Sunday Rant – 1322


Joe’s Comment – The slow but inexorable shift away from obsessing about COVID hysteria continues.  The bad news and very bad news that is precipitating from the adverse effects of the “vaccine” on hundreds of thousands of the vaccinated is not in the spotlight.  Society has moved on from COVID.
In some ways I think it is wonderful – I see people’s faces without masks.  I don’t have to think about entering a business without a mask.  The longer days and sunny skies (when applicable) feed the spirit and build hope.
But….. how will the crimes against citizens be adjudicated?
The overreach and overreaction of many governments and institutions must be addressed and not allowed to be repeated.
In good time all transgressions will be rectified.
It is important to look back, for the simple reason of learning, then modifying behavior.
One hopes these words of George Washington take hold and blossom in the coming days.
Good weather is nigh!



What the Ukraine Is Going On?
Joe and I have been hesitant to “pick a side” in this recent conflict of interests.
The only “side” we can unabashedly choose is the side of the innocent.
Not just the innocent Ukrainians and innocent Russians.
The innocent around the world, no matter what ethnicity, race, nationality, or fortune.
We can only speculate about other people’s thoughts, motivations, beliefs, alliances, and fealty / loyalty.
My Forefathers were in North America before there was a Canada, and on our paternal side, before there was a United States of America.  As a white sovereign male currently living in western Canada, I have some opinions and beliefs, some of which I share frequently on this Droveria website.
Here are a few of those thoughts.  Writing makes us think and understand.  Talking does too.
Something stinks dreadfully about this conflict.
It is not clear to us if it is Russia vs Ukraine, or Russia vs the West, or Russia vs Carpet Bagging Criminals.
From our ignorant ill-informed perspective, it is as queer as Ontario invading Manitoba.  WTF is going on?
The talking heads with their talking points are shouting from main stream media sources and all over the social media platforms that Russia bad!
Our query is this – if Russia bad, where on the bad continuum is Ukraine?
Where is the good ol’ US of A?
And Europe, and Canada, and whomever the hell else has a snout in a trough outside of their national borders?
Is it “bad” government, or bad people, or bad policy, or bad blood?
Is the continuum something like “OK bad – not too bad – average bad – nasty bad – horrible bad – hellish bad – obscenely bad – fucking evil”?
Is the continuum much simpler like “bad – OK – good”?
What is the role of “free trade” in this complex calculus?
Does “free trade” exist outside of an ideology?
Final shared thought for today is our current Gordian Knot of a conundrum – what is the acceptable “collateral damage”?
We don’t mean amongst the “combatants” (read “competitors”) at any level or any pursuit.  A competition is well defined.  Recent women’s swimming championships notwithstanding.
We mean collateral damage that impacts innocent souls just standing wherever they stand with their face hanging out and the culmination of their life choices weighing them down.  For every million tragic and fatal impacts on innocent souls, less than one innocent soul emerges triumphant.  Think George Soros.  As much as we condemn his political actions and interference, he was born a Jew, and was a boy during the European World War II insanity.  As was my ex-father in law (RIP).  The human mind is a complex program with unfathomable foundation code.  Perhaps future efforts in the pseudo-sciences of psychology and sociology will shine a light.
Events of childhood color entire lives.
For Joe and I (and the 37 others trapped in my head) this is an incontrovertible fact.  Beyond dispute.  The color may be faint; a tiny scar you don’t remember the exact origin of its happenstance.  The color may be bright and overwhelming; loss of limb or function or ability with attendant prejudice and rationalization.
In our rambling on the Internet this week, we found two commenters who made a logical case for taking a long hard look at who did what, why and how things are happening, and where “the bear shit in the buckwheat” (a phrase we remember hearing throughout our life but still don’t know what it means, precisely).  Although Russia is known as “The Bear”, it might not be buckwheat, and just maybe it might not be bear shit.  Just sayin’, and time will tell, et cetera.
Glen Filthie (Filthie’sThunderbox) has some thoughts on the matter and shared them on his website, titled “An Attempt at Objectivity“.
Here are the first three paragraphs from Mr. Filthie’s opinion piece –
