Sunday Rant – 0322


Joe’s Comment – A confession is in order.  I haven’t done much since being snowed in just before Christmas.  Another confession – I’ve stopped feeling guilty about not doing.  I know it is time to get working again, but it is paramount that I revise my plan to work smarter AND harder.
The days have been fun during the holiday.  Our Christmas tree is still up.  The snow is biggly.  The fireplace cozy.  My Prime Channel has 6 seasons of “The Expanse”.  I bought 25 pounds of rib eye steak, and eat at least one every day.
Life is good.
So is work.
Maybe next week…..



COVID Ad Nauseum

RCMP Open Letter
Corporal Richard Mehner has been designated to “mandatory leave” without pay, after 21 years of service.
The reason?
It rhymes with blue but is called COVID.
The so-called constitution of Oh! Canada!, and the accompanying “Declaration of Rights and Freedoms” are, alas, only words, written on pieces of paper.  Despite all the blustering, wigs and gowns, legalese, and fancy real estate, the judicial system is used as a political cudgel when misuse is required.
Or, the tenants (and elevenants) of Law (Oh! Canada!) are ignored completely by the people at the controls of government at the slightest sign of a collective hangnail.
As millions have said before us, and millions will after we depart, the government is the absolute worst solution to any problem ever.
– It is slow to respond, slow to change, and slow to stop when misdirected.
– It is criminally expensive.
– It can and does use coercion, through policing, armed forces, financial institutions, and the legal system.
– It is inefficient.
– It has a tendency to adopt “one size fits all” solutions.
– It can be, and has been, and always will be victim to abuse by politicians political psychopaths.
The trend to fend for oneself, to do something as an instigator, as an individual (a rare commodity in the year of our birth, 1949) degenerated to “someone should do something” and is now popularly heard as “the government should do something”.
We digress.
Back to Corporal Mehner.
Forced by his employer to reveal health information that is nobody’s damn business but his own, Corporal Mehner chose to go on mandatory leave, without pay.
He sent his former employer a public letter for all to see (thank you, Ms. E. Thrasher) – you can read it here.
Here’s a paragraph that captured our attention, because we are data weinies-
At the end of 2020 I became convinced we were all being force fed a giant load of absolute bullshit. Don’t believe me? Look at world population statistics. Here’s a sample. At the end of 2018, the world population was 7,631,091,040 and that year 57,625,149 people died. This showed an overall death rate of .76%. I know some of you are shocked by this, but yes, 57 million people died of all types of causes in 2018. When you reach the end of your life, you die. At the end of 2019, the world population was 7,713,468,100 and 58,394,378 died. Naturally, because we had more people reaching the end of their lives, more people died. The death rate that year was .76%. Now let’s see what 2020 brought us. The year of the pandemic. At the end of 2020, the world population was 7,794,798,739 and 59,230,795 died. The death rate was .76%. Yes. That’s right. In the year of the deadly pandemic the world’s population grew by 81,330,639 people and the death rate did not change by even a hundredth of a percent. The media never once pulled back the lens to show this, they continued to show the narrow focus of case counts and Covid deaths. Even going so far as to change causes of death so that someone who died “with” Covid in their system was counted as someone who died “of” Covid. The Western world shut down over a disease about as deadly as the common flu. And our rights were shut down along with it.
Despite this disease having a non existant effect on the overall death rate of the world’s population the call came out for a mass vaccination. Since I was already skeptical of the pandemic, I was naturally skeptical of the need for a “vaccine”. Oh look, vaccine is in quotations again. Why am I doing that?”
Click the link, read the open letter (at ), and maybe check out the two links in the letter, too.  They are:
–  Mounties4Freedom
–  Action4Canada

Dr. Robert Malone
Dr. Malone’s observations summarized in a short video  by the “Inspired” Ub2b channel of the same name.  Who knows how long it will be available on Ub2b?
Not Joe, not me.
Dr. Malone’s voice hasn’t been silenced yet.
Kudos to the folks at Inspired for posting this short and effective video:

COVID Humor(?)



