Sunday Rant – 3022


Joe’s Comment – The future for me as a theoretical Libertarian might be more of a challenge than I am willing to accept.  These times might be as Plato insinuated, times of rule by evil men.
What did I do to stop the evil?
Minding my own business seems to have been a flawed life choice.
My ideological Weltanschauung can be summed up as an equation:

the last 5 of the 10 commandments + the Golden Rule + the Platinum Rule = harmonious existence

Perhaps my “live and let live” approach is antiquated, or incomplete.
The incidence of busy-bodying and tyrannical interference is on the rise.
As is complete lunacy from the so-called elites, governments, global NFPs (i.e., W.H.O., U.N.), mega corporations.
To correct this myopia of thought on my part, more speaking of my mind seems appropriate.
My reckoning is if you can’t brook what is happening it is time to be vocal about the problems, and more importantly, suggest solutions and remedies.
Seems like hard work…..
Where to start?
Why, at the beginning, of course – with personal reflection and review of foundational beliefs.
Then it is attitude that will rue the day and the path:


Quick Dick McDick
Saskatchewan’s ambassador to Canada and the world, QDMcD, shares some irritating details about maintenance issues that arise when using machinery in your work.
Of course, the color scheme used for the name of the “unmentioned” tractor company is purely coincidental.
Also of course, that contradicts the observation by Steve Bannon that “there are no conspiracies but there are also no coincidences”.
You be the judge!:


Dynamic Duo!
Jordan Peterson has formed an alliance with Ben Shapiro (Daily Wire).
Joe and I have our own understanding of what benefits will anoint both parties.
We’ve watched a few samples to date.
The following is a powerful example of the good work we hope they will do – bringing reason and light to the young men and women who have been abused by our culture:


The advance of artificial intelligence is brilliant, unique, and frightening:


COVID Musings

Neil Oliver
“They’re pretending like it never happened”.
A Scots with an opinion.
Joe and I agree.
The stupid bastards think what they did was a success.
The agenda is to wash (pretend it never happened) and repeat:

On a broader focus, Mr. Oliver expands his critique of the powers that be:


Weekly Music Musings

Puddles is the master of the “mash up”.
A couple tunes you know, with strange words!
An amazing J. Cash imitation:



Joe’s Garage

Becerrillo – War Dog
Joe and I have never thought about dogs as weapons of war.
Boy, did we get an education.
The most storied of all is the dog Becerrillo, a warrior with the Spanish Conquistadores.  His name means “little bull”.
History has recorded that in one battle, Becerrillo killed 33 indigenous foes in 30 minutes.
The English Mastiff is a formidable warrior when trained as such:

Howard Hughes was fishing for government funds.
He built a 6,000 horse power wood plane (D-5).
Joe and I wish these flights of fantasy were preserved for all to see (thank you Ms. E Thrasher):

Cancer Facts
Dr. Anthony Chaffee interviews Professor Thomas Seyfried.
Joe and I suspect that the connection between ill health and nutrition / diet will be an important focus of research.
Will the “research” be legitimate?
Big Money is always involved.
The “Proper Human Diet” is more like preventative medicine in our estimation:

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