Sunday Rant – 3922


Joe’s Comment – It is now officially Autumn as of September 22.  The week was weather compatible.  The world is turning as it should – a very large sphere in the heavens.  Not flat.
Not quite the time to batten the hatches for wet or worse weather.
All is good on the Droveria front.
Something can come undone at any time on any day in any situation.
For last week, ho-hum.
Not exactly clockwork, not exactly hum-drum.
A few minor unravellings, but not even one undone.
That is just short of miraculous.
Not a poster week for SNAFU or FUBAR.
Looking for a sign; looking for an escape.
It is the season for “flat cats” – cats on the highways and byways that have been run over – sighted 2 this week, and one skunk (same family).
13 weeks to Christmas.
Same same until Winter.
Not quite ready, but we never ever are.


Quick Dick McDick
Once again, an educational video about farming from Saskatchewan’s ambassador to Canada and the world.
In this video QDMcD follows up his first video about planting oats (Sow Your Seeds) with a primer about growing oats:


Prager U
Why a Republic

This short video explains the attempt by the Founding Fathers of America to create a form of governance that curtails the power vested in those who govern.
By Robert George (Princeton U) for Prager U.
One of many “5 – Minute Videos” that are clear, concise, focused, and accurate:

Socialism vs Capitalism
This short video from Dinesh DeSouza explains the hypnotic allure of socialism in modern discourse:

Another short video by Candace Owens about the history of slavery:


Climate Sanity
William Happer is a hero for Joe and me.
He is getting on in years.
We wondered if he was still fighting the good fight…..
Question answered!
We didn’t know he was co-founder of the CO2 Coalition.
In this address from about one year ago to the Heartland Institute, he does yeoman duty to addressing “Noble Lies and the Evil They Allow”.
He has been a champion of educating the masses on the actual role of CO2 in the atmospheric environment and the existence of life on Earth:

Another hero is Freeman Dyson (RIP).  He has spent his time studying, using the tools at his disposal.  His best tool is his mind.
This talk from 2015 is titled “Heretical Thoughts About Science and Society”.
If you need a new perspective on the climate hysteria pervading Western nations and their politicians (again and again), Joe and I suggest you take the hour required to listen to a learned man tell you where the bear shit in the buckwheat.
The insanity at large seems to be on an ever tightening cycle:


Joe’s Garage

Atomic Bomb
We’ve all seen short clips of these explosions all over de place.
Someone decided to montage them all.
Pretty to watch.
Beats staring at the sun:

Amber Hern and Kelly Hogan
Refining the carnivore diet is tuning in your personal nutrition.
Amber and Kelly talk about making adjustments to your intake, quantity, frequency, duration, and any other metric you can imagine having to do with filling your pie hole.
Every little snowflake is different.
Every little snowflake can identify how they are different, with a little effort.
Every little snowflake can then optimize their fuel type(s) and quantities for maximum results!
Seems so easy.
They’ve both been carnivore for over 12 years.
Joe and I have a lot to learn, for we just passed the 4 year mark and have started experimenting:

Dr. Anthony Chaffee
This video makes the case for the optimal human diet, or as Dr. Ken Berry says, “get your PHD (proper human diet)”.
Dr. Chaffee has prepared a slide presentation video echoing the material he presented at KetoCon in August this year.
Very logical and informative.  Joe and I think this might be a useful guide to our nutritional choices:

Milwaukee Boating
Rich Bosch adapts a Milwaukee Hole Hog right angle drill to an old Evinrude outboard motor.
Just because he can!
From the DeBossGarage Ub2b channel:

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