Quick Dick McDick
QDMcD has been missing from our Ub2b favorites population in the last few months.
He did cut back on weekly issues in September.
The number of releases may be down, but they are just as good as ever from the best ambassador for Saskatchewan and Canada we know.
Here’s his “Christmas Carol”, celebrating chores, and his Christmas salutation:

He’s back, with a report on Saskatchewan weather.
She’s a cold bastard there:


Vitamin D
The so-called D vitamin is really a hormone.
It is involved in so many human processes that the entire set of functions is unknown.
What is known is that most folks in the world following a “modern” lifestyle have insufficient levels of vitamin D in their bodies for peak immune system viability.
Brett Weinstein (Darkhorse podcasts) interviews Gruff Davies and Linda Benskin, both experts on the subject of vitamin D.
The podcast can be heard here (Apple Podcast), or here (Amazon Music).
Joe and I gathered pertinent information listening to this conversation.
–  The governments everywhere are remiss in advising their citizens that abundant levels of vitamin D are necessary for a fully functional immune system.
–  The impact of COVID on populations with sufficient vitamin D levels is orders of magnitude lower than those populations lower than the recommended level.
–  Although vitamin D is created in skin exposed to sunlight, the azimuth of the sun is crucial – the wrong sun elevation does NOT produce vitamin D.
–  Mr. Davies suggests all people supplement for vitamin D, because most people not living an ancestral lifestyle do not have enough vitamin D to support an optimum immune system.
–  All three podcasters agree that denying the citizens of the world this basic information re: vitamin D and COVID is paramount to criminal activity.
–  They all agree that if the governments / Big Pharma / Big $$$ can lie and obfuscate about this, what else are they concealing?
–  The best response to ANY attack on your body is a healthy immune system, which relies on proper nutrition.
Any questions?


Joe’s Garage

One of our all time favorites.
Mom used to make a “Club House” style sandwich with pickles, tomatoes, baloney, and bacon for us.
We still get the craving, and buy a large roll once in a while.
A friend who spent time in a residential school calls it “reservation steak”:

Canned Corned Beef
Always a favorite in our diet.
We use the Herford” brand from Argentina, and the “Palm” brand from New Zealand.
For the life of us, we don’t know why everyone doesn’t eat this stuff like candy:

F600 Crew Cab
Ford didn’t build any Crew Cabs in the ’50s, did they?
Well, the answer is yes….. and no:

Joe Humor


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Sunday Rant – 0222


Joe’s Comment – Lots happened this week, although I only left the property two times.  The government of Australia has lost it’s mind, closely followed by many other nations.  The Prime Minister of Canada, Castro’s Cuck Boy, aka Chief Rainbow Socks, has declared war on the unvaccinated.  Quebec’s Premier is insane.  All the Red States keep digging deeper.  Regarding the COVID “vaccines” most folks have made up their mind; the opportunity to influence by argument and debate has been suppressed.  Science has been abandoned.  The Leader of the Western Nations is an old foggy (bewildered; perplexed), and a pervert.  The U.S. of A. is over 30 trillion dollars in debt.  Canada is proportionally financially levered.
In my home town, Vernon BC the ratchet of tyranny is being cranked slower than in most places in the news, but it is being cranked.  My grandson was denied access to public education this week – his mother is not an “essential worker”.
When the State / Province / Nation tells you such a thing, it is time for rebellion.

I thought a few quotes (above) from two very dangerous and wild men of the 19th Century are appropriate.  Are we doomed to repeat History, or WTF?
Walt Whitman was born in 1819, died in 1892, and is considered the spokesperson for the grass roots American people.  His opus, “Leaves of Grass“, is a celebration of liberty, Nature, and the common man.
Henry David Thoreau was born in 1817, died in 1862, and is an original “transcendentalist” – of which a core belief is in the inherent goodness of people and nature, and while society and its institutions have corrupted the purity of the individual, people are at their best when truly “self-reliant” and independent.  He is remembered chiefly for his book “Walden“, and his essay titled “Civil Disobedience“.
Both men celebrated Nature, and the independence of Man and Woman.
The quotes above are essentially a battle cry.
The madness being perpetuated against the Mud Peckers and Dirt People of the world is a criminal offense, to be pressed via the courts (assuming there will be “Rule of Law” in the future).
The danger to children is apparent – in the Dr. Robert Malone interview with Joe Rogan you will hear him proclaim what the affect on children during the last two years has reaped – significantly lowered IQ, crippling psychological and sociological problems.
Another crime against the innocent, to be pressed via the courts.
The economy is destroyed.
Inflation is soon going to soar.
I will resist to my best ability.
doG help us all.

