Sunday Rant – 2622


Joe’s Comment – What a wonderful quote!  It makes me smile and smirk at the same time…..
There is a point in everyone where self awareness is eclipsed by reaction.
Which begs a question – is it a “fight or flight” response?
Or is it habitual training that submerges into the subconscious mind?
Or is the above quote completely innocent of irony?
Here’s another example –
The vagary of social intercourse.
Humans will be human.


Quick Dick McDick
Saskatchewan’s farmer ambassador gives a tutorial on planting seed.
Joe and I are amazed how farm equipment has progressed since we operated a McCormick tractor pulling a weed bar back in 1963 on our summer vacation.
Our uncle’s farm in Saskatchewan was grain only.
For two weeks we got up with the sun and went about tending to the crops until sunset.
Joe and I pulled a weeder all de doo dah day, across fallow fields.
This kept the weed invasion under control until the field was seeded with a new crop, either that year or next.
We got stuck in boggy areas more than once.
We still remember being permitted the opportunity to drive the very old Fargo grain truck to the elevator one trip.
Fond memories!
Enough of our reminiscing.
Here’s QDMcD in what appears to be a one man operation, seeding 10 times more acreage in one day than my uncle owned!
Lots of specialized equipment that costs lots and lots of bushels of oats:


COVID Crapola

–  Dr. Clare Craig Exposes How Pfizer Twisted Their Clinical Trial Data for Young Children:

–  Wow: 1 Week of New Vaccine Studies Blows Things WIDE Open

Vitamin D3
Ivor Cummins analyzes data associated with COVID reaction vs vitamin D3.
The video is viewable here.
For some reason, odysee embedded links do NOT work, other than to produce a lovely gray or grey box.
Well done WordPress!

–  Pfizer Vaccine Impairs Sperm Count: Conspiracy Theorists Were Right




Joe’s Garage

My Zero Carb Life
Kelly Hogan has an incredible story.
Her struggle with weight and illness caused by improper human diet is an inspirational story with a very happy ending.
In the following video, Ms. Hogan is interviewed by Dr. Anthony Chaffee, another advocate of low carb eating.
Joe and I like them both.
They are upbeat, assertive, dedicated, and determined to spread the news about low carb, high fat, zero sugar nutrition.
A great discussion:

The Universe
What in the world is the Universe doing?
The two “facts”, that the Universe is 14+ billion years old, but 92 billion light years wide, seem a contradiction.
Dr. Don Lincoln will now make it all make sense:

A Perspective on Socialism
The government busybodies constantly overlook the automobile industry.
One of the latest suggestions is that the “back yard mechanic” will be no more – that all vehicles will be repaired by “trained and licensed professionals”.
Joe and I think that will not work.
Any fool can imagine government coercion intruding into any sphere of human interest or activity to the detriment of those pursuits.
We stumbled onto this short video of Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, and John Anderson (former Australian PM) having a conversation about the intrusions of socialism into society, government, and thinking:

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Sunday Rant – 2522


Joe’s Comment – As a teenager, I read a lot, including science fiction.  Heinlein was a favorite.  From the above quotes, it is apparent to me that Mr. Heinlein was Libertarian leaning in his approach to life.
As am I.
I find value and inspiration in every one of the Heinlein quotes above.
To me, Libertarian perspectives are more common sense than ideology.
I think the concept of “Left” and “Right” is poppycock.
All there is and all there has been are people who are successful in the current environment and those people who are NOT successful in the current environment.
The bull shit of ideology is short circuited by filthy lucre most of the time.
A strategy for survival is learning how to prosper in the current system while planning to survive in the future.
A better strategy is to identify your objectives, establish milestones, and work hard to attain those goals.
Don’t forget risk management!
Nothing like thinking you are in charge…..
Anyway, that’s what I tell myself.



Sean Delonas – Cartoonist
Joe and I have great respect for cartoonists.
It is a challenge to capture an idea or concept or attitude or ??? in an image.
To combine it with an artistic talent is a rare paring.
In Mr. Delonas’ cartooning, he adds another dimension of criticism – very dark.
Some examples of an exemplary cartoonist.


