Sunday Rant – 2222


Joe’s Comment – Above you see Nature’s manifestation of how “sub species vs sub species” confrontation can be managed without tragic outcomes.
If you notice, the “behind the line” activity has nothing to do with aggression or territory or defense.  It is literally termites and ants going about their business without the burden and danger and inefficiency of direct conflict.
I reckon the human species could learn a lesson.
I’ve been reflecting on the news of the last week.
Evil walks among us.
It seems some entities feel the competition for resources is a zero sum endeavor.
Their attention is shared between doing their thing while carefully monitoring “the others” doing what they do.
If it stopped there, well and good, no harm done.
Some don’t know when to stop.
Anyone who has had the good fortune to have a “meemaw” in their life has heard the expression “Tend to your own knitting“.
As a fond memory of Naomi Judd (RIP), a hopeful message regarding the most toxic conflict, “man vs man”:

Life is difficult enough.  Why not judge others one by one, one on one, if need be, and disregard the cacophony of government propaganda, Big Media, Big $$$?
It is a measure of how small my pea brain really is.  For the life of me I don’t understand the rabid distrust and hatred that consumes so many people, or the evil they perform as if it were a sacred duty.
As for Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, there seems to be a time for all things, but question where free will exists in such a foregone fatalistic view:

Is life simply a series of actions and events that occur, that cannot be altered by the human participants?  Are we merely actors in a play, incapable of changing the course of evil?
I’m with the Judds.



Quick Dick McDick
QDMcD’s fund raising for the Saskatchewan Cancer Society continues.
Cut-off this coming Friday (27 May).
This man is an ambassador of good will for all of Canada:


COVID News (Swept Under the Carpet)


Preston Manning
Mr. Manning made his voice known during the so-called “pandemic”.
We featured his discussion with Jordan Peterson in the Sunday Sermon section of Sunday Rant – 0122.
At that time, Mr. Manning vowed to make his voice heard.
Recently, Mr. Manning released a work of fantasy titled
JUNE 5, 2023


A fictional, futuristic description of relevant political

developments in the post-COVID period in Canada
You can read the entire article here.
Joe and I are including the introduction to the article in our Sunday Rant, because we read the opinion piece by Mr. Manning and liked it!
Here is the introduction –

By way of introduction, I come from a Canadian political family with 55

years of experience in the political and public policy arenas; 33 of those in

association with the legislature and government of the Province of Alberta,

and 22 in association with the Parliament of Canada. My father spent

13 years in the Canadian Senate, and I myself spent nine years in the

Canadian House of Commons, serving three years as Leader of the Official


By way of experience with COVID-19 and its mutations, being 80 years of

age I am a member of a highly vulnerable segment of the population, this

made more so by my family’s history of susceptibility to lung diseases.

Both my paternal grandmother and my father contracted tuberculosis and

I myself have experienced numerous bouts of pneumonia over the years.

Since the inception of the COVID pandemic, I have faithfully adhered to

the various health protection regulations put forward by our governments.

I have practiced mask wearing and social distancing, taken the PCR test

and the Rapid Antigen Test prior to travelling. I have been vaccinated twice

with the Pfizer vaccine and have received one Pfizer booster shot.

Notwithstanding adherence to these measures, in December 2021 both

my wife and myself came down with the Omicron variant of the virus,

experiencing health effects milder than those associated with the common


While the following story is fictional, the principle objective is non-fictional—

to explore the likelihood that sooner or later Canadians will demand a full

scale investigation into the management of the COVID crisis by our federal

government, that any such investigation will occur despite the objections

and opposition of the current Liberal-NDP Coalition, and that the findings

of any such investigation may well provide additional reasons to support a

future change of government at the federal level.

The telling of this fictional story provides an opportunity:

To identify the many unanswered questions that Canadians have raised

concerning the management of the COVID pandemic.

To imagine the voluntary testimony of public witnesses, medical andscientific experts, and government “insiders” whose advice has previously
gone unheeded, in seeking to answer those questions.

• To imagine in considerable detail the conclusions, recommendations,

and lessons which would result from such an investigation.

Note that the focus of the investigation described in this story is on

mismanagement of the COVID crisis by the
federal government. Some
will rightly suggest that the provincial and large municipal governments

were just as much responsible for any mismanagement and that any

investigation should include an examination of their policies and actions

as well. Without denying the validity of this suggestion or the possibility

that such a broader examination of responsibility for mismanagement may

well occur in future, the following story nevertheless focuses on the mis-

management of the COVID crisis by the
Government of Canada for reasons
that will become clear in due course.

