Sunday Rant – 3723


Joe’s Comment – The weather is fine!  No worries, no problems, many projects.
I have been working on the bathroom renovation.  Although I started taking things apart several weeks ago, progress is slow.
Mainly because funds are scarce, time is at a premium, and the copper in place is hard to access.  I did pick a version of vinyl tile for the floor (1′ x 2′ marble pattern).  I bought a used vanity 2 feet wide to replace the horrendous 5 foot mess that was in place.
Most of the time I stare and measure and try to make a plan on how to do the mods and retain the venting system, and change things one step at a time.
The first actual job is to put down the vinyl tile.  Then install the bath /  shower one piece unit.  Then the toilet.  Finally, the new (used) vanity.
All while enjoying the last of the Summer days.
And getting the vehicles plugging the driveway moving.
Last year everything project wise was put on hold on November 1st (when the snow arrived) and wasn’t resumed until Spring.
The old expression (I’m a day late and a dollar short) is a pitiful understatement in regards to my progress.
However, health is well, days are sunny and warm (if no longer long).
The new COVID crazies are out in full force, with their masks strapped on and their virtue flag waving in a self created stiff breeze.
I don’t bother to ask WTF?
It is true that I don’t want to know how their deductive facility is working.
What I want is Spring.
I’d be happy to forego Autumn and Winter.
The stress of anticipating the bad weather is only equaled by the numbing reality when it does break.
Weather in Canada is somewhat unpredictable.
Schizoid.  Like so –
Is there a weather broker in the crowd?


Quick Dick McDick
The next installment of hay making from the man from Saskatchewan.
Joe and I were lucky growing up.  We had family with farms.  A fascinating trip for city folk.
As friend George McF. used to say, “if I win the lottery, I’m going farming ’til I’m broke!”:

Jimmy Buffett (RIP)
What ho!
If Joe and I have any regrets or a bucket list, attending a Jimmy Buffett concert has got to be on that wanna do.  If we ever wanted to be a joiner, we would be parrot heads!
If you haven’t been, like Joe and I, take a look at any of his concert videos and take a look at the folks in attendance.
A true cross section of the cream of humanity.
With one common denominator – happy peace loving generous laid back souls…..
We’ve included him in the “Canadiana” section because, in his own words – “Canada holds a special place in my heart,” he said in a 2004 interview. “I’ve got more family in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia than I do in the States.”
In terms of unique life paths, Mr. Buffett carved his own.
Who else could be a ballad singing beach bum and parley that lifestyle into a billion dollar concern, all while making people smile, laugh, relax, and feel good about their life, about the company they keep and seek?
Here’s a documentary that recounts the origin of the parrot head following of Mr. Buffett’s fans:

We can’t not include Margaritaville, so here it is:

A few more that Joe and I revisit; more often as the years accumulate:

A personal philosophy that Mr. Buffett lived –


Passed But Not Forgotten

Christopher Hitchens
Mr. Hitchens died in December of 2011.
His career as a polemicist, author, critic, journalist, contrarian, and atheist made him a frequent guest on many talk shows and a debater of many subjects.
Joe and I were swayed by his strong and verbose arguments on many subjects.
None more persuasive than when he railed against religion, especially that of Islam.
Here’s a collection of moments when his ability to coherently convey ideas made his argument irrefutable:



Ivor Cummins
Mr. Cummins is a scientist first.
Here are some facts (as well as are known today) about the Earth, its history, and the story of CO2:


Joe’s Garage

More Motocross
This ride is fantastic!
Rob Holyoake’s qualifying ride wasn’t recorded in the Foxhill VMXDN 125cc class.  As a consequence, he could only start after the qualified riders reached turn one.
Riding his 1996 125cc Husqvarna, Mr. Holyoake proceeded to pass 41 riders to finish 2nd overall.
This video is from his helmet camera.
Jesus and Mary!
This champion spent more time airborne than on the ground!
What a performance!
It astounds Joe and I to know that there are so many people participating in this sport at this level of proficiency.
We do wonder how busy the emergency room at the local hospital gets during race day(s):

Stovebolt II
The good folks at Automotive Specialists do it again.
The last of their masterpieces featured in this rant was their Bonneville Salt Flat record attempt flathead Ford build.
This engine is a period piece Chev engine build – the venerable 261 cubic inch second generation Stovebolt is given a new life and two turbo chargers.
As usual, Keith Dorton fixes and re-engineers all the inherent problems and issues of the original engine.  What emerges is pure gear-head gold.
That is a strong statement from Joe and me, for GM products don’t inspire us much.  An amazing build by an amazing gang at A.S.:

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