Sunday Rant – 0523


Joe’s Comment – To date, 2023 hasn’t bit my nose off.  Nevertheless, I am on maximum alert, code red, hyper aware, maximum rpm.
The animated gif below shows how I feel.
I’m luxuriating in a slow and steady so far….. so good.
Scratch that itch!I’m not naive enough to think things can’t topsy-turvey in a matter of heartbeats.
My future vision is strained to the max, but I’m not seeing calamity, apocalypse, tsunami, holocaust, doom, or general mayhem.
Other than elevated prices for everything you can think of, some shortages of some things you didn’t think of, and general crappy weather in an unusually harsh Winter, all is well.
It doesn’t feel like a FAFO moment…..
I’m not getting a glimmer of famous last words, either.
My, what a feeling just before the witch of winter arrives in two days…….

Canada Trivia

–  Rex Murphy: No Surprise the ‘Squeamish Inquisition’ Wants to Stop Peterson’s Ottawa Talk

Peter Zeihan on Canada
In this video Alex Conconi presses Peter Zeihan to comment on the future hopes of Canada.
Joe and I listened with interest.
Something about this fellow Zeihan twists us a bit sideways.  We’re not sure if it is his hubris or his smirky-smirk or his perspective.
For your information and viewing pleasure.
Joe and I cannot be held responsible for any adverse reaction “triggered” by viewing this analysis:

COVID Tidbits

Scott Adams
The Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams has been featured in this rant before.
Joe and I stopped watching his punditry several years back, when he took the “get vaccinated to fight COVID” path.  At the time, he did advocate that each person make a personal decision based on informed choice, but he was clearly taking the government approved cheerleader role.  We found his logic lacking.
He analyzed his position, i.e., his age, his physical and medical condition, his exposure risk, and whatever variables he considered in his vaxx or no vaxx decision.
In the following video, he admits he has grave misgivings about his decision.  He states that he now has to worry about after effects and post vaccination complications.  A case of buyers remorse…..
From his own mouth an admission that the people who did not get the COVID vaccination (and did not die) now have natural immunity and no complications.
Joe says it takes a big man to admit that he did wrong.
We won’t take a bow.  There is no “Victory” here.  As did Mr. Adams, we analyzed the situation from our perspective only, and made our choice.
It helped that Joe and I are well educated in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), but that wasn’t the deal maker / breaker.
Our choice was based on much the same deductions as Mr. Adams.  What made our antennae stand up was the inconsistency across the spectrum – panic that the hospitals were overrun, but there was not one honest picture of such an event, the wearing paper or cloth masks to prevent a virus from spreading, the leaving the mega stores open, but closing small businesses indiscriminately, the prohibiting travel, the withholding data, the misrepresentation of facts, the firing of doctors for their medical association given right to prescribe what they see fit, the blockade against use of known safe medicines and medications by order of law – the list is long and onerous.
What Joe and I saw red about was the loudly proclaimed “OR ELSE!”  Or else what?  Are you going to put us in jail?  Are you going to fine us?  Are you going to inject me against my will?
Our loud proclamation was clear and unambiguous….. LIKE HELL YOU WILL!!!
Read any of our Sunday Rants from the past three years, and you will get the gist of our argument.
The turning point for Joe and I was we know how to think critically.  Data, facts, analysis, logic….. all friends of ours.
Critical thinking is lost on about 80% of humanity.  Here in Vernon BC, it seemed even worse.  Lost some friends, gained some allies.
We probably won’t watch his channel in the future – even this “mia culpa” has some wormy-ness.
Here is Mr. Scott Adams in his own words:

–  Elon Musk suffered COVID jab injury: ‘I had major side effects from my second booster shot

Ivor Cummins
Our favorite statistician provides excellent data proving the COVID response was a sham.  And a shame.
When will the guilty receive their punishment?
About the same time Hell freezes over, Joe reckons.
In the meantime, there are bonus links under the video if you find it on Ub2b:

Pfizer Criminal Acts
This short video features Dr. Robert Malone commenting on the information Project Veritas recently released about a Pfizer employee, Jordan Walker talking about the future Pfizer virus/vaccine program.  Mr. Walker carries (in his very light loafers) the pompous title of “Director of Research and Development – Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning”.
If this is so, Pfizer is involved in illegal gain of function experimentation.  This information was first released on Twitter.  Kudos to Elon Musk for letting the fur fly, and the chips fall where they may.  Mucho kudos to Project Veritas for exposing this travesty:

Megyn Kelly adds her comments in a conversation with Michael Knowles (Daily Wire) about the gay senior manager from Pfizer:


