Sunday Rant – 5222


Joe’s Comment – It is Christmas Day.  Merry Christmas!
The above message is very Christian in nature, but not exclusive to any religion.  In any case, it is my Christmas message.  It has been a stalwart in my life for decades.  It was taught to me by a young man named Bronco.  He was inserted into my grade 4 class in Elliot Lake Ontario way back when (1957?).  Bronco and his family were immigrants from somewhere in Eastern Europe – he spoke no English.  I was the simple mud pecker I’ve always been, just a very early version.  For some reason I thought Bronco’s inability to communicate in my language was humorous.  I expressed the same.  Bronco punched me in the nose!  The early version of Joe Mekanic didn’t even think of fighting back.  I cried for my mommy.  I cried because of the injustice of it all!  An early lesson.  Paid for with the blood of a naif.
Borrowing from Joseph Heller’s opus, Catch-22, I will now make a statement about organized religion.  First, a quote from the book, a lengthy diatribe about doG from Yossarian.  Following are the last few paragraphs:
“……Yossarian ducked behind his arm for protection while she slammed away at him in feminine fury for a few seconds, and then he caught her determinedly by the wrists and forced her gently back down on the bed.
“What the hell are you getting so upset about?” he asked her bewilderedly in a tone of contrite amusement. “I thought you didn’t believe in God.” 
“I don’t,” she sobbed, bursting violently into tears. “But the God I don’t believe in is a good God, a just God, a merciful God. He’s not the mean and stupid God you make Him out to be.”
Yossarian laughed and turned her arms loose. “Let’s have a little more religious freedom between us,” he proposed obligingly. “You don’t believe in the God you want to, and I won’t believe in the God I want to. Is that a deal?””
The entire passage can be read here.
I’m with the lieutenant’s wife.  And with Yossarian.  After all, faith and belief are ingrained so deeply in my psyche it would take years to unravel.  And frankly, I don’t have the stomach for it.
A little Christmas humor, and the appropriate and beautiful Christmas song the graphic is based on –

A collection of Christmas songs to hear while reading my rant.  With a ’40s wartime introduction from London:


Quick Dick McDick
QDMcD sends a Christmas greeting!
Rocking around the granary:


Things I’m Grateful for:
by Joe Mekanic
I’m thinking of having this heading, “Things I’m Grateful for:” as a permanent feature in my Sunday Rant.  There is a reason for the constant bellyaching and bitching that is the meat and potatoes of this weekly rambling rant.
There is an adage that I believe to be a fair reflection of reality – that men only tell other men their problems when they are seeking a solution.
Whether that applies to every single male alive in the whole world….. WGAS.
It is so for me.  This rant allows those concerns to be elucidated, to be expressed in terms even I can understand, to be thought through in writing.
Conversely, things that are going well or great or fantastic or magnificent are less the topic of conversation, unless it is so damn terrific you’ve got to pound your chest and broadcast the news of your good fortune.  This is more commonly known as bragging.
Not so much my shtick.
Considering the time of year and the season, I’ll now try and express my thanks for Christianity.  Ho, ho, ho!
My bias – I was baptized and raised Anglican in Ontario Canada.  I quit going to church at about 14 years of age (in Calgary AB).  I remember a sleepless Saturday night, rehearsing my lines to tell my parents that I would no longer go to church with them, outside of duress.  My Mother was saddened.  My Father knew it was in the cards.
I was learning things at school and from my peers that had little to do with religion.  As for morality and the church’s role in shaping a community, by the Year of Our Lord nineteen hundred sixty-three, many of the former strengths of the church in a community had been eroded past self sufficiency all the way to impotence.  For me, the church died quietly.
I couldn’t for the life of me understand what crimes or transgressions little Davy D. had committed to earn such low status and self esteem just by existing.  Church frightened me, but the thought of a doG was a comfort.
Just short of 60 years later, not much has changed.
I am confident in my view of spirituality.
Living in Canada, it is not compulsory for me to comply with any religious dogma or doctrine or any religion thinly veiled by politics.
What if we lived in a society where you had to choose a religion?
I wouldn’t hesitate – Christianity.
Best music.  Best holidays.  Best stories.  Best message.
The message is love your fellow humans, and forgive those who transgress against you.  A big job.  I’m working on it.
Combine with The Golden Rule, and The Platinum Rule, and the Seven Cardinal Sins, and you’ve got a great foundation for a successful life.


