Sunday Rant – 3323


Joe’s Comment – The weather stays good.  The projects stay gooder.  The busy is busiest.  Summer is in full swing.
I’m as delusional as can be.
And the future beacons…..


Quick Dick McDick
Posted on 7 August – Happy Saskatchewan Day!:

The Pillaging of Western Canada
From Aaron Gunn, a video detailing the history of the Western provinces of Canada.
The federal government’s contempt and mistreatment of the Western provinces is something Joe and I have lived to experience.
There are two levels of hypocrisy in Canadian politics – pandering to Quebec, and abusing Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and British Columbia.
Joe and I are with Daniel Smith – follow the Canadian Constitution, or face separation.
Mob rule is always so ugly:

Canadian Doctors Speak Out
During the COVID hysteria and scam there were some doctors who said NO to the bull shit.
This video features Canadian doctors who spoke out.
Doctors Mark Trozzi, Chris Shoemaker, Byram Bridle, and Mary O’Connor give a brief history of their personal trials.
It is no surprise that they all suffered unwarranted abuse from their respective governing boards and agencies.  And the Canadian government, too.
All Joe and I can hope for is smaller government, fewer thugs, more debate and discussion, more transparency, less bureaucracy, and a pony.
A well mannered pony:


Vivek Ramaswamy
Mr. Ramaswamy is challenging Donald Trump to be the Republican candidate for president.
He is very bright.
He has been very successful.
He is his own man.
John Stossel does a terrific job letting Mr. Ramaswamy present himself.
Joe and I wonder……
Will The Donald lever off him, scorn and deprecate him, or find a way to use him?
This man talks a great talk.  Could he build a team to disassemble “The Swamp”?
Joe and I have a weakness – we favor intelligence over brute force and ignorance.
We favor debate over coercive dictate.
We favor individual choice over mob pressure.
Also, we consider ourself to be a “theoretical Libertarian”.   Both Stossel and Ramaswamy profess Libertarian alliance.
First blush?
An apparently good intelligent well-meaning man throwing his hat into the dirtiest sewer of human endeavor – politics.
Which stimulates Joe’s antennae.  WIIFM?  (What’s in it for Mr. Ramaswamy?)
Time, as is said, will tell:


The Culture

Neil Oliver is onto something.
Why would the “powers that be” push an agenda that humiliates their fellow humans?  As in “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” – George Orwell, Animal Farm.
Eating bugs.  Replace meat (you eat what you are) with pablum protein that is not easily bioabsorbable, nor does it provide the essential nutrients.  Forcing people to be vaccinated against their will, against common sense.  Restricting movement.  Shaming.  Excluding.  Setting false confrontation.  Denigrating the rights of the individual.  Appropriating the concept of “Common Good”.
As Mr. Oliver says, it is a “nouveau serfdom”.
His example of pre-human creatures behaving with noble objectives (burying their dead) contrasts harshly with the modern degeneration of humanity – to sacrifice the sacred human spirit to “save the planet” or “sequester carbon” or “stop global climate change”.  We have been to the summit and now we decline.
As the old sailor said, any port in a storm.
Our “superiors” are creating an infinite number of storms to force humanity where it does NOT want to go.
Joe and I aren’t going anywhere.
For Christ’s sake, stop frightening the children!
Also, for humanities sake.
Terrific insight from Mr. Oliver:


Joe’s Rumination
The expression “you are what you eat” has a corollary: “you eat what you are“.
Joe believes this is the truth.
Humans are apex predators.
We eat other animals.
Sure, you can munch on a lettuce head.
Or yodel with a mouthful of orange juice.
Why not nibble a carrot?
However, there are no other foods you can eat exclusively that will not only sustain you, but it will benefit you!
Eat meat.
Meat from well nourished healthy ungulates has all a body needs.
And animal products such as milk, eggs, cheese, and butter, with some seafood.
No one ever died because they didn’t get some fruit.
Or a vegetable.
Stop fooling yourselves!


Joe’s Garage

Rusty Wallace
Joe and I are becoming fans of the “Stapleton42” Ub2b channel.  In this video, Rusty Wallace (NASCAR star!) and his legendary Midnight car are featured.
Mr. Wallace raced in the ’80s and ’90s in NASCAR.
Joe and I were and are fans of Mr. Wallace.  He was a first tier racer and always an upbeat optimistic happy person.
You will see he hasn’t changed in the following video:

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