 I wonder if this isn’t just a case of acclimation? Think about it – for the last 40 years, we in the west have elected a steady stream of ridiculous fops, carnies, perverts, and shysters for our leaders. Turdo. Macron. Biden. Merkel et al. Even the retards are beginning to see it and lose patience with them. Could it be that we are so used to these cretins posing as our leaders… that we no longer recognize a warrior when we see one?
It’s a recurring theme I see going on with the disconnected normies, the self proclaimed experts, and the other Globohomo zombies… is this idea the Putin is a mad man, a megalomaniac, and a murderous socialist zealot. Where have I heard this kind of codswallop before? The chant used to be “Orange Man Bad!!!”. Now it’s “Russia Man Bad!!!”. The same message coming from the same tools that brought America a cooked election and a fake pandemic. Gah – I’ll leave Aesop and the foot-loops to their stories and narratives…. but now I am genuinely interested now. Who is Vlad Putin? What makes him tick?
Hmmmmm. Born in 1952. Grew up with the Cold War. Graduated from law school and went to work for the KGB in 1975 or so. Welp… he isn’t an idiot, that’s for sure. He rose in rank and retired from the KGB as a lieutenant colonel. So, we can safely say he’s no nut job either. He was the Russian answer to James Bond, really.”
Joe and I can’t count the number of times we’ve heard and read that Vladmir Putin is “a killer, a KGB agent, a murderous insane tyrant”.  We can’t validate any of these claims.  Either way, couldn’t the same general claims be made about George Bush (senior) and Desert Storm by anyone in the Middle East?  Just saying….
The article and the comments are worth the read.
Another more historically oriented and equally thoughtful commentary by Benjamin Braddock is found at the “American Greatness” website.  Mr. Braddock’s article is titled “The Architects of Our Present Disaster“.  Several details in the article caught our attention.  Quotes below –
It didn’t have to be this way. I am reminded of a quote from Condoleezza Rice about the morning of 9/11. She knew that U.S. forces going to DEFCON-3 would trigger a similar escalation by Russia so she called President Putin and told him our military would be going on high alert. He told her that he knew and that he had ordered his forces to stand down. Then he asked if there was anything he could do to help. Rice recounted that she had a moment of reflection: “The Cold War really is over.” But the choices made in the aftermath of that day by people like her unleashed a destructive zeitgeist in Washington foreign policy that has led us to this point where the specter of nuclear war now hangs in the air as it did during the tensest moments of the Cold War.
The September 11, 2001 attacks were the beginning of the end for the window of opportunity we had to forge a partnership with Russia. Just one year earlier, President Putin had expressed interest in joining NATO during President Clinton’s visit to Moscow. Clinton’s exact response has not been publicly reported but it was not affirmative. In retrospect, it was exactly the partnership the West needed to counter the rise of China. But Washington had spent the previous decade treating Russia as a colonized vassal, there was little interest in allowing such a backward and humiliated country into the gilded halls of NATO.
Russia in the 1990s was a wreck. In the wake of the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia’s government became a puppet state of America and the West and its economy was a monumental disaster. People stopped getting paid, monthly inflation was in the double-digits, life savings disappeared overnight, banks disappeared overnight. The fertility rate plummeted, along with life expectancy, with over five million excess deaths recorded over the decade—mostly from deaths of despair. During post-Soviet privatization, large state enterprises were sold for pennies on the ruble to the politically well-connected, which is how most of the oligarchs acquired their fortunes. And politically well-connected Americans made fortunes in Russia as well.”
Joe and I appreciate the work of Mr. Filthy and Mr. Braddock.
It has lead to a self deprecatory realization that, in our case, we are “too soon old, too late smart” – we haven’t been a good student of history and it will kill us or bite us in the ass big time, every time.
That aside, and 73 years old to boot, thousands of hours of western and detective movies under our belt, war documentaries galore, washed down with dozens of history books and biographies, there are three pursuits in solving any mystery, identifying the bad guys and the white hats.
– Where is the Love? (the Glory, the Desire, the “Patriotism”, the Identity)
–  What way did the $$$ go? (the Money, the Capital, the Wealth, the Financial Behemoth)
–  Who has the Power? (the Influence, the Control, the Mass of Bodies and/or Minds)
Joe and I contend that having identified one or more of these crucial motivators, solving a “who dunnit” is a down-hill ride.