Note:  This week’s rant is slim and direct.  We are busy building our agenda for the year that will lead to health, prosperity, freedom, proficiency, and happiness.


COVID Criminals
Joe Rogan interviewed Dr. Robert Malone on the Joe Rogan Podcast.
This is a 3 hour history of what the Hell is happening re: COVID.
Dr. Malone identifies many of the culprits in this farce of a medical response.
If you watch this video, then have the audacity to get a vaccination or sacrifice your children to the same, you are lacking the finesse to think clearly.
It is madness to continue the government “mandates” or directives.
Bravo to Dr. Malone for taking the risk and making the sacrifice.  As he says, he’s in his 60’s, is financially secure, has a horse ranch to occupy his spare time, a healthy happy family, and doesn’t need the aggravation.
Bravo, too, to Joe Rogan.
Joe Mekanic and I have been more negative than positive in our assessment of Mr. Rogan’s program.  However, he is taking a risk interviewing a newly minted pariah who doesn’t follow the government / bureaucracy talking points.
Which brings us to our constant complaint…..
Whatever happened to the “public forum”, where ideas and opinions were given, argued, debated, and resolved?
Is this the future?
The “official” media is in the pocket of Big $$$ and Big Power.
The real information is outed by brave individuals who risk all to tell all (thank you Ms. E. Thrasher):

Note:  After you watch the above interview you might want more information.
There is a companion interview with Dr. Peter McCullough and Brent Weinstein, included in Sunday Rant – 5221.
There are many other brave souls who have sacrificed their positions and fortunes to fight for Justice and Sanity.
Maybe a good time to pick the right side…..


COVID Home Brew
We found this recipe table at a “pureblood” friendly website.
There is also an iodine aerosol nasal spray that the folks in the know (Dr. Peter McCullough is one of them) recommend.
Now that is being proactive, AND anti-establishment!

First recipe is for a weight tailored Ivermectin treatment, if yer saw bones isn’t on the team –

Second recommendation is for Povidone.  Read about it here.  From the link, at the U.S. National Library of Medicine, N.I.H. “Povidone Iodine (PVP-I) Oro-Nasal Spray: An Effective Shield for COVID-19 Protection for Health Care Worker (HCW), for all


COVID Funnies
This so-called pandemic has provided much fodder for snarky cartooning and ironic commentary.  Here’s a few we found this week –


Joe’s Garage

Deep Water
The Earth has water.
Lots of it.
The following video from Metal Ball Studios shows relative depths and comparisons.
A boggling of the mind for us:

Winter Driving
The following meme pretty well sums it up –
Here in the Okanagan Valley the weather is mild most of the year, and can be spectacularly pleasant in the summer.
However, in the late Autumn when the temperatures flirt with freezing every day / night cycle, it can be very treacherous.
Also, in the Spring, for the same reasons.
Of course, there are times in the depth of Winter that cause havoc, too.
Black ice, or ice under wet snow, or polished snow-pack, or freezing sleet – we get it all.
On the way to Winfield on Friday Rourke and I saw a heavy truck with trailer in the ditch of the south-bound lane pointing the wrong way.
Ditto for the SUV we saw upside down.
The concrete lane dividers in the middle of the road were not disturbed.
We must surmise these vehicles were traveling the same direction as us, got out of control, couldn’t correct, and presto!  Back ass-wards in the ditch, looking quite forlorn.
We endeavor to use studded snows all around in the Winter months.
Just until that hard water goes away.

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Sunday Rant – 0122



Joe’s Comment – Another year passed, still standing.
No medications, no disabilities, no vegetables, no carbs, no problems.
Life is good!
Best wishes for a productive, prosperous, healthy, happy, and peaceful New Year.