But how, it might also be asked, would any such investigation actually come

about in reality? Certainly the current federal government would never

authorize such an inquiry—for example, by appointing a Royal Commission

to conduct it. And so, would not the initiation and conduct of any such

investigation need to await a change of government at the federal level—

by which time public concerns over the mismanagement of the COVID

crisis may well have faded?

To address that question, I further imagine and describe an alternative

political scenario in which mounting public unrest leads to the creation

of a bottom up “Non-Governmental Commission” with a composition and

focus sufficient to gain widespread public credibility and support. A change

in government at the federal level is not necessary for this scenario to

unfold, though the findings of such a Commission might well contribute to

such a change in the future.

So join with me then in imagining what a thorough investigation of our

federal government’s mismanagement of the COVID crisis might reveal

and what we might learn from such revelations to ensure that such

mis-management never occurs again. Let us do so through a fictional,

futuristic description of that investigation—fictional, because it is a vehicle

for presenting inconvenient truths about the management of the COVID

crisis and close enough to what is possible to be thought provoking and


Nota Bene:  This is speculative fantasy only! It is a fictional pondering of how Canada might recover after twisting and turning in the wind during the so-called pandemic.  The Federal, Provincial, and municipal governments and all levels of bureaucrats shamed Canada around the world.  This work of fiction suggests some atonement is possible, that some justice might prevail.  P.s. click on this link for the entire article.

Paul Johnson
Mr. Johnson wrote many books.  His book about the 20th Century, titled “Modern Times” is on our reading list.  It is 800+ pages of criticism of the world.  No mean feat!
The following video is the reading of an essay he wrote in 1987, published in the Wall Street Journal, titled “Intellectuals: Heartless Lovers of Mankind”.
Joe and I heard every word, and consider his analysis to have merit.
Our first question for the Intellectuals and Elites is “what is the collateral damage you will accept to implement your ideology?”
The second question is “why don’t you listen to your meemaw?”:


Joe’s Garage

Dr. Shawn Baker
Joe and I are fanboys.
Dr. Baker is a confirmed carnivore who has made great efforts to educate people about the benefits of a no carbohydrate high animal fat/meat diet.
His very existence as a laboratory for self experimentation tells the story.
He is the inspiration Joe and I followed into carnivore.
This is one of his daily inspirational short but pointed videos:

The Drinker Recommends
Mr. Iconoclast, The Critical Drinker, aka William Thomas Jordan reviews the new “Top Gun: Maverick” movie.
Joe and I liked the first movie.
Our suspicion is we will like this one too.
The Critical Drinker definitely gives it two thumbs up.
That should be enough for any red-blooded heathen.
It is A-OK with Joe and me:

Zip Ties N Bias Plies
Peg does it again!
A rescue mission to revive a 7.3L IDI Ford F350 turns out as expected.
This man is also an ambassador for Canada.
Don’t believe us?
Check out the comments section:


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Sunday Rant – 2122


Joe’s Comment – It is amazing what a sunny day can do for me.  All day has been a giant relief.  Shirt off, working outside, almost breaking a sweat….. getting things accomplished was a bonus!  I’m not catching up with work missed in the first four months of the year, but the current work is under control.
I reckon more sunny days will improve my attitude, my health, my outlook, and my productivity.
Now to knuckle down and get things done…..



Quick Dick McDick
Saskatchewan’s (and Canada’s) ambassador, QDMcD, has another video on the topic of cattle.
This episode stars QDMcD and also QDMcD as they discuss the impact raising cows has on personal life and business bottom line:


The Biden Fiasco
Currently, the U.S. of A. is being “managed” by behind the scenes operatives.
Shades of “Wizard of Oz”.
The President, referred to irreverently by many derisive terms/nicknames, is clearly not a mental giant or particularly cogent.
Anyone who argues contrary is oblivious of the hundreds of examples from a very long and undistinguished “career” whereby “Lunchbox Joe” has been milking the system for half a century.
Behavior is a solid indicator of character, wouldn’t you agree?
How has Mr. Biden’s behavior as a politician flavored his public recognition?
Some of the names for the President that we found particularly creative and cruel:
–  Sponge Brain Poopy Pants
–  Drooler-In-Chief
–  The (p)Resident
–  Emperor Poopy Pants the First
–  The Puppet-in-Chief
–  Joe Dementia
–  Chief Kidsmeller
–  Pant Shitter the First
You get the drift.  Any sign of weakness, gaff, or failure is amplified then broadcast.
Talking smack as the athletes do.
Joe Mekanic and I think there is an equivalency in Canada with our feckless leader, but we digress.
The Democrat Party is in deep trouble:
–  Inflation induced by reckless Fiat wealth generation, unsupported by actual wealth, only by momentum and inertia.
–  Biden family peccadilloes – Hunter’s laptop, the Ukraine bribery, Joe’s semi-pedo inclinations, Joe’s general gaffery, ad infinitum.
–  The COVID fiasco at all levels by all authorities, government and corporate alike – the lying, the misrepresentation, the withholding of critical information and medications, the obfuscation of facts and data, etc.
–  The reversal of any and all Trump administration policies (not to increase benefit but for spite it appears) no matter how successful, many policy reversals which have proven catastrophically damaging to “We The People”.
–  An election in 2020 that was undoubtedly rigged, the proof of said riggery being exposed and proven as time and data suggest.
–  Overcompensation for fringe “realities” (BLM, AntiFa, transgender hysteria, White Privilege, abortion, racism, IQ denial, etc.).
–  The illegal immigration tragedy.
–  The polarization of the citizenry by demonizing those who have different opinions, views, beliefs, and political perspectives.
–  The blatant aggressive suppression of Free Speech.
–  Increased bureaucratic policies that delay plans, increase costs, over-complicate / obfuscate processes and often contradict existing policies.
These are only a few that come to mind.
What to do?
What to do when you are the Party that employs the motto “never let a crisis go to waste”?
Why, you create synthetic crisis after crisis to keep the “opposition” off-balance, and the general public distracted.
The “opposition” being anyone that does not support the Democrat Party platforms and objectives.
The Democrat Party seeks total control.
The Democrat Party does not believe in debate, fact, data, logic, or any deviation from their platform of domination.
This is insanity.
What are some contrived “crises” being perpetrated to keep the “opposition” off balance?  Let us speculate on a few possibilities.
Joe Mekanic and I will NOT bloviate on the Ukraine – Russia tragedy.
We think both players are corrupt, and the good ol’ U.S. of A. complicit.
If we were praying persons, we would pray for the innocent whose lives are ground to pieces simply for being in the wrong place at the right time, or the right place at the wrong time, et cetera.
We will not expound on the Roe vs Wade “leak” for patently obvious reasons – this is a States and The People issue, not a Federal issue as CLEARLY DEFINED in the Constitution.  Roe vs Wade was clearly political, some say eugenicist policy.
We will not discuss the persecution of the January 6th arrestees, although this is clearly a bitter politically motivated violation of half a dozen of the Amendments to the Constitution.
What we will bring up is that old canard, that bugaboo, that necessary companion to the First Amendment (the right to speak freely), the all important Second Amendment (right to bear arms – you always had the right to bare arms, at least in non Muslim countries).
Tyranny cannot prevail if free people have the means of insurrection.
This insurrection has a legitimate hierarchy of process.
Question and debate of facts and data would be the obvious first step of legitimate insurrection.
The final step is violent objection.  Violence among the human species is attended most often with tools of violence.  Samuel Colt is attributed thusly –
Hence the latest Democrat “hair across their ass” reaction (thanks Wendy F.!)
This is a graphic representation of the people who did the ultimate atrocity in 2021 – mass murder (defined as killing four or more people) –
Why are we going down this trail?
Something stinks to high Heaven about the Buffalo white racist murder spree.
(If you accept all you’ve heard about the Ukraine-Russian conflict as gospel, you can skip down to the next segment – nothing here, move along…..).
Look at the faces in the above graphic.
Notice anything?
Joe and I noticed something.  Most of these killers are NOT WHITE.
Not that it matters to Joe and me – sinners all, including us.
The Buffalo incident white dude was mentally unstable.  His manifesto is very lengthy.  It is being suppressed.  But, some folks who have an inkling of WTF? have some comments that hold water.
One such comment insists that this was a FBI or ATF fabricated incident – they found a weak minded stooge and built a legend.  Here’s a criticism in graphic form –
Joe and I have no way of validating any of this information, but we did read it.
You can too – here.
An interesting quote from the link –
And the thing of it too, is that he states that IF he survives, that he’s going to plead guilty.
Funny that.  According to the news, he’s pled “Not Guilty”
And the manifesto?  Man, you’ve never seen a document being hidden/deleted/blocked like this before.  I mean as soon as someone somewhere puts it up, BAM!  Gone-o-roonie.  Methinks it’s because it IS so fucking jacked and contradictory.  Add on that it’s fucked up the narrative that he didn’t self terminate.  NOW they have to worry about him talking, unless they “Holmes” him, i.e. drug the every living fuck out of him to incomprehension, and lock him in a deep dark hole while they try to re-establish the narrative.
And yeah, the distance thing:
Buffalo?  He lived almost 4 hours away.