Things that Piss Me Off:
The Legal System
by Joe Mekanic
I’m thinking of having this heading as a permanent Sunday Rant feature too.
It may be the weather (still -20°C on Friday the 23rd).
It may be the season (commercialized and politicized Christmas).
It may be the relentless barrage of advertisements that never stop condemning my lifestyle if I don’t conform to marketing imagery.
Christ, I’m an old white hetero male.  As such, I’m so politically incorrect there is no redemption possible, no redemption available, no redemption permissible.
Certainly no redemption available to purchase, even on lay-away (an old fashioned expression for credit – one of the nastiest inventions ever in the financial world).
It is only the mercy of the progressives that allow me to live – and the fact that I’m such small potatoes and they don’t know what I think or where I live.
Maybe I’m imagining things.
During idle moments, I wonder which identity group I have the least use for and the most contempt of, despite the necessity or usefulness of their existence.
So many to choose from, so little time….
Today, I’m picking on the good folks in the legal business.
It seems the “practice of law” is not something anyone can dabble in, where one can act autonomously.  It is as bad as medicine for using big fancy words to describe a humdrum event.  I’ll start with lawyers.
Lawyers – My Libertarian foundations bemoan the fact that a lawyer is a bona fide career.  Watching hours of the Ub2b channel “Audit the Audit”, I have reluctantly realized that the body of Law is a complex set of limits and boundaries comprising millions, maybe billions of words.  The Golden Rule and The Platinum Rule are great guidelines, but hardly granular enough to resolve disputes big and small.  I will continue to despise lawyers and lawyerly pursuits until I need one.  Then I’ll become a mewling sycophant fanboy of that noble trade, but only if I win my suit or gain my freedom.  When I think of exemplary lawyering, Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird) doesn’t spring to mind.
I’m thinking “The Battle of Wits” from The Princess Bride movie is epitome of lawyerly excellence on display for all to see (thank you Ms. E. Thrasher):

Justice(?) – I’m inclined to agree with Joseph Heller.  From the best novel of the 20th Century, “Catch-22” –
Justice is a knee in the gut from the floor on the chin at night sneaky with a knife brought up down on the magazine of a battleship sandbagged underhanded in the dark without a word of warning. Garroting. That’s what justice is when we’ve all got to be tough enough and rough enough to fight Billy Petrolle. From the hip. Get it?” ― Joseph Heller, Catch-22
If you think not, perhaps you need some help with critical thinking (ref. below).
Recent examples of “justice” abound:
–  Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell:  he is dead, she is in prison, the people they were pimping for have not been identified, charged, or punished.  Nor have the victims been given their day in court.  Why?
–  Joe Biden and Hunter Biden:  the evidence of treason, influence peddling, grift and graft, and moral depravity is all there.  Where is “justice”?
–  COVID 19 and coercive Authority:  the list of transgressions is lengthy, starting with the complete abandonment of The Law, The Constitution (of whatever country is yours).  The medical “authorities”, Big Pharma, the financial institutions, Big Business, and the most important to me, the betrayal by my personal physician – I will never forget.  Still waiting for some heads to roll…..
The Enforcers (aka da Poleece) – No tyranny, no coercion, no violent quelling of the downtrodden is possible without well trained, well armed, obedient (to a fault) thugs.  “Just following orders”, “just doing my duty”, “it’s my job” is a two-edged sword.  A little detail seems to be overlooked when politics or political pressure is directing the “strong arm of the law”, and that is morality.  During the Canadian truckers protest in Ottawa the cops were responsible for some hanky-panky, but thankfully no one was killed.  During the January 6th protest in Washington DC, an unarmed woman named Ashli Babbitt was murdered in cold blood by a thug employed by the government.  She was an unarmed Air Force veteran.  The killer’s name is Lieutenant Michael Leroy Byrd.
During operation COVID, also known as mass hysteria with a payoff, the “official” thugs were employed “for the common good” in nefarious ways all over the globe.  As the Monty Python sketch hammers home, “say no more, say no more”.
The moral dilemma of police assaulting the citizens they are sworn to protect is an obscene irony.  I stated then, state now, and have stated for decades (since reading about the Nuremberg Trials as a teenager), each cop/soldier/enforcer has the duty to behave morally, no matter what orders he or she or it or they (did I miss anyone?) receives.  During the COVID hysteria, I predicted moral behavior by the “enforcers” would be worse than a Pareto ratio (80:20).  Sadly, I was correct.  Very very few cops behaved morally, my wild ass guess is less than 5%.  The rest behaved like thugs, or mindless automatrons.


