Sunday Rant – 0922


Joe’s Comment – The events of the last week have proven without doubt the wisdom entrenched in the words of philosopher Nicolás Gómez Dávila.
The above aphorisms summarize what I think a universal belief – that government is a wretched necessity deserving of relentless and critical scrutiny.
For example, Chief Rainbow Socks, feckless leader of the True North.
The prime minister of Canada (aka Herr Maple Führer) precipitated a run on the Canadian banking system.  He invoked the “Emergency Measures Act” to combat bouncy castles and honking horns.  Was it the bankers or the Canadian Senate that forced his about-face?  Who really gives a shit?  He is a petulant spoiled child who has no ability as a statesman.  He likes to play dress-up.  doG save us all.
How about Joe Biden?  We win, therefore destroy every single program of the previous administration no matter how successful (coincidentally the previous administration was the “other” political party – it seems suspicious that a senile and demented old man in his basement garnered 81 million votes without campaigning – more than the black messiah in his day).  What is the result?  An amateurish, embarrassing, costly, and disastrous retreat from Afghanistan.  Millions of illegals flooding the southern border.  America goes from a net energy exporter to an energy importer – in less than one year!  Interstitial warfare with Big Pharma and the legitimate medical institutions (not so “legitimate” any more).  Inflation projected to exceed the Jimmy Carter record of the early ’80s.  Infiltration of the military by disastrous programs promoting trans-gender, gay, and “equality” ideology at the cost of readiness and competence.  Forced “immunization” with a “vaccine” (man-made genetic altering concoction) to support a political position, science be silenced and damned.
Now Ukraine is in peril.  Joe Biden is weak and toothless.  It shows.
Way to go, Joe!  Let’s go Brandon pretty well defines the last year…..
All a man can do is take care of himself, his family, and support his neighbors.
Whatever is coming will test the mettle of all of us.


Ukraine and Russia
The theme of the week, inspired by Nicolás Gómez Dávila, is just how incredibly capable governments are at completely screwing up everything they touch.
Case in point – what to make of Mr. Putin’s aggression?
The American response to Russia invading Ukraine is a prime example of half wits driving the bus.
Biden’s team seems incapable of seeing problems let alone head them off with an appropriate measure or counter-measure, as appropriate.
Joe and I seldom watch Fox News or any MSM on television –  we canceled our subscription with TELUS optical because of questions we had about “news” feeds (it wasn’t news, it was propaganda).
Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News is available on Ub2b or Rumble.
His condemnation of the Biden administration is cogent and direct:

Mr. Carlson hits hard.
He hits often.
Here is an exposé of the American elite perspective in relation to Ukraine vs Russia:

Joe and I stopped watching Sean Hannity years ago.  His relentless bull-dogging of the Democrat Party becomes irritating if you watch day after day, week after week.
However, his analysis of the Ukraine / Russia debacle spares no wrath toward the Biden presidency.
We condemn the Joe Biden cabal.  We condemn Joe Biden.  We think he is a most odious politician, an example of why politics is perceived to be corrupt to the core.  His son Hunter learned well from his father.
Should the rest of the world, should Ukraine (a NATO ally and potential member), should Canada follow this mentally deficient “leader” of the “most powerful country on Earth” down a bumbling, stumbling, reacting, weak-kneed path of human misery and destruction?
The answer is no.
Meanwhile, the Americans are importing oil.  From Russia.  As is Canada.
What a cluster fuck.
The actual outcome will be dismal.  Sean Hannity gives a warning:

Ukraine vs Russia – Memes Etc.


Victor Davis Hanson
This analysis by VDH is a warning shot across the bow of “democracy” in America.
“The Telegraph” is a UK entity.  The Ub2b channel is here.
Mr. Hanson is an historian who Joe and I consider at the forefront of trustworthy pundits on current events.
He sees hope in the future of America.
Joe and I consider that as hope in the future of Canada by proxy:


COVID Humor / Memes



John Adams and Art
Mr. Adams was a Founding Father of the United States of America.
A leader in the revolution, a signatory to the American Declaration of Independence.  He was the first American Vice President, and the second American President.
His writings and correspondence are inspirational.
Joe and I especially favor the following –
This statement exemplifies the commitment of honor and duty to your progeny.
Our generation, the Baby Boomers, followed World War II.   Joe and I were pre-school when the Korean War was turning perfectly fine humans into strawberry jam with hair.  Our generation was in perfect situation to study “Mathematicks and Philosophy, Geograph, natural History,….et al.”  Also to study “Painting, Poetry, Musick, Architecture,….et al.”.
Joe and I have been advocates of Art we find mesmerizing.
Here are a couple of artists we admire immensely –
John Waterhouse – “Echo and Narcissus”

