Sunday Rant – 3223


Joe’s Comment – Another glorious week of spectacular Okanagan Valley summer weather.  With some smoke for the flavor.  I’m not fond of that part.  When begging, not choosing, I’d pick summer heat with smoke over 20 below (Fahrenheit or Celsius, fill yer boots) and clear skies.
It is very simple.  Heat is energy.  Better to have a surplus than dearth.
Very busy with projects and plans and dreaming of the future.
Not bad for 74.
On a few of the smokiest days I had a few minutes hours to cruise the Internet and amuse myself mightily.
Every single cotton-picking time I get a little down due to setbacks or sour weather, or news that the world of human endeavor is truly wobbling out of control, that special group of folks who create memes manage to crack me up and make me laugh out loud.
Who can resist a great meme?
I offer the following as examples of zingy one-liners that truly perform –

Are these not spectacular?
The mass of humanity creates this humor, this insight, this cockamamie juxtaposition of conflicting ideas / words non stop.
What a fabulous time to be alive!
I often muse whether other languages are as rich in paradox, lend themselves to hilarity, or contradict and muddle comprehension as well as English.
Another blessing to be thankful for (as I carelessly dangle a participle).
Following are the ideas and items which caught my attention this week…..
All hail the Internet!


Quick Dick McDick
Once again Canada’s and Saskatchewan’s bestest ambassador speaks.
This time, he’s aggravated the powers at Ub2b – an age-restricted viewing experience.
This episode is titled “Time to Unplug”, and is Quick Dick’s reply to all the negative feedback he receives.
Joe and I shake our head.
The statistic we have reluctantly come to accept is that 80% of people are not proficient at critical thinking.
Combined with (in the 100 average IQ world) ~16% of people are seriously challenged cognitively, we suspect that Quick Dick has tapped into a demographic nerve.
All we can say is keep on keeping on, Mr. McDick.  Canada benefits from you sharing your life from small town Saskatchewan:


International Geopolitics

Peter Zeihan – 2014
The following video is a very short history of China.
Joe and I are not fans of Mr. Zeihan, but we do consider his observations.
What leaves us doubtful are his conclusions.
Joe says his insights are interesting but unproven.
Until Mr. Zeihan’s prognostication bears conclusive proof or evidence, we shall consider his diatribe to be entertainment first, creative speculation second, and factual only when confirmed.
This fella is not as charming as Rasputin nor prophetic as Nostradamus.
Bottom line – food for thought:

The Culture

Gender Wars
The Critical Drinker hits the nail squarely upon its head with this review of Barbie:



Sally K. Norton
Joe and I have read Ms. Norton’s book, “Toxic Superfoods: How Oxalate Overload Is Making You Sick – and How to Get Better“.
Her research and experimentation has lead her to overcome some nasty life-long illnesses that have plagued her since childhood.
Joe and I are sympathetic.  Some of our former favorite foods (from the plant kingdom) are huge oxalate sources.  Spinach.  Beet greens.  Raspberries (Lawdy, our mama could make fantastic fruit pies!).  Chocolate.  Oranges.  Raisin Bran cereal!  Almonds.  Rhubarb.  Those damn oxalates are everywhere….. in the plant world.  The fact that these delicious plants and plant concoctions might be aggressively detrimental to your health is a cognitive disconnect most folks refuse to acknowledge.
A 1 1/2” thick rib eye steak has none.  Nada.  Nyet.  Zip.  Zero.  Zilch.  (Lots of Zs….)
Nor does bacon.  Or other pork products.  Chicken might have some based on what feed it is fed.
Jesse Chappus does a good job quizzing Ms. Norton on the ins and outs of oxalate consumption, oxalate sickness, and the all important oxalate purging.  Not too fast with that last criteria – too rapid a detox can be more dangerous than actually consuming more oxalate.  Watch Ms. Norton and learn:


Joe’s Garage

Allen Millyard
Joe  and I have been watching Mr. Millyard for years.
He is of that rare breed – an English “back yard tinkerer”, who innovates, designs, and fabricates in his tiny home garage, with not much more than a hacksaw, some hand tools, and his brilliant mind.  He fancies motorcycles…..
In this video, he sets two world records, with the help of his friend Henry riding Allen’s “Millyard Viper V10”, a Dodge Viper motored motorcycle he conceived and built in his cottage shop.  Check out some of his other creations here.
Two up at 180 miles per hour?  Sounds like mad dogs and Englishmen:

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