Critical Thinking

Looking for what causes incredibly crazy choices by those around you?
Have you ever been dumbfounded by someone making no sense in their “argument” while making a point or expressing an opinion?
Or people’s seemingly indifference to illogical and contradictory observations and facts….
– Like voting for Justin Turdeau,
– Like wearing a mask alone in your car,
– Like thinking electric cars are going to “save the earth”?
There is a connection between illogical conclusions and the ability to critically think.
A researcher, Stanley Milgram, discovered that critical thinking amongst the citizenry is an inverse Pareto.  That is, only 80% of folks can critically think.
The following short video is a summary of what Mr. Milgram found:

Is there hope for the critical thinking disadvantaged?
Well maybe yes, maybe no.
The point is, critical thinking is a way of thinking logically with a modicum of imagination and the ability to deduce.
It isn’t easy.
Here’s Dr. Jordan Peterson with a suggestion to improve your critical thinking skills with writing:

Critical thinking can be copied by “monkey see monkey do” tactics.
Simply watch and listen to a critical thinker do his/her/its arguments and reasoning.
Here are 10 signs that imply critical thinking, from Success Secrets TV:



Democracy vs Republic

Joe and I don’t believe in “Democracy”, no matter how you slice it.
Whether it is representative or every citizen voting on every thing, it is tyranny – the 51% coercing the 49%.  The mob rules.
A Republic is a better idea.  Although the individual may not be voting directly on policy or law, his representative is held in check by the under-girding of a Republic, namely, a Constitution.
How did the word “democracy” become the erroneous hallmark defining Western nations?
It should be no surprise that words are subverted from their original meanings all the time.  For example, remember what gay used to mean?  Or how you perceived the FBI?
This isn’t front page news, although it should be broadcast often and loud least the new generations and the not yet born generations understand the implications of all political systems.
The following video is the commentary of Howard (Dan) Smoot, a former FBI agent (1941 to 1950) who quit the FBI to become a conservative commentator.  The Dan Smoot Report was founded in 1961.  The following is a clear and concise explanation of the differences between Democracy and a Republic:

We don’t know what you gleaned from Mr. Smoot’s presentation.
What Joe got was this:
–  “Democracy” aims to impose universal equality.  Every democracy tends to destroy itself when the masses realize they can vote their appetites.
–  “Republicanism” supports the liberty of the individual.  This is accomplished with a Constitution and the rule of Law.
It isn’t that Joe is a nonconformist.  Joe is a theoretical Libertarian, and as such demands the government and every cotton-picking person in the world leave him alone as much as possible to pursue his own ambitions, dreams, freedom, etc.
Is that too much to ask?


The Benefits of Colonialism

Joe and I know that  the continent of Africa has a tumultuous past.  We also had our suspicions about the indigenous people living in peace and harmony before the evil White Man™ appeared to plunder and rape and pillage and desecrate and just generally fuck things to pieces, you meeces.
The following video is from Nebulous Media.  Professor Bruce Gilley joins Douglas Murray to talk about his studies of colonialism.  Mr. Gilley has written and lectured about colonialism for years.  His most recent book is titled “In Defense of German Colonialism: And How Its Critics Empowered Nazis, Communists, and the Enemies of the West“.  What we find humorous is the progressives in the West condemn his work vehemently.  All his work is based on fact, data, history, and a lot of hard work.
Colonialism didn’t bring great benefits to the home country, whatever country that might have been or is.
German citizens weren’t keen on the pursuit of the practice.
Nor were the citizens of Britain.
The left’s hair is on fire.
Mr. Gilley laughs, does some research, and writes another book:



COVID Ricochet

Australia’s Gerard Rennick
A well elucidated condemnation of the government overreach in Australia regarding COVID vaccination and mandate implementation.
Mr. Rennick is a senator from Queensland.
Joe and I are impressed by Mr. Rennick’s grasp of the facts, his passionate delivery, and the lack of fear he exhibits while laying the blame for the absolutely unnecessary harm inflicted by the “COVID response” at the feet of the governing party.
Joe says the man actually sounds like he works for the people he represents.
Dave says that if there were many more politicians like Mr. Rennick, the system might have a fair chance at actually doing what it was implemented to do!
Dave is a Pollyanna:

Florida’s Ron DeSantis
Governor DeSantis is shaking the tree.  In this video, he follows up on existing Florida law that states it is illegal to misinform the public about a medicine or medical procedure.  He is talking about COVID!
He is backing his talk up with legal action that will reach the Supreme Court.
I expect there is a presidential run in his future.  His near future:

Both above videos are from a website named “PreventGenocide2030“.

