Sunday Rant – 3123


Joe’s Comment – Another near perfect week in Vernon, weather wise.  As indicated by my choice of lede memes above, from my perspective, the world keeps churning idiocy at an amazing pace.
I’ve more or less ignored it all recently.
Much better for my health, and general outlook.
I choose a saucy meme over a tinfoil hat any day.
Hence not too much philosophizing and lecturing this Sunday Rant.
Mostly a few interesting subjects, mixed with memes of sarcasm and ridicule.
Time for angels dancing on the head of a pin when the snow is 3 feet deep and the temperature is unfriendly, even cruel.
For now, let the sun shine in:


The Corruption of Biology Science
Where does science begin and politics, especially progressive politics leave off?
In our modern world, it seems it is the other way; biological science is being brought to its knees at the alter of wokeness.
The Ideological Subversion of Biology” is a critical look at the damage political ideology is having on what once was scientific fact.
The article is written by Jerry A. Coyne and Luana S. Marojand, featured on the “Skeptical Enquirer” webpage.  Mr. Coyne and Ms. Marojand are evolutionary and organismal biologists.
In this article they dispell six commonly held “beliefs” about known scientifically established facts.  A list:
1. Sex in humans is not a discrete and binary distribution of males and females but a spectrum.
2. All behavioral and psychological differences between human males and females are due to socialization.
3. Evolutionary psychology, the study of the evolutionary roots of human behavior, is a bogus field based on false assumptions.
4. We should avoid studying genetic differences in behavior between individuals.
5. “Race and ethnicity are social constructs, without scientific or biological meaning.”
6. Indigenous “ways of knowing” are equivalent to modern science and should be respected and taught as such.
This article is well thought out.
It took Joe and I a half hour to read.
Our lips were moving as we read…..
The point we are making is that this is a good sign.  These two people are talking truth to what Allan Parsons referred to as “Psychobabble”:

They are not cowering under a desk or being persecuted.
Perhaps the worm turns…..
We choose brains over brawn every time.
However, there might be a super hero hybrid, a GMO in the making.
Is this the dawn of brainy brawn?
Or brawny brains?
Only old man time will reveal the answers.



G. Edward Griffin
Mr. Griffin is a hero who defends the individual over the collective group in the following conversation.
This video was posted over 11 years ago.
Why is it that logical, calm, cogent argument takes second place to frenzy in our beloved modern culture?
Joe suspects it is fear that keeps voices still.
This man makes such good sense that it is difficult to see another perspective:



The Cost of Climate Alarmism
Mr. Bjorn Lomborg makes the case for reality over ideology.
Joe and I can’t understand how the sky is falling people maintain their hysteria in the face of history and historical evidence.
Let alone their own experience.
Joe suspects there is a hidden agenda.
The Common Man always pays the bill for ideological and political missteps.
The Poorest pay with their lives:


Joe’s Garage

Racing Museum
The Ub2b channel “Stapleton42” has Joe’s attention.
We’ve been put off by the young man’s commentary, but there is no doubting his dedication to the subject matter or the interest it generates in a Gear Head like Joe.
Some amazing machinery in the following video.
A celebration of “Man the Tool Maker”.   Joe and I are so unworthy:

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Sunday Rant – 3023


Joe’s Comment – The weather is great!  The projects are numerous.  The diet is excellent.  Summer is here!
What else is there to say?



Quick Dick McDick
A series of QDMcD Shorts.
Saskatchewan’s and Canada’s best ambassador celebrates his fellow Canadians.
QDMcD is a busy man:



Tucker Carlson
Mr. Carlson at the Turning Point Action Conference, about a week ago.

Megyn Kelly
Ms. Kelly spoke at the same event as Mr. Carlson.
Joe and I watched her for many years on Fox News until she left for a gig on a competing network.
Now she is the founder / proprietor / presenter on her own podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show, available on Sirius.
She is a journalist with moxie and brains and good common sense that Joe and I respect.
Joe says she’s also not too hard on the eyes:

Joe’s Garage

Ed Pink
Mr. Ed Pink is a legend.
He is now 92 years and counting.
An Ed Pink engine in the day was almost mandatory to win!
In this video from Stapleton42 Mr. Pink gives some history and a review of his last build, a Ford 427 SOHC, sold to an Australian customer.
An amazing man who has made racing and automotive history for 70 years!:

Mortske Repair
Watching a man bring an old Ford flathead V8 back to life is always entertaining.
When frozen tight like this one, it is a joy to hear it bark to life.
Mortske is crude and rough and a hack, but he gets it done.
Joe and I watch him for the odd trick up his sleeve that we haven’t seen.
Occasionally, Joe shouts out a trick of his own that Mortske hasn’t discovered or been taught.
That folks is entertainment with a twist:

Hydrostatic Paradox
Dr. Katerina Visnjic explains and demonstrates how a column of fluid behaves.
Joe and I had a “teaching moment” when we poured a basement wall in our Oyama home.  We built a 4 foot tall form wall, and braced it accordingly.
The amount of concrete being poured behind the form was of varying thickness.
One of the concrete workers warned us that the form and bracing was not adequate to “hold back that much concrete”!
Joe patiently explained that the concrete could be a mile wide or only 4 inches wide – the force on the form is the same (proportional to the vertical depth of the concrete.
It took some ‘splainin’…..
Dr. Visnjic does a much better job of it than Joe did, many years ago:

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Sunday Rant – 2923


Joe’s Comment – It has been a fine week.  Lots of interesting projects (one of them is a ’52 Ford owned by Gary M. here for brakes and fuel pump).  Lots of problems solved.  The Summer is wonderful so far.  All is good in Droveria and it’s inhabitants.
Ireland (2000 Taurus) was getting 20 miles/Imperial gallon but had a P0306 code – misfire cylinder 6.  Investigation discovered an NGK plug with a broken ceramic around the center electrode.  A trip to Merritt today returned 33 miles/Imperial gallon.  Fantastic!  The Lincoln Town Car is getting attention too.
A renovation of the upstairs bathroom is in the cards this week.
The consequence is not too much time for the Internet, ergo not too much content in this week’s SS, with the same prospect next week.
Go outside and play in the Summer is my motto.


Elephant in the Room
Here’s a recent cartoon by political cartoonist Ben Garrison –
Here is a meme from an Indian newsfeed –

Sad and unfortunate form of child abuse.
Our thoughts on the subject are mixed.
The child is an innocent.
The mother, the father, the family….. an unfortunate amalgamation of power, money, ambition, and lack of moral compass.
Hey, it happens.
Joe and I question why in the world Ms. Roberts would want the Biden name for her child?  Outside the $$$ that might be reaped, it isn’t love (we speculate with confidence), it isn’t valor, it isn’t honor (none among thieves), it certainly isn’t mercy.  Maybe it is to be notorious/famous/somebody for that brief “15 minutes of fame” so many seem to seek.
Maybe it is a variant of the old adage “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”
There are copious pictures of Navy Jean all over the Internet, for this is juicy grist for the social media mill.
Joe and I agree to not include her picture: leave the child be a child.
The entire sad, unfortunate mess stinks to high heaven.
Young Ms. Navy seems to be normal from the pictures posted on the Internet.
Requisite number of toes and fingers, etc.  Too bad she will never have a childhood free of adult foolishness.
But then, what child does?
As for the adults, there is a meme that describes our feelings –


Quick Dick McDick
QDMcD gives a cooking lesson.
The best ambassador Saskatchewan ever had!
Joe and I wouldn’t eat these burgers – too much carb and sugar, but QDMcD certainly supports his local / provincial fellow agricultural producers.
That is what Joe and I approve.
Just keep it high fat, low carb and we’re in!:



Abbey Steiner
Joe and I don’t pay much attention to sports of any sort.
We were always more interested in playing than watching.
When we stopped playing our interest dwindled.
That said, we are fascinated with Ms. Steiner’s gift.
Joe says people comment on her unique arm movement when she runs, but watch her legs – she is cycling faster than her competition.
We’ve been watching her progress for a couple of years now.
She is a terrific athlete to watch:



The Existence of Viruses
Dr. Samantha Bailey has been challenging the existence of viruses as the cause of certain illness for years.
The evidence she brings is compelling.
Yet the Holy Grail of virology is seldom questioned as an option to healing or preventing disease – it is often the mandatory go-to.  Newborns are vaccinated with multiple courses of various concoctions.
In this video, she discusses the book “Toxicology vs Virology – Rockefeller Institute and the Criminal Polio Fraud” written by F. William Engdahl.
What to make of this information Dr. Bailey (and many others) presents?
Joe and I are growing more suspicious daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, decadely.
If we make it to 100, centuryaly, too.
The video was taken down from Ub2b for whatever BS reason.
The video is available at Odyssey; a link here.
We tried to embed the video via Odyssey’s “share” facility, but it may not play properly (below).  If so, use the link above.
Don’t you feel safe, having so many institutions and their fearless heroes save you from seeing or hearing information?  After all, if there were a public debate, someone might prove something or make a valid deduction that might change the “everyone knows that” mantra.
Joe and I just love it!
Safe in the arms of larcenous scoundrels…..
Or not.
The body of knowledge purported to be truthful regarding medicine needs a total unbiased review and re-write.
What are the chances?:  (Here the video from Odyssey should be….. but isn’t)

As a side note, you might find the work of F. William Engdahl interesting.
His website is here.
Joe and I found his article “Zero Carbon Green Agenda Is Impossible in All Respects” to be akin to our own analysis.  Not to advance an “echo chamber” mentality, but he makes his case in a logical and cogent argument.  We are not as convinced of his conclusion that the “powers that be” are engineering a forced population decrease of the world, but his materials analysis is good with us.
Out of curiosity, we did a Ub2b search for F. William Engdahl.  There were videos, but they were old and dated – over a decade ago.
On Rumble there is a large body of video re: F. William Engdahl.
Joe and I aren’t telling anyone what they should believe.
We use Ub2b for entertainment only.  We watch “Shorts” of people jumping off of cliffs into ponds.  A metaphor, so to speak.  Rumble is much more “hands free”.
Just saying…..



Rear Admiral Grace Hopper
The early development of the digital computer theory into working machinery involved a number of unsung heroes and heroines.
Grace Hopper was instrumental in developing COBOL, and she created one of the first compiler interfaces, enabling the use of the English language to interface with machine language.
The lecture below has poor video quality.  It is from 1981.
She had a great sense of humor and a passion for her students that exceeded her love of computing.
Joe says she was a colossus – a woman in a (at the time) predominantly male career.
Well worth the time to watch:


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