Sunday Rant – 2722


Joe’s Comment – I’ve not been a “cat person” most of my life.  Dogs in general are tolerable for the most part.  Specific dogs are truly best friends.  Cats, however, who cares?
There is a cat that lives at my house.  It would be inaccurate to say we have a cat – that’s not how Minnie rolls.  She blesses us in the house with her regal self when she deigns it appropriate or necessary.  She will make a ruckus at my bedroom door (or window) at 3:00 a.m. if she feels a need for me to fill her food dish, get her some water, or keep her company.  It might be a summons to open the door so she can go about her business.  Mind you, not just any door, but the door she chooses, for she will NOT exit or enter via a door I open unless she approves.
When you walk from room to room, she may flop in front of your feet and expose her caramel colored belly for a scratch, heedless of you damn near stepping on her, or having a senior moment and tripping, not to get up.
The above images and comment reflects the effect of time on a person’s outlook.  About cats, that is…..
At my age, a good nights sleep is all of 4 hours in a row.
Those cats pictured make relaxing look obscene.
I’ve got me some cat envy.
Perhaps in today’s chaotic crazy world a lesson might be learned from our cat masters.
I’m still not much of a cat person.
But would I like to be able to go boneless like a cat, and care not a wit for the troubles of the world?
You bet!
Get ’em, Tiger!:


Wake Up America!
Joe says the Canadian equivalent (10% as creative, passionate, thoughtful) is also true:


Jordan Peterson
JBP got himself banned/suspended/spanked on Twitter.
Joe and I have yet to tweet our first twit.
Mr. Peterson uses the event to demonstrate how a “dangerous man” uses words to make a point, drive home a nail, drop a mic, put the foe in their place.
Gotta love a good man righteously indignant with the power of speech to demolish his opposition.
Twitter loses (again):


Sooth the Savage Beast
A few musical choices just because…..


Joe’s Garage

Zip Ties and Bias Plies
Peg outdoes himself this time.
His ban from mud bogging has been lifted.
In this episode, he builds a ’94 Power Stroke for success in the mud bog competition.
Whistlin’ Diesel is hard on equipment.
Peg is an order of magnitude harderest.

Alex Epstein
Joe and I are adamant – “fossil fuels” are essential for modern culture.
Alex Epstein has made his position known with several books.
He is erudite, concise, knowledgeable, and a fan-boy for oil, gas, and coal.
His new book is “Fossil Future“.
In this video, he is talking to Megyn Kelly.  Her Ub2b channel here.
Tune in at 50:10 for Mr. Epstein’s commentary:

Note:  Joe took a look at the first 300 or so comments under the video.  He laughed his ass off!  Everybody has an opinion on the Depp/Heard trial, but very few comments on Mr. Epstein’s well researched information.  Time to quote the old Mensa joke – Did you know half the people on Earth are below average in intelligence?

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