetty van Nispen from Amsterdam own the Adriana, which was built in 1911. Since 1963, it has been powered by a 120 hp Industrie 3VD6, 1950 vintage.  Three cylinders, a 75 rpm idle, and almost 300 rpm full throttle.
It sounds magnificent…..
Hollanders are very engaged in preserving and enjoying their classic ships and their sailing heritage.
The starting procedure is elaborate, with 48 pre-start lubrication points to address.
Joe says these power plants are from the age of having a crew person to tend the engine full time.  What a blast!:

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