Mike Rowe
John Stossel interviews Mike Rowe.
Common sense and logic break out.
A warm hug on a very cold Canadian winter night:



Dr. Arne Burkhardt
Some pathology results derived from the autopsies of 15 people confirmed to have died after receiving the so-called “vaccine” for COVID.
Dr. Burkhardt is a pathologist.  He has impeccable bona fides.
The interview is conducted by Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, a renown microbiologist.
What Joe and I want to know is why is this not world shattering news?
Joe and I beat the same drum every rant.
Why is this information not disseminated publicly, broadly, and universally?
If it is untrue or false or an outright lie, why not make the debate public?
Joe and I are unconvinced the “powers that be” are behaving honorably.
From the video, a closing quote from Dr. Bhakdi –
“…..because this is typical after vaccination, it proves that the vaccination is the cause…….  I think that we have all just experienced probably the most moving half hour of our lives, because we now know that these vaccines are putting “bullets”, and these “bullets” are from our own immune system.  How mad and bad can anyone get?  And I am calling to all our colleagues around the world, , the doctors, to stop firing these “pistols”, especially at our children.  Don’t you dare to do this, because if you do, you will be brought to justice as will all the authorities, the politicians, the people who have been driving this agenda over the past two years in the most criminal manner“.

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick
Ivor Cummins interviews one of the world’s experts on heart disease, Dr. Malcolm Kendrick.
We’ve included this video in the dread COVID section because at 1:04:19 the discussion turns to the effect the so-called virus has on the heart and the heart’s support mechanisms.
Dr. Kendrick is one of the good guys:



Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride
Lillie Kane has an excellent interview and conversation with the inventor of the G.A.P.S. diet, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.
Joe and I have watched many videos of Dr. Campbell-McBride.
We posted this one because Lillie has kindly put a time index in the comments section, so it is easy to skip to a segment you want to hear without listening to the entire video.  Here is the timestamp –
Here’s a quote from the video that may grab your attention – “Veganism is not a diet, it is fasting“.
This information has changed our understanding of how the human digestive tract (lips to bum) operates, and who in the world is actually controlling it.  Spoiler alert – your microbiome is incredibly influential in determining your health:


Joe’s Garage

Ford 300 I6
Joe and I have a very warm place in our trucking life for the Ford 300 cubic inch inline six cylinder gasoline engine.
Damn near indestructible.
More torque than an entry level 302 V8 in its day.
We have had experience with many and none of them disappointed.
At present, we have a 1977 F150 equipped with the 300 I6 and a top loader 4 speed standard.
And a 1989 F150 equipped with a fuel injected 300 I6 and a 5 speed standard.
Here is Ellison’s Machine Shop with a record setting 300 I6 with Cleveland style head they have completely reconditioned.
An amazing engine from 1970, built by Sherman Sly.
This engine modification was outlawed in many forms of racing because there was nothing that could touch it.
It produced 625 horsepower from 310 cubic inches, no turbo, no supercharger.
Joe is saving his money to buy such a head for our sixes.
We’d never put it together, just admire it!:

Worst Year in History
2021 was a year of challenges.
Faith was tested on every level of culture.
Joe and I had very little faith in government, the medical establishment, the basic “goodness” of the average human being, Big Money, Big Pharma, Big Big.
This year did damage to what little faith we had remaining.
Off to the Internet for topics related.
An Englishman and archeologist, David Keyes, was delving into what he could discover about what shaped the Dark Ages, what if anything was a key event that precipitated the known course of history.
He spent 5 years studying the problem.  Gathering data.  Gathering evidence.
His conclusion is that about 565 A.D. the volcano Krakatowa erupted with such violence and volume as to affect the weather for several years after.
He did not work alone.  Mike Baillie, Queen’s University Belfast, did yeoman work in analyzing tree ring data to establish weather conditions going back over six thousand years.
This video is from the Timeline – World History Documentaries channel on Ub2b:

Ms. Sarah Greenwood is an air force veteran.
She has a Ub2b channel, Sarah-n-Tuned, wherein she gives her opinions of various vehicles she road tests, works on various vehicles, and exhibits her kinky sense of humor in a series of videos.
In the following, she/he (rumor is “she” is a gender changer) gives her impression of the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1.
Joe enjoyed the demonstrations of the exhaust control system.
50 years ago we would have drooled over this genre of vehicle.
Today, we prefer an older non catalytic converter style truck – say a pre-Power Stroke Ford diesel.  Slow, heavy, and able to pull a house down:

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