William-Adolphe Bouguereau – “Nymphs and Satyr”

Lucas Vorsterman – “Triumph of Poverty”
Note about “Triumph of Poverty” – Hope (Spes) steers the straw-covered wagon of poverty (Penia); two donkeys, Stupidity (Stupiditas) and Laziness (Ignavia) and two oxen – Negligence (Negligentia) and Sloth (Pigritia) – pull it. Moderation (Moderatio), Diligence (Diligentia), Carefulness (Soliticitudo), and Labour (Labor) lead the horses and drive them. Like Wealth, poverty is also accompanied by good and evil forces: Industriousness (Industria), which hands out tools to the retinue, sits together with Experience (Usus), and Memory (Memoria) on the cart; behind Poverty, Misfortune (Infortunium) hands out thrashings. The text on the panel hanging from the tree ponders the vicissitudes of fate and the nature of wealth and poverty. Whereas the rich man should spend his life in delusion, in perpetual fear of a stroke of misfortune, the poor man should fear nothing and learn with industrious virtuousness to serve God.”
There are many sources on the Internet for viewing Art.
The above images all came from “Art Renewal Center“.
Joe and I haven’t put a dent in viewing all the tens of thousands of images at this site.  A+, A-OK.


Joe’s Garage

Candle Space Heater
The following video details the design, build, and testing of a small space heater that uses candles as a heat source.
The Ub2b channel is “The Outsider” – the name isn’t reactionary – the author refers to himself and wife as “Mr. and Mrs. Outsider”, meaning they spend a great deal of their time in the Ontario CA woods:

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Sunday Rant – 0822


Joe’s Comment
These are certainly the end times for me trusting any institution with a mandate of “Common Good”, of “Collective Representation”, of honor and trust.
As the lyric of the Steppenwolf song goes, “God Damn the pusher man”.
A pusher trades in harmful goods that quickly ruin a person:

A nice metaphor for current events.
There are many “pushers” to be confronted and made ineffective.
Consider the government.
It should be concerned with accomplishing We The People’s business.
The fairy tale goes that “politicians are elected by We The People.  They work for us.  They carry out our will.”
Recent events show they not so much work for We The People as they work to carry out their individual and partisan political agendas.
We have seen them impose tyrannical mandates, politicize science, pervert  medical procedures, bully health practitioners into subservience, and deliver indignities on an innocent and ill informed populace.
With the ever-present fact of coercion if compliance is not swift.
How about another pusher, the Main Stream Media.
The examples of the MSM belittling, scolding, name-calling, tampering with data and information, refusing to report “the other side”, ruining reputations, telling outright lies, and generally following political orders.
Another pusher is the banking system.
It is law that a person’s financial life is separate and discrete from government intervention.  Unless the law says otherwise.
Wait!  Another pusher, the banking system.
And the thugs, the cudgels, the cops.
Can’t forget the legal apparatus.
One law for me, another for thee.
Don’t forget Big Tech, quickly evolving into Big Brother.
I want to be left alone, to my own devices.
It seems farther from possible with every day that passes.


Freedom Convoy Info

Stefan is humorous in his observation of the macabre machinations of the Canadian government and the Australian government.
You can hear his perspective every day, sometimes twice a day, on Rumble.
Stefan is a nom de plume.  He is an artist named Bernard Valter.
Joe and I enjoy his humor and common sense.  Rare commodities:


Tom Slater
Mr. Slater writes for Spiked.
His recent article about the Freedom Convoy condemns the Left in no uncertain terms.
Titled “The truckers’ revolt has exposed the left’s class hatred“, the article discusses the Freedom Convoy from the perspective of class politics.  His contention is the Left has a record of objecting to selective grass roots movements by working class people – the very people the Left professes to represent!  As Mr. Slater writes, “Every time working-class people rebel today they are instantly smeared as fascists.”
The closing paragraph of the article –
We’ve known for some time that the left is morally lost, intellectually spent and in bed with the very elites it claims to rail against. But the truckers’ revolt could well be the final nail in the coffin – for any claim contemporary leftists might once have had to be on the side of workers. The left as we knew it is gone, and it isn’t coming back.”
The article has a number of valid observations worth pondering.  For instance –
You can see just how much this protest has rattled the elites by the rogues’ gallery that has coalesced in opposition against it. Big Tech has even tried to starve the truckers of donations, with GoFundMe withholding millions of dollars raised for the truckers. And even before Trudeau’s power grab this week, banks had already frozen accounts associated with the Freedom Convoy.
What we have there is a bottom-up working-class revolt, for workers’ rights and against state authoritarianism, with politicians, bankers and Silicon Valley tech types all lining up against it. And so the response from the left has naturally been to denounce the protesters as far-right scum and side with the powers-that-be.
Echoing Justin Trudeau’s absurd smears – he has casually asserted that the protests are riddled with ‘anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, anti-black racism, homophobia and transphobia’ – left-wingers have done one better and presented the truckers as a would-be Fourth Reich. Canadian leftists have labelled them ‘fascist’. American socialist magazine Jacobin has dubbed them ‘noxious reactionaries’, ‘far-right populists’ and a ‘front for a right-wing, anti-worker agenda’.”
The article can be read here.

