Sunday Rant – 4422


Joe’s Comment – Tomorrow is Halloween.  Or Hallow e’en.  For the life of me I don’t understand the kerfuffle.
I’m talking about “adults”, of course.  Children are exempt from this discussion.
From my perspective, most folks dress up every day in a costume, a facade, put on a false front, and journey forth to interact with the mass of humanity in their immediate environs.
Is the attraction of Halloween based on the framework of fantasy?

As Mr. Gilliam implies, you can “dress up” and act out some illusion or nightmare yet be safe and uncommitted.
Is it a creative urge to make a costume or treat or trick that is unique and special?
Is it a stop-gap created by business to sell event specific items?
I don’t know how much more bizarre things could be.
Halloween and clowns are frightening.
World events even more so…..


Quick Dick McDick
A cooking lesson from Saskatchewan’s ambassador to The World and the rest of Canada.
Other than the garlic, Joe and I approve!:


Crime in Canada
Here is a link to the RCMP (Raw Carrots Mashed Potatoes) “Most Wanted” list.
Joe and I found it interesting reading.
On the page as of Saturday, October 29th, 2022, there were mug shots of 92 people.
Go take a look.
Our impression first and otherwise, not too many “Canadians” on the list.
This is a strong argument against indiscriminate immigration.
Not a “Smith” or a “Jones” among the bunch.
Some serious charges – murder (in any and all “degrees”), terrorism, assault, rape.
If the eyes are the “window of your soul”, the photographers of those wanted people has captured a frighteningly dull eyed and sorry looking group of “Oh Canada!”
Another peculiarity is most of the women on the list are wanted for “Parental Abduction”.  The best we can make of that statement is confusion followed by an appeal for clarification.  Did they abduct their parent(s)?  Or are they parents who disappeared with their offspring?  And, if so, was there a crime?
Joe and I have little respect for what passes for Justice.
It is a mockery of Law in that the quantity of $$$ you bring to the “Legal System” seems to be a more than coincidental causal factor in outcomes.
We looked for a frightening visage.  We chose Gregory Allan Pictou –

Joe is pretty sharp at math and calculizing.  If Mr. Pictou is still alive, he is an elderly person – 68 years +/- old.
He has been on the lam for 41 years, and counting.
We did some additional web searching.
This link lists 8 Canadians accused of murder who have disappeared from sight.
Not a comforting list.
In our modern world, is it that easy to vanish?
Life is a messy affair.
To think people who have done heinous deeds walk among us is disconcerting.
To realize everyone has an innate capacity for such behavior is sobering.
Joe says now would be a good time to keep your head on a swivel, trust but verify, and claim kinship to Missourians –


COVID Ad Nausium

People Dying in Their Sleep Linked to Vaccines, Explains Dr. Peter McCullough, Cardiologist

Healthy 18-Year-Old Cheerleader Dies Suddenly from ‘Pulmonary Embolism,’ Often Caused by Blood Clots: Report

The Origin of COVID
Dr. Andrew Huff has been a whistleblower re: COVID since the beginning.
In this interview with Allison Royal, he covers the history of his involvement and consequent progress in suing the principals in this hysterical “pandemic”:

The Mortality Rate Is Up 17% Across The Vaccinated World



Neil Oliver – Love Letters
Another in the series of love letters to the English homeland.
This is a brief history of “The War of the Roses”, and Westminster Abbey.
Mr. Oliver is a gifted story-teller.
Joe says if our high school history teacher (Mr. Cowen?) had any of the story-telling prowess of Mr. Oliver, we would actually know some history!
Good thing we are life long learners.
Of course, all will be lost when our version of Alzheimer’s comes to roost:


Joe’s Garage

Matt’s Off Road Recovery
Joe is fascinated with this team of folks who “rescue” stuck vehicles from various situations.  They have captured the imaginations of 1.3 million subscribers.  Like other Ub2b presences, their community work is part of their attraction.
Matt and the crew are building what they call “the largest off road wrecker” in the U.S. of A.
Joe and I watch every new episode:

Dr. Robert Cywes
The “Carb Addiction Doc” says he has proof that “Plants and Veganism Is Not a Human Diet”.
Joe and I watched.  We agree.  Our childhood appetite was strong for meat, eggs, dairy.  It was also strong for sugar.  And pie and cake and candy.
Joe and I have a mouthful of gold fillings and a few caps.
Too much sugar and carbs we reckon.
Now we know better.
However, the young folks we talk to are deaf to our pleas.
The word is out that sugar is a stronger addiction than heroin.
Joe and I can’t comment on the heroin.
Sugar is a bitch:

Norton Commando
Joe and I owned three Norton Commandos during our pre-marriage life.  Two 850cc and one 750cc machines.  They were awesome.
Woulda shoulda coulda kept them, and the Jags, and the Mustangs, etc.
We’ve owned a large number of great (to us) machines.
Surprise, Surprise!
The Norton lives again!
Where in the world are we going to find enough $$$ to buy one?:

