Sunday Rant – 1022


Joe’s Comment – Quite a couple of weeks, these last two.
The crimes of COVID are now forgotten.
The new crimes of man vs man are headline news.
What is the definition of treason?
What is acceptable “collateral damage”?
Why does history continue to repeat tragedy and horror while good men and women stand by, helpless to stop the obscene or alter the outcome?
Loss of innocence at my age.
A bloody crime against Mankind.



COVID History Lessons

Joe and I are pretty well finished and quite disgusted with COVID as a subject to obsess about.  The crimes against humanity will take decades to document and litigate.  For us, it is a matter of history being recorded properly.  And accurately.
For two years we have posted information hotly argued around the world.
From now forward, we will confine our commentary to historical / factual / data.
We begin with some thorough and well referenced sources.

Spartacus Letters (four revisions):
–  Letter V1
–  Letter V2
–  Letter V3
–  Letter V4

– “COVID Jab Deadlier Than COVID for Anyone Under 80

– “COVID Myth Buster Series

– “Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line” (Pfizer’s COVID-19 “vaccine” goes into liver cells and is converted to DNA)

– “Dissolving Illusions” – a history of the efficacy of vaccines and vaccinations

– “The Krever Inquiry” – the Canadian government publication of the commission performed by Judge Harold Krever into the tainted blood supplies in Canada that killed 8,000 Canadians.  No one responsible was ever indited.  What about vaxx blood in the Canadian blood supply?  How many deaths are acceptable?  Many of the guilty fought hard to have their names concealed.  The Supreme Court of Canada authorized the publication.

–  Onset and 5 days in COVID protocolsfrom Barnhart website:
Early Coof (symptoms onset):
ASAP take Ivermectin 0.6 mg/kg whether it’s pill form, 1% injectable or the dreaded horse paste (sorry Mark), but it MUST be the full dose, all at once and daily for a minimum of 5 days OR UNTIL SYMPTOMS DISAPPEAR. And that means all symptoms, even if it turns into long COVID. Do not take at the same time as quercetin, and do take on a full stomach for maximum absorption.
If one is in possession of nigella sativa (AKA black cumin seed oil), one should add this to help enhance the Ivermectin. Think of it as a booster effect. The dose is 80 mg/kg of body weight. It can be purchased in capsule form of varying concentrations, or in the oil form. One teaspoon of the oil has about 3000 milligrams, so a person who weighed 75 kilos would take 2 teaspoons (75 kilos x 80 mg per kilo = 6000mg) It is very spicy so it can be either mixed with something or taken like a liquor shot & immediately chased with a yum yum of your choice. It will burn on the way down like a fine Tennessee moonshine, so be prepared. ***Nigella sativa does have some negative drug interactions, specifically beta-blockers, and can generate allergic reactions in some people. If you feel anything weird, stop taking it.***
Hydroxychloroquine is next on the list: 200 mg twice daily for 5 to 7 days. If it has been 5 days or more since your symptoms have developed, then hydroxychloroquine will not be effective so skip this.
Zinc 50 mg – 100 mg daily. This can cause stomach upset if you are not accustomed to taking it, so I would suggest no more than 25 mg at a time several times per day to achieve the daily dose requirement.
Pair with quercetin, 500 mg. DO NOT TAKE QUERCETIN AT THE SAME MOMENT AS IVERMECTIN. Quercetin is a key ally in your fight, so don’t abandon it, but it can inhibit the effectiveness of ivermectin so be sure to take them several hours apart.
Azithromycin (also known as a ZPak), 500 mg once, then 250 mg the next day & continue for four days. If you cannot get azithromycin, you can use doxycycline 100 mg twice daily for 7 days.