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson
Ms. Thompson is a Vancouver resident.
There are many videos from her recording the Freedom Convoy activity from “ground zero” in Ottawa.  Her Ub2b channel is here.
In the following video she interviews Hon. Brian Peckford, a parliamentarian who contributed in creating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Mr. Peckford is currently suing the Canadian Government for illegal actions.
An informative interview:

Freedom Convoy Humor / Memes



COVID Update
Joe and I (especially me) are pretty well done with this fiasco called COVID pandemic.
We’ll feature some humor (humour for you Canucks and Brits) and memes.
As far as we are concerned, the government, the medical community, the W.H.O., the U.N., the legal system, the judiciary, the police, the business people, and the doG damned media have let humanity down.
Joe and I (and the 37 wack jobs in our head) will never, ever, trust these SOB’s again.  No negotiation.  No forgiveness.  No quarter given.

Laura-Lyn Tyler Thompson
Ms. Thompson interviews Douglas Allen, who is an Economics professor at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia.
Professor Allen estimates the cost benefit ratio of the COVID “pandemic” response to be 140:1 – an economic tragedy.  He references it to the BC “Ferry Fiasco”, which toppled the BC government and put the BC taxpayers into debt for many years – the Ferry Fiasco cost benefit ratio was 3:1.
This doesn’t include the cost in human capital, human lives, human opportunity.
Essentially, we have sacrificed our children and children’s children to the wind.
The interview is here.  (Couldn’t embed the video).
This spurious chase after the ghost of a pandemic has been physically and fiscally deadly.
Whether or not the West can recover is arguable.
Professor Allen identifies four key assumptions that were used to predict the activity of the virus.
All four are demonstrably outright wrong or erroneous.
He also passes on some logical and factual information on the differences between COVID-19 and other diseases.
COVID-19 is a common flu with a “kick”, and is dangerous because it is not exclusive to humans being infected and will never go away (it is “endemic“) – it infects many species throughout the world.
Contrast the COVID virus with smallpox.  Smallpox is a stone killer.  It is exclusive to humans.  Because it doesn’t infect other species, it has been possible to eradicate.
Many deaths are attributed to the “Peltzman Effect” – applying a therapy or cure that does exactly the opposite of the intended outcome.
He identifies omicron correctly in our opinion – omicron is a “natural vaccine” – it is mild and highly contagious.  It will naturally provide the immunization human designed and produced vaccines strive to accomplish.
He also comments on “Farr’s Law” in relation to infection.  The approximate Bell Curve of infection is a reality – the numbers of infected will not rise indefinitely.
The reaction of the population will follow the curve.
Professor Allen has information we all need to understand this “disease” and to belay the fear pandemic, and to provide data and facts to support disassembling the hysteria.
Joe and I are concerned.
The politicians, by nature of their occupation, CANNOT ADMIT FAILURE.  To do so would end their careers.  Hence the spectacle of so many of them doubling down on failed or useless mandates or procedures.  To admit they made a mistake will bring a segment of the howling mob down their throats.
New legislation is in order.
Joe says it would be very productive if even one of the political class knew a tiny bit about STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.
Most of them think they are running for Prom Queen.
Joe puts them in at the bottom of the totem of useless humanity.