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Sunday Rant – 4322


Joe’s Comment – The above “evidence” bookends an Aldous Huxley quote.  The quote seems fair in that it is self-evident that evidence supports an argument (that there is some Kamala Harris “Captain Obvious” footwork).
And the corollary?
It doesn’t follow that evidence begets belief and voids sin(s) against the intellect.
Some folks can’t see what is right in front of them, or refuse to see what is so.
Here’s a few things I see.
Joe Biden is more than a doddering fool.
He is the figurehead for a corrupt, yea, evil administration.
Speaking of evil, how can a person be a “conspiracy theorist” if their theories prove true?  Hello, Captain Obvious!  Set me straight! –
Burning down a culture instead of continuously improving flawed aspects of the culture is a crime against humanity, specifically children, and children’s children.  The next picture is a nasty image of how the world works.
If your imagination doesn’t give you a queasy stomach at the sight of an infant without hope, only a future of suffering, helplessness, and death, you don’t get it –
The weather is entering Winter Box Canyon.
Next stop April Fools Day.
Many projects that need addressing.
Organizing the yard to optimize the work I will do in the shop over the next 4 months has taken more of this week than I had hoped.  Next week is also spoken for.  That is because when the “hard water” arrives, it will be too deep in the yard to move anything around.
Consequently, only a few items to rant about this week.
Outside being busy I am!


Quick Dick McDick
Canada would be wise to listen to QDMcD across the board.
Saskatchewan’s ambassador to the world (and to progressive Canadians) once again opens the doors of reason and logic – data and facts and reality are let loose.
This young man should have a voice and platform substantial enough to confront the elites and so-called “leaders” of Canada toe to toe.
Joe and I have no doubt he would carry the argument and win the hearts and minds of well meaning but hopelessly misinformed folks everywhere:

A great week – two Quick Dick videos!:



20 Million Dead
Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson interviews Dr. Roger Hodkinson (starting at 7:25).
The stunning evidence indicates “the jab” has killed 20 million world-wide, and adversely effected 2 billion people.
As Joe has pointed out before, after one adverse event, after one death, what is the acceptable level of “collateral damage”?
Or is it more sinister?
What exactly is the level of “collateral damage” expected, indeed, demanded?
Dr. Hodkinson talks about freedom for Alberta, and his involvement with the “Alberta Prosperity Project“.
This man is a Canadian hero.
So far, the government has wounded his career, but hasn’t silenced his voice:


Joe’s Garage

Matt’s Off Road Recovery
Joe and I are blown away with the $$$ these dudes have invested in their toys.

Many many memes exist graphically representing the FAFO phenomenon –
Fuck Around Find Out.
Being a mathematically biased thinker, Joe went looking for some explanation.
Here’s the first he found:

To Joe, the above representation is a direct one-to-one relationship.
In Joe’s experience, it hasn’t been exactly so.
The following is more to Joe’s understanding.
I must concur.
With the provision for the corollary – sometimes you find out without having to fuck around.
Life is complicated:

Ford’s 1929 Dilemma
Way back when, almost 100 years ago, Henry Ford’s enterprise had already built millions of vehicles.
What was the consequence when some of those vehicles wore out or were wrecked / discarded?
This short video will introduce you to “recycling” by Henry Ford, many years ago.
Joe laughed at the voice over in the film.  If these vehicles were available today, collectors would pay top $$$ for them.  You can hear the dismay in his voice:

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Sunday Rant – 4222


Joe’s Comment – As the days of Autumn march on, and the average daily temperature continues to decline, I am obliged to face the music.
There will be a Winter.
No matter the naysayers with their prophesies of doom and gloom, the end of the world, the death of the planet – cold temperatures and hard water are on the way.
The calculus is clear.
There are a few important things to complete before the cold descends.
Consequently, I’m spending more time outdoors attempting to get ahead of my “open air” projects before it becomes too difficult to continue.
I’m unsure of how the world will tilt during the coming flu season.
Or the cost of goods and services.
For that matter, the availability of goods and services.
The solution to Europe’s energy future is nowhere, man.
The conflict in Ukraine same same.
I think that it will be a good year to celebrate Christmas with earnest intent.
There might not be a surplus of good news in the coming Winter months.

