Sunday Rant – 0522


Joe’s Comment – Somehow, somewhere, somewhen, without an apocalyptic event, one incremental ratchet click at a time, the balance of power in our Western culture has been wrest from We The People.
I’m dull enough and Pollyanna-ish enough to think at a former time, it was so – that the average Joe, the ubiquitous Mud Pecker, the ever-present Dirt Person had a say and some influence in “civil” society.
The changes that are needed now were “de jour” 60 years ago.
What the Hell happened?
Castro’s Bastard (aka Chief Rainbow Socks) has called me (by association) a racist, a sexist, and non-essential.
This week the son-of-a-hippie called me “unacceptable”.
The “Freedom Convoy” has reached Ottawa.
Turdeau has retreated to “The Cottage”.  Thanks to Kenny Rogers for the format:

For the record, the only infraction I have committed is to hold different opinions from our fearless leader, Little Potato.

The “average” Canadian is a fantasy – there is no such thing.
We have world class intellects.  We have world class serial killers.
However, the infrastructure of this large and fragile country was built by a composite of dreamers, planners, thinkers, doers, and the fortunes of many combined as one.
A jackanapes such as our Dear Leader, alas, belongs to none of these sets.
The Mud Peckers have united.
Some very admirable people started a movement thousands of trucks strong and have descended upon the capital of Canada intent on making their voices heard, along with millions of voices across Canada who support them, and they are adamant peaceful change can and will be made.
This “Freedom Convoy” has inspired mirror and similar protests around the world.

A contingency from the good old U.S. of A. purportedly 1000+ trucks strong was en-route to the border.  All across Europe.  Australia.  The world is watching.  Here’s some interesting footage of a Trump Rally in Texas on January 30th, where he complements the Freedom Convoy to cheers from his supporters, via Sky News Australia.  Where is the Canadian media on record?
The Canadian media as mentioned is not supporting The People, or reporting the facts.  They are painting this event as anything but what it is – a very large but peaceful protest by an aggrieved segment of Canadian society:

There are enough conspiracy theories and “leaks” to satisfy the most paranoid among us.  Here’s an example –
The “Little People” are speaking.
I’m only 72 years old, not that wise, not that smart.
Yet I get the message.
All you politicians, all you elites, all you “Big People” – best you pay attention.
From the fertile mind of Gary Larson, a graphic representation.  You fill in your own caption –
This would be a cooperative solution where all parties know where and what will be the result.
Or, a la Johnathan Swift’s tale of Gulliver’s Travels, it may end like this –
All the elements are present.
The world is watching.
Will it be Tiananmen Square?
Will it be the fall of the Berlin Wall?
Only time will tell all (thank you Ms. E. Thrasher).


COVID Ad Nauseum

Senator Ron Johnson
Mr. Johnson is a Senator from Wisconsin.
Whether it was the help he received when his wife struggled with COVID or he is a rare political animal, Senator Johnson has performed a modern political miracle.
The following video is over 5 hours (starts at approx. 40 minutes).
There are heroes and saints all the way through.
If you have doubts about whether to get “vaccinated” or if children should receive this “vaccine” take the time to watch, because all your questions will be answered.
There are good people out there.  Thanks to the technological brilliance of the Internet, you can see and hear what they have to say.
Small oasises (oasii? oasies?) oases in the desert of deceit, misinformation, obfuscation, and lies promulgated by government, W.H.O., Big Pharma, Big $$$, and tyrant wannabees:

COVID Memes and Funnies


Joe’s Garage

USS Johnson
In 1944, the USS Johnson, an American destroyer, was sunk in the largest modern naval battle ever fought.  The Americans were fighting the Japanese for control of the Philippine Sea.
The USS Johnson is the deepest known wreckage, 19,685 feet below the surface, in the Philippine Trench.
The lengthy article is here.
A brief video history below:

Freedom Convoy
A Canadian blogger gives a January 30th summary of what happened on the previous day.
From the JustinCredibleTV Ub2b channel:

The Freedom Convoy  FaceBook page is here.
The Freedom Convoy web page is here.
Who woulda thought truck drivers would lead the protest?
Joe and I support and admire this movement.
Between the truck drivers and the farmers/ranchers, they could bring the world to a halt.
All they are asking for is freedom to choose.
Seems too simple to argue against……

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Sunday Rant – 0422


Joe’s Comment:  Attitude as lame as the weather.  Tune in next week.


