Sunday Rant – 2823


Joe’s Comment – Another very hectic week, with great weather, doing what I like to do.  Summer in the Okanagan, when it is sunny, hot, and forest fire free, is a paradise.  Vernon is a best kept secret, a fantastic place to live in Canada.
Not much mental challenge in this week’s rant.
Too busy doing to be busy watching – only early morning time to surf the Internet.
I had the opportunity to work on my Lincoln Town Car, and my Model A Ford this weekend.  I resurrected two of my favorite Ford Explorers.  And moved a half dozen vehicles around, mowed the grass, and drank cold water.
Lots of sweating in the sun…..
As Jimmy B. used to say, life is good.
Lots of memes and cartoons in this rant.
Not too much bitchin’, because all is well.

World Views

Tucker Carlson
This is a long-form interview of Tucker Carlson by Russell Brand.
Joe and I are a fan of Mr. Carlson.
Not so much of Mr. Brand.
Nevertheless, an interesting discussion worth the investment of time.
Promoted as Mr. Carlson’s first interview since leaving Fox broadcasting, by watching you can intuit a great deal about both men.
Joe would like for Mr. Brand to slow the fuck down, and stop combining 10 questions into a rattling bumble bee buzzing cascade cannonaded from his pie hole.  Slow the the fuck down!
Mr. Carlson is a pleasure to hear speak:

Victor Davis Hanson
This is part II of the life and times of Victor Davis Hanson, titled “The Contrarian Agrarian” (part I here).
As usual, Peter Robinson does a stellar job of interviewing Mr. Hanson, who Joe and I consider our historian of mention.
Very interesting world view.
Very very interesting facts, data, and connecting the dots.
Very entertaining, too:


Dr. Bill Schindler
Joe and I found this discussion very relevant and pertinent, too.
The bane of healthy eating is the introduction of technology, ever increasing, ever advancing, that produces more for less but often ignores nutritional content.
Modern agriculture is riding a particularly peculiar tiger.
In order to produce a field of grain or corn, it is mandatory to kill every living thing in that field that poses a threat to the crop being seeded.
The seeds themselves are the ingenious fantastic product of GMO – nothing wrong with that – improved over their “natural” form, designed by humans to exacting criteria and standards to perform as required.
And therein lies the bugaboo.
It is great folly to perfect something that you should not be doing at all.
A very interesting discussion, and not too long:

Of course, we went looking for more.  Here is a video with Dr. Bill Schindler and Rina Ahluwalia from about the same time period.  They discuss the evolution of the “proper human diet”, and give carnivore diet tips.
Pardon the pun, but Joe and I eat this stuff up:


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Sunday Rant – 2723


If only!

Joe’s Comment – More often than not some musical muse overwhelms my effort to consolidate my thoughts into words.  Instead, I use a piece of music to set the mood, deliver a message, which eventually leads to a conscious thought.  The next part is tricky; writing the thought out coherently, cogently, in a timely manner.
All week I’ve been listening to Niccolò Paganini’s Caprice 24 and variations, exemplified by the following video.  A haunting collection of ear worms.  Although I’m not a musician I am an enthusiastic listener.  “The Devil’s Violinist” indeed!
Thoughts to follow:

It has been a week of challenging research, and diagnostic puzzles.  My absolute favorite activities.  I’d rather learn how something works by studying the same thing when it doesn’t work, reading technical support material, and devising test procedures.  It is a skill set, and to me it is what I do, how I think, the way I make sense of things around me.  Whether I’ve got talent (or not) to do so is another subject.  Enthusiasm?  Never a doubt….
Speaking of other subjects, the following most excellent cover of Chicago’s “I’m a Man”, by the fabulous “Leonid & Friends” is an example of cultural appropriation.  This video has been included in previous Sunday Rants.  Funny, but these are the kind of people I think of when I think of Russians.  Not Ukranian killers but talented humans doing something they love.  A percussion delight!  Musicians are doG’s favorites:

There is a line in the Steve Earle song “Until the Day I Die” that comes to mind: “They built this prison just for fools like me, who don’t know a treasure from a stone“.  The search continues for what I’m looking for.  Will I know it when I see it?  I’m a blind man lost in a world of stones:

Not much of interest this week.  Too busy minding my own business!
Limited Internet viewing time.
The world will have to go on without me…..


Quick Dick McDick Trifecta

Canada Day
Quick Dick celebrates Canada Day by reciting the alphabet, with a Canadian location, territory, or noteworthy geographic place for every letter.

You Gotta Be S’nM!
Another “You Gotta Be Shittin’ Me” episode, #3.
QDMcD doesn’t hold anything back verbally while he criticizes Canadian political lunacy.
Joe and I agree that QDMcD is to the “left” of us, i.e., he is more agreeable to compromise.
We have a more “scorched earth” approach.
In the instance of this video, we are in accord:

QDMcD and his fellow ranchers team up to brand the new calves born in the early Spring.
A fantastic tradition:


Joe’s Garage

A father and son machine shop (Jim’s Automotive Machine Shop, Inc.) that Joe and I have been watching for several years.
Always an interesting job in progress.
Good instructional videos:


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