Sunday Rant – 0123



Let’s start the year off right!
Will 2023 be a fabulous stunning beauty, or a unstable psychotic harridan?
If the latter, what will the wackjobs and Chicken Littles use as a Trojan Horse of terror this year?
Wouldn’t it be swell if they took a year off……
What good way can we welcome the spectre of 2023, just around the corner?
A parrot singing along with two guitarists seems appropriate.
To welcome in the New Year, here’s Tico (the parrot) and the man, Frank Maglio, with friend Lisa Rott:

Another, just in case you thought it was an anomaly.  Just like Tico, Joe doesn’t know the words, but is enthusiastic and passionate.  Joe’s toe is tapping!  His voice is clear and incomprehensible!  We’re ready to welcome 2023:

Joe’s Comment – Today is the first day of 2023.
If I understand correctly, the evil that exists is conniving systematically to find the appropriate vessel/format/process to frighten the children of the world to the point of discombobulating the very roots of their understanding and meaning – to pitch them one against the other.  Chaos for short.
The good in the world is expanding knowledge, raising people from poverty, planting truth, nourishing progress, and harvesting freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope (h/t Winston Churchill).  Order and peace, as much possible.
So, what’s the score?
Who is winning?
Is the darkness receding?
Hold your horses Randolph.
I don’t know.
Here’s some personal reflection.
An image of an old friend, my Buxton wallet that has served me for 30 years –
My wallet, when new, was a thing of functional beauty.  Compact, voluminous, rugged – able to meet my needs.  As you can see, time has taken its toll.  Time to replace it, maybe upgrade.  After all, maybe 30 years of life has changed the requirement parameters for my personal wallet.
The replacement is a Bally tri-fold.  The Bally is an upgrade, especially price wise at $250+ CDN (of course I didn’t pay that much – I bought it at auction for about $30 CDN)  It is an upgrade, but not based on personal need – the Buxton met all requirements.  Does the Bally suit the bill(fold)?
Yes it does.  And to my surprise, it is thinner and more secure.  So far, so far –
Only time will reveal how well this replacement meets my need.
How about the overall reason for such a product?
Will the need to carry personal identification documents, various and sundry service or membership identities, cash, and keys always be with us?
There are technologies that, if implemented, would negate the need for a wallet.
The world changes constantly, as the saying goes (the only constant is change).
So much for Captain Obvious.
That is, if this new wallet is as sturdy as the old, if the need to keep a wallet remains, the new wallet will outlive me.
I don’t know the future, but I’ve met the need as it exists now.
I am wallet provisioned.
Will 2023 be an improvement over 2022?
I have no idea.
Will I be able to cope?
Again, I have no idea.
But, after living through tougher years than 2022, I’m confident that I will meet and exceed the demands on me that the coming year will impose.
And, doG willing, I will be a positive addition to good on Earth.
One item or challenge at a time would be nice.
The advantage of years of experience bring hope that all those years passed have garnered just enough wisdom to persevere.
I fear no weasels.



COVID Backlash

Ivor Cummins
Mr. Cummins keeps doing what he does best – analyzing government documentation for useful data and pertinent information.  In this video, Mr. Cummins exposes the misleading information propaganda surrounding the aftermath of COVID “vaccinations”.  The government data stringently contradicts the speaking points still being propagated to support the use of this “vaccine”.
Joe and I are never surprised at what people will do for money or power.
Our only wish is, that when called out with proof of their transgressions, the “mea culpas” and efforts to correct the ledger were broadcast with the same volume and urgency as the original lie and/or misinformation and/or non-truth was spread:

From Where the Virus(es)?
It is no surprise to Joe and me that our DNA is suffused with all the virus(es) humanity has survived.  After all, which came first – the infinitely complex human being or the simple organisms.
As long as time flows in the direction it seems to be flowing, simple comes first.
It can’t be a “chicken vs egg” situation, for a virus cannot survive without the help (willing or not) of other life forms, essentially cells.
We reported last year that there are “good” viruses and “bad” viruses, and some researchers contend that human life cannot be without virus influences.
Joe just got a virus program update from sneezing and coughing grand-kids today.
Gotta love that personalized service!:

Disability Rate and COVID
There is a correlational development  between COVID vaccination and disability in the American population.
Is it a coincidence?
Steve Bannon coined the phrase “there are no conspiracies, but there are also no coincidences”.  In this interview with Ed Dowd, a financial manager, the behind the scenes changes being made by financial institutions is discussed.  As the data continues to mount that post vaccination harm is a fact, in large numbers over 1 million souls.
New disabilities are emerging with every passing day.
Joe wonders how justice will ever be served to the perpetrators:

Ivermectin Is Safe and Effective: The Evidence


COVID Memes and Commentary


Joe’s Garage

John Bohmer
Mr. Bohmer bought a Ford GT from a Ford showroom in 2006.
He established a goal of making the fastest street legal car in the world.
In 2012, the car, called “BADD GT”, set a Guiness Record of 282.232 mph in the standing mile (start from stop with only one mile to accelerate).
On December 2nd, 2022 Mr. Bohmer breached the triple century mark.  The car attained 310.8 mph!  The team feels they haven’t reached the end of the performance envelope yet.  Definitely one BADD GT:

Hit and Miss
Old style power plants were marvels of efficiency.
The engine flywheel so substantial that enough rotational energy is stored that igniting fuel every cycle is not necessary.
The video below shows an Olds Gasoline Engine Works 18hp “hit and miss” stationary engine singing its song.  This machine was a reliable source of rotational energy in its day.  This specimen was operating in 1904.  The engine runs on gasoline, and displaces 13L.  It weighs 5,300 pounds.

Another old timer single cylinder engine, this one powering a boat in Amsterdam.  The boat is a tug named “Specht” and was christened in 1926.  The engine is a Kromhout M2 diesel fueled hot bulb type, hand start, from the same year – 1926.  The video below documents the change of ownership.
Joe loves these old brutes.  They are primitive, low stressed machines that are designed to work for long times before rebuilding or repairing.  Low tech, high maintenance (compared to today), and durable.  We love to see and hear them run.
During a hand start, the engine compression relief was miscued, and the engine started up in the reverse rotation.  By managing the compression relief, the engine slowed, then fired in time to commence turning the other direction.  Super simple, quite dangerous, and an amazing relic from 100 years ago:

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