Let’s Go Brandon! Performance Review
Joe and I love the work of Michael Ramirez, political cartoonist.
Here is his summation of Slow Joe’s first year as supreme commander –
We searched a bit for clear victories and success stories but came up short.
We found an impressively scathing summary of the Biden administration’s pro/con success/failure for the first year of their “most popular president in history” reign.
From the Monster Hunter Nation website, “The One Year Anniversary of Utter Failure“.   The writer of the editorial and creator of the website is Larry Correia, a multi-talented man who authored the science fiction novel “Monster Hunter International”.
Mr. Correia is a successful author and writer.  However, the vindictive language he uses to describe the catastrophe of the Biden presidency would surely shred the Democrats into tatters were these words actions.
Some quotes from the oped:
Joe Biden has been president for a year, and he has sucked beyond all comprehension. He is quite possibly the worst president ever. 
Is this going to be a biased, partisan post? Why yes. Because the democrats elected a corrupt dipshit, who has just gotten more pathetic with age. Biden sucks so bad that he is going to drag your entire political party down, and the mid terms are shaping up to be a bloodbath the likes of which American politics haven’t seen in any of our lifetimes. All that demographic inevitability you’ve been crowing about since Obama? Evaporated…..
….. Biden has accomplished exactly one thing. And that’s demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt to all reasonable, thinking Americans that democrats are total shit at governing. They talk a big game, but it’s all just platitudes, wishful thinking, and magic unicorns farting free shit. Their claimed philosophy is childlike and disintegrates when it touches reality, exposing their actual philosophy, which is draconian control freaks who are compelled to meddle in everything. And the less they understand something, the more they feel the need to fuck with it…..
….. Since Biden didn’t actually campaign, many voters didn’t get to see just how badly Joe Biden’s brain had turned to mush. But as president he has to talk–though they try to avoid that as much as possible–and suddenly the low information types got to see that the guy they elected can’t even fucking talk in complete sentences anymore, he just rambles incoherently about random bullshit nobody understands. (and when he does put enough nouns and verbs together that you can tell what he’s going off about, usually the story turns out to be imaginary)…..
…..Because January 6th was worse that Pearl Harbor and the Holocaust combined times a thousand. January 6th was an attempted coup, where the most heavily armed demographic on Earth didn’t bother to bring any firearms. And the only person who got shot was an unarmed woman who got killed by the kind of super cop who leaves his Glock in the toilet. The republic was almost overthrown by a guy in a buffalo hat.
Gee whiz. I can’t imagine why this narrative didn’t stick… to a populace who watched democrats loot and burn shit for a year across most of the major cities of America. That was the Great National Democrat Temper Tantrum, where destroying the place you live is fine and good, but inconveniencing the place they work is literally the worst thing to ever happen. So we’re gonna defund your police force so that your city can descend into Mad Max Robocop, while we put 30,000 soldiers and razor wire around where congress works…..
You get the drift.
An angry passionate and desperate cry for an adult, any adult, to stop the madness.
Joe and I enjoyed every sentence.  You can read it all here.
The mid term elections this year might be the demise of the extreme leftist arm of the Democrat Party.
This Dear Santa wish speaks truth.  Joe says he’ll believe it when he sees it –



Joe’s Perspective
Spoiler alert!
Joe Mekanic is not quite a “Doppelgänger” or “nom de plume” or “alter-ego” of mine …..
We aren’t quite sure of an exact term used to describe one of many characters in a person’s head (my head), a sub-set of a personality.
I, Joe, and we (the cast of 37+) are open to knowing a more exact term to describe our particular peccadillo.  Send it along pretty please.
Over the last two years I, Joe, and we, have posted many, many videos and articles and opinions about WTF is going on with the response to this variant of a seasonal infection.
We say seasonal because it is most virulent when the sun don’t shine (or is weak).
That fact, combined with another fact that most people, especially those away from the equator, have low vitamin D counts.
This leads us to questions no government has answered.
Indeed, governments and responsible parties seem deaf when these questions arise.  Questions such as:
–  Why no treatment before hospitalization
–   Why suppress and penalize use of hydroxychloriquine / Ivermectin / other treatments
–  Why no information promoting vitamins D, C, B, and the use of zinc and magnesium
–  Why no discussion about Natural Immunity, because NI is KING!!!
–  Why no discussion about basic health, immune system optimization, proper diet
–  Why a “one size fits all” approach when it was known FACT by March, 2020 there was a risk hierarchy (ref. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko):

There are a lot of questions to be answered.
The government seems to be doubling and tripling down on insanity.
The data is being ignored.
People are suffering.
We The People are starting to mobilize.
Joe and I heartily endorse the trucker’s protest descending on Ottawa.
Over 2 million dollars in pledges have been gathered to support the drivers and their trucks.
Bravo Canadian truckers.

