Sunday Rant – 2322


Joe’s Comment – The Sunday Sermon (down below) is very thought provoking.  The last two+ years of mayhem and idiocy left me thinking certain verboten thoughts.  Like is there anyone sane in charge?
The complexity of human culture is mind boggling.  As Jordan Peterson says, it is a bloody miracle that the lights come on with the switch!
Let alone we’re not all at each other’s throats.
Perhaps it is true that everyone is not nuts on the same day, but I have been wondering just how many nuts there are, at any given time.
It is June.  Sunlight.  Vitamin D.
But there are people walking, driving, and talking with a mask on their face.  Perhaps they don’t read the same “science” as I do.
Or perhaps they don’t think as much as they emote.
Fear is a terrible force.
The set of tribes we all belong to is a large number.
It is also a delicate balance of choice and cooperation and omission.
Like a pick-up-sticks game, it is possible to untangle, but the chance of upsetting the entire structure is always present.
The latest antics of our esteemed leader, Chief Rainbow Socks, are nothing short of madness.  He is a blight and travesty.  I checked my favorite on line gun shop.
All listings of handguns are labeled “Out of Stock”.   Here’s a statement from the PM of India, dated, but as accurate today as ever –
The message from the 20th Century is clear, clear as a bell –

Furthermore, We The People, whether American or Canadian or Whereverstanian, must remember that Liberty cannot survive without Free Speech.  And Free Speech must not be muzzled by government.  Hence, what George says –
Of all the changes foisted upon people in the last 50 years, I think the communication technology is the most fantastic and dangerous to date.
Fantastic because it truly equalizes access to information.
Dangerous because powerful forces will undoubtedly continue to use the technology to corrupt our culture harder, faster, and longer.
Although I have three computers in the house, I am still resisting the pressure to obtain a mobile device.
My reasoning is if I had one, I would lose even more time.
When I leave the house, I’m happy having the daily argument with the 37 others in my head.
We know when we’re getting somewhere –



The Queen
A sense of humor!
Joe and I now know what a “platinum jubilee” is!
We were born in ’49, three years before she became queen.
What a legacy…….

Joe always pines for her when he sees photos of when we were young –


Quick Dick McDick
Once again, QDMcD is proves to be a Canadian and Saskatchewan and farmer ambassador to the World.
He is also a charitable community oriented man.
The “Shave It or Save It” pledging to the Saskatchewan cancer fund raised $67,000 CDN.  If you watch this episode, you will know the outcome:


Demented People







Russia and Ukraine
Joe and I have made our perspective clear about the conflict in Europe between Russia and Ukraine.
We will now expound – our sympathy is for the average Joe and Joette, the Mud Peckers, the Dirt People, the salt of the earth folks.
When the Titans battle, they trample the above mentioned souls with impunity.
We don’t know Putin, other than the propaganda our American friends bray at the top of their lungs.  Is it true he has been holding out an olive branch since the dissolution of the Soviet Union?  That he would like to join NATO?  Joe and I believe that to be true.
We don’t know Zelensky either.  But what we’ve read (not from our American friends) is mighty suspicious.  His rise to wealth and political dominance taking center stage.  America interfered in the Ukraine elections of 2014.  Can you say puppet and puppet master?
Whether these men are hardened evil gangsters heading criminal states or angels sent from Heaven to guide us is a moot point.
Speaking as a Canadian, a country where a complete asshole tyrant who got 32% of the popular vote considers me a “fringe miscreant” and “unessential” and a “racist”, and a “homophobe”, the same asshole who has the audacity to say he speaks for all Canadians….. I can identify a little bit with citizens of those countries who might have their door kicked down if they say or do the wrong thing.
There are ridiculous self-contradictory expressions called oxymorons that convey a clear meaning but are contrary to their individual word definitions. Some examples are “jumbo shrimp” or “crash landing” or “vegan bacon” or “friendly fire”.
The bull shit the Americans are puppeteering in the Ukraine brings another oxymoron to mind: “Rules of War”.
Joe and I ask on behalf of all People, what exactly is the “acceptable collateral damage”?  How many innocent deaths balances the ideology account?
What will it take to make America back off?
Russia hasn’t been a communist country for 30+ years.
America, you are the big dick, the cock of the walk, le grand fromage.
Take your gay generals and racist bull shit home.
You’ve made your point.
If there was a corruption Olympics, you’ve taken all the gold.
Way to go America!
Joe and I weep for the good people of America being slandered and maligned by their own government.
Better said than we can, from the mouth of Lord Acton, an acknowledged historian of Liberty, defender of Freedom –
Joe and I say go home, America.
You seem to have forgotten the brilliance and courage of your Founding Fathers.
America’s Declaration of Independence, America’s Constitution, and America’s Amendments to the Constitution are a blueprint (should we say red, white, and blue print?) for Freedom.
Shame on you.
Wearing the cloak of Patriotism, and chanting Duty, Honor, Righteousness and Sacrifice is a charade, no longer acceptable.
You forced Russia into a corner.
You knew damn well that The Bear would not put on a dunce cap and ride a unicycle in America’s Circus.
The existence of others is not a zero sum game.
Colonel Richard Black (ret.) has much to say on the topic.
Joe and I listened closely.
Our perspective, as outlined above, is reinforced by Colonel Black’s dialog:

Here it is on Rumble.  The above is Ub2b, and you know shite goes missing, somehow, someday.
Just saying:


Joe’s Garage

Dr. Sarah Hallburg
This young woman has good advice.
We included the video because TEDx and all things TED tend to lean left.  A lot.
However, Ms. Hallburg is speaking nutritional gospel and isn’t being tarred or feathered.
Good change.
Joe asks how long until it becomes common knowledge, and is taught, broadcast, and celebrated?
I say that will only happen when the powers that be monopolize the production to capitalize on any and all profit.
Call me a cynic:

Dr. Pradip Jamnadas
This good doctor reminds me of the song sung by Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren in the movie “The Millionairess“:

Unlike in the movie, the good doctor is not talking about affairs of the heart.
He is talking about the affect hormones have on your body and mind.
Most specifically, he is talking about that nasty hormone insulin, and what happens when you over-exercise your digestive system with too much of a “good thing”.
Dr. Jamnadis is bubbling with energy, super animated, and positively beaming!
How could you not believe every word he says?
Joe and I capiche:

Artificial Intelligence
Joe wants to marry this “woman”.
Not only is she very easy to look at, she almost passes the human test.  We watched her speak very closely.  Only occasionally do you catch a facial movement that doesn’t jibe with “natural” speech.
Smart, beautiful, pleasant…… Joe wonders if she has a body below her shoulders, or just fiber optic cables to a server.  How many networks comprise her “neurons”?
If this is the result of “GPT-3” computer engineering, we want more!:

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