Mia Culpa From Two Dickheads
Joe and I are not fans of either Russell Brand or Tim Robbins.
Both of these fine gentlemens were emotionally invested in the COVID hysteria, and decided personally to follow government guidelines and recommendations.
All good and fine.  The foundation of “informed consent” is the individual, after being schooled on all known information, makes a choice WITHOUT PREJUDICE.
Fair dinkum, as the Aussies used to say.
That’s where these two split from Joe and my team.
The descriptor “tribal, angry, vengeful people” as spoken by Mr. Robbins was solely the rhetoric of the left and progressive left.
Both of these jokers were quite vocal in demeaning people who made a different choice.  Both of these jokers have a substantial “platform” and have followers and have influence.
Gentlemen!  Modulate your speech!
Maybe follow a Ronald Regan axiom – trust but verify:


Joe’s Garage

Life Advice
How did you manage to raise children?
If you were lucky enough to have them.
The following discussion between Dr. Jordan Peterson and Stephanie Davies-Arai, titled “When Parenting Goes Wrong”, covers a broad spectrum of issues that are in the public square concerning self esteem, sexuality, insecurity, parental rights and government intervention, among others.
Ms. Davies-Arai was awarded a British Empire Medal for her work as founder and director of Transgender Trend.
There is an old German moralism that goes like this “We are too soon old, and too late smart”.
Joe says this discussion definitely is in the “if I knew then what I know now” category.  I’ve forwarded this to all my kids.  Good information:

There are crazies in the world.
Some of them like snow.
Some of them are also gear heads.
The following video is of an event called the Snow Outlaws, in Cable Wisconsin.  The event was run in April of 2022.
Joe shakes his head.
1000 hp in a snowmobile capable of 160 mph in 500 feet?
0 to 60 mph in 1 second?
Almost 4 g’s at launch?
Holy muffin feet!
The engineering and fabrication is fantastic!  Joe and I are happy to watch on Ub2b.  Braver men than us are out there in the snow:

Baja 500
Robby Gordon drives a Hummer in the Baja 500.
This video is the first 20 minutes.
Joe and I were glad it is only 20 minutes, because we had to lie down and practice deep breathing to get our heart to slow down.
Jesus and Mary this man runs hard.  We must be getting old(er):

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Sunday Rant – 5122


Joe’s Comment – What a week!  Feeling a bit like a superman, with rocket ship underpants.
The weather has been uncooperative for my preferred outdoor activities.
I made out like a bandit at the Dodd’s Auction sale on Saturday – lots of things I don’t need but wanted, and a surprise included.  I am the proud owner of a parrot carving! –
Late Sunday afternoon I saw the weather forecast – gloomy and well below zero.
Then, I flushed the downstairs bathroom toilet.  The waste and water came up, not down in the bowl.  Damn!  The septic tank is acting up!
Tomorrow I will bundle up and attempt to dig up the septic system at a tear freezing -25° Celsius expected temperature.
I knew things were going too well to be true…..
I hope it is only a matter of pumping, not replacing, for frozen ground and bitter cold slows things down and costs more to do.  Time to get on the phone –

How quickly a superman with rocket ship undies can be deflated.
The question now is to poop, or not to poop.  Or wash the clothes.  Or shower.  Or run the dish washer.
The value adage goes something like this: “It is not the challenge you face but how you face it that is the measure of a man”.


Tucker Carlson interviews Dutch lawyer Eva Vlaardingerbroek.
That there is a really complex name for a lovely woman.
Here in North America there are many skewed perceptions of what Europe is, what the European Union is, who the inhabitants of Europe are.
Joe and I think it is a seething mob of mixed ethnicities, mixed religions, mixed cultures, mixed messages.
Ms. V straightens us out.  Mr. Carlson too.
She relates her experience being a white woman in a so-called free country invaded by foreigners.  The progressive ideology is pervasive.
To Joe and me, the progressive left does evil.  Are they individually evil, or are they in a trance of ideological ecstasy, operating as automatons, obeying their feelings, denying logic?  Joe says use your brain, dummy:

Greater Male Variability Hypothesis
Joe and I don’t know why GMVH is a “hypothesis”.
It seems to be demonstrably so, and the results of the “Big Five” temperament personality assessment back it up.  From the presentation, a graph of the standard distribution of IQ for women and men.  Notice the shape of the bell curves –
As is indicated, the average IQ is the same.  But the absolute number of idiots and geniuses among men is higher.  Why would anyone argue these data?
Much like studies of IQ vs Race, studies of differences between men and women seem often to be ignored, buried, scoffed, ridiculed, and/or denied if the results indicate anything the progressive left ideology clashes with, or opposes.
As the great Jordan Peterson often recants, the data is in, the results are crystal clear!
What puzzles Joe and me is why this (obvious) news is unacceptable:


Medical Malpractice / COVID
Dr. Aseem Malhotra from England is interviewed by Tucker Carlson.
The subject is the corruption of medicine.
This is a critique of medical systems all over the World.
The near total annihilation of trust in  government institutions, financial institutions, Big Pharma, family doctors, the government thugs (aka the Gestapo aka Raw Carrots Mashed Potatoes), Big Corporations, and bureaucrats every which way had and is having a ripple effect throughout the Western world.
Joe and I are permanently suspicious of all the above entities that have any influence over us.  As in a courtroom, a lie revealed strikes the liar’s testimony from the record.  Trust but verify our ass.  We’re from Missouri:

Importance of Iodine
This interview with Lynne Farrow by Judy Cho (Nutrition with Judy) is an important subject for all to see and hear.
Almost all the people of the world are receiving insufficient iodine in their foods.
There are many sources of iodine in foodstuffs, but years of agrarian activity, centuries of industrial activity, increased background levels of harmful pollutants, and the medical community misinforming the general public have all added to the problem.
Ms. Farrow’s book on the subject “The Iodine Crisis” is written for the layperson, for people with “brain fog” as she states.
Iodine seems to have a legitimate place as a supplement for most folks:

High Fat / Low Carb Carnivore
Kelly Hogan is a 13 year carnivore (a diet of meat and animal products only).
Her journey has been a series of discoveries that lead her toward optimizing her nutritional intake; seeking that impossible goal of absolutely perfect type and quantity of food needed at any specific time.
What has been her accomplishment?
Watch the video and she tells all (thank you, Ms. E. Thrasher).
Joe and I think that it is impossible to attain that goal of perfect nutrition – too many active variables.
But we also think experimenting to find what works best for yourself (not the other guy or gal) is worthwhile.
The following video is an update by Kelly on the high fat (low carbohydrate) diet she is using to gather data about herself.  Her report is at 5+ months of a 6 month trial.
In true Kelly Hogan fashion, she delivers the pros and cons in an upbeat happy informative manner, complete with pictures.  Good information, good feedback.
What’s not to like?:

Joe’s Garage

Audit the Audit
This Ub2b channel is quickly becoming a favorite channel.
Joe and I can’t believe what some assholes wearing the uniform of the police are capable of doing.
The following video shows officer great big penis flip a pregnant woman’s vehicle by employing a maneuver affectionately called a PIT (Precision Immobilization Technique), implemented by nudging her vehicle’s rear driver side fender with his cruiser’s right front fender, instigating an out of control spin.
The young woman’s car spun, out of control, hit the barrier on the opposite side of a three lane highway, and rolled over.
Joe is very grateful, on his knees thanking the Big Guy (not Biden, the other Big Guy), that a.  the young lady was injured but not killed, and, b. Joe was not present at the scene, which would have ended with Joe in prison for murder.
In our never humble but accurate estimation, Mrs. Harper was doing what she thought was prescribed by law – and, as is iterated in the video by Audit the Audit, she was, to a “T”.  Seems in Arkansas, the cops have one set of rules that contradict another set of rules.
Good old boy officer huge dink saunters up and proceeds to harangue this adrenaline infused shaken pregnant woman why he was justified in turning her world upside-down figuratively and literally.
What a useless piece of shit.  He should be PIT bumped into disgrace and oblivion.  By the grace of doG, Mrs. Janice Nicole Harper wasn’t fatally injured, and the child in her womb survived the ordeal.
Joe and I say this, without prejudice or favor, that officer Rodney Dunn, with 27 years of “service”, showed no common sense or intelligence in his actions.
Too much power in the hands of a moron.  27 years and still on highway patrol?  That fact is a meaningful statement.  We’ll go way out on a limb and say Rodney is probably a wife beater.  Our usual sense of humor has fled.
What a fucking message to send to people.  Exceed the speed limit by 14 mph and we will show you what for……  Warning – the following video is an obscenity:

At the end of the video it is unclear what the resolution or outcome of this near tragic buffoonery is, whether the law suit was successful, or what changes, if any, were made (re: the conflicting statutes).
Here are a few links to what happened, with their associated headlines:
–  Police Sued After Officer Flipped Pregnant Woman’s Car for Not Pulling Over Fast Enough (VIDEO)
–  Arkansas State Police settles PIT maneuver lawsuit which injured pregnant woman
Joe has since calmed down.  For a while, spittle was flying as he screamed at the monitor and addressed Rodney big dick with all kinds of uncomplimentary pronouns adjectives and adverbs, rattling the windows with high decibel yelling.
Both the cat and dog went and hid.  You know how they always assume victim hood.