Dr. Robert Malone
A recent video from the inventor of mRNA technology.
As usual, tragically, this video is on Ub2b and might have a very short “shelf life”.
Watch before it is gone.
The good doctor has been one of many “Paul Reveres” for two years:

Tucker Carlson
Joe and I have been fans of Mr. Carlson for 20 years.
We believe him to be what he appears – a “humanist”, a family man, a relentless supporter of decency and truth.
Whatever you might think about him or Fox News (Joe and I no longer watch the MSM in any form or medium), the following segment from his January 18th, 2022 Tucker Carlson Tonight broadcast is a perfect demonstration of who he is, and what he sees.
Watch now before it disappears from Ub2b:

COVID Funnies(?)



Joe’s Garage

The forces of Nature cannot be diminished, only managed.
In parts of North America snowdrifts and snowfalls are beyond comprehension.
In our province, British Columbia, where there is varied geography from ocean coastline to the Rocky Mountains, there are plenty of records that defy imagination.
The Pacific North West is the snowiest region in North America – Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon.  Some amazing records set – how about 1224.5 inches season total (aka 102 feet), set in 1971 – ’72 in Mount Rainier National Park!
That record only stands because there were people there to record it – remote areas may get even more of the hard, white form of H2O.
Other Washington State areas such as Snoqualmie Pass, Stevens Pass, and Chinook Pass are closed frequently every Winter season.
This Winter has been one of the bigger snowfall years – Snoqualmie is over 20 feet, and it’s only mid January!
Japan and Europe also have huge snow seasons.
Joe and I think snow is just fine if it stays on the mountains, in the forests, over the plains.  We are not amused when it is on the road or our sidewalk, driveway, or blocking our shop door.
In the very old days, before self propelled machinery, you had men, horses, shovels, and small plows.
When did the task become more or less manageable?
Imagine yourself in a rural setting, big snow, isolated without power or access for two weeks or more.
Believe it!
These were tough individuals.
That is, those individuals who didn’t die.
The following video is of snowplowing in New York State in the winter of 1939 – 1940.  Amazing footage almost lost, but salvaged for posterity.
Joe and I like it because of the early snowplow footage, and the technique employed to move huge drifts and falls.
Lots of details narrated in the video.
Alas, the “music” is too loud donkey balls.
The machinery in motion no doubt saved many lives every single cotton pickin’ year (a slur re: the banjo music).
The “Father of the Modern Snowplow” is present in this historic footage:

Count your lucky stars if you like snow and live in any of the following “top 10” recorded snowfall areas.
Joe and I are sure we were born in the wrong country.
We are Equator lovers:

Trick quiz – who built the first V-8 engine?
Even more, who built the first fuel injected, hemispherical combustion chambered, aluminum crankcase water cooled V-8 engine?
A hint – the “secret” patent was filed in 1902.
If you guessed a Frenchman called Leon Levavaseur, well, tres bien!
Monsieur Levavaseur was a brilliant engineer, but like most great inventions, the success of his idea was dependent on large numbers of francs.
Enter wealthy industrialist Jules Gastambide.
In gratitude, Leon named his engine after Monsieur Gastambide’s daughter, Antoinette.
The rest is history.
Or as Mr. Paul Harvey was wont to say, “now for the rest of the story“:

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Sunday Rant – 0322


Joe’s Comment – A confession is in order.  I haven’t done much since being snowed in just before Christmas.  Another confession – I’ve stopped feeling guilty about not doing.  I know it is time to get working again, but it is paramount that I revise my plan to work smarter AND harder.
The days have been fun during the holiday.  Our Christmas tree is still up.  The snow is biggly.  The fireplace cozy.  My Prime Channel has 6 seasons of “The Expanse”.  I bought 25 pounds of rib eye steak, and eat at least one every day.
Life is good.
So is work.
Maybe next week…..