COVID Humor / Memes


Joe’s Garage

Thomas Sowell
Joe and I are tired of the politics.
In the “Joe’s Garage” section we like to feature special machinery or ideas or events that catch our attention.
This week, we feature excellent research and logic from Dr. Sowell on a number of subjects Joe and I are keenly interested to know more about.
First off, Dr. Sowell’s perspective and comments about the excellent book by Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein (R.I.P.) titled “The Bell Curve”.
We have studied this book intently.  Dr. Sowell gives a unique perspective:

The second video is a critique of affirmative action from the good Dr.’s perspective:

The third video is titled “The Fascinating Economics of Crime”.  Dr. Sowell understands economics thoroughly, and has the ability to explain in lay terms:


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Sunday Rant – 0722


Joe’s Comment – C.S. Lewis sends a message.  It is a reminder that ills can be remedied, that wrongs can be atoned, if you desire to do so.
Regarding the COVID fiasco, it is very good advice for the politicians, Big Pharma, uber rich, the medical authorities, and all the commie rat bastards out there with evil in their hearts.
Mend your ways you crazy badgers!
Two years of misdirection and deceit.
Man vs Man.
This is not good.
In the expanse of the Universe(s) we are alone.
Eternal darkness is a greater foe to address.
It is essential we make the best of ourselves and each other.
Ms. Odetta in her preamble to this spiritual song says it well.
Our worst fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us….”:

Confirmation of my foundation belief – the worth and value of the individual.
Time still to make my little light brighter and more clear.


Quick Dick McDick
Saskatchewan’s best ambassador broadens our vocabulary with local flavor.
It is to drift:


Freedom Convoy Updates

Stefan is watching Canada.
Joe and I are watching Stefan.
The world is hearing about the Freedom Convoy:

Tucker Carlson
Mr. Carlson is fast becoming the universal voice of mud peckers and dirt people.
The following 14 minute segment from his very popular nightly show (on Fox News) is entirely focused on the Canadian Freedom Convoy and the attempts by Canadian government entities to disrupt and end the protest.
The protesters are peaceful, friendly, and resourceful.
The Canadian government is becoming increasingly thuggish.
As usual, Mr. Carlson spares no metaphor nor does he pardon the elite or wealthy from his analysis.
Joe and I were fans before and remain so.  Perhaps one of the few populist journalists that actually journals:

Another from Mr. Carlson.
The Fox News Network has more coverage of real events at the Freedom Convoy than all of the MSM in Canada.
Shame on your elites and governance:

And again, on Friday:


COVID Reflections

Dr. Henry Smith
Dr. Smith has a website, Henry Smith’s Cottage.
His line of work is pulmonary medicine.
Joe and I stumbled over an article he wrote about the disappearance of Ivermectin.
Not as a treatment for COVID symptoms.
It is being disappeared.
The question is why?
The answer might just be a little bit more than money.
He has a section on his blog with his thoughts about the entire COVID fiasco.
You can read the Ivermectin article here.
A quote from the article to pique your interest –
“…..Now let’s imagine that another patient calls in. This patient also has a dry cough scratchy throat, muscle aches, and a low-grade fever. Only this patient had a Covid test kit at home and tested positive. The physician wants to prescribe a medication with no risk of bacterial resistance and a very benign side effect profile. He’s read lots of literature to suggest it will be helpful. There are a significant number of double-blind studies showing it to be effective in the treatment of SARS Co-V2.  It has been used in multiple countries with excellent results. Except, in this case, the physician will find it impossible to prescribe that medication. It will be impossible because that medication is Ivermectin. And somehow it has been removed from the market.
Not only has this FDA-approved, Nobel prize-winning drug been made unavailable, but if a physician were to prescribe it, or advocate it as therapy, they are threatened with the potential loss of their medical license, their hospital affiliations, and their board certification.
It gets even more ironic. I’ve noticed that some physicians are prescribing a very common antibiotic called azithromycin for their Covid patients. It is well understood that for Covid 19 when taken alone, it is of no value. There is absolutely no data to show efficacy in Covid 19. It has the same potential problems, as when it is prescribed for other viral infections. Yet the practice goes on, again unimpeded.
Let us go one step further.  Levofloxacin is another antibiotic, introduced in 1996. It was unusual in that it can treat a broad variety of infections, even those that are severe, but is can be given orally. Because of this, it was over-utilized, threatening to create drug resistance.
n 2016, the FDA issued a black box warning because of several severe side effects including tendon rupture, peripheral nerve damage, for them and psychosis. Since then its usage has waned.
The drug was proposed as a treatment for Covid early in the pandemic but proved to have limited antiviral activity
So I posed this hypothetical to several pharmacist friends: If a physician called in a prescription for azithromycin, or even levofloxacin, and gave the diagnosis of COVID-19, would they fill the prescription.  The answer was yes, as there would be nothing to prevent it.
So, in other words, a physician is permitted to prescribe useless antibiotics, even those with serious adverse reactions according to the FDA for COVID-19 infection.  If, as apparently, the FDA believes, ivermectin is similarly useless but benign, why is it alone being blocked?”