1925 Doble
A steam car with torque from 0 rpm?
Howard Hugh’s daily driver from long ago.
At the price of 10 model T Fords of the day, an amazing and silent ride from a forgotten time:

Sandy Munro
Mr. Munro is world renown for consulting with manufacturers and analyzing production methods, efficiencies, and matching market needs to products.
He is an advocate of “lean design”, i.e., fewer pieces, less assembly, fewer steps, processes, cycles, to create the items or products required.
Recently he created a video analyzing the Tesla die casting method, using a tried and true process that has been around for centuries.  Remember Matchbox toys and Hot Wheels?
Tesla vehicles now have many assemblies and parts die cast from specially designed aluminum alloy, injection molded at a cycle rate orders of magnitude quicker than the established methods of binding, welding, gluing, riveting, bolting or screwing, and aligning.
Joe and I are amazed at what brilliant minds and ample capital can create.
All that remains is a market need.  Tesla seems to have found that.
In the following video Mr. Munro shows the amazing advances Tesla has made since 2017 with die casting:

Elon Musk
Let’s talk about the information in the above video.  Elon Musk listened to Sandy Munro regarding the die casting process in relation to vehicle construction.  As the above video closes, Mr. Munro mentions further development intended by Mr. Musk and the Tesla factory.
What Mr. Musk has commissioned is a huge die casting press, as is discussed in the following video.
Is a single casting of a vehicle in the near future?
What I find amusing is that Mr. Musk was politely (or not) declined by many manufacturers of die cast presses because they were unwilling to take a chance on building the 9000 ton press Mr. Musk wished to build.  Dubbed “Giga Press” by the manufacturer, IDRA (an Italian company).
IDRA took a chance with Mr. Musk, partnering to produce the 9000 Ton Giga Press currently being installed in Texas. This press is the reason for Tesla delaying the release of their electric truck – it will die cast major portions of the vehicle.
Here’s a video with the basics:

Now the rest of the vehicle manufacturing companies are scrambling to imitate Mr. Musk’s innovation.
And the die cast press manufacturers are scrambling for Mr. Musk’s business.
They will all emerge in the public eye, beating their chests, proclaiming their superiority.
It has been my observation that the early innovators get a head start that is hard to overcome.
Hard to overcome without Draconian intervention.
Or is it Machiavellian intervention?
I explain below.
Mr. Musk reminds me of Henry Ford.
Like Mr. Ford many years ago, Mr. Musk is a visionary and an innovator.
He has brought back “vertical integration” as a corporate vision.
Way back when, Mr. Ford eventually built a vertically integrated manufacturing company.  He built it as a solution to problems with outside suppliers, outside competition for common resources, to reduce inventory, to improve efficiency, and to control processes (among many other needs).  He owned rubber plantations, iron mines, copper mines, lumber mills, great stands of forest, smelters, forges, glass plants, cotton fields, weaving mills, fabric designers, steamships, railroads….. his entire vehicle line was built with company grown, mined, smelted, processed, harvested, milled, (etc.) materials.
A fascinating fact is he did all of this using profits from selling his cars – he did not borrow any money.
This gave him a huge advantage over his competitors.
So huge that his competitors conspired, with the American government, to create laws prohibiting vertical integration – and they did.  Machiavellian and Draconian!
One of many attempts to break up Henry Ford’s company.
I think this is where my absolute abhorrence of lawyers stems from.
The ruthless avarice demonstrated by envious, unscrupulous power and wealth hungry wannabes manifests itself in legal battles.  Lawyers are the cudgels.
This isn’t news.  The bloody mob is a danger to progress and wellness everywhere it exists.
Mobsters like George Soros, Bill Gates, and Klaus Schwab are much like religious zealots.
They know they are, as that jug eared mulatto ex-president once said, “on the right side of history”.  What drivel, what bunk!
Much like the religious fanatic who insists they know the mind of doG, because doG talks directly to them, who then proceeds to commit abhorrent acts based on their belief.  Joe points out that beliefs are feelings, not facts.
Technically, I can’t call them evil and criminal, because they absolutely believe what they are doing is just, is best, and is absolutely necessary.
They are so convinced of their righteousness that law needn’t be followed, discussion must be curtailed, and any dirty trick you can manifest is fair dinkum.
Anything is acceptable to produce the outcome.
That there is the rub…..
What they do is evil and criminal.
That should be enough to stop them, but so far, the holy $, filthy lucre, long green, big bucks, giant moola holds sway.

I contend a good portion of our fellow travelers would sell their soul for money or power (somewhat interchangeable).