Dr. Samantha Bailey
A brave outspoken woman who doesn’t buy the “virus” “science”.
Joe and I are wooed by Dr Sam’s logic.
Joe likes her accent, too.
The odysee embedding below doesn’t seem to work.
We aren’t sure if it is a problem with odysee or with WordPress.
Joe says it is a pleasant grey box.  Mostly gray.
For some reason, WordPress is cranky about this URL.
The video can be viewed here:


Dr. Jordan Peterson
Dr. Peterson blasts the transgender “professionals” – the folks who cut and maim and chemically treat mixed up young (and not so young) people.  Joe and I have opinions about this subject that we will keep to ourselves.
What really grinds our panties is the blind force of Life itself that is always mutating, experimenting mindlessly, creating new or different life forms.
Not out of need or conscious direction that we can parse.
No, life mutates and jacks around just because it can.
Mother Nature is an oxymoron.
And anyone who thinks Nature is a kind benevolent nurturing Gaia-like entity is also an oxy(gen sucking) moron:


Joe’s Garage

Uncle Tony’s Garage
Joe and I have watched this channel on and off for years.
He is a Chrysler fanboy, focusing on the Pentastar products.
Joe is a Ford fanboy, so we tend to skip Uncle Tony’s ranting and raving about the wonders of slant sixes, 318’s, 340’s, 383’s, 440’s, and the holy grail on the peak of the Dodge and Chrysler worship list, the hemi.
Every once in a while Uncle Tony does a goodie.
This is one of them – he was asked about favorite tools.
His reply is true for Joe and me, maybe you too:

Why Joe Is a Ford Fan
Joe and I earned our driving license at 14 years, or 1963.  At that time in Calgary AB it was legal to drive a motor scooter.  We had a Sears Allstate scooter, a re-branded Vespa.
During the ’60’s we were very enamored of vehicles.  A vehicle, even a 125cc scooter, gave you liberty to move about on your own recognizance.
And what young man didn’t dream of owning a special vehicle in those years?
Joe and I liked English sports cars.  Domestic?  We weren’t sure what we liked.
Badging may have played a role.  Movies might have, too.
Experience definitely moved the needle.
During the ’60’s Ford had an aggressive performance marketing strategy.
We remember seeing the Saturday newspaper in Calgary featuring a picture of a Ford GT40, pulled into the pits at twilight for service, front disc brakes glowing a dull orange-red from heat.  We were 17 years old.
We were hooked.
Here is a short video of some street legal Ford products that were spawned to legitimize their racing siblings:


Model T
The number of T’s produced is staggering, considering the consumer market of the time.  It was rugged, simple, and durable.  The Model T was produced from 1908 to 1927, with a total production run of 15 million vehicles.
Joe wants to own and drive a T before our time is up.
The Tin Lizzie is no match for today’s vehicles: engineering and technology has marched on.
Joe is quick to point out that a Flivver can take you and several passengers anywhere you want to go, but not faster than 42 mph.  New cars go faster.
Here’s a short but detailed video of the car that changed the world:

The model T was celebrated in song.
Jan and Dean sang “Bucket T”.
So did The Who!
Here they are:

F150 Lightning Test
Electric vehicles are being forced upon a wary public.
All manufacturers have had their feet held over the coals by various and not so sundry entities – governments, environmental groups, wackjob humans, competitors – to produce viable electric vehicles.
Joe and I won’t go into the down side of EV propulsion.  The obvious drawbacks are battery penalties: cost, time to charge, weight, toxicity, safety (high voltages).
In terms of performance (not economy) an electric motor is a magic machine.
In the following test from TFL (The Fast Lane) conducted by two hyperventilating truck fanboys, the Ford F150 Lightning all electric truck is tested against a Ford F150 Power Boost hybrid.  Joe and I were pleasantly pleased to see the Lightning kick ass.
However, if the test hill had gone on for another 30 – 40 miles, the battery would have been the limiting factor.  The Lightning performed like a champion, but consumed 18% of total available energy climbing one 8 mile hill.
Joe says the person or team who put together the first light-weight high power-density quick charging safe to use cheap battery, this person or team will displace Elon Musk as the wealthiest person/team in the world:


Best for Last
The flathead Ford V8 engine was mass produced from 1932 to 1953 in the U.S. of A. (1954 in Canada).
It was a valve in block engine with many performance restricting design “flaws”.
However, it was the first mass produced V8 engine block cast in one piece, a minor miracle of the time.  Henry Ford swore his engineers and foundry personnel to secrecy while developing this engine.  The early engines were problematic, with many failures and revisions.  By 1933 most issues were resolved and the engine quickly became a favorite of the public, the performance enthusiasts, racers, and industry.
Joe and I have a collection of more than a half a dozen flathead engines, one a complete rebuild not yet assembled, one original still running in a 1950 Ford Fordor, and four more that might be cores for rebuilding.
Why would anyone bother with these antiques?
At best they produced 110 hp from the factory.
The blocks have a tendency to crack around the exhaust valves when run hard due to exhaust routing.
They should be relegated to the junk heap of history.
Not so fast, Pablo!
There were many after market developers of performance parts to the venerable flathead over the years.
Many competition records were established in many forms and styles of contests.
One of these contests is called the Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week.
There are some class records that are still held by the flathead motor.
Surprise, surprise!
There are still some flathead Ford performance builders and developers, too.
The following video shows the amazing innovation Keith and Jeff Dorton (Automotive Specialists) implemented to modify a stock flathead to produce 250 hp without special heads, normally aspirated, under 325 cubic inches.
The engine will be used in a lovely ’39 Ford Coupe to challenge the Bonneville record in XF-VGC:

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Sunday Rant – 2422


Joe’s Comment – This week has been challenging.  Like the meme above intimates, my time checks have been unsettling.  The upcoming recession/depression/stagflation/hard times isn’t the issue, it’s just a pain in the ass.
I’ve been through 3 financial train wrecks in my short time on Earth.  The prospect of “losing everything” once again isn’t daunting.  It is ho-hum, whatever.
Because experience, rote, age, friends, family, acquaintances, ability, some knowledge, and a wee bit of wisdom.
Wisdom has to compensate for any shortcomings.
Shortcomings in the sense that I remember being very able, very able bodied, and full of piss and vinegar (whatever that is supposed to imply).
Had I been born with my current abilities and had not changed, it wouldn’t be a distraction or perceived shortcoming.
As Dave has long stated, you are your best friend and your worst enemy.
I reckon that is a statement of attitude.
I have attitude.  Maybe it is dated.  Maybe it is time for modification.  Maybe an attitude adjustment.  Maybe my attitude is just fine as it is.  My approach to attitude is as follows: does it prohibit your progress in Life?  If so –
Time and experience will tell.
What pisses me off is lying.  Lies with lies compounded by lies on top of lies.
Lies about the facts.  Lies of omission.  Lies of misdirection.  A ton of lies that are carefully obfuscated as facts.  Perfect straw man proofs.  Here’s a fine example –
As you can surmise, all the above truths are a pack of lies!
Lies about COVID.  Lies about protests.  Lies about the Holy Grail of the Left – the gosh darn Climate – with a special mention of Canada’s mentally inept Prime Minister.  You can’t change it, you don’t know when it was perfect, but you gotta stop humans from being human.  Lies about Canada’s government run medical establishment.  Lies about science.  Lies from politicians so brash, so bold, so outrageous, so costly in blood and treasure, that you contemplate moving to the bush.
Perhaps my touchiness is a product of the weather and age and current events.
No matter.
As Gloria Gaynor most ably proclaimed, I Will Survive:

As did Donna Summer:

Fine role models for a senior citizen.
My advice?
Think and plan to survive.  Despite the government, the medical community, the financial community, and any other cohorts comprising more than one, the person responsible for you is….. you! –


