Sunday Rant – 2022



Joe’s Comment – The weather sucks.  The busy business factor is very high.  The financial reserves are dwindling.  Not much time for commenting this week, either.  The days are flying by!
A month and a week and the days start getting shorter.
WTF is going on……
A few headlines that caught my eye during this hectic week of crap weather and too much work.



Antibody-Dependent Enhancement: Covid-19 Case/Hospitalization/Death Rates now highest among Triple Vaccinated in Trudeau’s Canada


A Simple Survey Provides Convincing Evidence That the Covid Injections Have Killed Over 500,000 Americans

Your Government quietly confirmed the Fully Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome while they had you worried about Russia-Ukraine & the Cost of Living

Joe and I aren’t going to say we told you so.
What we want to see is the guilty punished.
And the wackjobbery in BC continues, unabated.


Roe vs Wade
Joe and I believe a human life begins when the egg and sperm combine.
You can argue ad infinitum from other perspectives; no matter to us.
One thing we know for sure is our mother didn’t kill us.
The irony to us is all those protesters had mothers who did what our mother did.
The murder toll in North America is well over 60 million babies.
How can you have pride in your civilization if you sacrifice the unborn wantonly?
Mr. Bill Whittle has much to say on the subject:


Another school year is wrapping up.
Hope, goals, achievement, accomplishment, next step – exciting and frightening both.
Dr. Jordan Peterson delivers a commencement address to the graduates of Hillsdale College.
A worthwhile expenditure of time.
The future is an opportunity waiting to be realized:

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