So, that’s the general gist of it.
TL;DR: A poorly crafted “manifesto” that may/may not have been originally started by the MK-Ultra Kool Kid that was turned into a “dream list” for the various FedGov agencies ban hammer.
We’ll see Monday.
…..Going to be interesting. I fully expect Monday the sound of Gnashing and Rage seething out of the Offal Orifice. Expect Executive Action and stand by Aye?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
In these times of COVID conspiracy, Russian conspiracy, cybercoin conspiracy, general purpose conspiracy, this White Supremacy conspiracy seems too convenient.
Time will reveal all.


Top MAGA Memes
Joe and I found this to be an excellent summary of some of the crap that has befallen us all.  Eternal vigilance is impossible:


COVID Update
On the 11th of May there was a “Global COVID Summit” wherein international representatives of the medical, medical science and medical research community made a public statement  condemning government interference in the medical response to the so-called “pandemic” of 2020 and 2021.
17,000 doctors and scientists strong, their Declaration is a pledge to return science to the pinnacle of medical response, and to identify and punish the perpetrators of the political mandates that have destroyed or ruined so many lives.
The following video features a number of brave souls who lost employment, rank, and prestige by presenting an alternate perspective to the government mandated response that killed and maimed so many people.
Joe and I say these are wonderful words, wonderful objectives, and wonderful people.  Just how far they will get in bringing the guilty to justice is another matter.  Watch and cheer them on!:

A few days later Dr. Robert Malone was interviewed by Marie of
Shocking information about how the W.H.O. has political ambitions to control the medical system for the entire World.
Needless to say Joe and I will be included the fuck out.
Our days of trusting without question any system greater than an individual are long gone.
We don’t trust anyone.
The political hanky-panky Dr. Malone reveals in the following video is beyond ludicrous.  These are reasons to revolt:

– Majority of Vaccinated People May Have Myocarditis

– COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?



Joe’s Garage



– Scientists Just Captured The Flash of Light That Sparks When a Sperm Meets an Egg

Carnivore Diet Data
Dr. Anthony Chaffee interviews Dr. Sarah Zaldivar with the focus on what the benefits of the carnivore / low carb diet can be.
Her Ub2b channel is here.
No matter what the motivation, be it weight control, health concerns, or curiosity, the experimentation with your personal nutrition can only improve your health.
The siren call of sugars and carbohydrates is ingrained in our Western culture, and most folks are fed a diet of the same from the very earliest days.
It is difficult to break the cycle, but once done, our life has changed for the better:

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Sunday Rant – 2022



Joe’s Comment – The weather sucks.  The busy business factor is very high.  The financial reserves are dwindling.  Not much time for commenting this week, either.  The days are flying by!
A month and a week and the days start getting shorter.
WTF is going on……
A few headlines that caught my eye during this hectic week of crap weather and too much work.



Antibody-Dependent Enhancement: Covid-19 Case/Hospitalization/Death Rates now highest among Triple Vaccinated in Trudeau’s Canada


A Simple Survey Provides Convincing Evidence That the Covid Injections Have Killed Over 500,000 Americans

Your Government quietly confirmed the Fully Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome while they had you worried about Russia-Ukraine & the Cost of Living

Joe and I aren’t going to say we told you so.
What we want to see is the guilty punished.
And the wackjobbery in BC continues, unabated.


Roe vs Wade
Joe and I believe a human life begins when the egg and sperm combine.
You can argue ad infinitum from other perspectives; no matter to us.
One thing we know for sure is our mother didn’t kill us.
The irony to us is all those protesters had mothers who did what our mother did.
The murder toll in North America is well over 60 million babies.
How can you have pride in your civilization if you sacrifice the unborn wantonly?
Mr. Bill Whittle has much to say on the subject:


Another school year is wrapping up.
Hope, goals, achievement, accomplishment, next step – exciting and frightening both.
Dr. Jordan Peterson delivers a commencement address to the graduates of Hillsdale College.
A worthwhile expenditure of time.
The future is an opportunity waiting to be realized:

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