This next meme is oh so true.  In a game of roundabout, the guilty accuse the innocent of unacceptable behavior –



Joe’s Garage

Abiotic Oil
Joe and I never questioned the narrative that crude oil and natural gas is “fossil fuel”, that is, a product of decay of long buried plant and animal remains.
Joe and I are trusting sorts.
Someone forgot to tell the Russians.
Scientists in the 1800s purported the theory that oil is NOT a product of decaying organic material.  They proposed that oil is produced by extreme pressure and heat deep in the mantel of the earth, at the core / mantel boundary.  Recent research indicates that 10 miles or more below the surface hydrocarbons do form.  And it is a renewable resource.
Fancy grapefruit.
Fancy that!
The following video makes the case for unlimited naturally formed oil and gas resources that have nothing to do with ancient plant and animal life.
If this is so, you can add the oil and gas mega businesses to the long and ever longer list of those who have lied, cheated, and misinformed the general public for economic gain.
I hold Joe in very high regard.
He tolerates me, with the odd atta boy tossed in.
Both of us are dolts:

So where did the moniker of “fossil fuel” come from?
Our speedy research talent found the following video of Col. Fletcher Prouty being interviewed by Marc Rauch of The Auto Channel.
Col. Prouty explains how the term came into being, why, and what the real fact of the matter is regarding the source of natural oil.
This information is not new.
Colonel Prouty died in 2001 (RIP), so this video is from a long time ago.
Once again, Joe and I are gobsmacked.
Doesn’t anybody anywhere ever tell the truth, the whole fucking truth so help us doG?
How could we get to 74 years of age and be so stupid?
Joe says come by for a cup of tea and he’ll explain himself.
As for me, a great big goose egg zero for effort:

Ronnie “Roadster” San Giovanni
Mr. San Giovanni is also known as the master of the Ardun OHV conversion for the venerable Ford flathead V8.
In the following video, he establishes a new record speed for a Ford flathead V8 powered vehicle – 205.744 mph.
Joe thinks that the Ford flathead V8 will be around for a while.  It was first produced in volume in 1932, and still setting records 89 years later (2021 Bonneville Speed Week).
We watched it several times.  Joe counted 5 shifts.  Really fast shifts.
Who ever heard of a Ford flathead V8 turning 7 thousand RPM?:

Another video showing Ron and Laura’s collection of early 30 Fords, and an impressive collection of Ardun head equipped flatheads.
Joe says if only we were born rich instead of beautiful……:

Snow Abuse
This is an excellent primer on how to abuse snow.
Peg, at ZipTiesnBiasPlies shows how to get it done!
If you are snow in northern Alberta, be afraid.
Be very afraid!
If you are a snow hugger, maybe don’t watch at all…..
The snow abuse starts at 17:10:

Trans-Am History
Jay Leno, Mike Joy, and Ken Epsman talk about the Trans-Am Series origins, and the competition between the manufacturers.
An early Mustang, a ’70 Camaro, and a ’74 Javelin are featured.
Joe and I liked the trip around the block in the Mustang.
That 289 cu. in. engine is highly tuned, and sounds so:

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Sunday Rant – 0423


Joe’s Comment – This week has been a roller-coaster.  Lots to do, but it doesn’t feel the correct time to do.  So I procrastinate.
A New Year is always a time of reflection, of valuation, to go forward and, as The Who stated, not get fooled again (or still):

I say it’s time for glorious new mistakes, false starts, impossible dreams, and keeping promises at any and all cost.  Let my inner squirrel roar (in my case the 37 dolts, idiots, morons, retards, and Dave).
The language of my people is a nectar of babble.
It is time to re-read Catch-22.
As Joseph Heller says,


Quick Dick McDick
2023 will be a good year!
Already off to a good start by trashing the prime idiot of Canada:


Konstantin Kisin
This young well spoken ex-Russian addresses the house at Oxford Union – the topic is woke culture.
In less than 10 minutes he decimates the counter debate.
Joe and I wonder why it takes a foreign born person to enunciate via the absolute miracle of critical thinking how people around the world have just as much right to a good life as they do?  Mr. Kisin underlines the necessity of free speech, and the right to private property as a cornerstone of liberty for all humanity.
Joe thinks it has to do with the “education” children in the West receive.  They are taught that their advantage is a blight on the world.  Their opportunities are somehow evil.  And if they happen to be white (whatever that means) their voice is not valid.
Don’t feel guilty about your so-called “privilege”.  Play it forward!  Add something positive to the advancement of civilization, support the struggle of the poor and oppressed to gain a decent standard of living.
Joe and I feel this is possible.
Cheap energy, adequate nutritional food, access to medical resources, education – not indoctrination – for young men AND WOMEN, freedom to participate in a Western style dialog based on free speech and personal property, access to the Internet without censorship or prejudice; all these things will speed the conversion of poor to not poor.
The result of such policies will also reduce the birth rate.  Which might make life a bit easier in China and India, where the value of a human life seems to vary.
A short hard hitting video:


American History
Tucker Carlson continues to deliver.
In this short video, he explains why Joe Biden’s time is up, and how Richard Nixon was buffaloed out of office.
Mr. Carlson is becoming an oracle of note.
Joe and I hope he has excellent protection.
The sleaze in control of the once fantastic United States of America is ruthless:



SDA Church
How complicit is the Seventh Day Adventist Church in the downward trend in world health?
Said from a different perspective, how much influence would you give individuals who are ideologically driven, and convinced by their belief, in your dietary and nutritional choices?
There is history behind this, and from my and Joe’s perspective, is a condemnation of organized religion, specifically the SDA.
The spike in obesity, the rampant increase of diabetes, the lower testosterone measures…… how much can be lain at the foot of the SDA Church?
There is an old Stepenwolf song, “The Pusher” that seems appropriate to play – listen here.
Joe and I say let freedom reign.
If you want to subsist on plants, fill your diaper to overflowing!
But don’t interfere in our choice of nutrition.
Take your pompous ideology and stuff it with great gusto up your faith ass.
Humans are mammals.
When they are born, the best chance they have to survive with an intact immune system and a good prospect for survival is colostrum, and a sufficient supply of breast milk from mother.  Assuming mother isn’t a crack whore…..
The essential amino acids are all available from an animal product diet.
The cave paintings do not show lovely servings of vegetables, or how to toss a salad.
Joe says the cave paintings are instructions on how to be successful in the hunt, the hunt for large animals with ample quantities of fat.
Once again, if you want to eat vegetation, nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils, live it up!  Good health to you, and a peaceful life future be yours.
My diet, my nutrition, my health is not your concern.
The following interview of Dr. Gary Fettke and his wife Belinda is conducted by Ivor Cummins.  This interview is from 2019:


Our Virus Friends
The human genome contains a large number of virus DNA.
Virus’ are older than humans.
Paraphrasing an old Chicken Man meme, “they’re everywhere, they’re everywhere!”
Watch the video and try to figure out who your friends and enemies are:

Some viruses are essential for human life.
Some are beneficial.
Some bring illness.
Some cause death.
Life is quite complicated.
Joe says we’re adapting a Yossarian vision statement –

After all is said and done, gaining a general understanding of human biology and nutrition in order to fine-tune your personal nutrition and personal health / wellness is a worthwhile pursuit.
Joseph Heller (author Catch-22) summed it up precisely –
Oxalate Primer
Dr. Sally Norton is an expert on all things oxalate.
In this video, she talks to Dr. Paul Saladino about what oxalates are, where they come from, what they were intended to do (by their makers), what the human body does with oxalates, and what an “oxalate overload” can do to you.
Another health hero for Joe and me.
We are getting so smart about nutrition.
Joe says the perfect diet is to eat nothing!
Unfortunately, that doesn’t work out for long:


COVID Miscellany

Memes Etc.

Joe’s Garage

Lynn Park’s Cobras
Way back in time, Mr. Park decided a Cobra was something special.
Nicole Johnson (Nicole Johnson’s Detour) interviews Mr. Park, talks to his son Steve, takes a drive or two, and gets a chance to see his collection of Cobras and Cobra memorabilia.
Some collection!
An amazing video for a gear head of any description.
Valhalla for a Ford gear head.
Ms. Johnson is not hard on the eyes, just like the Cobras:

The Singularity
Dr. Ben Goertzel speaks about the soon to be “Singularity”, the event in time when the growth of human knowledge gains such momentum as to appear infinite to the human observer.  Computer hardware and software exponential growth is a good example of the progress being experienced.
When Artificial Intelligence lends a hand, the progress will be so rapid that it will be metaphorically like the concept of the “Big Bang”.
In short, the Singularity will remove from humans any reliable predictability about the future.
This is a short, lay introduction by Dr. Goertzel is a good primer:

The Singularity – In Depth
Ray Kurzweil talks to Lex Fridman about the upcoming Singularity, which Mr. Kurzweil has predicted will be in the neighborhood of 2040.
Joe and I hope to hang around for that experience.
If the Infinite Artificial Intelligence has the time, and the inclination, perhaps it will answer some of our questions.
Or maybe we’ll be squished like a bug by a train of thought so incomprehensible that we weep in ignorance and misery.
Joe thinks that it will be a time of immense growth, and prosperity.
That there makes it worth our while to hang in for another 20 years or so:

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Sunday Rant – 0323


Joe’s Comment – Entering the third week of 2023.
The government keeps soft-pedaling COVID and other vaccinations for viruses.
The masking is creeping back into semi-normalcy.
The wackjobs are quacking and bleeping and squawking loudly, without a notion of sense.  The noise pollution is overwhelming.
There are some signs of sanity, but the division of the rational thinkers from the emotionally hysterical continues.
February is nigh.
The paranoids and conspiracy sniffers and tinfoil hat folks are frothing at the mouth.
To me it seems a normal January.
People got past New Years, still not February, and the hope is there will be Spring.
But it’s so far off the weak are losing faith.  I’m not weak, just tired –



Things I’m Grateful for –
Sunny Days – by Joe Mekanic
A sunny day!
Nothing better in the universe, or on Earth.
Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the sun this week.
The hazard of staying in the Okanagan during the winter.
Without the real thing, here’s a picture of a sunny day, posted for posterity –
Looking south from Westbank would be my educated guess.  Cowboy clouds!
Only 2.5 months until April!


Things That Piss Me off –
Ridiculous Fiscal Management – by Joe Mekanic
I’m steamed.
I don’t live for “financial opportunities”, nor do I admire the ultra rich folks that exist in the world for their wealth.  I don’t give a pickle if they earned it, or inherited it, good for them.  Rich folks who came by their wealth illegally or immorally or unethically or by taking advantage of the stupid or gullible or the law or any other unscrupulous way, well shame on them.  May they burn in Hell.  Money for me is a maintenance item.  If I have enough to pay my bills that’s a good thing.  If not, time to get working.  It is that simple.
Take a look at this document I’ve cropped: our property assessment for 2023 –
I’m not adverse to investment, for it is a hedge against absolutely irresponsible financial management or catastrophes by governments or entities or cultures that may affect me but are beyond my control.
My “investment portfolio” consists of a bunch of old Ford trucks and various machinery and tools.  Things that have real value (in my humble estimation).
The property we own (with the bank) has gained “value” since 2020.  The government has assessed the land and buildings to be worth $949,000 CDN, up from $588,000 CDN, which is $361,000 CDN, or a 61.39% increase!!!
If this was an investment, I’d be pleased with my strategy and analysis leading up to committing my hard earned $$$.  But property value?  This is bogus.  I bought the property on the twenty-second day of January, 2005 – 18 years ago.  The total increase in “value” over 18 years is 334.15%.  This is unstable and perspicuously corrupt – morally and ethically.
All it foretells to me is ever increasing inflation, aka irresponsible government spending, and will lead to a nasty devaluation or worse.  Or perhaps it is a form of corruption, whereby foreign wealth is being sequestered in my country with its weak economy and failing security.  As the “value” goes up, the real value of my income goes down.
Here’s an example of my most recent natural gas bill.  We have had one hell of an early onset winter – November first it went to 10 below with 8 inches of snow, and hasn’t been above zero until after New Years.  Even with the furnace running damn near full tilt boogie for the entire billing period, the total fuel burned was only 35.48% of the bill.  Take a look –
As you can see, the overhead by Fortis (Delivery + Storage) is substantial, but the taxes are chewing up 20% of the total cost ($101.72).
The “Carbon Tax” is a misnomer.
Can you imagine how much the citizens of this province (and all the others) are giving to that faggot Trudeau’s government to be misspent and frittered into oblivion?
If my blood could boil, I reckon I’d be running on blood vapor.



Honest Politicians – Davy Crockett
A man at a plow in a backwoods area of Mr. Crockett’s electorate explained to him why he could not, by any measure, vote again for Congressman Crockett.
Although the plowman voted for Mr. Crockett in his first term, an act of charity approved and funded by the Congress was voted aye by Mr. Crockett.  In the eyes of the plowman, his vote was unconstitutional, even though charitable.
An interesting history of when a politician may have been trustworthy:

Stefan gives an emotionally inspired list of his 7 favorite politicians, followed by a list of 20 politicians that he singles out for recognition as being the worst of the worst.
NZ and AU took third and second place respectively.
Our very own Canadian, Justin Castreau, took number one place as Stefan’s politician of least repute.  Stefan thinks Mr. Turdeau has a dark heart.
Joe and I think that and a bunch more…..
Gotta love Stefan’s daily update:


China Futures
Peter Zaihan tells Joe Rogan what the future holds for China.
He paints a very dark picture of CCP fearless leader Xi Jinping(pong).
He tells of eminent technological collapse.
He predicts population inversion/collapse – not enough young and middle class to support the elderly population.
Mr. Zaihan is a “geopolitical analysist”, whatever that might entail.
Joe and I were entertained by the information in the following video.
We’d like to believe any and all of it.  Based on our own bias – we’d like to see the end of the CCP in China.  Wouldn’t it be loverly if the Chinese people for once in 10 millenia took control of their own destiny?
Mr. Zaihan has his detractors, such as Michael Yon, and World Affairs.
Joe says the following is for entertainment only.  If you have access to Joe Rogan podcasts (via Spotify), the entire interview is available as podcast # 1921.
Unfortunately, Mr. Zaihan has been feeding our Western ears with stories of China’s demise for nigh on twenty years.
We certainly ate it up!:

COVID Echoes

Dr. Robert Malone
Mel K discusses with Dr. Malone his new book and his heroism over the last 3 years fighting the COVID hysteria, government overreaction, Big Pharma evil, etc.
Dr. Malone is the inventor of mRna technology.  He has been forthright and trustworthy since the dawn of COVID:

Dr. Peter McCullough
Maria Zeee of Zeee Media interviews Dr. Peter McCullough regarding his specialty, cardiovascular medicine in relation to the anomaly of young people dying from cardiac arrest.  Dr. McCullough has been steadfast in presenting a logical and cogent response to the COVID hysteria.
Myocarditis in young people is rare.  The number of cases in COVID vaccinated young people is the anomaly.
Maria Zeee is an Australian journalist:



Joe’s Garage

Sentinel Steam Wagon
In 1934, the British had a powerful and fast workhorse that was very unconventional.
Steam powered, the Sentinel Steam Wagon had a driver and a stoker – the bloke who kept the fire burning to make the steam to power the truck.
A favorite of heavy construction, this beastie was part of the tool-set used by infrastructure builders all over the British Isles.
Joe says the fore or five fathers were way more capable than we admit:

Babbett Bearing Process
In the early days of internal combustion engines, aka ICE, the stresses were very low compared to the load.
The technologies of lubrication, metallurgy, fuel, Otto Cycle timing, engineering and chemistry (to name a few) were young.
To transfer energy from a linear moving piston to a rotational crankshaft, designers developed a connecting rod.  The connecting rod bears all the forces transferred from the moving piston to the crankshaft.
The point of contact between the connecting rod and crankshaft is a crucial bearing surface – proper lubrication and bearing material selection is necessary to ensure long service life.
In modern engines, these “rod bearings” are most commonly shell type items.  They are built to exacting tolerances to minimize friction and ensure reliability.
In olden days, shell bearings were not de jour.
The Babbett bearing process consists of the connecting rod being held in a jig with an equivalently sized crankshaft “rod throw”.  The space between the rod and the crank throw is filled with liquid Babbett alloy.
The following video demonstrates the process:

Largest Gold and Copper Deposit in the World
Joe accepts the above by adding the phrase “so far”.
The world is a pretty big place.
Most of the surface is under water.
And unexplored.
Who knows what hasn’t been discovered or has been but was lost?
What an amazing engineering accomplishment to bring the ore to the world.
Building 75 miles of road in crazy mountain terrain just to reach the mountain of minerals cost $2 billion US dollars!
Joe and I always wanted to study geology.
Just not as much as the stuff we studied.
Maybe this year.  Fascinating video:

Lovely Tennessee – Log Cabin Whiskey
This is the story of George W. Lovely, an early entrepreneur who had a knack for making high quality whiskey.
George followed all the laws that governed the establishment of a distillery in the state of Tennessee in the year of our Lord 1897.
Which inspired him to create a city in order to register his distillery with the state.
Which George did do, following the legal parameters for registering an incorporated town in the state of Tennessee.
On the twenty-first of June, 1897, Lovely City, Tennessee, was incorporated.
George began producing his excellent product, shipped under the label “Log Cabin Whiskey”, and his business and town grew and prospered.
Prohibition shut down the distillery.
Nothing remains of Lovely City but a few place names and one old building.
Joe and I applaud Mr. Lovely for his entrepreneurial spirit, and curse government for their blundering incompetence and morally bereft actions.
What is more American than Log Cabin Whiskey?
What is more American than government destroying everything it touches?:

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