Quick Dick McDick
The ambassador of Saskatchewan is ahead of the curve.
During the current speculation about how to avoid the “social credit” system that J. Castreau and Co. desperately yearn to implement, the spectre of “digital currency” is nested in the concept.
QDMcD gives his insight of bartering with this primer on “Saskatchewan Currency”:


COVID Analysis, Canadian Style
Candice Malcolm interviews Dr. Matt Strauss in a “post pandemic” frame of mind.
Dr. Strauss was very vocal during the so-called pandemic.
Unfortunately for him, his opinion was not the government approved bullshit.
His opinion was more or less in tune with the best case information and data at the time.
Joe and I thought the conversation pertinent to a Canadian audience.
The fact that this video is several days old and has a provocative title but still exists on Ub2b indicates there has been a “sea change”.
Joe wants to know what is the acceptable level of “collateral damage”?
From our humble perspective (we would assess ourself as above average intelligence, cynical, argumentative, questioning) more people were negatively affected by the government, media, and medical authorities than if nothing had been done by any of these agencies.
We ask again.
What is the acceptable level of “collateral damage”?
And who or whom is being protected from who or whom?:

COVID Unexpected Consequence (AIDS)
A news item from the UK states some people with three vaccines are susceptible to loss or weakening of their natural immunity.
The “Daily Expose” in an article titled “Whilst you’ve been distracted by Russia-Ukraine, the UK Government quietly published data confirming the Triple Vaccinated are just weeks away from developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome” released government statistics that The Daily Expose interpret to indicate triple vaccine individuals will develop AIDS.  Using data from the UKHSA (United Kingdom Health Security Agency), the Expose article joins the dots to make a compelling case.
Joe and I have no way of proving the veracity of the claims, other than to verify the charts do come from a UKHSA report.
Time will confirm or deny the validity of this claim.
Joe and I think even one case proven to be associated with “vaccine” frequency is enough to end the entire experiment.
We ask again……
What, exactly, is the acceptable “collateral damage” to innocent citizens?
What, exactly, is “common good”?


Joe’s Garage

Old Time Trucking
Joe and I have expounded ad nausium re: if farmers and truckers ever combine forces to rule the (eating) world.
The following video from 1952 (thanks David S.) explains in detail how important moving materials via trucks was at the time, and how long it took, give or take.
A gentler, more noble and friendly time my friend.
Technology and infrastructure have advanced and progressed over the years.
When Joe and I were driving long haul from Coquitlam BC to Los Angeles CA back in 2006 (about the same distance, maybe a tad shorter), it was a 6 day round trip, loaded in both directions.
One driver all the way, all de doo dah day.
If you read the comments under the video at Ub2b, you’ll understand that government intervention has also advanced.
Joe and I believe that in the modern world, the value of truckers and trucking is more than it was in 1952: the size and complexity of large cities bereft of agriculture implies a huge volume of goods and supplies must be transported.
When you see how truckers and trucking are treated, you understand how necessary the function.  Government would cease to be if all the truckers said let’s go John Galt.
The same holds true of farming, ranching, agriculture support industries.
Good news today is Joe and I went shopping and were relieved to find items in the store that we eat and were able to buy.
How much longer, we ask:

Drone Tech
What about drones that don’t jet, or propeller their flight?
What about a Leonardo da Vinci style wing flapping bird-like drone?
When can we get one?
Seems there is a “SmartBird” video of such a drone built by Festo.
The Festo company is a leading supplier of pneumatic and electrical automation technology.
Here is the SmartBird in flight from 2011:

What is the latest?
The Festo Ub2b channel has a number of videos of  various flying creations.
There is video of a bat and of dragon flies.
We present a video from 2021 of the Festo BionicSwift :