In memory of a former time that was stable, productive, and fulfilling –


There is no question that the average IQ of your country has more impact on your quality of life than your personal IQ.
We state that for the most part, smart person = better life.
Ergo, smart nation = better life for everyone.
There are always exceptions.
After watching the following video, Joe and I picked a few of the countries that were low average IQ and a few high(er) average IQ.
We then did a search to find out a few of the tangibles and intangibles related to quality of life.
We weren’t surprised at what we found.
Our observation?
It is a tragic reality.
It is an explanation for the best and brightest leaving their birth country to find a better life in a higher average IQ nation.
It is also a probable cause for tyranny: those born with a high IQ and an evil disposition in a low IQ country will have easy pickings:


Notch Filters

Joe and I were gobsmacked when we were educated about the functional operation of the microwave oven.
Another in a large number of ideas we never dreamed.
Once familiarized with the idea of resonant frequency, we wondered if everything has one, i.e., a resonant frequency.
The following video talks about cancer cells being different from healthy cells.
This difference can be medically capitalized by bombarding the cancer cells with certain frequencies.  The cancer cells don’t like certain frequencies…..
Of course, a “notch filter” is also required, because the target cell’s resonant frequency might be very close to other, healthy cells.
A very interesting presentation:



How does sound impact the cells in a body?
Sound is frequency, da?
What if there were certain frequencies that were beneficial to your health.
What if there were ways to expose yourself to health altering sounds to improve quality of life, or perhaps, cure a disease?
Conversely, if there are beneficial frequencies, what are the benign frequencies, and the downright dangerous frequencies?
You’ve come to the right TEDx presentation to speculate about one of the above mentioned three:



Dr. Robert Malone
The website “The Train to Freedom” has a mission statement: Uniting the world against medical tyranny.
The following conversation with Dr. Erin Stair and Dr. Malone is current.
How corrupt the “authorities” behaved during the last three years may never be entirely known.
Asking questions and demanding answers will help.
Citizens do not have the coercive arm of the government to wield in self defense.
The path forward is clear – heroic people speaking truth will make a difference:


Neil Oliver
The wee Scot has a few astute observations about the aftermath of COVID-19, particularly the role of authority in a citizen’s life. He is calling for a “reformation”.
Joe and I resonate with his statement that “our relationship with authority has become abusive”.
He observes that most governments have wandered off the reservation into areas they are not legally sanctioned to operate.
Joe has oft stated that at the first sign of tsunami or catastrophe or emergency or disaster or cataclysm, authorities (much like individuals) revert to “fight or flight” behavior.  The Law goes out the window.  The cudgel of the State is wielded – whether it be incarceration by the judicial system or oppression by the jackboot gang (the police, the armed forces, the state controlled media, the financial institutions, and increasingly, social media).
Say nothing of the actions of the Mob, that mindless, dangerous, half-witted oft violent cornucopia of wild eyed idealists looking for instant gratification.
What then follows are years and years of legal wiggling, denial, lies, and procrastination.
Meanwhile, the mud peckers, dirt people, salt of the earth folks bear the brunt of the travesty.
Mr. Oliver seems to see clearly, and offers solutions.  We like that:

Reading the comments under the video (at Ub2b) is like reviewing our own history of naive trust slowly eroded to a bitter disbelief, to a shocked realization that what was once unquestioned faith in authority on our part was dereliction of duty.  Once again Joe and I are harshly reminded of the endurance and persistence of the belief in a higher power by humanity.
Left to their own devices, most of humanity does a crappy job of getting it right:

Joe and I, unlike Ambrosia (How Long?), aren’t questioning when this ass-wipery first started.  Our speculation is that it started with the first two beings who were at cross purposes while pursuing their goals.  Many generations, many millennia, many species ago.
A permanent solution may not be possible.  Joe says people don’t live long enough to become “human beings”.
Speaking the truth, formulating ideas, identifying issues – all lead to objective definition of the problem.  As Ms. Morrison (grade 10 math) told Joe and me so long ago, “Drover, defining the problem is 95% of the solution!”
Well said, Ms. Morrison, well said.
We will have to stop whining about being left alone to do our “thing”.
Just get on with it…..
Another video, a thoughtful reflection by Mr. Oliver, focused on the problem with the progressive weapon of “group identity” politics:

Menstrual Abnormalities Lasting for Months Following COVID-19 Shot Is ‘Very Concerning’: Doctor



Musical Interlude

James Rhodes
A renowned musician speaks of his muse, after playing Bach:

On the subject of Bach piano pieces, here’s a collection:

Why not a collection of the best in piano compositions:



Joe’s Garage

Sabin Hossenfelder
Joe loves this physicist.
She knows her subject matter and delivers it with great humor.
Joe and I are having our foundation beliefs about reality altered by her words:


David Tong
Mr. Tong lectures at Cambridge University.
The real building blocks of the universe should be mandatory viewing for all.
Joe is impressed!
An entertaining hour filled with the foundation facts of physics:

If you liked the above (we did, we did!), you’ll like the Q&A that followed:


Whistlin’ Diesel
Cody Detwiler bought a Chieftain.
This video covers his trip to England to view and drive his purchase.
He was able to throw a track in a matter of minutes.
An amazing war machine:

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