COVID Ad Nauseum

RCMP Open Letter
Corporal Richard Mehner has been designated to “mandatory leave” without pay, after 21 years of service.
The reason?
It rhymes with blue but is called COVID.
The so-called constitution of Oh! Canada!, and the accompanying “Declaration of Rights and Freedoms” are, alas, only words, written on pieces of paper.  Despite all the blustering, wigs and gowns, legalese, and fancy real estate, the judicial system is used as a political cudgel when misuse is required.
Or, the tenants (and elevenants) of Law (Oh! Canada!) are ignored completely by the people at the controls of government at the slightest sign of a collective hangnail.
As millions have said before us, and millions will after we depart, the government is the absolute worst solution to any problem ever.
– It is slow to respond, slow to change, and slow to stop when misdirected.
– It is criminally expensive.
– It can and does use coercion, through policing, armed forces, financial institutions, and the legal system.
– It is inefficient.
– It has a tendency to adopt “one size fits all” solutions.
– It can be, and has been, and always will be victim to abuse by politicians political psychopaths.
The trend to fend for oneself, to do something as an instigator, as an individual (a rare commodity in the year of our birth, 1949) degenerated to “someone should do something” and is now popularly heard as “the government should do something”.
We digress.
Back to Corporal Mehner.
Forced by his employer to reveal health information that is nobody’s damn business but his own, Corporal Mehner chose to go on mandatory leave, without pay.
He sent his former employer a public letter for all to see (thank you, Ms. E. Thrasher) – you can read it here.
Here’s a paragraph that captured our attention, because we are data weinies-
At the end of 2020 I became convinced we were all being force fed a giant load of absolute bullshit. Don’t believe me? Look at world population statistics. Here’s a sample. At the end of 2018, the world population was 7,631,091,040 and that year 57,625,149 people died. This showed an overall death rate of .76%. I know some of you are shocked by this, but yes, 57 million people died of all types of causes in 2018. When you reach the end of your life, you die. At the end of 2019, the world population was 7,713,468,100 and 58,394,378 died. Naturally, because we had more people reaching the end of their lives, more people died. The death rate that year was .76%. Now let’s see what 2020 brought us. The year of the pandemic. At the end of 2020, the world population was 7,794,798,739 and 59,230,795 died. The death rate was .76%. Yes. That’s right. In the year of the deadly pandemic the world’s population grew by 81,330,639 people and the death rate did not change by even a hundredth of a percent. The media never once pulled back the lens to show this, they continued to show the narrow focus of case counts and Covid deaths. Even going so far as to change causes of death so that someone who died “with” Covid in their system was counted as someone who died “of” Covid. The Western world shut down over a disease about as deadly as the common flu. And our rights were shut down along with it.
Despite this disease having a non existant effect on the overall death rate of the world’s population the call came out for a mass vaccination. Since I was already skeptical of the pandemic, I was naturally skeptical of the need for a “vaccine”. Oh look, vaccine is in quotations again. Why am I doing that?”
Click the link, read the open letter (at ), and maybe check out the two links in the letter, too.  They are:
–  Mounties4Freedom
–  Action4Canada

Dr. Robert Malone
Dr. Malone’s observations summarized in a short video  by the “Inspired” Ub2b channel of the same name.  Who knows how long it will be available on Ub2b?
Not Joe, not me.
Dr. Malone’s voice hasn’t been silenced yet.
Kudos to the folks at Inspired for posting this short and effective video:

COVID Humor(?)



Quick Dick McDick
QDMcD has been missing from our Ub2b favorites population in the last few months.
He did cut back on weekly issues in September.
The number of releases may be down, but they are just as good as ever from the best ambassador for Saskatchewan and Canada we know.
Here’s his “Christmas Carol”, celebrating chores, and his Christmas salutation:

He’s back, with a report on Saskatchewan weather.
She’s a cold bastard there:


Vitamin D
The so-called D vitamin is really a hormone.
It is involved in so many human processes that the entire set of functions is unknown.
What is known is that most folks in the world following a “modern” lifestyle have insufficient levels of vitamin D in their bodies for peak immune system viability.
Brett Weinstein (Darkhorse podcasts) interviews Gruff Davies and Linda Benskin, both experts on the subject of vitamin D.
The podcast can be heard here (Apple Podcast), or here (Amazon Music).
Joe and I gathered pertinent information listening to this conversation.
–  The governments everywhere are remiss in advising their citizens that abundant levels of vitamin D are necessary for a fully functional immune system.
–  The impact of COVID on populations with sufficient vitamin D levels is orders of magnitude lower than those populations lower than the recommended level.
–  Although vitamin D is created in skin exposed to sunlight, the azimuth of the sun is crucial – the wrong sun elevation does NOT produce vitamin D.
–  Mr. Davies suggests all people supplement for vitamin D, because most people not living an ancestral lifestyle do not have enough vitamin D to support an optimum immune system.
–  All three podcasters agree that denying the citizens of the world this basic information re: vitamin D and COVID is paramount to criminal activity.
–  They all agree that if the governments / Big Pharma / Big $$$ can lie and obfuscate about this, what else are they concealing?
–  The best response to ANY attack on your body is a healthy immune system, which relies on proper nutrition.
Any questions?


Joe’s Garage

One of our all time favorites.
Mom used to make a “Club House” style sandwich with pickles, tomatoes, baloney, and bacon for us.
We still get the craving, and buy a large roll once in a while.
A friend who spent time in a residential school calls it “reservation steak”:

Canned Corned Beef
Always a favorite in our diet.
We use the Herford” brand from Argentina, and the “Palm” brand from New Zealand.
For the life of us, we don’t know why everyone doesn’t eat this stuff like candy:

F600 Crew Cab
Ford didn’t build any Crew Cabs in the ’50s, did they?
Well, the answer is yes….. and no:

Joe Humor


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