Dr. Roger Hodkinson
Dr. Hodkinson is from Edmonton Canada.
He has been outspoken and very blunt in his condemnation of the COVID “vaccine” for well over a year.
Sunday Rant – 4820 we embedded video of his first public condemnation of government and medical authority regarding the heavy-handed COVID response.
This video is a recent ad hoc interview segment where Dr. Hodkinson comments on the value of the Freedom Convoy protest:

DoD Data
The American Department of Defense has been “cooking the books”.
The government mandates coercing the military personnel to get a COVID “vaccine” have produced a large body of data concerning adverse reactions.
From the Bayou Renaisance Man website, some statistics –

The US military appears to be deliberately hiding the damage done by COVID-19 vaccines –
Astonishing figures are coming to light about how extraordinarily damaging COVID-19 vaccines have proved to be in the ranks of the US armed forces.  According to testimony delivered by attorney Thomas Renz before a Senate panel two weeks ago, they include:
279% SPIKE in Miscarriages
487% SPIKE in Breast Cancer
1048% SPIKE in the Nervous System
155% SPIKE in Birth Defects
350% SPIKE in Male Infertility
369% SPIKE in Testicular Cancer
2181% SPIKE in Hypertension
664% SPIKE in Malignant Neoplasms
680% SPIKE in Multiple Sclerosis
551% SPIKE in Guillain-Barre Syndrome
468% SPIKE in Pulmonary Embolism
302% SPIKE in Tachycardia
452% SPIKE in Migraines
471% SPIKE in Female Infertility
437% SPIKE in Ovarian Dysfunction
269% SPIKE in Myocardial infarction
291% SPIKE in Bell’s palsy
467% SPIKE in Pulmonary Embolism
A brief video of Mr. Renz’s testimony, less than 5 minutes long, may be found here.  You can watch the entire panel here.  A three-page letter from Sen. Ron Johnson to the Secretary of Defense over the issue may be found here.
Steve Kirsch summarizes the issue in a Substack post.

The article is worth a careful read: click on this link.
The excerpt of a Dr. Robert Malone interview mentioned in the article:

What this means is it is no longer advisable to accept as fact any statement from the military, the government, the medical authorities, the media, the pharmaceutical companies, the police, or any political parties, here, there, and everywhere.
The W.H.O. and the U.N. as well.
This is not news to Joe and I, although the problem is more grave than we believed.
Hell, this two year trip on the crazy train has alienated us from some friends and neighbors, too.
We ask, are you gonna believe your lyin’ eyes, or the authorities?
Brings to mind a sad song from the ’60’s:

We’ll throw in a song about the consequences of betrayal for good measure:

Rounding up the hoedown we’ll play “Can the Circle Be Unbroken”, a Christian hymn written by Ada Habershon in 1907, reflecting on reuniting after death with those you love and trust.  Sung by two of our favs, Michelle Wright and Iris DeMint, with the ever so easy to spell Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh:

It has been two years of insanity.  There will be many more years until the truth of what exactly happened is pieced together by the very few in a position to learn the facts and survive to record the history.  As for Joe and me, a tune by Monty Python that summarizes the entire CF (Cluster F*^k:


Joe’s Garage

Rod Ratio
A very good explanation of the relationship between rod length and stroke on an engine, and how it affects the characteristics of engine performance.
The ratio is calculated by dividing the center to center length of the piston rod by the stroke of the crankshaft.
How so the real world?
Flathead Ford 239, rod length 7.00″, stroke 4.0″ ∴ rod ratio = 1.75
Ford Pinto 2.3L-I4, rod length 5.7″, stroke 3.126″ ∴ = 1.82
Ford 289, rod length 5.155″, stroke 2.87″ ∴ rod ratio = 1.796
Ford 460, rod length 6.605″, stroke 3.85″ ∴ rod ratio = 1.72
Chevrolet 327, rod length 5.7″, stroke 3.25″ ∴ rod ratio = 1.75
Oldsmobile 455, rod length 7.1″, stroke 4.25″ ∴ rod ratio = 1.67
The rod ratio for a “production engine” is a legitimate measure:

Ken Miles and GT40-P1015
When Ford challenged Ferrari for the World Championship in the mid ’60’s, there were setbacks in the first year, 1966.
Ford hired Carroll Shelby’s company to make the Mark II cars competitive.
Ken Miles was instrumental in developing the car.
Mr. Miles was mercurial.
Mr. Miles was terse, blunt, and not at all political.
If you’ve seen the movie “Ford vs Ferrari” you know the story, although the movie had some Hollywood hype to make it more Hollywood hype-y.
The following video is an introduction to the actual car (P1015) that Ken Miles drove to victory in Le Mans in ’67 (or came in 2nd, depending on whether you accept the French race officials placing him in that position because of a technicality):

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