If you cruise the Internet (the World Wide Web, not the darkNet), you can find a million detractors of Elon Musk. They criticize every single aspect of his being, his accomplishments, his vision, his hopes. All the MainStream Media are abuzz with cautionary stories about the danger of too much power in the hands of one man (purchase of Twitter). Yet only a few years ago, the same outlets and many of the same personalities were throwing themselves at Mr. Musk’s feet, adoring him for being the savior of the planet (electric vehicles). All background noise.

Meanwhile, the big beasts struggle for control. Most of their argument is a logical fallacy of false choice. For example, we must save the poor instead of traveling to Mars. Does that mean dropping absolutely everything until every last “poor” person is cared for? What poppycock! Another fallacy is where will all the electricity come from to power these cars? Another is where will all the batteries come from? The answer to these questions isn’t known….. yet. That doesn’t mean there is no answer, or that a solution to a problem isn’t available. Ms. Morrison, my high school math teacher, gave me some excellent guidance way back when. She said, “Drover, defining the problem is 95% of the solution”. Amen.

Cody is one of a kind.
For years he has been destroying vehicles of all descriptions in the most innovative and creative ways.
Joe snickers every time he recollects Cody burying an F350 Ford Power Stroke, only leaving two pipes – one for exhaust, one for air – and recording his impressions when starting the truck.  A home-made underground bunker!
Some folks think he is a bad influence.  Joe and I think he is giving valuable life lessons – material “wealth” is just stuff.
The following video documents the destruction of a surplus US military experimental helicopter.
What we found so amazing is we watched it at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, December 16th.  It was posted some time on Thursday, December 15th.  At the time we watched it, there were 1,396,229 views logged.  Over one million views in a day.
Young Mr. Cody Detwiler will become a millionaire from earnings awarded to his Ub2b channel.  He has tapped into a mother lode of vicarious interest.  We can only imagine the demographic of his watchers.
Click on the video and watch him fly his helicopter – indoors!:

Sunday Rant – 5022


Joe’s Comment – Whoo boy!  This early onset Winter business is a sure-fire test of stamina and nerves.  Two more rants this year….
We’ve had winter weather for 6 weeks and it is still 10 days until official winter arrives.  The only hope I see is the days becoming marginally longer starting on the Winter Solstice.
I’ve had a number of epiphanies recently.  Not of the religious or spiritual variety.
More along the déjà vu, presque vu, jamais vu thought line.
I suspect it is a by-product of the roller coaster feeling, the acceleration into decline, past apogee, over the hump, past the best before date of my waning intelligence.
For the record, all of the above images and memes are pertinent to experiences I’ve had in the last week.
There is something quite startling about seeing your true reflected image.
How did that scene go in Cool Hand Luke?:

Or perhaps the sheriff scene in Blazing Saddles?:

I’m not bluffing…..


Da Po-leese
While innocently minding our own business on the Internet Joe and I stumbled upon a terrific Ub2b channel called “Audit the Audit”.
In the United States, there are folks who audit the first amendment.
That is, they seek incidences of infringement of the first amendment, and assist the victims to attain legal redress.
The Audit the Audit channel comments on the work of first amendment auditors, offering detailed, even in depth analysis of the legal aspect of the infringement.
Most of the encounters (but not all) star less than saintly police personnel, misusing their power or demonstrating their ignorance of the law in their jurisdiction and often misinterpretation of the Constitution and amendments.
Joe and I can’t find any advocacy group even remotely similar in Canada.
We will not speculate further or comment on the situation north of the 49th parallel.  Joe and I pay more attention to American goings-on than we do to Canadian events.  Our theory is that Canada is only pawn in game of (North American) life:

In the following video, a distraught pregnant school teacher is on her way to pick up her husband from a hospital, post surgery.  She breaks a traffic bylaw and is stopped by a policeman.
What ensues will make you want to strap on a side arm.  Or fire a cop:

A second video that made our blood boil.  We were screaming at the monitor!
Talk about Keystone Cops.
When you see such abuse of power, such disregard for rights, such ill trained representatives of The Law, you can only shake your head in disbelief.
All of these morons should be sued until their eyes bleed.
Their total disregard for the safety of a person they detained without any proof of transgression or crime is criminal.
It is only by the grace of doG the young woman wasn’t killed.
Her injuries were severe.  I hope she sues for billions:

Joe and I don’t know many cops.  From the dozens of videos on Audit the Audit that we have watched (there are many first amendment auditors with on-line channels), one can see there is a problem with too much power in the hands of ill trained personnel.
We would not want to be a cop.
We would not want to be a lawyer.
We would not want to be a judge.
We would like to be left alone.
That there is our libertarian yearning…..


New Study on Vitamin D Combating COVID

Note: Click the above link, read the article, and check out the references.  That there is called the scientific method.  Nuff said?