Joe and I were amazed to see 5 (or more?) BionicSwifts flying in an atrium, avoiding each other and the structure inside the atrium.
We wonder if these designers are in competition with BostonDynamics or in partnership – their code writers are fabulous!
Here is a recent release from BostonDynamics, featuring the Rolling Stones and “Spot”, the BostonDynamics “dog”:

BostonDynamics brought in 2021 (New Year’s release) of Atlas, Spot, and Handle dancing to “Do You Love Me?”:

A video documenting the history of robot development by BostonDynamics.  The company has changed hands over the years since inception in 1992.  The Hyunda Motor Company currently owns BostonDynamics:

Dietary Tips With Dr. Anthony Chaffee
Bella (aka SteakandButterGal) interviews Dr. Anthony Chaffee.
Both are carnivores; i.e., eat only meat.
Joe and I are suffering from “cheat day” (Saturday) – we ate carbs and more carbs.
Today all is not well in the Droverian World.
Approaching 4 years of carnivore eating, we notice a heightened sensitivity when we eat carbs.  Sleeping is unsettled.  The body doesn’t feel right the next day.
The following video is in the nature of an AA meeting for us:

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Sunday Rant – 1222


Joe’s Comment – Another week, another constant barrage of bullshit.  British Columbia, my home province, has its head so far up its ass it is in another dimension.  The cultural pastime is now Ukraine vs Russia –  pick a side and if it isn’t the right side yer a racist homophobic useless-eater fringe despicable.
It is true I’m now 73 years old.  Around the Sun again, old chum!
The culture I was raised in and thought I was continuing is changing.
Excuse my age and anger, but I don’t think it is changing for better.
I will not be subdued, restrained, or chastened.  Instead, I will lay careful plans and form alliances.  What is happening seems wrong.  Here is a mild bit of inspiration from the lovely song “The Mary Ellen Carter” (originally composed and sung by Stan Rogers – RIP).  Play the video and sing the words aloud, especially the following chorus –
For we couldn’t leave her there, you see, to crumble into scale
She’d saved our lives so many times, living through the gale
And the laughing, drunken rats who left her to a sorry grave
They won’t be laughing in another day
And you, to whom adversity has dealt the final blow
With smiling bastards lying to you everywhere you go
Turn to, and put out all your strength of arm and heart and brain
And like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again
Rise again, rise again; though your heart it be broken
And life about to end
No matter what you’ve lost, be it a home, a love, a friend
Like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again
Rise again, rise again; though your heart it be broken
And life about to end
No matter what you’ve lost, be it a home, a love, a friend
Like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again.”



Remembering Andrew Breitbart
It was 10 years ago, February 26th of 2012 that the world lost a cultural guru.
The rise of Mr. Breitbart through the tumultuous ’90s and early ’00s was a unique example of the amazing spirit of America.
His early left-leaning roots gave him an insight that allowed him to communicate effectively; his belief that the Left is toxic in believing that their ideology supersedes right and wrong.
He was a pioneer in corralling the power of social media to reach and affect the multitudes.
The following video is testimony to the influence and stature of Mr. Breitbart in the conservative community.
We acknowledge the “Happy Warrior” who was Andrew Breitbart:

An interview by Peter Robinson (Hoover Institution) about 6 months before Mr. Breitbart died:


Quick Dick McDick
From Saskatchewan’s ambassador to the world, a review of the Freedom Convoy events, and his “tooney’s worth” on the subject (2⊄ not being worth that much).
Always a treat to hear from a true Canadian.
Spoiler alert: QDMcD is not kind to the embarrassing joke of a Prime Minister and his actions during the occupation:


Musical Interlude for Seafaring Souls

Derina Harvey Band
Lovely cross-over music (Irish folk to American folk).
Their version of “The Mary Ellen Carter”, followed by “The Last Shanty”:

Catherine McKinnon
“Farewell to Nova Scotia”:

Roger Whittaker
“The Last Farewell”:

The Chieftains (featuring Ry Cooder)
“The Coast of Malabar”:

The Beach Boys
“Sloop John B.”:

Neil Young
“Captain Kennedy”:


Canadian Banking
What ho!
The digital conversion of your life ratchets another click.
The Bank of Canada is hiring!
YOU could be the code writer / architect who ushers Canadian citizens into a convenient but totalitarian control system where no currency is physical.
This bright young woman says there is a connection with the COVID hysteria.
Joe says the list of institutions and organizations he does NOT TRUST grows daily:


Tony Heller
Mr. Heller has been doing yeoman work in the trenches of truth for many years.
His website is “Real Climate Science“.
Here’s a short but fact rich presentation about climate from September of 2017, featured in our “Sunday Rant – 4019“.
With tongue in cheek, Mr. Heller boasts about his software that enables “environmental alarmists” to build frightening (but totally misleading) graphs of climate trends by adjusting the time period analyzed:

Mr. Heller is leaving Ub2b after years of posting there.  He is moving to NewTube and Rumble (among others).
The following is his goodbye statement on Ub2b.  Joe wonders just how long it will exist on Ub2b?  After over 40 million views of his subject matter, which isn’t about cats or funny animals, the world owes him thanks for the facts and truth:

A recent video from Rumble regarding fossil fuels, Biden lies and ineptitude, Ukraine politics:


Coma Time
What if?
What if your last memory was before the American election for president in 2019, and you woke in the early Spring of 2022.
Would you believe what had transpired in your conscious absence?
Joe says there might be a business opportunity here for those folks who have a weak constitution and fear what will happen next:


Holistic Management (and controlled grazing)
Allan Savory caused an upset in the world by thinking.
He thought long and hard about “desertification”, the slow change of various environments to desert.
This video is from 2013 – nine years ago.
Joe says the agricultural industry giants have been unhappy with Mr. Savory and his work.
When you think about it, North America was home to vast herds of buffalo (bison?) estimated to be in excess of 60 million animals at one time.
The bison were doing the work Mr. Savory uses beef cattle (or other grazing animals) to do in his video.
We liked the “before and after” photos the best:

A second video, a documentary about the subject, and the man who promotes it:


Joe’s Garage

Roundest Sphere Ever Built
You might ask yourself…. why?
Joe says “ooo-la-la!”.
By that he means the French.
In their earnest endeavor to establish a system of weights and measures, the kilogram was born.  Which led to the problem.
What happens if your standard measure of weight changes weight all by itself?
You can watch the video to learn the answer.
What made us smile was the statement that if this sphere were the size of the earth, the maximum variation from “true” would be 14 meters.
From an amazing website called “Veritasium“:

Another video titled “World’s Lightest Solid!”.
The subject is a class of substances made of silica that are called Aerosols.
Amazing insulating properties with a weight only two times greater than air!
More from Veritasium:

More Music
A nice version of Steve Earl’s “Galway Girl” by Fiddler’s Green:


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Sunday Rant – 1122


Joe’s Comment – How transparent.  Someone figured that the COVID scam wasn’t doing what it was supposed to, so whomever noticed that failure changed the game.
Not to protect the innocent.
I reckon the innocent will pay the highest price for whomever is advancing this latest folly.
Being an innocent myself, I anticipate a change of fortune in the future that has less than a 50% chance of being wonderful.
All my life I have been obtuse to noticing a change in the political wind.
More often than not it causes me to feel confusion and anger when I become aware.
I have no idea WTF is going on with the Russian-Ukraine kerfuffle.
My attempts to find out on the Internet or via MSM confuse my Weltanshauung.
It is a form of exhaustion.
Hell, I’m not finished with the COVID trials – don’t tell me there won’t be anyone’s neck on the line for the supreme evil that was committed in the name of “Common Good”.
Nor am I finished with the RCMP kicking down doors in southern Alberta during the flooding  – why aren’t the people who were behind that atrocity in jail?
This week the government of BC decided masks were no longer necessary.
The crazy bastards can’t admit they pooched the entire two year odyssey and undoubtedly caused much suffering and many deaths.
That would be political suicide.
Little do they realize they’re already dead to enough people to vote them out of office.
As for the bureaucrats, they will have to be routed out singly or in groups and fired.
Next flu season, I expect they will double down on the idiocy.
The worst of it is they will undoubtedly double down on the punishment for non-compliance.
Crisis indeed.



