Sunday Rant – 0623


Joe’s Comment – One week more or less of February behind me.  Much like last week, I’m a bit on edge because nothing has come completely undone.
The weather is behaving.
The projects I’m working on are under control.
The rest of life is allowing me the courtesy of enough leisure time to pursue my own interests.
My health seems stable – no swooning, no stumbling or falling, no medications, no sickness, no symptoms of illness.
I might be walking in a mist.
If so, it’s OK, but I’d much rather have the sun shine.
I’m grinning about the statement above from “Emma”, although I’m not quite 100 years old yet (haven’t felt the full impact), I empathize.   I expect the big difference is when I’m 100 years old, I will feel like that full time.
Canada is a disgrace, and I lay most of the blame on poor education and terrible politicians.  And people like me not doing more (or anything) to stop the direction the country has gone.  My only whiny excuse is until a decade ago, I had no understanding that corruption was so endemic.
Mind you, Samuel Clements has my basic reality pinned.
Older and foolisher every day….


Quick Dick McDick
QDMcD posts his third video on how oats is seeded, grown, and, in this episode, harvested.  A bonus – we meet Quick Dick’s brother, Dusty (The Dusty Wrench).
Saskatchewan and Canada couldn’t have more gregarious and personable ambassadors.
Nor could farming.
Quite a setup, the QDMcD home, home, on the range:

Dr. Patrick Moore
An interview Joe and I missed (the link below might not work.  Here it is if the link is inactive: click here.)
Dr. Moore has an excellent grasp of the history of temperature and carbon dioxide over the life of the Earth.  Not only does Dr. Moore express this history well for a lay audience (that would be me and Joe), he offers positive and productive future direction.
We give him the advantage in all “climate” arguments:

Ottawa ends up spending $450,000 per person on Calgary quarantine hotel in 2022


Victor Davis Hanson Commentary: Identity Politics Absurdities and the Ridiculousness of Reparations


China-iana (sp?) Chineseiana (sp?) Things Chinese

Three Year Collapse
Peter Zeihan is promoting the idea that China is in dire straights, facing a total collapse, a catastrophic collapse, of infrastructure and economic viability.
According to Mr. Zeihan there are so many frailties in the Chinese system the downfall or regression, is inevitable.
Joe reckons if this be true, Hong Kong will get it’s independence in a round-about way.  Maybe not officially, but in terms of reality.  And Tibet can breathe a sigh of relief.  What happens to the Uighurs may be tragic:


COVID Remnants

Ivor Cummins – Masks and Masking
Our statistician of choice, Mr. Cummins, puts the mask vs no mask argument to rest.
The “science” is in.  The data is in.  The proof is proved.  Of course, the morons are not convinced (Joe and I see them every day in our beloved small town).
Ladies and Gentlemen (and all others), this is an IQ test.  If you still insist on masks and masking, you are ignorant at best, stupid at worst.  You know, an idiot.
The legitimate reason for wearing a paper mask is NOT to protect against aerosol born viral particles, no sir.  Not even N95 masks can do so.  It just doesn’t work:

Thailand Questions Pfizer Contract
This is very big news.  Thanks for the link, Myrna.
If this is an accurate story, the domino effect will be world-wide.
Joe and I would like to think it is true, because we long for the day the perpetrators of the so-called “pandemic” are brought to justice.
It is time for the Emperor’s clothes to be recognized:


Joe’s Garage

Deepest Oil Well
The world’s deepest oil well, known as Z-44 Chayvo, goes over 40,000 ft (12 km) into the ground.  The well is located in Russia.  Here is a graphic to help understand the order of magnitude of this depth – link here.
In last week’s Sunday Rant (Sunday Rant – 0523), Joe and I were both flabbergasted that we had never ever challenged the concept that oil and natural gas were products of decaying biomass of previous time periods on earth.  We have wondered if there is a natural process beyond that long established story of “fossil” oil and gas.
While meandering and stumbling around on the Internet (randomly selecting links from various sources), we became aware of the term “Abiotic” which is an adjective that means “characterized by the lack of life or living organisms”.
We are now trying to square the circle.
How in the wide wide world of sports (Slim Pickens reference from Blazing Saddles) did biomass get 12 kilometers below the surface of the Earth?
Damned if I know.
Joe says it now makes sense regarding the Athabaska tar sands, and the Labrea Tar Pits.  The source of the oil is moved under pressure from deep in the earth to the surface, much like a volcano, but minus the molten rock, poisonous gas, and blasts of debris into the atmosphere.
Back to deep wells and deep drilling.
What is the crust composed of, and what are the surprises?
The following video is based on the Kola Superdeep well that reached 12,262 meters (40,239 feet):

Abiotic Oil with Jerome Corsi
There is an entire chemical process designed to produce synthetic fuels, called the Fischer-Tropsch Process, developed by German scientists during WWII.  Why did the German government underwrite this expensive method of manufacturing fuel for their war machine?  The answer is they didn’t have access to ample quantities of crude oil, but they did have coal.  The lack of cheap energy was a factor in the German loss of WWII.
Which begs the question – is there a dearth of crude oil?
According to Jerome Corsi (and many others), no, there is no dearth of crude oil.
The reason being crude oil is NOT a product of decaying biomass from days of yore.
Contrary to all you have been told, crude oil is produced naturally and abiotically (without living organisms, in the absence of life).  Read a brief overview here.
An overview in the following video:

How does this FACT influence world affairs, all levels of politics, all levels of finance, of development, of progress, of the transition of third to first world countries in the past, now, and in the future?
What are the implications to global climate, to “green energy” sources, to the rise and fall of billionaires?
In Mr. Corsi’s latest book, “The Truth About Energy, Global Warming, and Climate Change”, all these topics and more are analyzed by Dr. Corsi.
The video below is from Odysee, and Joe is having trouble embedding it in the WordPress format this rant uses.  Here is a link in the likely event the embedding attempt fails: click here.
Worth the viewing for an alternate perspective.
Joe has been wondering for years how the US of A can consume 3 million barrels of oil a day, and the total for the world is over 97 million barrels a day, and the world has been consuming oil for over 150 years.
Yet more “reserves” are found every year.
Joe isn’t a rocket scientist.  But he does wonder what the total volume of oil that has been consumed is, and what happens to the Earth when that much volume is removed…..
Food for thought:

Another more recent presentation / interview

Commer TS3
Joe and I have often imagined an opposed piston engine that has variable timing for the crank events.  This would allow changing the compression by advancing/retarding one of the crankshafts.  This in turn would allow operation on a variety of fuels, based on overall compression.
We were totally impressed by the Commer TS3 six cylinder opposed piston diesel engine, commonly called “The Knocker”.
A simple design, sturdy, and durable.  It was in service for a number of years in the British market.
Several improved designs with larger displacements were in the development stage when the Commer company was purchased by Chrysler.
Chrysler wasn’t satisfied by discontinuing the Knocker.
They destroyed all existing production, destroyed the development engines, and destroyed all the documentation and engineering information.
It reminds Joe of what happened to Canada’s post war miracle interceptor plane, the Avro Arrow.  Dief the Chief did a similar thing by destroying all existing examples of an aircraft that was clearly superior to anything in the world at the time.
Joe and I feel this world has had enough of fearless “leaders” who bumble through life liken to a bull in a china shop:

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