What a word!
Joe and I receive daily word challenges and quizzes (usually more than two a day) from “Word Genius“, somehow related to
One of the words that came today (Tuesday) is “nyctalopia“.
Nyctalopia: 1. The inability to see in dim light or at night. Also called night blindness.
Joe and I have replaced writing on paper with pen or pencil almost entirely in our daily life.  Joe suspects that the simple act of writing in cursive or printing is strongly related to spelling (and grammar, too), for we seem to misspell frequently.  Memory by rote  was the norm way way back when we attended grade school.  Typing on a keyboard doesn’t have the same affect for us.
We also spend from 4 to hours reading off an LCD screen.  Hard on eyes.
We experience nyctalopia but it could be from getting old(er).
In daylight, we have trouble seeing into shadow or shade areas.
It is an inability to see contrast, a problem with granularity.
What in the world are our rods and cones up to?
Our thinking about politics is somewhat nyctalopian.
Time to coin the word – politalopian.
The too often jackassian antics of our fearless “leaders” leaves Joe and me gobsmacked.  We didn’t see it coming, we didn’t suspect it, but here it is, complete insanity for all to see (thank you Ms. E. Thrasher).
Like making it nigh impossible for Canadians to buy a handgun, because the sellers of handguns cannot sell or buy them!
Jesus H. Crackers Mr. Castreau!
Some fuckwit in Crazyfornia or Texass shoots up the townsfolk and suddenly Canadians are busting at the seams in their haste to go rogue.
Or so our coward PM, surrounded by armed men for protection 24 – 7 seems to fear.  We would have said armed personnel but we haven’t seen any female security around Chief Rainbow Socks.  What about “equity” Mr. Fair and Balanced?
William S. Burroughs had it spot on –
And so did George Washington –
Out and about today, I heard some local boys mention that Del, the owner of Del Selin Gunsmith Gun Shop here in Vernon, is sold out of handguns.
Del had his best years ever during the COVID hysteria.
So the story is told.
My favorite on-line store, Firearms Outlet Canada, announced they were out of stock of every one of their 395 types of handguns two days after Turdeau made his smirky butt-faced announcement.
Today Firearms Outlet Canada emailed to say they have re-stocked many handguns – come and get it!
Joe and I shake our head in disbelief.
The current government has no fucking idea what the average Canadian Mud Pecker thinks or does or believes.
A fearless leader whose party garnered only 32% of the popular vote is convinced he represents all Canadians.
Joe and I beg to differ.
His party represents 32% of all Canadians.
The rest of us look on with absolute horror and disbelief.
doG better help us, because we seem helpless to help ourselves.
Joe says what we need is MORE democracy, so the numbskulls, the lazy, and nitwits can vote more treats, more favors, more privilege for themselves.
Joe is a jokester, da?
More Democracy = the death of freedom.
Democracy = mob rule at its best.
When 50.00001% tell the other 49.99999% how to live.
Special rules for Canada is when 32% tell 68% where the bear shit in the buckwheat.
Joe and I have a joint wish.  We wish the ninnies who comprise the government at all levels would do only that which they are elected to do.
We’ll have a nice glass of unicorn milk to go with our fantasy cookies…..


Jordan Peterson Says a Bad Word
We just love when JP talks to daughter MP about current events.
The good doctor can’t say anything whatsoever that doesn’t irritate the colon of some segment of the Leftist population.
In this short excerpt from MP’s upcoming podcast release, they discuss the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition for 2022.
Mr. Peterson says what was on his mind when he critiqued the model on the front page.  Seems the busy bees on the Left clutched their pearls, wrung their hands, and crapped their panties.
Joe says good for them!
I say good for JP.
Common sense is no longer admirable or admissible or common, it seems:

As you can see above, Ub2b is in the business of being a busy body.  We looked around for other sources.   Not on Rumble.  Not on Odysee.  Here it is on BitChute:

Joe and I notice that as the Internet becomes more of a backbone for communication around the world, political wolves continue to howl and salivate.
Is it possible that the “Golden Age of Internet” is passed?
We did a search engine query of that very topic.
The overwhelming opinion was it has passed.
Only a few sites proposed that more and better is in the future.
Joe speculates that the next “leap forward” (thanks Chairman Mao) will be the introduction of a proxy arbiter.
The proxy arbiter will be some form of AI (artificial intelligence) who interprets your commands and interfaces with the Internet.  It will no longer be “hands on” but “command so”, somewhat advanced from the current systems (i.e., Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant).
Damn frightening.


Quick Dick McDick
Seems like Canada’s farmer ambassador is back with a regular schedule.
In this new series, Tractor Talk, he gives his perspective on Royalty.
Long live the Queen:


COVID Statistics

Ivor Cummins
Mr. Cummins is very nimble with data and statistical analysis.
The focus of this short video is the actual COVID death statistics as published by the Irish government.
Joe and I are not surprised.
Neither should be you:


Joe’s Garage

Joe and I used to watch baseball when the Blue Jays had Randy Johnson pitching.
He was amazing.
The Jays currently have a very talented pitcher, Adam Cimber, who delivers his pitches sidearm.
They call it “submarine” pitching, because the ball is thrown from down low upward toward the home plate.
The following video follows Mr. Cimber through several years and teams to his current Blue Jays relief pitching job.
Incredible to watch!:

Randy Johnson was an incredible pitcher.  At 6 foot 11 inches, he could throw consistently in the high 90 mph range, and has an incredible lifetime record.
The following video is witness to a unique pitching accomplishment Mr. Johnson achieved, never duplicated, much to the chagrin of ornithologists everywhere:


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