Neil Oliver
A wee Scot with big thoughts.  Mr. Oliver is an archaeologist, an historian, and a television presenter.
Clear, articulate, cogent.
With a Scottish accent!
A good summary of WTF is happening.
A good assessment of who is at fault.
Well worth the time to view:

And another:


COVID Politics

Dr. Tess Lawrie
In October 2020, Dr. Andrew Hill was tasked by the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) to report on the efficacy of Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID.
Working with Dr. Tess Lawrie, Dr. Hill assembled vital data and information regarding the amazing effect of the “off patent” cheap medicine, trade named “Ivermectin”.
The report presented by Dr. Hill betrayed the evidence.
The following short video documents (among other things) a conversation between Dr. Tess Lawrie and Dr. “Andy” Hill, where Dr. Lawrie pleads and argues with Dr. Hill to correct his report for the sake of all humanity.
Joe and I are so sad.
All of human life, at every level, high IQ and low, sacred and obscene, evil and saintly, is nothing more than an endless melodrama.  The Mother of all soap operas, like Days of Our Lives….. or perhaps As the World Turns.
Dr. Tess Lawrie is a moral good person.  Joe says heroic, I say saintly.
Unfortunately, Dr. Andrew Hill (who had the responsibility) came up short.
One can only speculate why Dr. Hill betrayed the research – until he confesses it shall remain a mystery.
We wonder why it takes so long for crucial information to reach the Average Joe, the everyday Mud Pecker, the multitudes of Dirt People.  These are the folks who make the world turn.
There are evil forces at play:

Another video of Dr. Tess Lawrie, at the IICC on April 25th, 2021, with closing remarks.  IICC = International Ivermectin for COVID Conference
Her recommendations and those of BIRD (British Ivermectin Recommendation Development) have not (to our knowledge / research) been adopted.
You can see videos of the all-star presenters at the first IICC here.
The IICC website is here.  BIRD  promotes Ivermectin and other proven medicines for the treatment of COVID:

It is astounding to Joe and I that this information has been suppressed by governments and media around the world.  WTF?
Joseph Heller wrote an amazing book titled “Catch-22”.
It was very entertaining and humorous, but a dark condemnation of war.
One of the characters in the novel is malignantly evil.
Aarfy may be the most despicable character in the novel.
The incompetent and dangerous actions of many governments of the world in relation to COVID are reminiscent of Aarfy.  At first you think them well-meaning, but inept and ineffective.  As time reveals, it is much much worse.  They are evil.
There be dragons, matey, and with their bumbling malignant actions these dragons cause harm.
What must be determined – is the evil intentional?


Misc. Music

Two Cello – Thunderstruck

Glass Armonica ?
Big surprise!  An old instrument.  J.S. Bach wrote music for glass armonica.
Ben Franklin built eight of them!:

Cristal Baschet
Another glass instrument from the collection of Dennis James:


Joe’s Garage

Gun Metrics
Something tells us that invading the U.S.A. or Canada will inspire a “show me” attitude with a good measure of don’t tread on me:

Two Set Violin
Eddy and Brett try different bows (low end $2,000 USD, high end $700,000 USD) on a $10,000,000 USD Stradivarius.
Tin-ear Joe could hear a difference.
Tin-ear Dave could too, but whether it was better or worse, he canna tell ya:

Warped Perception
Matt Mikka is an amazing innovator/fabricator/engineer.  His Ub2b channel, “WarpedPerception”, has many amazing videos of his experiments and devices.
The video below is his jet powered go-kart:

Matt also attached 3 jet engines to his Tesla.
Amazing design and manufacturing:

Luke Rethwiche
Joe and I don’t know young Mr. Rethwisch.
He is 14 years old in this video.
We didn’t learn how to drive a heavy truck until we were 55 years old.
We expect he will follow in his father’s footsteps:

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