Be sure to start an aspirin regimen to aid with possible blood clots: 325 mg daily.
There are many opinions on the use of vitamin D3. Dr. Zev Zelenko offers this suggestion: 50,000 IU for two days or 10,000 IU for seven days. The Front Line COVID Critical Care doctors only list 1,000-3,000 IUs per day as part of their protocol. Everyone should be taking at least 5,000 IUs daily at baseline. Don’t forget that vitamin K2 is necessary for D3 to work in your body. Take 50-100 mcg daily.
Vitamin C is also paramount. Like D3, there are varying opinions on the amount. Dr. Zelenko says 1000 mg daily, while the FLCCC recommends 500-1000 mg twice daily. Still others suggest a much higher dose: 3000 milligrams initially followed by 1000-2000 milligrams hourly until diarrhea develops or symptoms subside. Then cut the dose in half.
There is very preliminary data to suggest famotidine (also known as Pepcid) may help reduce the inflammation associated with COVID. It’s a safe drug & easy to obtain over the counter so taking 20 mg twice daily is doable.
A prescription for steroids is also helpful: preferably a prednisone dose pack.
And lastly, melatonin, a known anti-inflammatory, 6-10 mg at bedtime.
Later Coof (after 5 days):
From day 6 & beyond, viral replication ceases and the legendary “cytokine storm” sets in. This is the later stage of the disease that is highly inflammatory. Continue with high-dose vitamin C, ivermectin, aspirin, zinc, pepcid, and melatonin. But if you haven’t added steroids now is the time to do so. If you are taking oral steroids, then getting a prescription for an inhaled steroid is a good idea. Budesonide, either in an inhaler (called Pulmicort) or by nebulizer 1 mg AT LEAST twice daily. Buy a fingertip pulse oximeter and make sure your pulse ox is above 88%. A pulse ox less than 88% should prompt a person to seek care in an ER, sadly. It’s terrible pointing people in that direction, but…. 😬
Sit upright, cough & deep breathe or use an incentive spirometer every hour to keep the lungs expanded. When you’re resting, lay in the prone (face down) position as often as you can.
One can source home oxygen and or a rental nebulizer with a budesonide prescription at
NAC, an over the counter supplement that is a precursor to glutathione, is very helpful in this phase. Glutathione is a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory and NAC helps your body make more. Get NAC and take 1800 mg per day. (Tylenol and paracetamol can inhibit glutathione, so avoid! Tylenol will do more harm than good, regardless of how it may make you feel in the short term).

It is important to note that ivermectin not only reduces viral replication in the early phase of COVID, but also acts as an anti inflammatory to help arrest the cytokine storm in the later stages. Therefore, it is never too late to start taking ivermectin, and you should continue to take it until all symptoms are resolved.
Feel free to copy and share this. No attribution necessary.
Ann Barnhart’s personal story is worth the time to read.

–  Vaxxed Football Players Banned From Romanian Team
From our Swedish correspondent, “Stefan”:

– Shedding, Vaccines, and Graphine Machines
Dr. Sam(antha) Bailey does some research.
If you have children or grandchildren this is important information.
Use the link or this URL:
For some reason WordPress is not allowing us to embed the video as a live link.


COVID Messages

George Carlin might be pertinent at this juncture:



America’s Political Health

Rep. Byron Donalds (R – FL) talks about the budget hokey-pokey the Democrat administration tries to pass through the legislature.  Short and sweet:



Joe’s Garage

1957 Daytona Beach Race
Lordy, what treasures are available on the Internet!
Joe and I followed NASCAR racing in the late ’80s and early ’90s.
We suspected it was a car equivalent of Big Time Wrestling – the winners and losers carefully orchestrated to inflate the passions of the fans.
Back in 1957 things weren’t so polished, so professional, so organized.
In this early Daytona race it is actually on the beach.
A four mile circuit: 2 miles of sandy beach, a tight 180° turn, 2 miles of paved road, and another tight turn onto the beach again.
In this race Tim Flock drives his Mercury convertible to a convincing win.
Many famous NASCAR names are young men in this film:

Kelly Hogan
Kelly has been eating meat exclusively for 12 years.
She is a school teacher.
In this interview, she talks to Dr. Anthony Chaffee, a genuine certified medical doctor who has been carnivore for 10 years.
Much information about nutrition, biological function, reversing existing health issues, and the medical community that will raise your eyebrows (if you have eyebrows).
Joe and I are at 3.5 years in our carnivore journey.  Bon appetite!:

Ethanol in Fuel
This guy blathers a lot.
But ethanol is a crock.
Listen and make up yer own mind:

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