Here’s Ivor Cummins hammering the nail in the COVID coffin:

The Epoch Times has a short video condemning the COVID response from the perspective of hospital preparation and treatment.
The subject is China and the CCP.
Lord knows (doesn’t he/she/it/the/them?) it couldn’t happen here…….
It is dawning on Joe and I there will never be justice for the many unwarranted deaths, the grievous suffering, and the mindless bureaucratic transgressions contravening so-called Law, Constitution, and Rights of people around the world.
Before we can defend anyone anywhere there must be an agreement that there is right and wrong.  And a concerted well funded and armed “force for Good”.
Joe and I can’t hold our breath that long.
We feel for the poor oppressed down-trodden mud peckers, dirt people, and salt of the earth folks all over the world who are even less than pawn in game of life:

Shawn Baker
Dr. Baker is a bit astounded that a young man in Canada suffering depression and ill health was offered, by his “health provider”, a legal path to euthanasia.
Joe and I yearn for some sort of civic sanity.
The good doctor has a large sphere of influence.
Perhaps the white knight to save Canadians will have to come in the form of foreign intervention:

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
Joe and I know who –

Belinda Fettke
The wonderful woman went to war for her husband.
When Dr. Gary Fettke was attacked by the medical authorities in Australia, nurse Brenda took it personally.
It seems the good doctor was prescribing LCHF to his patients.
LCHF = Low Carb High Fat.
That’s right, he was trying to cure them!
Gott in himmel!  What was he thinking!  Cure patients instead of prescribing medications?  Destroy that man!  Heil Hitler!
Nurse Fettke explains the connection between Coca-Cola, Life Health Foods, the Seventh Day Adventist church, Kellogg, and a myriad of other busy bodies who want your money and your mind.
To Hell with them all.
“Health food” as a moral construct is an idea from insane sources.
This video will change your view on the so-called “food pyramid”, the function of government, the total rot of processed food corporations, and the unethical nature of modern nutritional guidelines:

Another video of Belinda Fettke being interviewed by Judy Cho (Nutrition with Judy).  More recent, additional information, no holds barred:

When Does Life Begin?
Joe and I are very pro life.
Our past argument hasn’t altered much.
Despite the religious perspective of Mr. Devin Gibson, the introduction argument is our belief.
We’ve always thought that we should wear a tee shirt that says “My Mom Let Me Live”:

Outstanding Heroes

William Happer
A low key interview of Professor William Happer by BizNewsTv.
Joe and I have featured Mr. Happer in our Sunday Rant on occasion for many years.  The first mention is in Sunday Rant – 1915 (the video has been “disappeared” from Ub2b).
This is a great man who isn’t a narcissistic psycho (like Neal DeGassy Assbag), but a humanist with an A++ brain:


Joe’s Garage

Heavy Truck Drag Racing
Joe and I stare with our mouth open.
We’ve spent many an hour in a 500 hp Detroit powered Volvo pulling a 40 thousand pound load, just under the legal 80Klb with half tanks.
Never lifted a front tire.  Two city blocks to get to 30 mph.
These guys are pulling 120 thousand pounds, and lifting a front wheel 4 feet off the ground.
Holy peppered pudenda…..
We really can’t imagine the clutch, transmission, and differential work needed to handle that kind of power:

The Ungovernable
It seems there are men who do what they want, and don’t apologize.
Here’s the lede –

The story starts way back in 1973, when Finnish air traffic control got radar wind of a strange aircraft.  They discovered it was unlicensed, home-made, and piloted by the builder, untrained and unlicensed.  The picture above is from the static display of the plane, built by a welder and painter who scrounged the parts from junk at his farm.  He was fined, the aircraft confiscated, and he went about his life.  Two times more – the Tiira 2 (in 1983) and the Tiira 3 (in 2009) – a similar story.  He was fined, the aircraft confiscated, and he was set free.
Word is, there is rumored to be another such aircraft they haven’t yet captured.
It makes Joe grin!  If we knew this man’s name we’d send him a congratulatory note.  And blue prints for a stealth fighter.  I’m sure the Chinese will share…..
You can read the story at Filthy’s Thunderbox.

Hannah Barron
This young lady has fantastic parents.
Joe and I have been watching her exploits for years – she is an Alabama native, living close to Nature.
Hannah hunts, fishes, and in this video, culls alligators.
We live vicariously through Hannah, and her father Jeff:

Joe says the following video is worth viewing too.
Hannah “noodles” catfish from their hidy-holes in the murky waters near her home. A dangerous hobby that can lose the noodler a finger or so:

Once in a Thousand Years
These bulls are unique.
Amazing and real!:

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